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28th December 2015 - Abz Love
Abz and fiance' Vicky have been having some fun on the farm. Not only are they trying to adapt to living in rural Wales but have had time to create a funny little song about farm life.
Check out their video below and pop over to Amazon to purchase a copy. Remember by purchasing a copy you are helping Abz and Vicky live their dream of being self suffient in the middle of no where.

Ritchie Neville as Aladdin
14th October 2015 - Derby Live
Ritchie will be playing the part of Aladdin in the stage show of the same name. For more details and tickets head to: Derby Live
[Thanks to Steven Jones for the info]

Abz Starts New Trend
2nd October 2015 - Popbitch
Seems as though Abz from 5ive has started a bit of a trend. After his Brit award went viral on eBay, other slightly hard-up stars from the early 2000s are taking to the internet to flog off any old tat they've got up in their attic.
Currently drawing a suspicious amount of attention to a bunch of eBay auctions: Jo S Club. Among the things she's keen for people to bid on are the lots of lennyboy831 – who has a surprising number of signed pictures of Jo for sale. And a laminated backstage pass for "our last tour".
Don't all rush at once!

Abz Puts Brit Award Up for Sale
16th September 2015 - eBay
Abz is the second member of Five to put his awards up for sale on the widely popular eBay.
Sean has previously popped his awards up for auction but unfortunately had no bidders. - Keep your eyes open if you're a Sean fan, you never know when they may appear again. ;-) (they do pop up quite regually)
Meanwhile, Abz first listing of his Brit award was taken down by eBay after reaching over 1 million pounds.
Abz explains: "Unfortunately the Brit award did not sell as the original auction was terminated early by eBay due to an error in my contact info.
I have since said sorry to eBay and they have graciously agreed to resist the item.
Happy days!
So if you've got a few bob laying around and are looking for your very own Brit award pop over to eBay and place your bids!
Auction Description:
You are viewing one real deal Brit award for newcomer best pop act 2000 awarded to Abs ex Five rapper, star of hit BBC2 show 'Abz on the Farm', Big Reunion and runner up CBB12.
No more awkward silences when people come over to your house!! This is a real conversation piece even if you didn't win it! Guaranteed 100% real.
Take advantage of my poverty and grab this rare opportunity to own a bit of pop history!!
Good condition,light scratching (to be expected for age), one previous owner from new.
Selling to fund a delivery of topsoil and maybe some garden tools.
Has been dropped and knocked a few times and is currently being used as a door stop.
NO RESERVE and 99p start!!
Has been held by Jason Statham although I can not prove this.
Happy bidding

Abz: 'I used Brit Award as loo roll holder'
11th September 2015 - The Sun
FORMER pop star Abz Love has told of his shock as bids for his Brit Award - that he used as loo roll holder - topped £s;1 million.
The Five Star put the gong up for sale on eBay after he revealed he kept it beside his toilet.
Speaking to The Sun as his trophy racked up its 189th bid for £1,000,100, he said: "I'm scared to believe it's real at the moment. I'm frightened it's a fake bid.
"I used it to prop open my door. Truly, I'm not even joking. It was a loo roll holder at one point.
"I bet you there are a few Brit Award winners who are looking at theirs a bit differently now."
Abz, 36, who moved to a farm in Wales last year to start a new life with partner Vicky Fallon, is selling the award to raise cash quick for urgent renovations on their home.
However, he has revealed he already has another money-making plan in place should the bid to buy the trophy, awarded to 5ive for Best Newcomer Pop Act in 2000, fall through.
Abz has recorded a solo album of 5ive covers with a country twist on his farm, under the name 1NE.
He said: "I have a back-up plan if the Brit Award doesn't sell. I've recorded the 5ive songs with a slight country feel.
"I've done a song called Lamb Dunk The Funk, Keep On Mooooooving and When the Mice Go Out. Serious."
Abz, who struggled with drug and alcohol issues and was declared bankrupt after the band split in 2001, turned his back on fame to live on a farm in Carmarthenshire, Wales, a year ago.
He added: "I invested everything I made from being on Big Brother last year into our new home - £142,000.
"But we didn't plan aside money to renovate the house, fix the roof, get the farm liveable and productive.
"I've sold my Rolex, my diamond studs, my Louis Vuitton luggage - everything I had of any kind of value. The last thing I had left was my Brit."
Keeping updated with the bids has proved a challenge for the couple, who live without Internet access or mobile phone signal.
Abz added: "I have to hike up a mountain to get a signal. My mum has been calling us on the dial-up phone all day giving us updates."

Abz on the farm - with a little help from his friends
4th September 2015 - The Guardian
There's nothing new about musicians and pop stars moving out to a large pile in the countryside once they've made it. It's actually incredibly common: Paul McCartney, Robert Plant, Alex James ... they've all done it. Former 5ive rapper, Abz Love and his girlfriend Vicky Fallon however have done something altogether different. In the BBC 2 series Abz on the Farm we see the couple skint and maxing out their credit cards in order to follow their quest for self-sufficiency on a mortgaged £142,000 smallholding in west Wales.
But is it for real? Have they really chosen to take such a risk in order to attempt to live off the land, or is it all (as a lot of reviewers have suggested) actually part mockumentary?
Having downshifted more than five years ago, I was intrigued. So I met the couple (and Love's mum) in a cafe near their home in Carmarthenshire to find out more.
The couple could almost have been made for the programme, which might make viewers sceptical, but they say they didn't sell their story to the highest bidder. They were offered more money to do the series on Sky Living but turned it down for the opportunity to work with the natural history department of the BBC instead. "We wanted to do more than the usual celebrity crap," says Fallon. "We work in an industry that rewards the wrong kind of people and we wanted this to be educational. If we can make people laugh along the way that's great because laughter is good for the soul."
Love has been homeless and bankrupt in the past and they've both struggled in a world as fickle as the entertainment industry. He quit his band last year and has since been focusing full time on what he sees as a move into something "real". Something that he can depend upon, eventually. " It's so empowering. I love exploring and being out of the craziness," he says. "I've had it all. I've been around the world three times, eaten at the finest restaurants, met the celebs, but this is what matters - learning how to work a little plot of land."
It's worth mentioning at this point that Love has Asperger's syndrome which in his case means he's a perfectionist. "I try and throw myself in as much as I can. I want to see if we can we take it back to basics and live that way forever. If we can't grow something then can we live without it? Maybe even pushing it to the extent of coming off money, cos I'm so bad with it."
I've interviewed a lot of smallholders for Country Smallholding magazine and have seen time and time again how an initial desire to make, mend and "do" everything tends to wane after the first few years. To be completely self-sufficient would take all of your time and energy and people tend to focus more on particular areas rather than trying to do absolutely everything for themselves.
Yet it doesn't mean it's a complete pipedream. The couple have been guided during the series by residents at Lammas, an eco-village in Pembrokeshire where they live entirely off-grid in homes they have made for themselves.
Ten months into their new lives they are still buying most things in, except for the vegetables they have started to produce and eggs from their chickens. But then it's by no means an overnight transformation. It takes time to learn how to do things for free and to see food in a different light. As Fallon says: "I look in my fridge and if it's empty I think I must shop even when I've got a polytunnel full of produce. I'm still learning how to make what we're growing into something delicious and getting over that mental barrier of food coming from the supermarket."
Without internet or TV at the property they've been sitting around a lot in the evenings talking and playing the odd game of scrabble. Their traditional farming neighbours have been fantastic and very supportive as Love says: "They've really got us and what we're trying to do. They don't care who I am or what I am. To them, I'm just a nice guy."
Not everyone in their lives seems to get the dramatic changes they have made however. "Since we moved and started dematerialising," Fallon says, "certain friendships have just fallen apart. It might just be a coincidence but certainly when you say that we don't have heating - we've got solid fuel central heating - it scares people off visiting."
I haven't seen their smallholding but we had an in-depth chat about what they've been doing and you can't fake such enthusiasm and the desire to learn new skills. There's a lot more to this couple than you might first imagine.
They're the first to admit they're at the beginning of a long journey and making it up as they go along, but for them that's part of the fun. It's a genuine risk. Love has made and lost money by chance in the past but this time it's out of choice. "We're shedding" Fallon tells me. "We've got less material stuff than we've ever had and yet we're richer because we've got our own water supply, our own wood burner and acres of wood around us so we can always be warm."
What started out partly as a move to enable the couple to afford a home of their own has turned into a quest of a deeper kind. "No one's going to listen to me," Love says. "But the way to save the planet is we need to all become responsible for our actions and our interactions with each other. People don't care. If we ran out of chocolate people would be like wait, what? Who cares about the oil and the ozone layer, but if there's no chocolate? That's when they kick off.
"The times we're living in people need to take responsibility for the future and that is what we're trying to do ..."

I can't slam dunk da funk anymore
21st August 2015 - Mirror
The former 5ive singer has quit the luxury of city living for a quieter lifestyle in the Wales countryside.
Abz Love has revealed how much he loves his new farmer lifestyle over being a popstar.
The former boyband heartthrob - real name Richard Abidin Breen - quit city life and moved into the heart of the countryside to live 'off the grid'.
Speaking to Gok Wan and Jenni Falconer on This Morning, Abz, who looked every inch the country boy with a farmer cap on and a jazzy shirt, said he was relishing his new challenge.
"I felt like I was very lost in the world of sex, drugs and rock and roll. And I just needed to do something to ground myself.
"We are now full-on, self-sufficient living off the land best we can. It's scary stuff."
Abz filmed his big life change for a BBC Two show Country Stife: Abz on the Farm, the second episode is set to air this Sunday at 9.45pm.
The former Celebrity Big Brother star said he didn't miss his boyband lifestyle anymore: "It was amazing, I really enjoyed my time with the boys, but I thought I was holding them back with my new lifetstyle.
"I don't miss it, I'm nearly 40 now. I can't slam duck da funk anymore like I used to."
Abz reunited with 5ive for the Big Reunion, but then quit the band to move to Wales, and regained fame after a popular stint in 2013's Celebrity Big Brother.

Abz Speaks Out About 5ive Exit
18th August 2015 - Reveal
Abz Love has spoken about his shock exit from boyband 5ive, saying it just came down to a "difference of opinion".
Abz is currently back on TV with his fiance' Vicky Fallon for their new BBC Two show, Country Strife: Abz on the Farm.
In the first instalment of the show on Sunday (16 August), Abz was seen making his way to Butlins for a 5ive gig, where he admitted: "I just find it really tedious now. I haven't got the buzz anymore."
The singer quit 5ive in August 2014 - with his bandmates finding out about his exit just like the fans - via Twitter.
"I haven't spoken to them," Abz tells us. "I left on Twitter because I felt the people should know first. And by that point, things were messy anyway. To be honest with you, things weren't really right from the very start."
When Abz quit, his bandmates - Scott Robinson, Sean Conlon and Ritchie Neville - were expecting him to attend a 5ive gig in Holland that weekend.
"People just like to cover things over but I just like to address things face on," Abz continues. "It's like 'let's talk about the big elephant in the room. Why ain't nobody talking about the elephant in the room? I want to talk about the big elephant in the room.'
"I was kind of on my own. I haven't spoken to any of them since. It was just a difference of opinion, just let them do what they want to do. I felt like maybe I was prohibiting them from doing what they wanted to be and I don't think they really liked me too much."
Despite leaving the band almost one year ago, Abz hasn't entirely left music behind.
"I still dabble at home with a guitar but there might be some kind of album," he reveals. "And if anything did ever drop in the future, it would probably be country orientated or some kind of future country-farm-twang-banjo. I might even go out touring as one but with a numeral one and then 'ne'. Genius!"
5ive - originally made up of Abz, Scott, Ritchie, Sean and Jason 'J' Brown - found fame in the 90s with hits such as 'Slam Dunk' and 'When The Lights Go Out'. They split in 2001 but reunited on ITV2 show The Big Reunion in 2013. J decided not to take part.

5ive star Abz Love and girlfriend Vicky Fallon are engaged
17th August 2015 - Reveal
Abz Love and Vicky Fallon are engaged.
The couple currently star on their new BBC Two show, Country Strife: Abz on the Farm, and in the first of last night's documentary, Vicky was introduced as Abz' fiance'.
That also means they've been engaged for a little while now, as the show has been filmed months in advance.
In fact, Vicky flashed her ring while appearing on Good Morning Britain on Friday (14 August) as the couple talked about their show, which follows them swapping the luxuries of life in the city for the good life.
Confirming the news, Vicky added the all-important fiance' title to her Twitter bio.
Former 5ive singer Abz has been dating Vicky for around six years. He revealed on The Big Reunion how he got together with the singer-songwriter after splitting from 5ive and hitting rock bottom.
Recalling his struggles, Abz said: "She saved my life in my eyes because I was on a road to self-destruction."
[A bit behind Reveal. We've all known since it happened in August last year lol]

Sunday's TV pick: Abz On The Farm
16th August 2015 - Reveal
Former pop-star Abz Love is swapping his luxurious city life for the countryside as he and his partner Vicky head to rural Wales to live off the land in Abz On The Farm.
We'll follow the two novice farmers as they set about buying and renovating their very own smallholding. With a little help from their new neighbours, they tackle the mud, rain, livestock and vegetable planting to learn what it takes to live the good life.
Determined to realise their dream of self-sufficiency, are their plans bigger than their pockets? Will ambition and enthusiasm stand up to the reality of life on the farm?
Abz On The Farm, BBC2, 9.45pm

Abz on the Farm
3rd July 2015 - The Guardian
What do you want to be doing this summer: sitting on a picnic blanket being panicked by a single wasp, or watching Abz from 5ive trying to understand the concept of a chicken? Correct answer. Good, then, that BBC2 has commissioned Abz On The Farm, a three-parter in which the former boybander and his partner Vicky will attempt self-sufficiency on a smallholding in Wales. What will Abz do when faced with such challenges as “quite strong wind” and “getting a splinter”? Sack off the sunny after-work pints and tune in to find out.
Airs July on BBC2

Scott Goes Panto
10th June 2015 - Tendring
"If you haven't got your tickets booked to see Aladdin at the Princes Theatre in Clacton, you had better get that dialling finger ready right now because we are thrilled to announce that boy band favourite SCOTT ROBINSON will be taking the lead role in this years pantomime. Scott shot to fame as a member of boy band 5ive who recently took part in the ITV show The Big Reunion which was then quickly followed by a sell-out arena tour. We are very much looking forward to having Scott with us for the pantomime at The Princes Theatre this year!" Tickets

5ive singer Abz Love's life on a farm to be shown on BBC Two
20th May 2015 - Digital Spy
You'd think that a documentary about a former 5ive rapper living on a farm would be on ITV2, but it's actually been picked up by BBC Two.
Abz Love has let cameras capture what it's like to swap pop for farming in a new series on the channel later this year.
Country Strife: Abz on the Farm will follow the ex-boyband member and his partner Vicky Fallon as they live and work on a farm in rural Wales.
The documentary will see how Abz and his girlfriend enjoy a daily routine of mud, rain, livestock and vegetable planting on a tight budget.
Abz said of the show: "Moving to Wales was a complete shock to the system - the house, the chickens, the horses, the foxes, the cats, the splinters, the leaks, the grass, the gates, the fence, the rain. This being said, I have met some wonderful people with beautiful insights - I currently love my life."
Three half-hour episodes will air on BBC Two later in 2015.
The singer parted ways with 5ive last year, reducing the group to just three members. The group had previously got back together for The Big Reunion in 2013, but later told fans he only rejoined for financial reasons.

5ive's Abz Love, Vicky Fallon's farm reality show, Country Strife, to air on BBC2
20th May 2015 - Reveal
Abz Love's long-rumoured television show has been renamed Country Strife: Abz On The Farm and will air on BBC2.
Woohoo! About time!
Reveal broke the news back in January 2014 that Abz and girlfriend Vicky Fallon were filming their own fly-on-the-wall series, but it's taken more than a year for it to come to air.
Now, it's just been announced BBC2 has picked up the show, which follows Abz and Vicky's life in rural Wales as they adjust to country living and working on a farm.
Abz said: "Moving to Wales was a complete shock to the system - the house, the chickens, the horses, the foxes, the cats, the splinters, the leaks, the grass, the gates, the fence, the rain. This being said, I have met some wonderful people with beautiful insights - I currently love my life."
The former 5ive singer and his partner hope to life a life of self-sufficiency and the series will follow them as they learn to live off the farm and adjust their lifestyles.
Tom McDonald, Head of Natural History and Specialist Factual Formats Commissioning, said: "Country Strife is a warm, engaging series following a charming, open-hearted couple try to live the good life against all odds.
"With no knowledge of country life, very limited funds and a series of increasingly outlandish ambitions & plans, Abz and Vicky are in for an often hilarious reality check as they touch down in rural Wales. Through their eyes, the BBC Two audience will get a real sense of what it really takes to make a go of the countryside dream."

Shepherd's Bush Empire Review
1st May 2015 - The Upcoming
Cast your mind back to a time when mobile phones were still strong enough to drive nails and Simon Cowell was a name known only by the economically viable. This was a pre-talent show Britain where the shelf life of boybands extended past a debut album, a Britain approaching the millennium. FIVE at Shepherds Bush Empire - GuifrePeray - The Upcoming - 09Whether you miss it or not, the nostalgia angle seems to sell well these days. So it was with perhaps a hint of ageing comeback irony that Survivor’s Rocky, evoking Eye of the Tiger, welcomed one-time Brit Award winners 5ive back to the stage. The boyband that once promised to “make you get down” are back to give it another go with their Loud and Intimate tour.
Two members down but keeping the name for artistic continuity, the remaining trio of Sean Conlon, Ritchie Neville and Scott Robinson bounced back onto the stage, waving customarily sanitised gang-signs. They kicked off proceedings with Slam Dunk (Da Funk) and quickly followed with a few of their more dancefloor favoured numbers, including Everybody Get Up and Rock the Party – all met with instantaneous screams from a surprisingly age-diverse crowd, marvelling at them through smartphone apertures.
What unfortunately became clear during a fumbling segue, which turned the word “no” into “na” and then “na na na na na na” to introduce Got the Feelin, was that live performance isn’t something the group has given much thought to of late. Their onstage presence was visibly disjointed and at times appeared lazy and self-conscious, perhaps indicative of the sort of polish that big label support can provide – a sense of cohesion the remaining members seemed ill-equipped to carry alone.
While it would perhaps be unnecessary to be overly critical of an industry-constructed pop group attempting a comeback tour without a great deal of funding or support, they did little to help their cause. From the flat vocal notes and painfully unsynchronised, outdated dance routines, to a medley that seemed to include a great deal of pop music they had no part in producing, you are left with an impression that rather than being a labour of love, this is a group going through the motions simply because the opportunity has presented itself. A performance that scored a few nostalgia points with the crowd, but ultimately disappointed.

5ive Pull Dumbest April Fools Ever!
3rd May 2015 - Digital Spy
When Lee Ryan was quoted as saying he came up with the name, we're suddenly not sure whether this is an April Fools' prank or not... According to The Sun, the boybands 5ive and Blue will be joining forces McBusted-style to create... Flue?
The tabloid exclusively claims that the supergroup will hit the road for a special tour under the name Flue, with 5ive's Scott Robinson explaining: "We've always got on well with the Blue boys and respected their music. It'll be weird singing their tracks and ours alongside each other but exciting nonetheless."
Blue's Ryan added: "I came up with the name, obviously." It's catching...

Abz Hints At Comeback...Again!
19th Feb 2015 - Reveal
Abz Love stunned both his bandmates and fans last year when he suddenly quit the group - over Twitter.
Rapper Abz announced he was leaving the pop band online before going to ground on exactly what he was planning to do next.
Two months later, Abz teased fans by telling them was a new project in the pipeline but yet again went quiet. Until now!
Last night (17 February), the former Celebrity Big Brother star reemerged and told his followers that he is ready to get back out there once more.
Abz told his Facebook followers: "Thank you ALL for your support. been laying low for a bit and chillaxing in the countryside...But that's about to change, Abz x."
The star's fans were quick to respond, with one commenting: "Can't wait to see what's coming next Abz, don't keep us hanging too long." Another simply added: "Woohoo!"
After finding fame in the 90s with 5ive, Abz and the rest of the band - minus Jason 'J' Brown - reformed for the 2013 series of The Big Reunion. Things appeared to be going well with the comeback, however Abz decided in August last year that he'd had enough.
Taking to Twitter, Abz told his followers: "As of today I am no longer a member of @Official5ive. Thank you to all the fans who supported, I love you all."
However, although bandmates Scott Robinson, Ritchie Neville and Sean Conlon were initially annoyed by Abz's shock departure, the group have since soften and wished him all the best.
In January last year, Abz and his girlfriend were busy filming a reality TV show after swapping life in London for the tranquil countryside of Wales. Are we finally set to see the show on our screens?