BC, Canada
4th March 2012

Great site. Can't believe it's been more than 10 years since they broke up. I have been listening to their first album recently and it is a really strong pop album, thanks to Max Martin, Denniz Pop and the other producers/writers.
27th February 2012
i love and miss five!!1
khan Sappayani
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
27th February 2012
I'm hoping to see the group 5ive to be reunited again for even last time, but better if forever reunited, please i hope someone can handle them who's willing to help us fans can see them again.. if i'm just rich or affluent enough to handle the why not.. please im hoping one day all of the fans of FIVE boy band will be united so that they will come back and be reunited.... no one can beat the 5ive.... hope you can spread this...
5th February 2012
Well... in all this years i never knew a better site then warrington warrior... and all sites Denise has... Thanx Denise for everything... Love Five and Love J...!!!
12th October 2011
wow!i miss 5ive so much..i really really like their song as in all of it..i wish u guys come back for all of us i mean all of ur fans..even though SEAN is not there..plz i wish you guys gonna come back and do more music...i miss u guys even though i didn't meet u in person...lab yah,muawhz!!
Putri Amalia
Jakarta, Indonesia
13th September 2011
I'd always loved Five, especially all of their song that features Abz Love rapping
6th September 2011
I miss Five!!!
14th July 2011
Sorry,ich schreibe auf Deutsch,weil mein Englisch leider nicht so Perfekt ist!Bin Five Fan seit ich 14/15 Jahre alt bin,bin mittlerweile 28 Jahre alt und halte meine Treue zu Five bis heute!!!Werde sie niemals vergessen,h?re die Musik von Five immer noch gerne und verg?ttere Five!!!!Geh?re zu den Wahren Five Fans und halte f?r immer und ewig die Treue!!!!
4th July 2011
I just got a tattoo that I wanted for a long time. Guess what it says... FIVE of course.
Their music have helped me a lot growing up. When I'm happy, sad or whatever, I listen to their music. My heart will always belong to this boyband. I'm a true fan. Just like so many others. ;D
27th April 2011
Five are/is the best bad Boy of the world and i miss you all!Thanks for your website!Abz is sooo hot and i love Abz Love(Breen)!!!

25th April 2011
I love five so much. They are one of my fav bands of all time. abs,j,scott,sean, and richie forever. <3
2nd April 2011
I love Five, i still hope they would get back together, their concerts were amazing i would have loved 2 have gone to one. :( 5IVE ROCK 4EVER!!!
13th March 2011
I'm an italian fan! I hope they come back together! I miss they :(
I listen their songs every day!
Byeee :):)
South Australia
11th March 2011
I have been looking everywhere for a site dedicated to Five! This is the best one ever :D Awesome photos! I haven't seen over half of them before!
P.S. Scott is beautiful :D I envy his wife :/
17th February 2011
Hey i use to love 5ive and i steel do!!! i grow up with 5ive actualy i had a crush on Ritchie :))) and i'm steel listening their songs!!!
Love this webside.......... greetings Maggie
casey mynatt
knoxville, tn
17th February 2011
I love five so much. They are one of my fav boy bands of all time. I wish they would get back together and make some new music. five forever. <3 Love u sean, richie, abs,scott, and j
26th December 2010
Omg!! i love them!! i think it's the time for a comeback...with the bsb are the best boyband ever!! *-* omg..if i think that they never come back...i cry!!!!
20th October 2010
seni seviyorum abs i love you and i love's jou always
18th October 2010
Thanks so much for this site.
Been listening a lot to Five recently, I miss those guys. Only good boyband to ever be around!!
And Ritchie is still one fine piece of perfection !!! :p
14th July 2010
nice site
i like the pictures
17th June 2010
Kool Pic Up Top Lol :D
viet nam
10th June 2010
this's what i think about five:
their songs r cool, funk awesome
they'r talents
j,abs re 2 best rapper
richie, scott have the great voice
and sean's really good at composing songs.
i love them so much :X
they'r the best lads
20th May 2010
5ive 4ever -^^-
Kitty Williams

16th May 2010
Thanx 4 this;-) I love it;-) I love "angel" & many more;-)
14th April 2010
thanks for making this page 'bout five, i always love this band!

12th April 2010
Liebe Sabrina aus Deutschland wir allen sie alle mal "anders" sehen :-D, we all love the boys and hope they come back!

6th April 2010
Thank you for making this site from J! You are so great. One thing I want to know, where are the new updatet pix?
[OK Christmas Party pics - Admin]
Lisa (gra76l08)
Hull, England
15th March 2010
What an amazing web site, thank you Angelz for keeping us in the know. 5ive was the only boyband i've ever liked and the only group i've ever gone to see at concert. I've still kept all the albums (i binned all the oldies like billie piper etc) but had to keep 5ive! I also used to have posters plastered all over my room. I'm 26 this year but when i look at photos of the guys or listen to their songs and that i feel like i'm 14 - 15 again! Thank you so much xxx
Courtney Combs
Colorado Springs, Co.
28th February 2010
Hey Scott, Ritchie,Sean, Abs, and Jason the girl in your video clip when the lights go out what is her name so I can ask her to be my friend on facebook and you guys.Courtney Combs
13th February 2010
five is the best boy band ever and ritchie and jay are so hot ! :) <3
5th January 2010
Hey I miss boys so much they make high everytime and they even better then the other's band like BSB or Westlife 5ive have own Style I love this boys!!! lot's of love:)
Kimberly Bach Duong
Hanoi, Vietnam
5th January 2010
I miss those days, like 10 years ago, I was just a teenager listening to 5ive all day and having their posters everywhere up the walls... I still appreciate their music until now... they're truly talented, much better than any other boyband out there !
best wishes to 5ive members & family and good luck to the lads solo career...
I was a 5ive fan !!!
1st December 2009
i miss 5ive!!! think they should make a comeback! does any1 know wt the lads are upto???
the sexiset boy band in pop EVER!!!!
24th October 2009
this is the best five side i have ever seen!!!!!!! i think five is the best band for evr in this world!!! i love this group 10 years. Abz is soooo hot very hot!!!!! i want to see him naked "smile". i want to see more rom 5ie i hope they come back
25th September 2009
Oh c'mon jay you should think consciously about the tour I d be great see you again dance and sing and look at you, c'mon Id be fun! hey dude take it at least as a partial job it is fun make a tour around de world ! and you can make some money . Think it! you are not old !
Londrina, Brasil
18th September 2009
Angelz... it's such a nice website, where I could find lots of info and pics about Five. Thanx a bunch!! The only problem is that I miss Ritchie a Lot, and it's been impossible to find any kind of news about him lately, but it's not your fault... I thank you so much for reuniting Five fans all over the world

17th September 2009
hey i love 5ive Hihi Please You Album 2009 on 2010 Come On Please Me I Love 5IVE Please To Official Screensaver
7th September 2009
How nice it is to find a site about 5ive ... I love this group, who are no longer hurts despite the time .... I see your videos and it makes me homesick to see them .... I love ABS is the most for me, and I agree with one of the girls who would have to get together and do a world tour and international .... reach South America.
PS: I would ask that you give me any current information on ABS if possible, here I leave my e-mail for me to answer, from and thank you very much.
Guadalajara, Mexico
30th August 2009
OMG, i just love Ritchie, hes so cute!!
Rio de Janeiro // Brazil
25th August 2009
Hey ^^ This is not my 1st time visiting your website [actually it's been.. years? lol] but never send u a 'hi' in this guestbook. Well.. hi ^^ Thank you so much for this site, sometimes i feel like part of me is missing, come here and then realize what's this part... great job, keep goin with thi website!