Becky Kettler
North Carolina
12th September 2008

I remember sitting at home my freshman year of high school listening to these guys. They are awesome. I wish that all five of them would make a comeback. They have a lot of talent. I dont why they didnt do better in the charts. Maybe because the industry was almost flooded with boy bands at the time, and I guess now, most people want diffrent stuff, not just another "boy band". Well i guess i can wish that they would make a comeback, and if all else fails, theres always for their videos!
Roue Nui
10th September 2008
OMG! Thanks a lot! i miss 5ive soo much!
9th September 2008
Check out my five lip sync video !

30th August 2008
Till now I love Five, till now I consider Richie Neville as the most beautiful guy in the world!!!
20th August 2008
Seit ich 13 bin steh ich total auf J!!! Und das ist immerhin schon 9 Jahre her ;o).
J ... <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
14th August 2008
LOVE 5IVE :)))
Caracas, Venezuela
12th August 2008
I love 5ive<333
Since i was 7 years old
and now im 15 and i still love them and i know all their songs.
2nd August 2008
Hi Denise/Angelfire.
Bloody great site,i am as obsest with 'J' as u. I've got so many pictures of him.
Please don't ever close this site? Itz going to be on my computer for ever!
The saddiest thing is that i don't think we will ever hear from our man again,will we?
All the best,Luv Edge/Tracey. X
18th July 2008
I love J!
Yvonne O. A.Sch?nemann
11th June 2008
Just love this site. It's so much stuff, and pics. Loved 5ive when I was a little girl, I still do and will always do. They were so real, they were them selves. LOVE 5IVE FOREVER! :)
9th June 2008
Its so great,that someone still loves them!!!!!!!!!!I do!!!!!!!
26th May 2008
I love Five and my J.This site is very nice.
southern California
21st May 2008
This site is amazing I never knew someone loved j as much as I do! I wish he would come to LA!
18th May 2008
Thanks for the info.:) It did sound a bit weird, but since I haven't been really up to date with everything the guys are doing I wasn't sure. All of them are actually daddy-material. lol. Thanks.:)
17th May 2008
I just read the quotes and the first one from the group. Does Ritchie really have 2 kids?
[No that was just a joke. As far as we know Ritchie has no kids - Admin]
Darlea Robinson
14th May 2008
Hi Girls and Boys,
I would much making friends and tell all about the love these boys! To me they are like children. I love it too. I miss them.
I love the very Scott ^ ^ and who want to add me in my space will adhere to all with joy
Kisses to all
11th May 2008
I love you Five! thanks for being in my life! you opened my eyes and saved life thank you very much! i will always love you!!!
Maria Popova
3rd May 2008
Ritchie,where is your offcial site?i'm sad(((((((((we waiting you in Russia)))))))we love you very much)))))kisses to you...........
18th April 2008
hey me agine sorry but a just realy whant you back and a now am not the only one.
congratz about kevan and brennan.
cool tattoo abs rock on.
j bad you got ridav you eayring.
rich you ar so cute.
the Netherlands
12th April 2008
I believe that this site is the most up to date so first of all thank you for that!! I like 5ive very much and have listened to it since I was about 5, 6 years old :D I've all the 3tree albums and even the solo album from Abzz :) I like scott the most!!! He's a real sweety :D:D
13th March 2008
i was a fan of yours when you showed up till u split. i hope all of u are fine and it would be nice 2 see you again together with some new sounds...u got the skills... don't really need to get along with the music as it is now..u can do better.. wish u good luck at anything u r doing..(if u actually read that ;-p )(21 years old)
9th March 2008
i am 13 years and in love whit you i will do enything to get you back
9th March 2008
J is gay?. Is he a "bear"?
1st March 2008
a love you pleac come back!
26th February 2008
We loved you.Back,please.
Elizabeth Valdivia Corts
Santiago, Chile
25th February 2008
Id really like to thank you for this great site... I like it very much and I hope you add me to Js fanlist soon..... bye bye and thanks!!!!
23rd February 2008
great website . Thank you for keeping it up to date.
16th February 2008
I can't believe I haven't signed this until now, but GREAT SITE! The best there is, and thank you again for all the hard work you've put into it. =]
lives in U.S.A./ born in Europe
4th February 2008
5ive are simply the best male group ever>!< I've loved them when they started in 1997 and I still love them now;) Backstreet boys and N*Sync put together are nothing compared to these guys! The way they mixed pop, rap, rock and dance music was very unique and unpredictable for a pop band from the '90s. They made music like no other band did before and thats why they still have a huge fan base around the world! I was about 9 or 10 when they first started out- and me and my friends used to listen to all their songs and sing along when we saw them on TV, it was so cute;) Now, they've become older and sexier and hopefully J will get them all back together so we- the fans can enjoy once more quality, hot and fun music that they used to bring....I luv them soooo much- they r #1!!!
5ive Museum
28th January 2008
Great website! Keep up the good work. Dear fans, please visit my site: where you can find pics of my Collection, that I will sell to the real fans.
Moscow, Russia
26th January 2008
Thank u so much 4 creatin' and updatin' this site! I hope and believe, truly believe that they'll be back one day!
with love from Russia))
11th January 2008
Hey, it's been long~ but i never stopped supporting and believing 5ive cuz deep down, i truly believe that one day they are gonna get back 2gether and sing for all of us!! 5ive will always be a KINGSIZE part of my heart and to me they're INVINCIBLE, cuz they're 5IVE!!!!
nora simarmata
medan, north sumatra. indonesia
3rd January 2008
thanks alot for anyone who build and support(including me, of course) this site (cos this site so amazing). 5ive, i know that one day you'll be back again. i'll never bored till that come true. cos everybody gonna feel high that night.
Hannover, Germanyyyyy
3rd January 2008
Thanx so much for this side!!! Really!!!
5ive were the best group, ive ever seen!!!
Its very sad, that theres no reunion!!!

Greetz t2 all 5ive-Fans around the world!!!
Hannover, Germanyyyyy
3rd January 2008
PS: Go, J! Go! Please reform 5IVE!
We all would be so thankfull!!!
And dont forget to come to Germany on tour, aight?

Hope 2 see u soon!!!
2nd January 2008
Awesome site - luv it !!!
31st December 2007
30th December 2007 - People I'm A Celeb hunk JASON "J" BROWN is desperately trying to reform his band 5IVE. Again. The 30-year-old has been begging the other lads, SCOTT ROBINSON, RITCHIE NEVILLE, RICHARD "ABS" BREEN and SEAN CONLON to get together for a short reunion tour. The boys were due to reunite last year - minus Sean who had a solo deal - but they called it off a few weeks later. The band were formed in 1997 and enjoyed three No1s including Keep On Movin' and Queen cover We Will Rock You before splitting in 2007.


Camon!!! :D
26th December 2007
The Best of The Site
13th December 2007
HeY GurL!!!! LuV uR SiTe (ToTaLLy 5iVe HeaVeN!!!!) ... KeeP uP dA Gd WoRk :D BTW,, how CaN i DowNLoaDF The ViDZ CuZ wheNeVeR i TrY to.. SoMe MeSSaGe SaYs ThaT i SHuD Be ReGiStereD or SoMe sH*T LiKe DaT ;pP*
[you don't need to be registered to download. you just need to enter the login details on the welcome page and then start downloading from there - admin]
10th December 2007
there's somenthin' in the air...