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Submitted by: Emma
Scott: See they put 2 T's.
Ritchie: Got me baffled!
Scott: Yeah well I'm not called ScoT-T am I? It's just Scot!

Submitted by: barbara
Scott: do i look better in this photo or this photo
Ritchie: hmmmm i think your hair looks better in this photo

Submitted by: Jen
Scott: Hey Rich, take a look at this picture. Do you reckon this chick is hot?
Ritchie: Uh, Scott?
Scott: Yeah?
Ritchie: It's a picture of a man.
Scott: Oh...damn.

Submitted by: Kayz
Scott: Hey, Ritch
Ritch: What?
Scott: Look at this
Ritch: Who's that?
Scott: My new girlfriend
Ritch: Ummm, I don't believe you. What's her name?
Scott: *giggles* I don't know

Submitted by: Myrddin
Scott: Which of these styles should I go with.
Rich: Can I get back to you on that one.

Submitted by: anatolia
Scott: "Look I wanted to put this eye shadow on and wear this dress."
Ritchie: "Hmm I like the little red dress. Your legs will look good in it!"
Scott: "Really? Man can I borrow your lady shaver?"
Ritchie: "Sure! But J is using it atm!"

Submitted by: Darlea Robinson (From Brazil)
Scott: Ritchie perceives this as I am Beautiful Picture?
Ritchie: Dude you ask me every one!
Scott: Just tell the true!
Ritchie: Hmm, true.
Scott: More repair, you are also very nifty behind Sean

Submitted by: Darlea Robinson (From Brazil)
Scott: You are seeing this lady?
Ritchie: 'Thinking'
Ritchie: What do you have?
Scott: I get sent an outline of it with you!
Ritchie: Tell this person that is my Business Women!
Scott: Why is not it a coincidence?
Ritchie: I looked at the package it?
Scott: Eww

Submitted by: Mari
Ritchie: Mmmmm...It is simple."X" is equal to the zero.
Scott: Are you able to decide trigonometric equalizations?!?! I only able to sing and eating pizza...

Submitted by: Angelz
Scott and Ritchie attempt to do their first ever dot-to-dot.
Scott: Here's 1. What comes next?
Ritchie: Erm?!? Okay, we're going to need some help with this.

Submitted by: bg
ritchie's soo damm hott

Submitted by: Javier
Scott: look ritchie, if you want to be a man... you have to see naked girls...
Ritchie: i dont like asian girls... i do like aussie girls

Submitted by: Annabel McCoy
I like the photo of ritchie and scott because scotts hair looks really cool.

Submitted by: Che
this is situation with a "tweetlist" in far 1998:D
Scott: @RagztoRichez, I don't like this your messege on my list. Look.. Can you do sum?..
Rich: Hmm... Okey, m8, give me a pen.

Submitted by: Yasmin
Scott: Ok Rich, what does this letter mean?
Rich: Dude, shouldn't be to hard to understand.
Scott: No man, seriously! What does she mean by 'We're through?' Does she mean that she's been through to see my hairdresser? or that she's been through all my clothes in the drawer?
Rich: No, she means that you two are done, broken up, finito, nothing more, nada!
Scott: Why didn't you say so in the first place?

Submitted by: myrddin
Scott: which of these pix do u like of the wife & kids?
Rich: the wife looks good on this one but the kids don't.
Scott: what about this one?
Rich: well the kids look good but the wife does not!
Scott: and this one?
Rich: scott next time ask a photographer to take a family pix insted.


Submitted by: Abzbabe
Abz: Yo man! Yoo left your panties in maa backseat man!

Submitted by: Jen
Abz: *singing* I'm a little teapot, short and spout. I got a handle, wanna see me pop it out?

Submitted by: Anatolia
Abz: "Eeesh that guy just grabbed my bum!He is kinda hot isn't he?"

Submitted by: Sian
Abz: OMG if i play it like gangsta no one will suspect that i'm gay!

Submitted by: Brige
Abz: oh men, when I will fart I fall down this house behind me:D

Submitted by: Angelz
Abz: Wanna come back to my place and I'll show you where my real talent lies?

Submitted by: anonymous
Abz: You all wish you look as good as i do....even that guy over there said he did

Submitted by: Putri Amalia
Abz: yo, although I've half-naked, I'll still cute than Ritchie or Scott


Submitted by: Angelz
Abz: Com'on J. Take 'em off!
J: You're a randy little thing today aren't you?
Abz: I can't help it man. You turn me on!

Submitted by: anatolia
J: "Just come on! Smell on it! Smell on my chest hair!"
Abz: "You know I am freaking out everytime I do that!"
J: "Just go ahead man before Ritchie comes and catches us."

Submitted by: Jen
Abz: J, are you getting cold?
J: No, why do you ask?
Abz: Your nipples, man. They're fully erect!
J: Stop staring at my chest.
Abz: Hard to resist, dude. It looks so damn tasty!

Submitted by: Myrddin
Abz: So you wanna go to my place?
J: Dude I thought we were going to my place. Which is it?
Abz: *Thinks about it* your place.


Submitted by: Angelz
Sean: Abz man, I want a divorce!
Ritchie: haha good one Sean!
Scott: oh lord I can taste it!
J: Abz, sorry man you're out of the band!
Abz: One fart and everyones a comedian!!

Submitted by: Mari
Abz: This guys sucks! And I'm a little cutie! Aren't I?

Submitted by: Myrddin
Abz: "Which of us is good looking."
Scott: "Abz you wish."
Rich: "Sean what do you think."
Sean: "Don't ask me"
J: "What was your question again Abz."

Submitted by: Jen
Abz: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 RED LIGHT! *turns around* I saw you move Scott! You're out!
Scott: What!? I didn't move an inch!
J: Abz is right. You're out.
Scott: Fine! But none of you are my friend anymore!
Ritchie: What a crack-up! Scott's a sore loser, isn't he, Sean?
Sean: *giggles and snorts* Hehehe! This game is funnnnn!

Submitted by: Mary McFadden
Scott: :O
J: :|
Ritchie: Gorgeous smile,mate!
Sean: I'm Awesome! :))
Abz: *center of attention* how do I look?

Submitted by: Yasmin
Scott: *Gasp* Abz! Ahaha!
J: Is that what I think it is?
Ritchie: Haha it most definitely is, sean did you do that?
Sean: Well yeah...I mean, we sure do get a KICK out of this!
Abz: Man what did you do? Did you just say kick?! *Smiles hesitantly*

Submitted by: Casey
Abs: im so cute and the other guys are hateing on me cause they anint this cute


Submitted by: Alice
Rich: Hey everyone, lets all look at the table at the same time, maybe it will float!
Sean + Abs: Are you crazy!?
J: I'll try it, but i think its a funny thing to do!
Scott: Guys, dont laugh, this is a serious matter!

Submitted by: Javier
J: c'mon guys... we dessapointed to everyone hahaha
Scott: im sad for that but we made a lot of money so... i dont care cuz i can spend some money playing poker.

Submitted by: Angelz
J: I win again! hahaha
Scott: Wonder if I can bet one of my kids?
Sean: Told you the kids would be next. Pay up Ritchie!
Ritchie: Can I pay with one of Scotts kids? hahaha

Submitted by: Angelz
J: You beauty!
Scott: How do I tell Kerry I lost both our kids in a poker game?
Sean: The same way your going to tell her she's now living on the street.
Ritchie: hahaha

Submitted by: Jen
Scott: I'm bored. Let's do something.
J: Great idea! I've got a pack of cards right here, and I'm already half drunk! WHOO!
Ritchie: Ha, this will be a laugh. Are you going to play too, Sean?
Sean: Oh, you don't need to play poker to see me strip...*unbuttons shirt*

Submitted by: Myrddin
Scott: can't believe i lost the wife,kids, and the house.
J: let's play again
Rich: What are we playing for this time gents
Abs and Sean: Scott's cars


Submitted by: Angelz
Ritchie: Can you smell what I just did?
J: Aww Rich! I had my mouth open. I can taste it!
Abs: I'm gonna throw up!
Ritchie: Gotcha!

Submitted by: Yasmin
Ritchie: Guys, I think we won't be able to answer anymore questions...
J: Why not?
Abz: Rich is right, it's all about the booze now...
Ritchie: Ah, nothing like a few more of them ciders
Abz: I love you man