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Abz Gets Bangtastic - Again!
8th September 2014 - Celeb Juice
Abz has signed up for another round of Celebrity Juice's "Bangtastic 4". This time around there will be a few new "heroes" in town. Episodes begin 11th September.

5ive's Abz Love shocks bandmates by quitting - on Twitter
29th August 2014 - Reveal
5ive are now permanently three after Abz Love announced that he has quit - and the first his bandmates heard of it was on Twitter.
Last night (28 August), Abz took to the social networking site and confirmed he is no longer part of the boyband before thanking fans for their support.
Abz did not, however, give an explanation for his departure from the group. He simply said: "As of today I am no longer a member of @Official5ive. Thank you to all the fans who supported, I love you all."
The news came as a shock to fans, but more so for his fellow bandmates - Scott Robinson, Sean Conlon and Ritchie Neville - who were expecting Abz to join 5ive for a gig in Holland this weekend.
Scott replied: "@abzlove wow that's really sad to hear especially on Twitter. Wish you would have called me. I take it you're not coming to Holland #Shocked."
Clearly annoyed, Ritchie also tweeted: "@abzlove thanks for the heads up via Twitter." Sean, meanwhile, stressed to fans that he was as confused about Abz's decision as they were.
He said: "Don't understand it, but I respect @abzlove decision, don't understand what's gone on but [he will] always be welcomed back, as I'm sure he will be when he's had break."
5ive - originally made up of Abz, Scott, Ritchie, Sean and Jason 'J' Brown - found fame in the 90s and found worldwide success with hits such as 'Slam Dunk' and 'When The Lights Go Out'.
In September 2001, the group split, however they were given a second shot on ITV2 show The Big Reunion last year. J decided not to take part.
Earlier this year, it was revealed that Abz would not be joining his three bandmates on the 'Big Reunion Boyband Tour', which kicks off in October.
At the time, the group insisted that Abz had not left 5ive and tweeted: "Bad news guys, there is a bad rumour spreading! Good news it's not true! Abz ain't leaving the band!"
It was said that Abz was unable to agree to all the terms and conditions of the tour so decided to give it a miss.

Abz Quits 5ive!
28th August 2014 - Abz Love
Abz has made a public announcement via his official Twitter account that he is no longer a member of 5ive. This takes the boys down to just 3 members.
ABZLOVE: "As of today I am no longer a member of @Official5ive Thank you to all the fans who supported, I love you all.."
With Abz and J no longer doing the raps we wonder what will come of the band. Ritchie, Sean and Scott have vowed to go on as a 3 peice.
Here at WW we'd love to wish Abz all the best for the future. May you find peace and happiness in your future.
So where does Abz go now? Guess we'll be patiently waiting with hopes of some solo material soon.

Fake J Accounts!
18th August 2014 -
I have been asked to remind fans that J has NO social networking accounts and to make it perfectly clear that the account Jason Paul Brown on iconsquare (formerly instagram) is NOT J!
Claiming to be J is not only disrespectful but also illegal!
Let's remember one thing.. J wants to remain private so anyone claiming to be J is OBVIOUSLY an imposter!

AbzFest Street Team Needs You!
27th June 2014 - AbzHQ
Abz needs YOU to make #Abzfest a success #Ateam...If you help us promote it we can repeat it every year...(on a weekend!!!)
Who wants to be @abzlove's #StreetTeam??? Just hand out flyers in #Birmingham on the day of #Abzfest & earn yourself a VIP pass!!!
Just email with the subject 'STREET TEAM' and all your contact info...

Abz Love exclusive interview
20th June 2014 - Female First
On July 1st Popworld Birmingham is to play host for the first ever Abzfest, as Abz performs hits from 5ive's past records and his solo ventures.
Here he chats about what to expect at Abzfest, his secret special guest and more.
A little birdy told us that Jay Brown (former 5ive member) might be your secret surprise guest, is there any truth to the rumour?
Ooh, It wouldn't be a secret surprise if i told you now would it! You'll just have to wait and see I'm afraid... But I can confirm that my top secret guest has requested no cutlery on his rider... something about he likes to 'eat with his fingers'...
Are you excited about Abzfest?
I'm so excited I've been whistling 'Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah' out of my ass for the past two weeks!
We hear you'll be performing some of your solo hits for the first time in years, how do you feel about that?
I haven't done any of those songs for five years so I might have to give them a fresh remix just to switch it up a bit.
What tracks can we expect to hear from you?
The 5ive hits and whatever the fans tweet me using #ABZFEST. Hopefully it's only the hits because a lot of the songs on that album were poop!
Why should people come to Abzfest?
Abzfest is really a thank you to all the fans for everything over the last couple years. Since I've been back on the scene they've shown me nothing but love so this is my way of returning the gratitude. Plus I've always wanted a bouncy castle at my party.
Tickets for Abzfest are priced at £10 and can be bought on the door. Limited VIP packages will also be available.

29th May 2014 - AbzHQ
Come and celebrate Abz Love's 35th birthday extravaganza with us at Popworld Birmingham on 1st July 2014!!! Abz will be hosting & toasting with fans throughout the evening for this special one night only event!!!
entry includes
KARAOKE WITH ABZ: Get on up and sing along with your favourite 5ive/Abz tunes.
THE ABZ AWARDS: Categories will include best lookalikey, best rapper and best swan apple.
ABZ LIVE: Abz will perform a 30 minute set of his most requested 5ive and solo tracks!!! (Tweet us your suggestions with the hashtag #ABZFEST)
MEET & GREET: Enjoy a 1 on 1 meet & greet with the man himself and then continue to mingle with Abz all night long!
SURPRISE: PLUS. A special appearance from a very special guest!!!
Tickets are £10. Limited tickets available. Arrive early to avoid missing out on the one night only #Abzfest !!
Tweet your suggestions and requests proir to the night using the hastag #ABZFEST

Please note: this is no normal meet & greet. This is an entire night of Abz!
Twitter #AbzLove - Facebook AbzLove

Abz on BGMT
26th May 2014 -
Abz is appearing in several (3) episodes of "Britain's Got More Talent" With Ant and Dec (along with other celebs). So far 2 episode have aired in which celebs played a game of "Blankety Blanks".

Shhh! He's Up A Tree
26th May 2014 -
I'm getting several emails asking the same question, "Where's J?" So here it is... J is living in a tree with monkey's and has become their one and only Banana King. Lord of the Jungle.

Scott at Norwich Charity Football
25th May 2014 - Sellebrity Soccer
Sunday May 25th 2014 Scott's team along with Anthony Costa from Blue and Danny Dyer lost 14 - 9 but it was one amazing match! Thanks to one amazing Donations from over 9,000 people at the Jamie's Game 2.

Ritchie Back in OZ
25th May 2014 -
Ritchie is in Sydney at the moment. Unfortunately he's had to leave the family home while he finalizes things for a permanent move back to the UK..

Scott at Norwich Charity Football
23rd May 2014 - Sellebrity Soccer
Scott will be at the Norwich Charity football game on the 25th May. Kick off is at 3PM UK time and doors open at 1:30PM. Tickets are at the box office and on -

5ive's Scott Robinson: "I hate being away from my family"
23rd May 2014 - Reveal
5ive's Scott Robinson may have found fame in one of the UK's edgier boy bands, but he's a big softie at heart!
In January, Scott and his wife Kerry welcomed twin baby girls into the world, Bobbi-Rayne and Kayde-Rose, and, along with their sons Brennan and Kavan, the couple's family is complete.
Obviously, Scott last year reformed with 5ive for The Big Reunion but rather than throw himself back into the party lifestyle he was once accustomed to, the dad-of-four would rather be at home with his kids that hitting it up in a club.
Speaking to us at Reveal's Online Fashion Awards, Scott admitted: "5ive are going on the Big Reunion tour later this year and I am looking forward to it, but I hate being away from my family.
"Kerry usually comes to visit me on tour but it might be difficult now we've got four children. I'm going to miss them a lot."
He added: "Kerry loves going out, obviously not as much now, but within the first five years of our marriage she was always saying, 'Come out!' and I'd be like, 'No, you go darling!' I can't stand the clubs and that.
"I'm old before my time and would rather sit in the pub playing a game of cards. Hang on, am I in a club?!"
Scott and Kerry, who made a picture perfect couple at nightclub DSTRKT (yes Scott, you managed it!), seem to have struck gold with their little girls. At just 10 weeks old, the twins started sleeping through the night!
Now aged 15 weeks, Bobbi and Kayde are already showing very different personalities - with each twin taking after one of their parents.
"They've definitely got different personalities," Scott revealed. "Kayde is so laid back, whereas I think Bobbi is going to be trouble!
"Kayde will be the sensible one, saying: 'You shouldn't do that, you shouldn't that!' Bobbi will be a little party animal - she definitely takes after Kerry!"
Scott added: "Overall, they've pretty much been sleeping through the night for the last five weeks. But Bobbi can wake up a fair bit. Sometimes, in the middle of the night, you'll look over and she'll be looking up at you with big blue eyes. You just think, 'No, please no!'"
They might have baby twins, not to mention two older sons, but Scott and Kerry looked surprisingly fresh-faced on Tuesday night (20 May). In fact, we couldn't believe Kerry had given birth to two babies just less than four months ago. What a yummy mummy!
Speaking about their happy family life, Kerry explained: "The boys have been good with the girls. It helps because they're that much older. I think if we had the girls and the boys were about three or four it would've been much harder!"
Scott added: "Brennan helps a lot. If I'm busy or out he will help Kerry by feeding Bobbi her bottle. He choses her, as she's easier and drinks it quicker than Kayde!
"Brennan is 12, but he's like a 16-year-old. He's growing up too quick. Then you've got Kavan, who used to want to play on his computer every morning but now he wants to give his baby sisters a kiss!"
The couple are delighted by the success of 5ive's big comeback and spent the evening hanging out with fellow Big Reunion stars Dane Bowers and Kenzie.
Looking back on the last year, Scott reflects: "It's been so nice. We weren't sure how much work we'd get out of it, but it's just gone from strength to strength.
"When it comes to bands reuniting, it seems that anything over 10 years really works well. We tried getting back together after five years and no one's hearts were in it.
"It worked out so well and when we were talking about our past, people could look into our eyes and know we were telling the truth.
"That's why, when we meet all the other Big Reunion bands, we get on so well. We all went through very similar...trauma, I guess...when we were younger."

'I'm having a mini-me!' Pregnant Natasha Hamilton reveals she's expecting her first daughter with Ritchie Neville
21st May 2014 - Mail Online
Natasha Hamilton is expecting her first daughter with 5ive's Ritchie Neville.
The Atomic Kitten singer, who already has sons, Josh, 11, with nightclub owner Fran Cosgrave, Harry, nine, with dancer Gavin Hatcher and Alfie, three, with ex-husband Riad Erraji, revealed she is thrilled to be welcoming a little girl into the world later this year.
Speaking in an interview with this week's edition of OK! magazine, she said: 'We did it ... we made a girl! Little girls have been so on my radar, I see them with pigtails and frilly socks with their mums and I still can't believe I'm having a mini-me!'
The 31-year-old star - who became romantically involved with Ritchie during the filming of ITV reality show The Big Reunion last year - even hinted that an engagement may soon be on the cards for the pair.
She added: 'I'm just waiting for the wedding ring now, to be honest.'
Ritchie, 34, also spoke about his excitement at hearing the news - but confessed he's worried about becoming an over-protective father.
He told OK!: 'I was shell-shocked and like, "Oh s**t, I'm going to have to be a protective dad. What if she brings an idiot back when she's 18?" A boy was going to be a lot easier - what am I meant to do with a girl?'
Natasha looked as though pregnancy is suiting her down to the ground as she showcased her neat baby bump on the red carpet at the 2014 Television BAFTA Awards at London's Theatre Royal Drury Lane on Sunday night.
The Atomic Kitten star looked utterly radiant as she commanded attention in a bright cobalt form-fitting gown.
Tenderly cradling her bump as she worked her magic in front of the camera, the 31-year-old singer appeared every inch the yummy mummy-to-be as she posed up a storm while en route into the glitzy TV event.
Natasha wore her flowing auburn locks perfectly tousled in a half-up 'do, and accessorised with glittering sapphire earrings, a small clutch bag and skyscraper heels.
The Big Reunion star completed her striking red carpet look with dramatic winged eyeliner and a slick of pillar box red lipstick.

Abz at Norwich Charity Football
16th May 2014 - Sellebrity Soccer
Sunday May 18th 2014 Abz will be playing at @Sellebrity_UK Birmingham .. Tickets Here:

8th May 2014 - Basildon Post
At Basildon Academy's Inspiring Men event this week, member of the boyband 5ive Scott Robinson spoke to students about his amazing career journey and how anyone can get their dream career.
He advised students to write down every step they have to make to achieve the job of their dreams, and said: "Don't take no as an answer."
Speaking to a boy who told the Big Reunion star that he wants to be a sports therapist, he recommended starting from the bottom up:
"Footballers start by cleaning the boots of the footballers they love. They then go on to make tea for the staff."

"There is only so far you can go without Love"
23rd April 2014 - Daily Mail
5ive's Abz Love drops out of Big Reunion Boyband UK tour due to 'personal reasons'
Abz Love of the boyband 5ive will not be joining his bandmates on their next Big Reunion Boyband tour.
The singer/rapper has been forced to drop out because of 'personal reasons'.
I've definitely not left,' Abz told the Daily Star. 'All is gravy with me and the boys. We are still together. 5ive aren't splitting up'.
The band announced they will be down to just three members via their Twitter page, writing:
'Unfortunately Abz is unable to make The Big Reunion Tour but don't worry he's not leaving the band!
'Abz is still confirmed for all other 5ive shows coming up! We had to make a decision whether to go forward for the tour as a Three - we didn't want to let the fans down.'
Sean Conlon, Ritchie Neville and Scott Robinson will still perform as a trio on the Big Reunion Boyband tour, on a line-up which will include 5th Story, Damage, A1, 3T, Blue and 911.
Original member Jason Brown never returned when the band reformed in 2012 for The Big Reunion TV show.
When 5ive originally split up in 2001, it was Abz who was the only band member against it.
He admitted on the ITV reality show - which saw various pop groups reform and talk about their past musical life and careers - which he saw his bandmates' decision to quit as taking something away from him.
Love became the only band member to release a solo album, Abstract Theory, and had three Top 10 hits in the UK Singles Chart.
He tweeted an ominous message on Sunday which could refer to his decision to leave the band this time: 'There is only so far you can go without Love'.
That same day the band performed in Torquay at the Riviera International Centre.

Muscles and fries?
18th April 2014 - Popbitch
"Can't wait for Belgium tomorrow! Are we supposed to eat Muscles and fries?" Sean from 5ive

'It's a complete miracle!' Natasha Hamilton reveals she's pregnant with Ritchie Neville's baby - exclusive
1st April 2014 - OK!
NATASHA Hamilton has revealed exclusively to OK! Magazine that she and boyfriend Ritchie Neville are expecting a baby.
The pregnant Atomic Kitten beauty and 5ive singer opened up at our photo shoot and couldn't wait to tell us how excited they are.
"It's a complete miracle because I had cysts on my ovaries last year and the specialists nearly had to remove them," Natasha explained.
"We were in Austria when I was doing The Jump and we were cuddling and her neck smelt of newborn babies! I'd smelt that before and the person was pregnant," 34-year-old Ritchie added.
"This is my first child so I'd never seen a scan and suddenly our baby was on the screen and I swore - it was a proper mindblower!"
The pair confirmed their romance after meeting on The Big Reunion last year.
Natasha, 31, is already mum to three boys - 11-year-old Josh, from her relationship with Fran Cosgrave; three-year-old Alfie, from her marriage to Riad Erraji; and nine-year-old Harry, from another relationship.

Natasha Hamilton, Ritchie Neville expecting first child
1st April 2014 - Digital Spy
Natasha Hamilton and 5ive's Ritchie Neville have announced that they are expecting their first child together.
The Atomic Kitten singer - who already has three sons from previous relationships - has revealed that she is three months pregnant.
Speaking to OK! Magazine, Hamilton described the pregnancy as a "complete miracle", adding that she has experienced the "worst morning sickness ever".
She added: "After the first scan I could breathe - Ritchie went into panic mode."
Meanwhile, Neville said: "I want to be a hands-on dad. Tash will be feeding the baby and I'll be feeding her sandwiches."
"Natasha's stuck with me forever now, no matter what happens!" he added.
The couple confirmed their romance in October of last year. The Big Reunion stars reportedly started "hanging out together a lot" after Hamilton split from her husband of six years in July.
Hamilton admitted that she and Neville have discussed marriage, but have no plans to tie the knot in the near future.
"We've talked about marriage before - but there's no rush," she said.
Read the full story in this week's OK! Magazine - out today (Tuesday, April 1).

Boyband Five's Sean Conlon talks British Summer Time at Hyde Park and disagreeing with Simon Cowell
27th March 2014 - News Shopper
IT is now well over a decade since Five were Invincible or Slam Dunked the Funk but for a generation who grew up them, their sound will always bring raise a smile.
The band, who sold 20 million records in the late nineties, reunited last year on the TV show the Big Reunion.
Only July 6, they will be supporting McBusted and the Backstreet Boys at British Summer Time festival at Hyde Park.
Judging from what bandmember Sean Conlon told Vibe, it looks like we can expect something approaching a charming shambles.
He said: "Expect Five in their usual manner - uncoordinated, dysfunctionally functional, madness that somehow comes together and makes a nice half an hour's entertainment."
The gig will be huge for the band who are enjoying a second slice of fame.
Sean said: "We're a band from the 90s. We're realistic. We never thought we would get back together again and do this.
"The first time around I was like a rabbit trapped in the headlights and I was dealing with it on a day-to-day basis. Now we can stop for a minute.
"We don't know how long it's going to last and we know that things can come to an end. It's all about the moment.
"Maturity makes you have a distance from it.
He added: "I'm having a much better time in the band than I ever did then."
Having a baby daughter has also given Sean, 32, more perspective.
He said: "At the end of the day, all we are doing is singing three minute pop songs. It is about fun, it's about having a laugh.
"All celebrities think the World is about them. Having a child opens your eyes to the fact that you are part of something bigger."
To say Five have reformed is not quite the whole story - four of them did. The fifth, Jason 'J' Brown opted to give it a miss.
And for the Big Reunion live shows, they'll be down to three after Abz failed to reach an agreement with ITV over his involvement.
Sean said: "The name (Five) was probably not the best idea in the world.
"I think it's quite funny. There's three or there's four and we're called Five."
He added: "Abz will definitely be at Hyde Park.
"Normally when we deal with contracts we deal with it as a group and we have one representative. With the Big Reunion, it was slightly different because they approached us all as individuals.
"I can't speculate because I haven't spoken to Abz but they didn't agree terms.
"The three of us didn't want to put a message out that there was a problem with the band, because there's not. It was just between Abz's management team and ITV.
"There's no animosity towards Abz."
Though they had a stream of hits, Five's time at the top was brief and intense. Sean - who was just 15 when he joined - left the band in 2001 shortly before they split.
He said: "It was just relentless work for five years as a kid and nobody in the business supported me and tried help me through it.
"I don't regret leaving, for my mental health it is what I had to do. If I had been five years older I would have realised I could step away and have a break. But that's life."
Despite that, Sean said he had some great times in the band.
He said: "There were some fantastic times.
"People are addicted to drama today, they want to know all the bad things that happened.
"Nobody seems to be interested that is was a great time and we did have a lot of fun.
"Nothing ever topped signing the record deal at the beginning.
"It was just like a dream come true. In my naivety I felt like I had made it. Now I know you can sign a record deal and you can be dropped.
"You don't think like that when you're a kid. You think you can take on the World and fortunately we did."
Five may have taken on the world, but it's arguable their star could have shone even brighter.
Having been signed by Simon Cowell, the X Factor mogul narrowly missed out on nabbing Baby One More Time before Britney Spears recorded it and turned down Bye Bye Bye, which became a Grammy-nominated hit for Justin Timberlake's NSync.
Sean said: "We turned it down and apparently it was a crime to turn down a song that Simon Cowell gave you.
"If you turn one down from those guys, you're arrogant. It wasn't arrogance. It was just simply we felt the song wasn't right for us.
"When we look at the songs we did, we broke boundaries of what boybands were doing.
"We had some songs that sounded like NSync and Backstreet Boys and we had some ballads that sounded like Westlife but we have also got Five songs and none of those bands have songs that sound like ours and I'm proud of that.
"If we didn't dig in we wouldn't have that."

5ive star Abz Love insists everything is 'all gravy' despite quitting The Big Reunion tour
27th March 2014 - Daily Star
ABZ from 5ive has quit The Big Reunion live tour, but he insists he will not be leaving the band. Abz Love of 5ive fame has pulled out of The Big Reunion tour at the last moment.
The singer, who shot to fame in the 1990s as one fifth of boy band 5ive, will not be taking part in the live tour that was scheduled to take place after The Big Reunion.
Making the announcement via the band's official Twitter account, it read: "Unfortunately Abz is unable to make The Big Reunion Tour."
The 34-year-old singer's absence is credited to "personal issues", but 5ive have spoken out to ease fans' worries.
The statement continued: "But don't worry, he's not leaving the band."
"Abz is still confirmed for all other 5ive shows coming up! We had to make a decision whether to go forward for the tour as a three - we didn't want to let the fans down."
The singer, who recently starred on Channel 5's Celebrity Big Brother last year, later confirmed the news.
He said: "I've definitely not left. All is gravy with me and the boys. We are still together. 5ive aren't splitting up."
The rest of the 5ive boys will perform at the Big Reunion live dates as a threesome - Thr33 perhaps?
The remaining band members; Ritchie Neville, Scott Robison and Sean Conlon will embark on the journey with Blue, 911, Damage, 5th Story, 3T and A1 when the UK arena tour begins in October.

Who wins the battle of the boy bands, Blue or 5ive?
25th March 2014 - Daybreak
The bands showed their competitive nature as they spoke about their upcoming 'The Big Reunion Boy Band Tour', but what about the girls?
Blue and 5ive joined Aled Jones and Kate Garraway in the 'Daybreak' studio this morning - well three members of Blue and two members of 5ive did - to talk about their upcoming The Big Reunion Boy Band Tour.
Jones and Garraway did their best to wrangle the group together as they continually joked around and laughed, and the men admitted that the tour was likely to be just as unruly as Lee Ryan said that he thought it would be "chaos" and Antony Costa warned "the new bands don't know what they're in for."
Although it wasn't all that comfortable when the two bands first met when appearing on the last series of 'The Big Reunion', where Blue were late additions to the show and the 5ive boys weren't keen on them getting all the attention, they've since become great supports for each other.
Scott Robinson joked that now that most of them are fathers, there was more talk about which baby bottles were the best to use than drunken nights out and Sean Conlon endearingly admitted that he recently became a father for the first time and kept phoning his bandmate for advice, noting down everything that he was told.
Touring together last year has undoubtedly brought the boys together and they joked that, as their fellow band members were missing from the breakfast show, they'd reformed as 'Flue'. They all said that they'd been watching the current series and were excited to be touring with A1, Fifth Story, Damage and 3T, as well as their old show pals 911.
One of the biggest controversies about The Big Reunion Boy Band Tour is the lack of girl bands. Lots of fans have expressed their disappointment that Eternal won't be joining the tour and, even though Girl Thing have been the butt of many jokes throughout this series, their story is an interesting one that has intrigued many.
I've been a big fan of 'The Big Reunion' as it has seen bands from my past re-live the glory days, providing a great excuse to hear what actually went on behind-the-scenes. The show has been a real eye-opener - there's rarely a story without arguments, alcohol/drug addiction or hidden secrets. It really does make you wonder what's going on with the popular bands of today.
I'd be hard-pressed to pick between '5ive' and 'Blue' as they were my two favourite boy bands growing up, and it's lovely that 'The Big Reunion' has given the opportunity to see some of the most popular bands from the past performing together. Even though it's clear that they're competitive lads, it's also evident that they're incredibly supportive of each other and just enjoying the opportunities that the show has given them.
I do remember liking Eternal and, dare I say it, Girl Thing when they released music all those years ago, but I can't say that the fact they won't be on the tour bothers me that much, especially considering the great mix of boy bands that will be playing, but the uproar on Twitter suggests that others think differently.
Would the lack of Eternal and Girl Thing stop you from going to the tour?

5ive Star Abz Drops Out Of The Big Reunion Tour
24th March 2014 - MTV
Abz Love of boy band 5ive will not be taking part in the live tour planned for The Big Reunion.
The 34-year-old singer, who appeared on a recent series of Celebrity Big Brother, will stay a member of the group but won't be playing the forthcoming live shows.
The band's Twitter account announced: "Unfortunately Abz is unable to make The Big Reunion Tour. But don't worry he's not leaving the band!
"Abz is still confirmed for all other 5ive shows coming up! We had to make a decision whether to go forward for the tour as a Three - we didn't want to let the fans down."
And Abz himself later confirmed the news to the Daily Star.
"I've definitely not left. All is gravy with me and the boys. We are still together. 5ive aren't splitting up"

5ive Star Abz Drops Out Of The Big Reunion Tour
24th March 2014 - The Star
Abz Love denied rumors he's walked out on reformed Big Reunion band 5IVE..
Stories hit the headlines last week claiming the former CBB runner-up had quit the group.
But, in an exclusive Rehab chat, Abz phoned me to deny claims they would have to be re-named Three after already losing original member Jason "J" Brown.
Abz said: "I've definitely not left. All is gravy with me and the boys. We are stil together. 5ive aren't splitting up. We are supporting McBusted on tour and also have plans for next year."
Having said that Abz did admit he wouldn't be joing Scott, Ritchie and Sean on this years Big Reunion Boy Band Tour.
Abz wouldn't reveal exactly why he's bailing out - just saying for "personal reasons " .
But I'm told it's because of the poor Big Reunion Tour pay packet..
My source revealed: Abz doesn't think they are getting paid enough.
He added: "The boys are still doing it though so everyone is happy."

Abz NOT on TBR Boyband Tour!
20th March 2014 - 5ive
[5ive @official5ive] - Unfortunately Abz is unable to make The Big Reunion Tour. But don't worry he's not leaving the band!:)
[5ive @official5ive] - Abz is still confirmed for all other Five shows coming up! Five
[We're curious to know what Abz is up to that he can't make it. Wedding, honeymoon, babies? What do you think?]

Big Reunion Boyband Tour!
20th March 2014 - TBR
After a sell out 2013 tour, The Big Reunion is back hitting a town near you, and this one is all about the boys! You can watch 5ive, Blue, 911, A1, 5th Story, 3T and Damage! Tickets go on Sale Saturday at 9am.
Buy tickets at: Live Nation & Ticket Master

17.10 - Sheffield Arena
18.10 - London 02 Arena
19.10 - Nottingham Arena
20.10 - Cardiff Arena
21.10 - Birmingham LG
22.10 - Bournemouth BIC
23.10 - Brighton Centre
25.10 - Glasgow Hydro
26.10 - Manchester Arena
27.10 - Leeds Arena
28.10 - Liverpool Echo Arena
29.10 - Aberdeen Exh
30.10 - Newcastle Arena

5ive Band Member Abz Love "98* 'Still Suck's Ass'"
20th March 2014 - TMZ
The boys from 5ive are PISSED that Nick Lachey called them out on live TV .... thereby igniting a rivalry that has lasted for nearly 2 decades.
Abz Love tells us he caught Lachey's appearance on "Watch What Happens Live" this week ... where Lachey called 5ive the "lamest" boy band (see here)
Abz was hot as fish grease, telling us, "98 Degrees sucked ass and probably still do."
Abz says he remembers one time when Jeff Timmons stepped to 5ive after Love "and J were talking about who the f*** gets their band name tattooed on themselves and concluded they must all be jockstraps!"
But Love explains, "To be fair, we were the bad boys of pop so we were always looking for trouble. They just happened to be in the way."

Splitting? Abz Love leaves 5ive as band loses manager
18th March 2014 - Unreality TV
5ive are definitely going to have to consider a name change if they hope to continue performing, because they've managed to lose almost half the members of their band.
When the group reformed for The Big Reunion on ITV2 last year Jason Brown refused to take part and the stars refused to change their name to 4our.
However they may soon have to consider moving to 3hree, because The Sun is reporting this morning that Abz Love has become the second members to abandon ship.
As if that isn't enough, the stars no longer have a manager, after splitting from Chris Herbert this month. They are currently being looked after by band member Scott Robinson, but many think the whole reunion could be about to go up in smoke as interest in the singers dwindles.
For now Sean Conlon, Ritchie Neville, and Scott are sticking together, having been bolstered by the 5ive Greatest Hits Tour which took place in November and December 2013.
They have some gigs lined up for 2014 and in June 2014, Five will support McBusted on four dates of their McBusted Tour and will also take to the stage in Weston-super-Mare Beach on 28 June and Ipswich Chantry Park on 29 June. They tweeted last week saying:
"Great news! We're playing Barclaycard presents BST Hyde Park, London on 6 July with McBusted, Backstreet Boys,..."

Summer UK & Europe Gigs for 2014
14th March 2014 - Honey
Friday March 21st 2014 Ritchie & Scott at PopWorld Liverpool. For More info Please Follow Them: PopWorldLiverpool @PopworldBaby
OR - Buy a wristband at the door: Meet and greet wristband is entry and definite meet and greet time for £8 (Without wristband there is still a chance to meet and greet but will be extremely limited) If you would like to put your name down for a Wristband - Go to PopWorldLiverpool (Bookings) and submit a booking enquiry stating you want the wristbands!

Monday April 7th 2014 Abz & Scott at The Camel Club Huddersfield.
For More info Please Follow Them: The Camel Club (FB)

Saturday April 12th 2014 at The 'I love the 90's - The party' Ethias Arena - Hasselt, Belgium. Tickets are NOW Available at: I love the 90's

Friday April 18th 2014 at The Blake Hall - Bridgwater, Somerset.
Tickets are NOW Available at: -

Saturday April 19th 2014 at The Westland Leisure Complex Somerset, Yeovil.
Tickets are NOW Available at:

Sunday April 20th 2014 at The Riviera Centre Torquay.
Tickets are NOW Available at: The Riviera Centre

Friday May 16th - Monday May 19th 2014 at The 'Back Together' Butlins, Bognor Regis Resort. Tickets are NOW Available at:

Sunday June 8th 2014 at The Chester Rocks 2014, Chester.
Tickets are Available on Friday March 14th 2014 here: The Chester Rocks

Saturday June 28th 2014 at The Weston-Super-Mare Beach.
Tickets are NOW Available at: aeglive

Sunday June 29th 2014 at The Ipswich Chantry Park.
Tickets are NOW Available at: aeglive

Sunday July 6th 2014 at The British Summer Time (BST), Barclaycard Unwind Theatre in Hyde Park.
Tickets are NOW Available at:

Saturday August 30th 2014 at The 'We love the 90s' Goffertpark in Holland, The Netherlands.
Tickets are NOW Available at: We love the 90s

Say What?!
6th March 2014 - Popbitch
"Nobody is Superman or Wonder Woman" - Ritchie Neville

Show Tickets on Sale Now!
1st February 2014 - AEG
Five, Backstreet boys and McBusted are performing a massive show in June 2014 and tickets are on sale now from AEG LIVE!

5ive to join McBusted and Backstreet Boys at British Summer Time gig
31st January 2014 - Reveal
5ive will be performing one of their biggest gigs this year when they step on stage at Hyde Park's British Summer Time concert in July.
Fresh from their stint on The Big Reunion last year, Sean Conlon, Abz Love, Ritchie Neville, and Scott Robinson will be entertaining crowds with their pop hits during the 10-day summer extravaganza.
5ive have clearly got the touring bug following on from their sold out Big Reunion arena tour in May, and their Christmas party tour in December, so we can't wait to hear them perform some of their much-loved songs on 6 July.
It'll be a case of boyband overload as 5ive will be sharing the stage with the likes of Lawson, rising stars The Vamps, 90s boyband Backstreet Boys and super-group McBusted, who will headline the gig.
Also joining the pop stars on stage will be 2009's Britain's Got Talent winners, dance troupe Diversity.
Backstreet Boys are one of the biggest selling boybands in the history of pop with a staggering 130 million records sold around the world. No doubt they'll be serenading fans with their iconic chart-topping hit, 'I Want It that Way'!
Meanwhile, newly-formed group McBusted (formed of Busted and McFly), are sure to put on an entertaining show with their infectious pop and rock songs.
More acts will be joining the British Summer Time concert for its second gig on 12 July, including the likes of Tom Odell and Neil Young & Crazy Horse.
Each live music-packed weekend will be linked by a midweek programme of diverse entertainment, which will be accessible for all.
For the full line-up at Barclaycard presents British Summer Time Hyde Park and to buy tickets, visit

Ritchie Neville Beats Professional Athletes
29th January 2014 - Daily Mail
He Slam Dunk-ed that one! The Jump's Ritchie Neville beats professional athletes Sir Steve Redgrave and Darren Gough in 'dangerous' skeleton event
After finding himself in the bottom two on the first night, The Jump's Ritchie Neville definitely came back fighting in the skeleton on Tuesday.
The Five star, who took on the terrifying challenge after watching the female celebrities do the same the night before, was left cheering after finishing the course in 44.814 seconds.
Despite finding himself at the top of the leaderboard, the 34-year-old had said in training he wasn't expecting the event to be 'quite so dangerous' before admitting that he wasn't enjoying it at all.
However his trainers told him that he had held his course well 'like a rocket', and that he didn't hit the sides anywhere near as much as the others.
He said: 'I can't believe it. Bottom to top, I am amazed', while leaving Sir Steve Redgrave and Darren Gough at the bottom of the leaderboard.

Newest Little Robinson's Named!
28th January 2014 - Scott
Scott has revealed the names of his beautiful little twin girls, Bobbi-Rayne & Kaydi-Rose. I'm sure they're just as beautiful as their mummy.

Congrat to Sean on New Baby Girl!
23rd January 2014 - Sean
Congrats to Sean and his wife on the birth of their baby girl.

"My little Girl was born last week. Words can't describe how happy and emotional I felt and feel. #Love #Proud #Family"

Ritchie Neville on The Jump: "I'm not looking a wuss on TV!"
20th January 2014 - Radio Times
5ive's Ritchie says he's got to go off the jump otherwise he'd never live it down - and reveals his outfit is "definitely tight, definitely bright"
Five's Ritchie Neville has leapt from reserve to fully-fledged competitor on Channel 4's The Jump after Sam Jones (Flash Gordon) pulled out due to injury. And the singer says he's got to do well, otherwise going for a drink with his mates will be torture.
"There's family watching, there's friends watching, I don't want to go out for a pint after the show and have my mates going, ‘Ooo you never went off the jump'. I'd never live that down. "You've just got to do it, you know? I'm not looking like a wuss on TV!"" jokes Ritchie.
But Ritchie's certainly got his work cut out for him. Not only has he had less training than the other celebs due to commitments with 5ive, this is the first time he's ever skied.
"The first time I skied was the 4th of January. The first time I did the jump I'm not sure I've ever been so scared in my life. So that'll make good TV anyway," Ritchie laughs.
Nevertheless, Ritchie's not afraid to get stuck in.
"I don't think you're pushing it hard enough if you haven't wiped out a good few times. I came crashing out of the slalom course. Caught the turn wrong and came flying out. Everyone was like, 'Wow, that was such an epic fail'. So yeah, there's been lots of tumbles.
"I fell at least three or four times on the same bend in speed skating yesterday. I swear someone buttered that bend!" Ritchie adds.
And for the first-time skier injury does play on his mind - especially as he's hitting speeds of more than 100km speed skiing:
"If you think about what 100km feels like in a car, you wouldn't throw yourself out of that car. And certainly, when I ride my motorbike, I wouldn't want to come off of it. So it does sort of play on my mind then."
Although, the pop star is still keen for the extra sleek gear they've been given.
Ritchie explains, "Our suits are definitely tight, definitely bright. I'm not really bothered. Apparently it's more aerodynamic. So if it gives me more speed, bring it on!"
So, is he in it to win it? You bet he is.
"I would love very much to win it of course. I think anyone in it would love to win it."
In fact, this could pave the way for more reality show appearances from Ritchie:
"Look, I love a challenge. I'm definitely open to learning new skills and challenging myself. I don't want to eat a kangaroo b****ck. That's not something that really appeals to me... with Strictly you are actually learning a complete new skill. So pros and cons. I'm not such a fan of the sequins, but I guess it's ballroom dancing so you've got to embrace it!"
The Jump runs for ten nights from Sunday 26 January on Channel 4 and is hosted by Davina McCall and Alex Brooker

Congrats Twin Baby Fivers.
17th January 2014 -
Congrats to Scott and Kerry on the birth of their twin girls today. All went well for their arrival. So far the names have not been released but we'll let you know when we find out.

5ive's Abz Love and girlfriend Vicky Fallon to star in own TV show
15th January 2014 - Reveal
5ive star Abz Love and his long-term girlfriend Vicky Fallon are set to star in their own reality TV show.
The couple are currently filming the reality series, called The Gud Life, and it will see them juggling the glitzy showbiz world with a country bumpkin life.
Abz and Vicky's show is said to be packed with drama, emotion and humour as they grapple with their new existance away from the bright lights of London.
A source tells Reveal: "Da Gud Life will follow Abz and Vicky as they balance the glitz and glamour of the celebrity world, along with performing with 5ive, with moving to a derelict cottage in the Welsh mountains in an attempt to live 'Da Gud Life'.
"It has been compared to the 70s comedy film With Nail & I, which is about two Londoners who visit a cottage in the Lake District for a holiday."
The source added: "The series will show some hilarious scenes with Abz attempting to get to know the locals - and them trying to understand his accent - fights, lots of drama and laughter.
"It will also feature plenty random 'Abzisms', a birth, a death and a wedding..."
Abz and Vicky have already posed for a fun picture to promote The Gud Life and it is being produced by Tin Can Islands, which was set up by former ITV Studios creative director Andrea Cornes.
They are currently in talks with big name TV networks with a view to getting in on our screens. We hope to be tuning in soon!
The couple first appeared on screen together in last year's series of The Big Reunion, which followed 5ive and their fellow 90s and 00s bands as they reformed.
Singer and rapper Abz spoke openly about how he turned to drink, drugs and self-harm after 5ive split up, but revealed that it was Vicky who had "saved" him.
"She saved my life in my eyes because I was on a road to self-destruction," Abz admitted.
Could the wedding be theirs? We hope so!
Follow Abz on Twitter @abzlove while Vicky can be found tweeting @vicky_fallon

Sam Jones crashes out of The Jump due to injury! 5ive’s Ritchie Neville steps in..
14th January 2014 - Unreality TV
It sounds like new Channel 4 show The Jump is proving to be even more dangerous than ITV's Dancing On Ice and another star has crashed out of the series due to injury.
Sinitta injured her ankle in training recently, Amy Childs wanted to call an ambulance over a broken nail and a painful finger and this morning we can reveal that Sam Jones has pulled out after hurting his shoulder.
The Flash Gordon star won't be taking part in the brand new series, which starts on January 26th, after he fell on his shoulder during a ski jump practice session.
Sam sought medical attention before Christmas and had his arm strapped up for weeks, hoping that he would heal in time for the launch this month. However last night instructors in Austria confirmed that he has been bumped from the lineup.
Jones told The Sun:
"It's called 'celebrating a little bit too early'.
"I've been preaching to everyone that we really have to listen to our instructors. I was so shocked when I landed that I said, 'He's right, it works', and I went, 'Yeah!' and raised my arms. So after completing the run I fell over and hurt my arm."
Sam will be replaced on the reality TV series by 5ive singer Ritchie Neville who has been training as a reserve for weeks
A source said: "Poor old Flash Gordon. He's been great value on the show and has really been enjoying mucking in with the other celebs.
"But it was a nasty bump and the medics don't think he should carry on any more."
Sam added: "I am upset with myself for injuring my shoulder so that I will not be able to compete. The time on the show is one of the most mentally and physically challenging ever, but also the most memorable I have ever experienced with fellow team-mates.
"And that's exactly how we interacted with one another, as opposed to mean-spirited competitors."
Jones is the second star to leave the show and we reported last week that London socialite Tara Palmer-Tomkinson quit the show after clashing with producers.
A source revealed that the star was embroiled in a number of rows with bosses, which led to her abandoning the series.
An insider said:
"Tara is very challenging and she clashed with the producers more than once.
"It's a small team on The Jump and everyone is living on top of each other.
"It was pretty clear she and the production team were often at odds. So something had to give...

The Jump: Presented by Davina McCall and Alex Brooker, The Jump sees six brave men and six brave women from the worlds of sport, film, television, music and fashion take to the slopes as they compete against each other in six winter sporting disciplines including bobsleigh, speed skating, slalom skiing and a live ski jump.
The contenders will be coached by legendary Winter Olympian Eddie 'the Eagle' Edwards and Olympic athletes Graham Bell and Amy Williams.

5ive Join the "Back Together" Weekend
11th January 2014 - Butlins Big Weekends
Guess the great news we've just received at the end of this working week?
5ive will be joining us for the Back Together weekend over in Bognor Regis in May!
We're hoping this will be the time that all of you who missed our first Back Together breaks will be able to join us! Big Weekends

Abz CBB Appearance
8th January 2014 - CBBOTS
Abz will be on TONIGHT Celebrity Big Brother's Bit On The Side on Channel 5 at 11PM UK Time.