5ive The Second Time Around

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5ive The Second Time Around

Postby Angelz » 26 Oct 2013, 01:04

5ive The Second Time Around
19 Oct 2013

The 90′s Pop Revival Continues…

Following the reformation of S Club, Vengaboys and Aqua, UK boy-band 5ive have joined vocal forces once more, minus one member that is. Ahead of the show at Metropolis Fremantle, Scott Robinson (the one with the spiked hair) had a chat with OUTinPerth and as Joe Cassidy found out, never have the words, “let’s get the band back together” ever been uttered with more enthusiasm.

Robinson is based in Essex, about an hour out of London and his home is about 20 minutes from where the television program The Only Way Is Essex is filmed –which he insists is not an accurate reflection of the area. He has two boys and is happily married to the same girlfriend he had all the way through 5ive.

Tell us about your time in 5ive, do you look back on it with fond memories?

It’s a hard one, there are some fond memories and some not so fond memories. Obviously being in a boy band that does really well, I always dreamed of being successful and we were. We worked very hard and this time round I’m certainly appreciating it a lot more and enjoying it a lot more because we’re doing it on our own terms and everything we do we’re not being forced into it. We’re doing it because we want to. So I’m really enjoying it this time round.

Was there any point where you said, ‘Ok, I’ve had enough, I want to lead a so-called normal life?’

No it’s not that I wanted to leave to have a normal life, it’s the fact that I was being worked too hard and we were like, y’know what? We need a break. What we should have done, instead of quitting, we should have said we need some time off. That’s the only mistake I think we made. The right thing to do would have been to say, right we need a year off, maybe two, but it’s a lot harder to come back from a break up than it is to come back from having some time off.

Were you the consummate family man post-break up or did you continue to perform?

I was still at home, but continued to perform, I did a bit of radio presenting, I was in a musical and then I toured up and down the country doing all the 5ive hits on my own for a long time, for about 3 or four years and the Abs (Love –another original member) joined me for the last couple of years.

Where did the original idea to get the band back together again come from?

Me and Abz always spoke about it, we do a show and say can you imagine if we ever got back together and he kept saying “it’s gonna happen man.” It wasn’t until he got me to start believing as well, that we said we’ve got to put it out there. So I started thinking positively about it and here we are.

Did you lads stay in contact after the break-up?

No, not really. I spoke to Rich a couple of times via email and once or twice on the phone but not a lot. I didn’t see or hear from Sean for ten years and Abz obviously I was working with. What was nice about seeing the lads again was we were still friends. Me and Sean obviously had some bridges to build, but we’re there now and we’re really getting along well and enjoying each other’s company. The fact I hadn’t seen Rich for five years didn’t seem to matter we got on instantly again which was fantastic.

Do you have a highlight of the time that you guys were huge?

I’ve got two really, one of the highlights from the band the first time was performing with Queen. That was pretty awesome, to actually get to sing with Brian May, being on stage with such legends that’s pretty impressive. Another highlight is actually doing it again, just to be back together with the lads is a highlight in itself and we’re just really looking forward to coming out to Australia. What the fans should know is that we’re not being forced to do anything this time, like before they might have had to get us on a plane and we would have been tired and no wanted to go whether that be Australia, America, New Zealand or wherever it was. This time we wanted to come to Australia, like really wanted to and we’ve got some really cool fans out there.

5ive will perform at Metropolis Fremantle on Wednesday 30th October.
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