asleep on the airport floor...
Ritchie : "I have two kids. One is 3 years old, and the other is 4 months, just a wee little thing, but he has taken a liking to J for some reason."
J : "Entirely not true... and besides I hate kids."

[After fans yelled out, 'Scotty is a Hottie!'...]
Scott : "Scotty is a what?"
J : "Scotty is a geeky, they said."

J :"Scott, wasn't your biggest accomplishment when David Hasselhoff (the star of Baywatch) took you on a date to that restaurant in London?"
Abs :"Yeah, man..."
Scott : "(whispering) Shut up!"
Abs :"Was that good? Oh! No one knows about that!"

Rich :"I'm getting into golf so I might wanna do a golfing weekend."
Sean :"I think golf's crap."

an early Abs honks out
(Do Five have majorly well-muscled, heavy weight body guards?...) "No way! I have just got my mum."

"Honestly, it's affected me for the rest of my life. I still wear dresses for some reason..."

"Russia's cool. Russia's very cold. Incredibly cold actually, and it's to my knowledge that vampires live there, those of you that believe in vampires but there you go, that's just the kind of person I am!"

(talking about Got The Feelin'...) "That dance with the track combined, it's just like rolling yourself in Gorgonzola and smearing yourself in Edam. It's a full on cheese-fest that one."

"J will lift up the heaviest weight in the gym and I'm like 'gnnnnfffff!' and the weight's barely moving."

"Well, I've just had a briefin, and basically they told me we're not here to speed, we are here to learn how to drive a racing car. But, seein as like, I'm never gonna be here, like ever again, I'm here to... speed!"

"All those idiots who take their tops off and haven't even got a chest.They need a slap!"

"How do I know I'm in love. I dunno, Danielle is the first and last thought of the day. She's just always on my mind."

"Sometimes I wonder if I should be doing more lads' stuff, going out and having one-night stands like the rest of the band, but it's just not me."

"I'd take a mouse,a rabbit,and a advark and I'd just chase them around the island"-on what three things he would take with him on a deserted island

"It was freezing cold and out of the blue J took off all his clothes and jumped into the water. The next thing we knew, Sean had taken off all his clothes and jumped in, too!"

"J is sort of a psychopath, he's got 2 completely different personalities"

"When I first saw Rich I actually hated him, I didn't like the look of him at all."

J nods off in Rich's lap
"I can smell a beautiful woman 25 feet away."

"I really like confident women, in and out of bed. I'd hate to have to coax a woman into doing things in bed. I'd much prefer her to be outgoing and experimental. I quite like domineering women, too, as long as it's not excessive."

"It would be fantastic to be with a woman with no inhibitions who was able to say filthy things to me. If it happened, I'd have to take her somewhere private quick and have my way with her. We'd get up to all sorts of stuff."

"Arrrghh! Stop it! I can't talk about it! I've got a real farting phobia!"

"The first thing I look for on a girl is her mouth as I like nice lips. Not really huge ones, but ones that I can chew and have a nibble on!

(on his girlfriend...) "She has to be completely faithful. Even if she went to kiss another guy and then pulled away, that would be out of order."

"...the huge, immense talent I have within this stunning, able body..."

"We'll probably all have an old-age crisis and try dance routins in the park when we're 80!"

"I'd be up there with my trolleys round me ankles, someone's bra round me head, jumping about singing and dancing and that..."

How hot do you get in bed? - "Believe me, it's tropical."

"With Britney I'd have to take about 14 pills. I'd also have to take Viagra to make my pecker work even if she was butt naked on the bed!"

"(About when Scott and Abs burnt down their hotel-room in Dublin) All I remember is being carried out half naked, I was really impressed by their behaviour!"

"Are there any awards you'd like to win? - "Baggiest trousers in pop."

"Recently at a show, we had to share our dressing room with Billie Piper. When she changed, I tried not to look, but believe me: it was very difficult!"

"I'm a mummy's and daddy's boy".

"When I'm with a girlfriend I have been told that I lay on my back with my arms crossed. Like I was laying in a coffin".

"I have a thing about feet- mostly I hate them!"

"My queen would look like a female version of my self! She'd be my equal!"

"Men and women think in a totally different way. Females are a very complex species but men are quite straight forward. You can usually tell what they're thinking."

"Love life? What love life? This is the longest I've gone without a girlfriend, and I'm really starting to feel it."

"If I could create an ice cream flavor, it'd be 'female flavor'."

**(When asked about his tattoo and if it had any particular meaning/story behind it) "Well...No, actually, it's just something I felt like putting on my arm..." (Thanx to Emma)

Ritchie asleep in the office...
"I'm partial to dominant treatment in bed, not whips and chains, just forcefulness. I think it's really sexy"

"I also love women who talk dirty, too, but not in a sleazy, porno kind of way. It just has to be dirty and suggestive but not too over the top."

"I donít know if I should tell you the truth...OK I was 14. The first time, I just couldnít believe Iíd done it and I just kept saying to myself, Ď Wow!í I had a permanent grin on my face, but (smiles to himself) the second time was a lot better."

"All my sex dreams have already become true."

(about money...) "The way the world is, you need it and it's nice to have, but I would rather be happy and poor than rich and unhappy.

(on his ideal wedding...) "I either want a really big do in a country church in England or a quiet beach wedding."

"It's so off-putting when guys wear g-strings at the beach. It makes me wanna puke!"

"They've all got their own look. But I like the smell of babies- they smell all...Baby-like!"

"Sometimes I think I won't go to heaven, but then I think, 'I've never killed someone, I'm a thoughtful person and I love making people happy, so why not?"

"I think I'm quite a sexy person, but it's not a conscious thing - I think everyone is really."

"Just strip off naked and go "Oi Lads!"-on how to get 5ive's attention on stage

"You start to worry when he takes his eye ring out because you know he's getting ready for a fight. He hasn't hit any of us yet, but it's come close."

Scott trying to do his 2 fav things at once...
"No, I'm not shagging all the time. In fact, it's very rare. Too rare for my liking."

"I think the most important thing is trust. I love to have a kiss and a cuddle and to lie with someone rather than having sex."

"I'd get really turned on if a girl went out and bought a load of sexy lingerie then came home and paraded around in it for me"

"I'm not a victim of fashion. I'll wear whatever's laying on the floor."

"I reckon I'd cry if I ever lost Gizmo. (his stuffed Gremlin that he has had for years)"

"When you're on stage you don't really think about anything at all. My mind always wanders off to stuff like toast and pizza."

"I'll sleep anywhere! The other day I curled up in the floor of the studio. It was sooo comfy..."

"I'm a gabber! I'll talk for ours, only stopping to eat and sleep!"

"Everyone's the same as everyone else in Boyzone. They're not boring blokes but it's always the same old thing with them."

"If someone tells me I'm a good-looking chap, that's a good enough compliment. It doesn't happen very often, so I'm really happy when it does."

"I go funny when I see a nice belly button."

"When my girlfriend finished with me, I lost it.I couldn't handle it, in factI burst blood vessels in my eyes cos I cried so much.We were in Sweden and I was crying so much I couldn't see."

"Be nice to people on your way up because you might need them on your way down."

"I dreamt I was the sixth Spice Girl-Spiky Spice! Geri was J in a nasty wig! When I told him in the morning, he swung for me!"

"I wrote a song to a girl when I was little. 'I had a girl, Amy was her name, since I've been going out with her, I never felt the same, 'cause I love my girl, Amy you're the world.' And she lived in Lee, so I sang, 'Where can she be, down in old Lee.' I sung it to her and I remember kissing her. I was nine years old. "

"There was this fan in my French exam-not a girl fan, a whirly fan!-and it was annoying me 'cos it kept clunking. But instead of just turning it off like a normal person, I whacked it and broke it. The teacher went mad and said to me, 'Get out and don't make eye contact with anyone on your way.' So because she'd said that, I made eye contact with everyone. (Shadily) I was a bit naughty at times"

"I like kissing a girl's stomach, and her neck! I like having my stomach kissed too."

"The smell of coconuts makes me want to heave! I once used this coconut shampoo by accident and I couldn't get rid of the smell for ages!"

"I don't think you should be able to see too much flesh. I wouldn't like to go out with a girl who was always wearing small dresses-that should wait until we're alone. Then touch becomes my favorite sense, because I'm quite physical really. I like to do all that kissing and cuddling stuff."

"Lads get them anytime. When youíre least expecting it. Youíre like, 'Oh dear, Iím standing to attention,' and itís for no reason at all." (talking about erections)

"Back to the future ruled!"

"So many boy band dress the same - like they're in school uniform!"

you don't catch Sean sleeping often...
"Me feet. I hate feet. Oh, and my nose - I don't like my nose. Look at it from the side - it goes up, see?"

"Every time I see a nice lady I have to have a rude thought to find out if I like her or not, so it ends up being all the time. I'd say it's probably about every ten minutes, but before I got in the band I was never like that - I used to be a lot more choosy, but now you don't have time for girls so you're constantly thinking about them!"

"Love makes everything go right. It makes you happier and stronger. It is also hard to let go of it."

"Fame is false and just an illusion to make money."

"I once partied so much that I couldn't walk the next morning and I was sick the rest of the day."

"People always think I'm dead serious, but I'm not always. I do like to have a laugh."

"I don't really do sexy things, I just smile and be myself."

"I'm mad on kissing, too. And guess what? I love snogging (kissing) our fans . . . that's it, I've said it now!"

"I beat up someone. I did it a few times actually. I had quite a few fights when I was younger, but I've calmed down now!"

"Actually, sometimes I used to lie to women about me age because I like older women, but I don't have to do that anymore."