Five get ready to rock Wolverhampton Civic Hall

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Five get ready to rock Wolverhampton Civic Hall

Postby Angelz » 17 Oct 2013, 12:35

Five get ready to rock Wolverhampton Civic Hall
17th October 2013

NINETIES boyband Five have been riding high on the success of the ITV2 hit show, The Big Reunion and are now preparing for their own headline tour.

Abz, Scott, Sean and Ritchie will arrive in Wolverhampton on Friday November 29 as part of the 15 date greatest hits tour.

Sean told the News that he was “really excited” to play to the nostalgic Wolverhampton crowd: “We’ve never played in Wolverhampton but we had a really great crowd in Birmingham so we’re looking forward to the intimate environment. You can expect to see Five at their best and we’ll be doing all the old routines and getting the fans reminiscing, what more could you want?”

It’s no secret that the band had a turbulent relationship in the height of their success and even now, Sean admits they have their “differences”: “We still have our ups and downs, we’re not one of those bands that pretend we don’t have any problems but having said that, we’re a touch more mature now.”

The fly-on-the-wall Big Reunion show saw the band, particularly Sean, open up about the tensions between them and J Brown, who declined the chance to reform, preferring life out of the limelight.

J has since hit back against accusations that he was an intimidating figure within the band and Sean said he could understand why he decided to speak out publicly.

He said: “I think I can understand where J’s prospective in a sense that on the show they only had a certain amount of time to edit and put everything across. They only showed the bad side of mine and J’s relationship and he wanted to put across that we were also great friends, although from my prospective it was a troubled friendship.”

Sean also hinted that this greatest hits tour might not be the last fans see of Five: “I would love to write new material for Five and I think Rich would and Scott would but I think Abz is a little apprehensive although he’s really enjoyed this year and the experience.”
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