Putri Amalia
Jakarta, Indonesia
27th July 2016

I've really can't wait for my favorite group to having a comeback, please make it real
17th Sept 2015
keep up the good work!
7th Feb 2015
Hi, I wanted to thank you for gathering so much cool stuff from my favorite group! I've been to a 90's party recently and thought how many artists I liked back then, went to look up and heard all they have been doing, they even reunited and I didn't know. Being so far, here the American artists are overrated. Love the fact that they all wrote the lyrics, and add something to the group. In particular, I love J and Abz! I am sad to hear they are no longer in the group, but a (silly) great part of me wishes they reunite one day or at least write music for others. My eyes are red from so much I looked about these guys, but your website helped me enjoy of so many things I would otherwise miss. Wish they get to know how many fans they still have all around the world. Such a pitty they could not promote the last album, I think it was their best! and also unreleased singles, and Abs solo-album...I am here for more! love them and wish them success and happiness! <3 Kisses!