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Five's Ritchie Neville on band's comeback tour
25th Nov 2013 - Chester Chronicle
Everybody Get Up - 5ive are back and they're going to rock you.
For the teeny
boppers of the late 90s, there was no other boyband cooler.
Teenage girls (like I was, I might add) adored 5ive's edgy dance moves and slick song lyrics (Slam Dunk Da Funk, anyone?), so is it really any wonder?
Back in the day, 5ive well and truly earned their stripes as the 'male Spice Girls' and were dubbed Britain's answer to N*Sync.
It was a mammoth task but they almost managed to fill the desolate void left by Take That, proving to be just as successful in their own right by selling over 20 million albums and eight top 10 singles.
And of course who could forget We Will Rock You - that ubiquitous collaboration with Queen which joined two generations of music together?
I remember only too well that dark day in 2001 when the boys called it a day. But thankfully that's all in the past now, because 12 years on they're back with a 14- date UK tour of their greatest hits.
Fresh from the huge success of this year's Big Reunion tour and ITV series, the only thing missing this time around is bandmember J Brown.
"But you know what, it's really not as strange without J as we thought it would be," admits the band's blue eyed heart-throb, Ritchie Neville.
"A lot of stuff happened there but it hasn't held us back for this tour.
"Doing his parts wasn't a problem at all and it just means we have more room on the stage - it's all good!"
"On the Big Reunion tour we only got to do four songs, but now we can do an hour and a half's worth which is great.
"We've got all sorts of different flavours going on; I mean of course we're known for our up-tempo tracks but we've also got a soft side too which not many people realise so it'll be nice to do those."
But won't it be strange performing for thousands of twenty-something women who were just teenagers last time around?
"That is a bit strange!" Ritchie giggles. "Obviously our fans are a lot older now - back then they were teenagers and young girls and now some of them are mothers!
"We remember them from back in the day and it's crazy to think they are grown women now, but what's just beautiful is that we've got new young fans who come and see us and seem to love our stuff."
"It's all part of the crazy year we've had.
"The Big Reunion was an emotional experience - more than I anticipated," he adds.
"There was a lot of history there because 5ive was a massive life changing experience for all of us. "We got so big and it all happened so fast that I'd drawn a line under it all a long time ago but now we're back it's like we're completing the circle.
"Is this tour closure? Who knows, we've got such a busy time ahead but right now I'm loving it - I'm absolutely loving it."
The Greatest Hits tour comes to the Liverpool Echo Arena on November 19 and the Manchester Apollo on November 30.

Big Reunion boys bare all in new issue of Gay Times for World AIDS Day
23rd Nov 2013 - Metro
The Big Reunion hunks have stripped down to their birthday suits to raise awareness for World AIDS Day on December 1.
5ive's Ritchie Neville and 911 frontman Lee Brennan are letting their ripped bodies do the talking as they help raise money for the National AIDS Trust.
Opening up about his sexuality Neville says he isn't concerned about gossip because 'gay has never been a dirty word in our house.'
'A lot of people did presume I was (gay),' the 34-year-old admitted, adding, 'men would come on to me all the time. But my mum's brother was a raving queen who was really flamboyant and funny, so I've been used to being around gay people all my life.
'I was raised with a very liberal attitude and 'gay' has never been a dirty word in our house. But I've never been tempted to experiment with my sexuality; I've always been quite certain from an early age what I am.'

Five Touring UK
23rd Nov 2013 -
So Five have finished their Australian tour and are currently performing throughout the UK. Tickets are hard to come by so be quick if you want a chance to see them live. There are no future plans for the boys just yet so it's now or never!

Sean to be a Dad
23rd Nov 2013 - Scott Robinson
During a recent radio interview Scott outted Sean and his wife by announcing that not only are Scott and wife Kerry expecting twins but Sean's wife is pregnant too. No idea on when the littlest Conlon is due but we'll keep an ear open for it. :-)

1st Nov 2013 - The AU Review
"I once dated a guy at school because he had spiky hair like Scott [Robinson]," a 20-something year old giggles as she waits in the VIP line at HQ, along with about 15 others who have bought the deluxe meet and greet package for tonight's 5ive show. This sense of nostalgia for many tonight is felt early on, with women lined up around the block chattering about how much they listened to the band's albums when they were in early high school.
The British pop band who were in the group of bands that this demographic idolised during the late 90s/early 2000s have recently reformed for the first time since their 2001 break up and judging by an Australian tour that has sold out venues, they've picked the perfect time to be out on the road.
The venue is packed out pretty early in the night and to keep us going until the band has finished signing merch, drinking with fans and taking photos in the next bar area, a DJ has the task of spinning what sounds like the track list from every So Fresh compilation from '97 onward. It's an amazing time for everyone involved, whether it's to the poppy sounds of S Club 7, or the predictable grinding of Ginuwine. Everyone is screaming in unison, dancing the right moves and in a way, it's like we're at what should be a blue-light disco, except there is a shitload of vodka being thrown back and way too much unnecessary stripper dancing. The DJ set was great overall, however, clocking in at well over two hours, by the end of it, you felt like you were at a 'retro' night - as depressing as that idea can sound.
When 5ive eventually emerge at around 10:15pm, the hollers and the whoops were impressive - it reminded me of when Hanson played this exact venue around the same time last year. This is a moment that a lot of us thought wouldn't happen and you can tell that the band knows the feeling too. Most noticeably of course, there is only four of them now, with J Brown choosing to not reunite with the band - as the night goes on though, they handle performing without him fine, any doubters needn't worry. The guys are cheeky, full of banter and make no qualms about the fact that they aren't teenagers anymore, joking about their water breaks ("Speak for yourself mate, I'm the prime of my life!" shoots back Ritchie Neville, at one point).
It's all about the hits tonight and taking the fans back; when I interviewed Robinson a few months back, he was quite comfortable and open about the fact that people would be turning up to see those songs they're known for the best. With "Slam Dunk (Da Funk)", "Invincible", "Don't Wanna Let You Go" and their version of Queen's "We Will Rock You" prominently featuring in the main set, people were screaming as the guys would perform each track almost down to a tee, choreography and all. For their second night in the country and comments of jet lag popping up at numerous points, 5ive for the most part, showed no signs of lagging. Of course, they're not as tight as you might remember them, but they put on a great show - the cheers when they danced their way through the choreography for "If Ya Gettin' Down" were testament to the crowd's appreciative response.
You can tell that reuniting like they have has been a great thing for 5ive - they're part of this great movement this year when bands they rolled with back in the day are touring again and it's something that people really want. Robinson and Abz Love still have that great bromance, while Sean Conlon hasn't seemed to have aged at all since 5ive was released in 1998. Neville looks like he could easily fit in with the British/European crowd down at Glenelg on a weekend, now muscly and let's face it, more masculine, Ritch had many a scream directed at him through the night and rightly so.
Funnily enough, you can tell when the band is of the same age range as the bulk of the crowd when, by the end of the show, the level of weariness you're feeling is equal to that of the band onstage - by the time they'd done "If Ya Gettin' Down" as part of the encore, they looked wrecked. Ending with "Keep On Movin'", the song was good, but fell kind of flat in comparison to the rest of the set, but I would put that on general tiredness on all counts.
The best thing about tonight was that 5ive weren't trying to act like they were in their early 20s - they looked like they were having fun being onstage together and not feeling like they had to prove anything to us necessarily. Sure, they're a little older (as are we), but they still know how to channel that same energy they did back then. They just have better fashion taste now...but so do us all.

The Big Reunion bands start recording their Christmas charity single!
23rd Oct 2013 - Reveal
The Big Reunion bands have started work on their Christmas single, which they hope will raise thousands of pounds for charity and smash the charts!
Irish girl group B*Witched met up with 5ive, 911, Honeyz, Atomic Kitten and Liberty X in the studio yesterday (21 October) so they could begin recording their festive tune.
Alongside a photograph of themselves, B*Witched confirmed that they were releasing their single in connection with Text Santa, which supports Age UK, Barnardo's, BeatBullying, British Heart Foundation, Clic Sargent and Help the Hospices.
B*Witched, made up of Edele and Keavy Lynch, Lindsay Armaou and Sinead O'Carroll, commented: "Hanging out :) @Keavylynch @edelelynch @sinocarroll @lindsayarmaou #textsanta #christmassingle."
911's manager also shared several photographs on Twitter, which were taken during their day in London together.
One shows Edele and Keavy as they chatted to Atomic Kitten's Kerry Katona and Liz McClarnon. Alongside it, he said: "Chilling @BigReunionITV gossip."
Lee Brennan, Spike Dawbarn and Jimmy Constable also posed for a snap. Exciting!
After a busy day, the groups are back in the studio again - and poor 5ive star Scott Robinson is suffering after a restless night.
He tweeted: "Pretty much no sleep, watch out people, I'm like a bear with a sore head @BigReunionITV #DoesntFeelLikeChristmas *Rolls eyes and walks away*" Oh dear!
Following the success of the ITV2 reality series, the bands are set to hit the road again in December for The Big Reunion Christmas Party Tour.

ITV2's 'The Big Reunion' cast record Christmas charity single
23rd Oct 2013 - Digital Spy
The cast of ITV2's The Big Reunion have announced details of their Christmas single.
Atomic Kitten, Blue, Five, Liberty X, 911, Honeyz and B*Witched will release a cover Wizzard's 'I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday' on December 15 via Universal Music.
All profits from the song will go to ITV's Text Santa charity appeal, which raises money and awareness for six UK based charities in the run-up to a televised event on Friday, December 20.
Liz McClarnon from Atomic Kitten said: "When we started the talks for The Big Reunion this time last year, we couldn't have imagined we'd end up recording a Text Santa Christmas single! It's all for charity and we are so humbled to be a part of it!"
Keavy from B*Witched added: "Back in the day we were in competition with each other; this time round we get to do one big fantastic single together."
The cast's version of 'I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday' was produced by Cutfather (One Direction, The Saturdays) and will be the subject of a behind the scenes documentary that will air on ITV and ITV2.
Meanwhile, a second series of The Big Reunion is expected to air next year, with reports suggesting that Another Level and Eternal will appear.

Atomic Smitten: Natasha Hamilton and 5ive star Richie Neville are all loved up
20th Oct 2013 - Mirror 3am
Our picture exclusive shows that music is the food of love for girl group star as she gets over her marriage split with boyband hunk.
Smiling Atomic Kitten Natasha Hamilton snuggles up to 5ive star Ritchie Neville as our picture exclusive reveals their new romance.
Ritchie has clearly made the flame-haired beauty, 31, feel Whole Again after her marriage split as the lovebirds go for a stroll.
Natasha was wrapped up in a chunky cardigan while fellow Noughties star Ritchie, 34, ditched his leather jacket to show off his muscles in a T-shirt.
The jacket came in handy, though, when the pair were later caught in the rain.
They grew close filming ITV's Big Reunion this year.
Last month Ritchie - previously married to Aussie model Emily Scott - told us he was keen on the singer after her six-year marriage to Riad Erraji ended in July.
At the time, a source close to Natasha - who has son Alfie, three, with Riad as well as two older sons from previous relationships - said she was reluctant to start anything new.
But the couple's spokesman said: "While spending time together on a music project they grew close and are dating. But they're taking it slowly."
Music clearly is the food of love...
[Although the article makes it out that these photo's are "natural" they are clearly staged.]

Five get ready to rock Wolverhampton Civic Hall
17th Oct 2013 - Stourbridge News
NINETIES boyband Five have been riding high on the success of the ITV2 hit show, The Big Reunion and are now preparing for their own headline tour.
Abz, Scott, Sean and Ritchie will arrive in Wolverhampton on Friday November 29 as part of the 15 date greatest hits tour.
Sean told the News that he was "really excited" to play to the nostalgic Wolverhampton crowd: "We've never played in Wolverhampton but we had a really great crowd in Birmingham so we're looking forward to the intimate environment. You can expect to see Five at their best and we'll be doing all the old routines and getting the fans reminiscing, what more could you want?"
It's no secret that the band had a turbulent relationship in the height of their success and even now, Sean admits they have their "differences": "We still have our ups and downs, we're not one of those bands that pretend we don't have any problems but having said that, we're a touch more mature now."
The fly-on-the-wall Big Reunion show saw the band, particularly Sean, open up about the tensions between them and J Brown, who declined the chance to reform, preferring life out of the limelight.
J has since hit back against accusations that he was an intimidating figure within the band and Sean said he could understand why he decided to speak out publicly.
He said: "I think I can understand where J's prospective in a sense that on the show they only had a certain amount of time to edit and put everything across. They only showed the bad side of mine and J's relationship and he wanted to put across that we were also great friends, although from my prospective it was a troubled friendship."
Sean also hinted that this greatest hits tour might not be the last fans see of Five: "I would love to write new material for Five and I think Rich would and Scott would but I think Abz is a little apprehensive although he's really enjoyed this year and the experience."

5ive's Abz Love reunites with ex-band member Jason 'J' Brown
8th Oct 2013 - Reveal
5ive's Abz Love reunited with his former bandmate Jason 'J' Brown for a party over the weekend.
J, who was an original member of the nineties boyband, chose not to reunite when 5ive regrouped for The Big Reunion earlier this year, but he's still remained close friends with Abz.
Abz, 34, who came second place on this year's Celebrity Big Brother, had a personal appearance and gig session at Popworld bar and club in York.
His girlfriend Vicky Fallon had teased earlier in the day that a "special guest" would be joining them, and it turns out that person was J!
Vicky was all smiles as she stood in-between the two lads for a quick photo. Posting the snap to Twitter, she said: "A thorn between two roses..."
Abz entertained the crowd with a quick music session on the night, but we don't think J joined him on stage! Vicky later added: "Love this pic of us..Had sooo much fun @PopworldYork..Gotta love an impromptu #RoadTrip."
J kept a low profile following 5ive's inital split back in 2001. When approached to reunite for the ITV2 reality show, all band members including Abz, Ritchie Neville, Scott Robinson and Sean Conlon chose to regroup, except for J.
However, J did make a sensational return for mini-series The Big Reunion: On Tour last month, where he spoke to Abz explaining his reasons for not joining the band, and also hit back at accusations made by fellow bandmates throughout the TV series.

No Surprise Return for Fans
26th Sept 2013 - Metro
5ive fans hoping to see J in the bands Christmas shows are to be disappointed. An idea for him to return as a special guest have been knocked back.
[Special thanks to Nadia for this.]

Abz Love and Vicky Fallon double date with Kirk Norcross and Cami Li!
24th Sept 2013 - Reveal
Celebrity Big Brother runner-up Abz Love has enjoyed a double date with his girlfriend Vicky Fallon, TOWIE's Kirk Norcross and his fiance' Cami Li.
The foursome headed out for dinner together last night (23 September) and it appears they had a blast - to the point where Cami and Vicky are now BFFs!
Abz Love and Kirk Norcross enjoy dinner together - 23 September 2013
American model Cami emigrated to Essex from Florida last month to be with Kirk, so it's great to see she has already found a good friend in Vicky.
5ive star Abz, Vicky, Kirk and Cami enjoyed a meal in London before giving in to one or two tequila shots. Oh dear!
Sharing a picture of the boys chomping on mini burgers with her Twitter followers, Cami commented: "@abzlove & @kirk_official. These two are too funny together."
Abz Love and Kirk Norcross enjoy dinner together with girlfriends Vicky Fallon and Cami Li - 23 September 2013
She then uploaded a snap of herself and Vicky posing side-by-side, adding: "Good times with this lovely lady!"
Vicky also tweeted the picture, saying: "Me & @CamiLiModel out in Ldn with our boys @abzlove & @kirk_official #GoingHard #tequila." She also joked: "Cami you are a BAD influence..But I LOVE it ;) x"
Following their night out together, Vicky spoke fondly of her new American pal.
She tweeted: "Snuggled up in bed with @abzlove after a MENTAL night with @CamiLiModel my #bff & @kirk_official #AmazingNight."

Scott Gets Serious About His Balls
22nd Sept 2013 - Balls to Cancer
Scott has become the official ambassador for "Balls to Cancer". Balls to Cancer brings awareness to the dangers of mens cancers and to raise money through various events to fund research into treatments and ultimately a cure for this horrible disease.
To see how you can help visit Balls To Cancer. It might just save your life!
I'd say based on Scott's impending twins his balls are doing just fine! lol

Sean Vows To Lay Off Alcohol
20th Sept 2013 - OK
The Big Reunion star, Sean Conlon - who found fame in nineties' boyband Five - has revealed he is bidding farewell to his partying lifestyle, or at least going to try anyway.
Speaking exclusively to OK! Online at the Reality TV Awards, Abz Love's bandmate said: "I'm having a bitotime off the old liquor now."
"It's got a bit too much. We need to calm it down, get serious and do the job. So I'm going to try" he added.
The all-singing and all-dancing retro heart-throb then when on to offer some words of wisdom for The Big Reunion's next set of stars.
"Just be yourself," he finished.

Abz Love embraces countryside again after Celebrity Big Brother
20th Sept 2013 - Reveal
Celebrity Big Brother runner-up Abz Love is embracing nature once more after returning home to Lincolnshire.
5ive star Abz has made no secret of his love for living in the countryside, and this new picture just backs up his case.
When boy band 5ive split in the late-90s, Abz turned to drink, drugs and self-harm, while also frittering his money away on a flash lifestyle.
Singer Abz credits his girlfriend Vicky Fallon for turning his life around and now they spend their days growing vegetables and tending to their animals.
Yesterday, the Big Reunion star shared an arty snap of himself staring up at a gigantic tree while deep in the woods.
The picture has been altered to show Abz in black and white and the foliage in all it's green glory.
Alongside the picture, he simply commented: "Back 2 Nature".
Abz then asked his followers: "How old is too old to build a tree house?"
You're never too old, Abz. Go for it!

Natasha Hamilton on 5ive's Ritchie Neville: 'We're just good friends'
17th Sept 2013 - Reveal
Atomic Kitten's Natasha Hamilton has played down reports she is romantically linked to 5ive singer Ritchie Neville.
Two weeks ago, reports emerged that Natasha and Ritchie were more than just friends when they were reportedly spotted kissing at a bar in Shrewsbury
Natasha and Ritchie both took to Twitter to dismiss the claims, joking about the rumoured liaison. Ritchie asked: "@NatashaOfficial Apparently we kissed?! Have to ask, was I any good?"
Meanwhile, Natasha, who announced her split from husband of six years Riad Erraji in July, replied: "@RagztoRichez Cheeky!!! Although I find it amazing how peeps know more about my love life than I do x."
Since, Ritchie has seemingly confessed his true feelings towards Natasha, revealing that the pair have a close "connection".
But Natasha told Reveal: "Well we've been working together on a music project and yeah, apparently we're an item. You know people are going to write things if they see you together, but we're good friends and that's it."
Natasha and Ritchie, who both took part in the Great North Run over the weekend, have known each other since the beginning of their pop careers.
The friends were reunited when they signed up with their pop groups to take part in The Big Reunion earlier this year.

Ritchie Neville is "smitten"with Natasha
15th Sept 2013 - Mirror
Ritchie Neville is "smitten" with Big Reunion co-star Natasha Hamilton and wants to mend her broken heart
The Five singer also speaks for the first time about his booze, drugs and marriage-split hell
The Nineties heart-throb, 34, is "extremely close" to the Atomic Kitten, who is getting divorced after six years of marriage.
Ritchie - who has also spoken for the first time of his booze, drugs and marriage-split hell - says he is "totally into" Natasha.
He says: "I've always found her very attractive and the feelings have grown stronger through spending so much time together over the past few months."
Natasha, 31, shared the turmoil of her split from husband Riad Erraji with the Sunday Mirror two months ago, speaking of her "extreme sadness".
A source close to her says she is reluctant to start another relationship while dealing with the breakdown of her marriage.
But Ritchie - who has known the Whole Again singer since they were teen pop stars and is working with her on a new project, Ragz to Richez - insists fans should "watch this space".
"We get on so well and have a lot in common, especially both having been through relationship problems and depression," says Ritchie, who was reunited with Five bandmates plus Natasha for ITV2's Big Reunion earlier this year.
"I sat her down last week and told her exactly how I feel. I told her I didn't want to pressure her for an answer but we have a connection. I really like her but there's no rush."
In the past, the boyband pin-up has had a lot going on - he reveals he turned to drugs and booze following Five's 2001 split.
He also breaks his four-year silence about the end of his marriage to Aussie swimwear model Emily Scott, which saw him wrongly accused of attacking her.
"I've been through some pretty dark years," admits Ritchie. He says he had a "very strained relationship" with former Five bandmate J Brown, who he found "very intimidating".
"The stress of that and then the split both took their toll and I turned to alcohol and drugs," he says.
"It got to a point where I was smoking 10 or 20 joints every day. I would try to wait until 3pm to have a drink, but I would be counting down the minutes and when I made it that far I would congratulate myself by drinking a whole bottle of brandy."
Ritchie eventually told all to his GP and was given counselling. In 2009 he married Emily and moved to Sydney after a whirlwind romance on TV show Cirque de Celebrity.
But four months later he was thrown in a cell, accused of attacking his wife.
"We were having problems in our marriage but I was still head over heels in love," says Ritchie. "One day she said she needed to go and stay with a friend to clear her head.
"When I didn't hear from her for 24 hours I got worried and went to the police station. They arrested me for domestic violence. She'd said I'd beaten her up. It was unthinkable."
Ritchie was never charged but the accusations took their toll. "I felt I was being demonised. There was a time when I wondered whether I could go on. I was very wary of women for a long time.
"I was celibate for 12 months and believe me it was tough."
When Ritchie - doing the Great North Run today with Natasha to raise cash for Pride of Britain - got the call to move back to the UK and reunite the band without J, he jumped at the chance to lay ghosts to rest and see pals, including mum-of-three Natasha.
"It was the best decision," he says. "I love what I'm doing. I'm older and better equipped to deal with it. The further you fall, the higher you bounce."
He's enjoying his time on stage and with Natasha. So perhaps she'll make him Whole Again...
The Big Reunion is on ITV2 on Thursdays at 9pm.
[It's a shame that almost a year on some members are still taking grabs at J. Do fans really need to keep hearing this? We get it, you don't like J. Let's move on! Remember some of those fans adored J!]

Abz Runner Up In CBB
15th Sept 2013 -
MASSIVE congratulations to Abz for coming runner up in this years Celebrity Big Brother.

What's With The Teeth?
13th Sept 2013 -
Anyone notice Scott's new teeth? Really? Was that necissary?

Sean Puts The Story Straight
10th Sept 2013 - Twitter
Just for the record, I don't have any negative feelings towards J what's so ever. We were all kids, past is past, we ALL made mistakes. Well unfortunately any issues between myself and J and have been blown out of proportion... and any issues between J and the other guys has been slightly diluted, which is why he is confused. He is right when he says we were close friends etc. But unfortunately editors only have a certain amount of time to put things across And some info and detail like that fact was missing from the whole story. The bottom line is we were friends that had and downs, but all is in the past now. I feel bad for J cause I can see why he feels what he feels.
Like I said all is the past and I wish him the best, as do all the guys.
[Let's hope that's the end of that then!]

Labour on their last legs...hopefully!
8th Sept 2013 - I Begin To Wonder
I trust all is well? Good, now back to me!
So, finally The Big Reunion returns to our television sets once again. I love this show, really I do, but probably for different reasons to everybody else. Shit is going down now! Jay from 5ive turned up to put his side to the story. Now, to recap: Everything in the band was really shit because of Jay, he bullied the others, made life hell for them and single-handedly screamed at them and ruined everything!!! Except..he didn't, the video evidence clearly showed Ritchie and Scott being the c*nts and Jay got the opportunity to set the record straight by chatting to ABZ-Love, the guy with the dodgy accent who seems to be permanently stoned with 90's hair. ABZ is a bit of a prick really...he was quite happy to let his fellow band mates slag his "friend" off but now he's being all "Oprah" and sympaffetik! But, it basically confirmed everything we'd discovered anyway - 5ive are a bunch of twats. I do feel sorry for Jay, he was obviously the only professional and hard working one amongst them...a point highlighted by the fact they couldn't turn up to rehearsals on time and then twatted around for ages...the only thing that was different this time was the fact that the camera focused on Sean several times and he didn't have a breakdown, unlike last time when every time the camera focused on him he started shaking and crying...much like that Chris twat from The X-Factor.
[Had to share this blog. Definately one of the best I've read! Someone telling it as it is! Blog]

5ive's Scott Robinson and wife Kerry expecting twins!
8th Sept 2013 - Reveal
5ive's Scott Robinson and his wife Kerry have revealed they are expecting twins together.
The couple, who married the day after the boy band split in 2001, already have two sons - Brennan and Kavan - and will welcome their babies into the world in the new year.
Taking to Twitter this morning (8 September), Scott, 33, told fans: "Absolutely over the moon to announce me and my beautiful wife Kerry are expecting twins in January :)"
He also told The Daily Star Sunday that their babies were conceived during 'The Big Reunion Tour', adding: "We've got to get a seven seater car and might have to move house but we're over the moon!"
Liberty X star and Reveal's Big Reunion On Tour blogger was quick to congratulate the couple: "Fantastic news guys, congratulations," she tweeted.
The Big Reunion's official account added: "Amazing news, we're absolute delighted for you both."
Scott and Kerry have also been inundated with messages from fans. Scott has since tweeted: "I would like to thank everyone for their tweets about the twins, me, Kerry and the boys are so excited. Cannot wait to see them #blessed."

Atomic Kitten Natasha Hamilton smitten with 5ive star Richie Neville
8th Sept 2013 - Daily Star
GORGEOUS Natasha Hamilton has moved on from her marriage split and has been spotted cosying up to Big Reunion co-star Ritchie Neville.
Just weeks ago the Atomic Kitten star, 31, announced she was separating from Alfie Riad Erraji six years after getting hitched.
She said he had moved out after they had "fallen out of love" and said no one else was involved.
But we can reveal that Natasha has already got together with boyband star and close pal Ritchie, 34.
The hunk, part of chart-toppers Five, has been working closely with Natasha while filming ITV reality hit The Big Reunion.
The pair were last week spotted enjoying a passionate kiss on a night out at a bar in Shrewsbury. One onlooker told the Daily Star Sunday: "They were properly snogging and really going for it. It was obvious there was a lot going on between them.
"You'd never guess Natasha had just come out of a six-year marriage."
Natasha told last week how a lack of intimacy had spelled the end for her marriage to Alfie.
Last month he was seen getting close to Geordie Shore babe Vicky Pattison, 25, which Natasha said had been "gut-wrenching" for her.
New love Ritchie was living in Australia until last year but moved back to the UK to film The Big Reunion.
He is said to have grown close to Natasha when the show's six acts shared a tour bus for a fortnight while playing arena dates across Britain.
They have kept their romance secret from fans. But our source said: "Their snog in the bar was anything but discreet. It was in full view of others and Natasha and Ritchie didn't seem to mind who saw."
The pair were back on telly last Thursday for a new series of The Big Reunion which shows what happened backstage during the May tour.
Insiders predict the chemistry between them will be obvious to viewers. One ITV source said: "The cameras were everywhere so if it happened, it's on film."
A spokeswoman for Ritchie and Natasha denied they were kissing.
The series continues on Thursday at 9pm on ITV2.

Five's Scott Robinson announces boyband babies
8th Sept 2013 - Daily Star
HERE'S the nicest story of the day. I can reveal Five's Scott Robinson is expecting twins with his wife Kerry.
Revealing the news, the boybander told me: "We're expecting twins and we're really excited. To be blessed with twins is fantastic. She's just over 18 weeks and all is going well.
"We've got to get a seven-seater car and we might have to move house to make room now we know it's twins, but we're over the moon." Kerry conceived the babies while she was accompanying dad-of-two Scott as he played to packed arenas on the Big Reunion tour in May.
He said: "We know it happened while we were on tour, so they're tour babies! I always wanted to be a young dad.
"I'll still be reasonably young even when the twins are older."
The Big Reunion continues on Thursday at 9pm on ITV2. And the twins are due in the new year.

Liberty X Jessica's Big Reunion blog: "I hope 5ive's J has got closure"
6th Sept 2013 - Reveal
"The first episode focussed quite a bit on the return of Jason 'J' Brown from 5ive. He'd watched the first series of The Big Reunion, saw what the boys had to say about him and wanted a right to reply. He seemed pretty shocked by some of the stuff that had been said and spoke about his own demons that he'd been battling during his time in the band.
He's now totally removed himself from the public eye so I don't think a return to the band is on the cards for him, but hopefully having his say will have given him some sort of closure. It would be nice to think that things could be left on a good note between the five of them after everything they've been through together."

'Big Reunion' 5ive Former Frontman Jason 'J' Brown Reveals He Tried To Kill Himself
6th Sept 2013 - Reveal
Boyband star Jason 'J' Brown has revealed that, far from being the bully he has been portrayed as by his former bandmates in 5ive, he had his own problems, and even once tried to kill himself.
Brown refused to join his bandmates in 5ive during the first series of 'The Big Reunion', but returned to the screen for the 'Big Reunion on Tour' last night, to tell his side of the story, after they had previously accused him of bullying behaviour, particularly towards the youngest in the group, Sean Conlon.
Brown, who said he couldn't believe what they had said about him, also admitted that he suffered himself during his time with the band, who were together from 1997 to 2001, selling 10 million records worldwide.
"I had chronic insomnia," he revealed on screen. "Then I had a full-on mental breakdown during the making of the video for 'Don't Wanna Let You Go'. I was on the edge."
And Brown revealed that he'd suffered previously with depression, including one evening when he walked to a petrol station to buy painkillers.
"I took a box and half, and tried to finish myself off. When I came round, the feeling was panic, and I realised the level of desperation I'd fallen into to contemplate that."
Brown, who won't be joining the rest of his former bandmates for their resumed career, has since found contentment and a new sense of calm, which he puts down to meditation, and "stopping looking out there for answers, but in here (pointing to himself)".
"I'm happier now than I've ever been," he says now. "Life is f***ing brilliant."

5ive's Sean Conlon: "I'm absolutely fine, I'm a normal human being"
4th Sept 2013 - Reveal
5ive star Sean Conlon admitted earlier this year that he suffered a breakdown when the boy band was at its peak during the 90s.
Even when the group was brought back together for TV series The Big Reunion, he struggled.
During rehearsals, Sean was seen walking out before breaking down in a stairwell. He told the cameras: "In rehearsals, everything I felt in the past just came back.
"I suppose it's like...crying a lot of the pain from the past and the old's crying it out."
Since then, the boy band has been on tour with their fellow Big Reunion bands - Atomic Kitten, 911, B*Witched, The Honeyz, Liberty X and Blue - and played at Virgin Media's V Festival.
Sean and fellow 5ive stars Abz Love, Scott Robinson and Ritchie Neville are also going on tour themselves in November.
Thankfully, when we caught up with Sean at V Festival, he was in good spirits and insisted he is now "fine" after admitting his emotional struggles on the TV show.
The singer, 32, told Reveal: "I'm absolutely fine. I'm just a normal human being who has his ups and downs and I just show how I feel.
"That's what The Big Reunion was about. It was all about telling the truth."
Abz added: "It's always being the case with us. We've literally had a fight on stage - it's probably not the best thing to do, but we tell it how it is. If we're p*ssed off, we say it."
5ive will return to our screens tomorrow night (5 September) in The Big Reunion On Tour, on ITV2 at 9pm.
In the first episode of the three-part mini series, former 5ive star Jason 'J' Brown will make an appearance and hit back at claims he was a "bully" during the 90s.
We can't wait!

Ex 5ive star Jason 'J' Brown admits taking overdose on Big Reunion show
4th Sept 2013 - Reveal
Former 5ive star Jason 'J' Brown will make his return to the spotlight tomorrow night and admit that he once took an overdose of painkillers.
After keeping a low profile since the boy band split up, J has filmed a segment for the new mini-series The Big Reunion On Tour.
Earlier this year, his bandmates Abz Love, Scott Robinson, Ritchie Neville and Sean Conlon reunited for the ITV2 show, but J refused to take part.
Tomorrow night (5 September) however, J will explain his reasons for not joining them.
In a sneak peek trailer for the show, J - who now has a beard and lives a quiet life - tells Abz: "I like my privacy."
He then tells the cameras: "I took a box and a half of painkillers or something and tried to finish myself off."
During The Big Reunion, the band hinted that all was not rosy between J and Sean.
Scott said: "J was a massively overpowering human being. There was times in that band where I did hate him. There were times in that band where I thought he was really cool.
"He did have a very gentle side as well, but he's a gemini, so he's like two people. One of them was like the salt of the earth, the other was a complete c*ck.
"Mental bullying, trying to put you down and make you feel worthless - he did a lot of that. In my opinion, J sort of overpowered Sean as a younger lad and I felt like I lost Sean for a long time."
Sean, who had a breakdown during his time in 5ive, added: "There was little comments here, little comments there. I was actually very very confident and very outgoing in the beginning of the band, but I became the unconfident one.
"I became the insecure one - I let the external environment destroy me. I needed a father figure, I needed someone to put their arm around me and tell me it would be alright."
In the clip for tomorrow night's show, Abz is seen asking J: "Why's it that bad, like you can't even talk to the dude?" J replies: "I was losing my mind like everyone else."
We previously revealed that J will hit back at the bullying accusations made against him during the programme.

Australian Tour Dates Announced
26th Aug 2013 - Five
Five have just announced Australian tour dates.

Wednesday 30 October Metropolis. Fremantle /

Thursday 31 October HQ. Adelaide

Friday 1 November Enmore. Sydney

Saturday 2 November Eatons Hill. Brisbane

Sunday 3 November Palace. Melbourne /

Abz Love profiled
23rd Aug 2013 - Mirror
Abz Love profiled: Big Reunion star and 5ive frontman revealed as Celebrity Big Brother 2013 housemate
Musical youth Abz is part of the 2013 CBB line up
CBB housemate Abz Love has already been on our screens earlier this year on the ITV programme Big Reunion, as a member of the famous 90’s boy band 5ive. They sold almost 20 million records around the world. Abz was 17 when he joined the band which was created by X Factor mogul Simon Cowell.
The band’s self-titled debut album debuted at number 1 in the UK chart in June. After a series of chart topping singles the band split in 2001.
About a year after the breakup, Abz enjoyed a brief but successful solo career, releasing the album Abstract Theory in 2003, which produced three top 10 singles in the UK.
Abz admitted he had thrown all his money away on an expensive lifestyle. "I had weed hanging out of my mouth and cocaine all over me. I had 25 watches to choose from, I had so many diamonds rolling around my wrist that you couldn't even tell what the time was. It was pathetic."
However, Abz will be entering the house as new man. He reportedly told the Daily Star earlier this year: “I had therapy for a bit but it didn’t really work.
“The only way I got through it was because of my girlfriend. She gave me a reason to live.
"Every day is a bonus now. I thought I knew it all and I was wrapped up in a superficial world – but she’s shown me there’s more to life." We're looking forward to seeing how he gets on with the other CBB contestants.

J on the Big Reunion 2
22nd Aug 2013 - Press Center
He's wanted to remain private but accusations made from fellow Five members about bullying have left J feeling he needs to respond. Fans are not only surprised but happy to see J respond to the bullying claims.
The Press Center says: 'The brand new three part series sees Ex Five Member Jason 'J' Brown hitting back at accusations made by his fellow band mates. The former popstar speaks exclusively to ITV2 about his time in the chart topping band.'
Such joy to hear from him again.
Series 2 starts on the 5th September.

Abz Hits the Big Brother House
22nd Aug 2013 - Mick & Hayley
It's been confirmed by the lovely Hayley and Mick Robinson that Abz IS going into the Celebrity Big Brother house. Scott will also be on the "Bit on the Side" with his views on the house. Keep an eye out for that!

Abz Interview
21st Aug 2013 - Crave On Entertainment
Boy band 5ive sold 20 million records, won numerous awards and the hearts of fans around the world before going their separate ways in 2001. Reforming earlier this year for hit ITV2 series The Big Reunion minus fifth member J Brown, the reinvigorated 4-piece Scott, Ritchie, Abz and Sean, are gearing up for their own 14-date Greatest Hits UK tour this winter.
Craveon Entertainment caught up with Abz following 5ive's performance at V Festival for a chat.
Abz! You've just come off stage at V Festival! How was it?
I loved it, man! Its been that long, I'm not gonna lie, I need a bit of reassurance. I came off stage and was like, 'how was it? Was everyone happy?' They were like,' yeah, you rocked it!' So I think we rocked it!
This is your first festival experience too, isn't it?
First festival, like, EVER! Even on a personal experience, I've never really been to a festival, but I'm seeing the wellington boots and I know what I need next time!
Oh, dear, what did you pack instead?
White trainers! *Laughs* They're not too bad, but I'm just avoiding the muddy patches!
Good plan! Well, you've got your UK Greatest Hits Tour coming up, that's exciting!
Yeah, that's gonna be amazing. I'm looking forward to that, it has been a while, I do forget lyrics and dance routines, so I'll have to sort it out, but I think we'll be alright by November.
So you'll be getting lots of practice in then!
Yeah, for sure! This is amazing because like, a year and a bit ago, I was playing things like Wetherspoons and sh*t like that, just to make the money, you know what I'm saying. I was in a weird place and then a year later, I'm playing V with the boys again: I'm overwhelmed! What's amazing for me is that everybody knows the songs, I mean, it was 10 years ago! It has been that long and everyone's singing the songs back to us so I couldn't be in a better band right now, playing what we're playing and doing what we do.
Well, they are great pop songs and really do stand the test of time. What's your favourite 5ive song to perform live?
I do enjoy 'Keep On Movin', I think that's a crowd favourite and I like a little bit of 'If You're Getting Down' as well.
Can people expect to hear any of your solo stuff on the tour?
Uh, I'm not a fan of it to be honest! That was a bit of a weird stage in my life cos I was making music that I really wasn't into. I was giving demos to the record company like, 'listen to this, this is what I want to do' and I ended up singin' about Little Miss Perfect - like, what the f*uk!?
How did you find the whole Big Reunion process?
That was incredible! It came at just the perfect time for me because I'd been trying so hard to get the band together and do things over the years, trying to get J [Brown] involved, cos he was out doing whatever he wanted to do, and he was in for the first couple of meetings and then, things kind of fell apart, so that didn't really happen. I would love J to be a part of everything again, but The Big Reunion was amazing, it got us back together, gave us a platform just to carry on and people hear our stories, so that's amazing! Now we're at V and who knows what comes after this, after the tour and into the future.
You mentioned J, are things all good with him since he decided not to rejoin 5ive?
Yeah, he's a pal of mine and I still talk to him. I saw him the other day, he's well, he's healthy and he's in a good place.
There's talk of a second series of The Big Reunion being in the works. Which band would you like to see reform for it?
That's a good question! I don't know! It just needs to be somebody with good music because otherwise, what's the point!? Whoever does it, I wish them luck and it's an AMAZING opportunity. I just hope that they're true to themselves when they're doing their bits to camera, that'll come across, and [I hope] that they will get the same kind of opportunities that we've had.
You're playing all over the UK during your Greatest Hits Tour. Are there any cities or venues that you're particularly looking forward to playing?
Every single one of them! I appreciate playing every single one of them. Like I said, I was doing Wetherspoons before, so to do anywhere else with the band and get a reaction is amazing.
Any word on new music from 5ive?
It's small steps at the moment, I'm just happy doing what we're doing. I'm not even sure if there's a want for new music just yet! So far it has been an amazing response and reaction to everything that we're doing so MAYBE. We'll have to cross that hurdle when we get to it.
Lastly, any message for your fans?
Thank you to everybody who has supported the band, it has been an overwhelming response. Please continue to support and we look forward to rockin' and rollin' with you guys!
Thanks Abz, enjoy the tour!

5ive will play the following dates on their Greatest Hits Tour 2013:
Mon 18th November - Brighton Centre
Tues 19th November - Liverpool Echo Arena
Wed 20th November - Opera House, Blackpool
Fri 22nd November - Motorpoint Arena Cardiff
Sat 23rd November - Bournemouth Int'nl Centre
Mon 25th November - Cliffs Pavilion, Southend
Tuesday 26th November - Plymouth Pavilion
Wed 27th November - De Montfort Hall, Leicester
Fri 29th November - The Civic Hall, Wolverhampton
Sat 30th November - O2 Apollo, Manchester
Sun 1st December - Glasgow Clyde Auditorium
Tues 3rd December - Newcastle City Hall
Wed 4th December - Apollo Hammersmith, London
Thurs 5th December - New Theatre Oxford
Tickets for 5ive's Greatest Hits Tour are on sale now from and priced between £27.50- £99 + booking fees.

5ive want bigger stage
21st Aug 2013 - Daily Star
REFORMED boyband titans 5ive are on a mission to play the main stage next at the Virgin Media V Festival.
The lads were such a roaring success making their festival debut that thousands of fans spilled outside the Arena tent.
I'm reaching out to booking bosses and suggesting they line them up a prime spot for 2014.
Chuffed Scott Robinson, 33, told me: "Let's get the campaign started now.
"In Staffordshire people said we should have been on the main stage and at Chelmsford they said it even more.
"We're very thankful for that. We did rock it, and that's us saying it ourselves.
"It wasn't raining, it wasn't a rain crowd, it was nice and sunny and the tent was full.
"Honestly it feels amazing for people to look at us like that and want us there."
Bandmate Ritchie Neville was equally as blown away.
The 33-year-old confided: "We're very self-deprecating. We put ourselves down sometimes as we're perfectionists.
"So it was a proper moment to see the whole tent jumping up and down - amazing."
Celebrating their success with Mahiki Coconut pina coladas, both Abz Love, 34, and Sean Conlon, 32, were also in agreement about coming back bigger and better next year.
Sean added: "It would be nice to do the main stage."
5ive's headline tour kicks off on November 14 in Belfast. Scott continued: "My kids seeing me on stage is the best thing for me.
"They think their dad is pretty cool."
And he thinks old record boss Simon Cowell, 53, will guide his child to the top of the charts like he did with them.
Scott added: "Simon will probably mould his child into a superstar."

Five's Abz and Sean set for a Dragons' Den special?
21st Aug 2013 - Official Charts
Recently reformed bad boys of pop, Five, launch bid to become global vegetable tycoons.
Everybody Courgette Up! In a new interview with, Five (sorry 5ive) members Abz Love and Sean Conlon have revealed that they want to go on the BBC's Dragons' Den programme to seek funding for their vegetable business.
Nearly 16 years after they made their Official Chart debut with Slam Dunk Da Funk, 5ive made a triumphant live comeback to a packed out Arena Stage tent at last weekend's V Festival and we caught up with Abz, Sean, Ritchie Neville and Scott Robinson!
The boyband initially disbanded in 2001, but got back together (without former member J Brown) last October. In their time away from the group Abz has become a keen farmer, while Sean owns a haulage business. The pair are now looking for funding to ship Abz's "curly carrots" and "excess sweetcorn" around the globe.
"I'm in talks with Sean and we're gonna take [them] around the world," Abz told "Me and Sean need to get the finer details down to a point."
"We're gonna get it going, and then we're gonna go on Dragons' Den," revealed Sean.
"We'll take it to Europe and then the rest of the world!" added Abz.
Do you think the likes of Duncan Bannatyne, Peter Jones and Deborah Meaden et al will come on board with their venture? Also in the interview, 5ive chat about their chart battle with Ricky Martin and what they've got planned for the rest of the year.
You can watch the full interview below: Warning: they were a couple of pina coladas into their day by this point...
The Saturdays just couldn't get enough of 5ive!
Beyonce may have been playing the main stage the night before, there may have been A-list fashionistas including Cara Delevingne hanging out (plus one or two members of One Direction and Union J roaming the place), but frankly, we were at V for 5ive. And so, it seems, were The Saturdays.
In a moment of surprise fandom, The Saturdays looked on and bashfully asked for a picture with the lads. Who are we to get in the way (and who knew The Saturdays got down to 5ive back in the day?!)
The Saturday's meet 5ive backstage at V Festival, Chelmsford
The British public are STILL buying 5ive singles!
Nope, your eyes aren't deceiving you. In 2013 the British public are still buying 5ive singles! And we know exactly how many you lot are buying. So we challenged 5ive to take the Official Charts Challenge and guess how many copies of their biggest career hit, Keep On Movin', were bought in the UK just last week.
Curious to know the answer? Then watch the video interview above and prepare to be enlightened.
Proud moment: Challenge winner Abz and cameraman Graham show off his entirely enviable prize: an Official Charts badge.
"Hands off my badge, I won it fair and square!" we overheard minutes later.
[Special thanks to Lauren from Official Charts for sending us this interview and video]

J hits back at "bullying" claims
20th Aug 2013 - Reveal
Former 5ive member Jason 'J' Brown has hit back at accusations made by his fellow band mates during the TV series The Big Reunion.
J, who chose not to reunite with the popular 90s group for the ITV2 reality show, has been left reeling by their negative comments and has denied Sean Conlon's claim that he was a "bully" in the group.
In the first show of the new three-part series, The Big Reunion: On Tour, J says: "I watched that first show, I don't really watch TV but I got a TV out of the cupboard and plugged it in.
"I thought that Scott would have said (what he did), because it was known that me and Scott had a bit of confrontation, but the stuff that's been said by some of the other guys…
"I've looked back and I thought I was loud and a bit aggressive at times, I was physically bigger than them so I can see how that could have been taken a certain way.
"Never in my mind was I so called bullying people. The things that Sean has said has just blown my mind to pieces. Stuff's been said that's actually not true and it has actually had a deep impact on me."
J added: "I actually couldn't believe what I was hearing from who I'm hearing it from, then it's just going on and on and I still don't understand it."
Atomic Kitten, 5ive, Blue, B*Witched, Liberty X, Honeyz and 911 are back in the new series, which followed them as they said goodbye to their families and embarked on a nationwide tour in May.
Speaking about the new episodes, Liberty X's Tony Lundon said: "26 ex-popstars drinking themselves to oblivion. Tour fever starts to take hold." 5ive's Richie Neville added: "This is going to be carnage!"
The Big Reunion: On Tour returns on Thursday 5 September at 9pm on ITV2.

'The Essex crowd were amazing' at V Festival 2013
18th Aug 2013 - Essex Chronicle
Comeback kings 5ive capped off a weekend to remember with a storming set at the V Festival in Hylands Park.
Fresh from their well publicised success on ITV2's The Big Reunion, Ritchie, Scott, who hails from Basildon, Abs and J, took to the Arena Stage earlier this afternoon, a day after appearing at the V Festival in Weston Park (their first in the UK).
The well refreshed pop stars stopped by for a chat with the Essex Chronicle, and were keen to pay tribute to their fans.
"I love V," said Scott. "Yesterday was good and the crowd were amazing but today - the crowd were amazing.
"Today was better!" he joked, before J interjected, describing him as 'biased'.

Battle of the Pop Bands
18th Aug 2013 - Metro
Opening with their chart-topping cover of Queen's We Will Rock You, 5ive broke their festival virginity in style at V Festival in Weston Park today. The four members of the newly reformed boy band, without original member Jason 'J' Brown, admitted they hadn't even been to a festival as music fans before, with the exception of Ritchie Neville.
The band had a full capacity Arena Stage crowd, many looking for a nostalgia trip to their late nineties prime, singing along to every line of hits like Everybody Get Up and Keep On Movin'. 5ive's Ritchie Neville encourages V Festival to get up singing and get down now.

People Say the Darndess Things
17th Aug 2013 - Wikipedia
Ever been browsing Wikipedia and some funny bugger has come along and "updated" someones bio with something bizzare? Well that's what we found here. According to Wikipedia's latest funny bugger [and I quote]
"In 2013 it was announced that Brown would be releasing a children's-themed collaboration album with popular chef Rosemary Shrager in order to influence healthy eating among children."
You know what would be even more funnier? If it were true lol. Until next time 5ivers, eat healthy. lol x

Take 5ive at V
16th Aug 2013 - The Enquirer
BACK in the nineties it would have been hard to find anyone that wasn't a fan of 5ive. Born in an era of girl and boy bands, they quickly became the 'bad boys of pop' - and they did it so well.
5ive Pitsea
But for Essex boy Scott Robinson, even at the height of fame, nothing was more important than remembering where he's from.
Growing up in Pitsea, Scott attended Chalvedon Comprehensive School and to this day still lives in Pitsea with his wife and two children.
"I think it's important to stick to where you come from," says the 33-year-old. "I've never felt the need to live in a London penthouse with a maid. This is where I grew up and it may not be the nicest place in the world, but for me, it's home."
5ive 90s
Spending his teens and early 20s mobbed by screaming fans, the number one hits (and tabloid headlines) kept on coming for Scott and the band - in fact there seemed to be no stopping the fivesome from taking over.
But despite their success, the band, made up of Sean Conlon, Abz Love, Ritchie Neville, Jay Brown and Scott, were on a rocky road backstage.
And on 27 September 2001, with their track Let's Dance dominating the UK charts, the group made the shocking announcement they were splitting - 5ive were to be no more.
Over the years the boys all went in their own ways. The day after the split, Scott married his long term girlfriend at Stock Brook Manor in Billericay, Ritchie moved to Australia and Sean tried a solo career, even auditioning for The Voice UK last year.
Yet although the group attempted a reunion in 2006, it was only when ITV2 approached them with their show The Big Reunion that the group really got the chance to shine once again.
Now, almost two decades since they first split, the newly reunited foursome (minus Jay) are getting ready to perform at V Festival in Chelmsford this weekend and the Cliffs Pavilion in Southend on their headline tour in November.
"I've never actually been to a festival before," laughs Scott. "When all of my mates were going to festivals, I was in a band and then after the band, I couldn't go because everyone would be like 'that's Scott from 5ive'. The closest I've ever been to a festival, is a beer festival and even then I've got my sunglasses on as a disguise!"
5ive arrogant
Indeed, thrust into the spotlight when he was just 17 years old, Scott grew up dodging screaming fans and the tabloids. But although he's now older, the singer admits he's also wiser to the ways of the industry.
"Music has completely changed since we were in the charts, I don't even recognise it," he says. "We wouldn't have a place in the industry today. And I think it's a bit arrogant to come back after 13 years and try to force new songs on everyone.
"That's why we're not working on anything new at the moment. Right now everyone seems to be loving the nostalgia, so we just want to give people what they want."
And that's exactly what they're doing. Having already played sell out dates alongside their Big Reunion mates, the boys will also be playing a headline tour across the UK, bringing their hits Everybody Get Up, Getting Down and When the Lights Go Out up and down the country.
"I've wanted this for a long time," says Scott. "I think we had a good position on The Big Reunion and to end up with our own arena tour is fantastic."
But with former bandmate Jay making the last minute decision not to reunite with the group, 5ive faced an uncertain future.
"When Jay decided he wasn't going to join us, we really were a man down - we'd gone from 5ive to four," explains Scott. "We did genuinely look at another member, but for me, there's only one person that can be, and that's Jay.
"I wouldn't say I'd welcome him back with open arms though," he adds quickly. "There's a process we all had to go through to get to where we are, but he's got as much right to be in the band as I have.
"We're definitely wiser the second time around. We're all a lot more happier," he says. "And we've never sounded so good."
And the band is looking forward to bringing their new live sound to V Festival in Chelmsford this weekend - a festival they were originally invited to play at back in 2001.
"It wasn't even called V Festival when we were first booked on it, but we had to cancel because it was the year we broke up," he explains. "It's a real honour though because none of the other bands from The Big Reunion were asked to play. It makes us feel like we're a bit of a cut above the rest.
"This will be the first time we're playing at a festival with a live band, so we won't be singing to playback."
With that in mind, what can fans expect from their live performances this year?
"We've changed some of the songs ever so slightly. But if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Even the routines are the same - well they hurt more, but we absolutely love them!"
They may be older - but they've still got the moves to Slam Dunk da Funk!
5ive will be playing on the Arena Stage at V Festival in Hylands Park, Chelmsford on Sunday, 18 August. Visit 5ive will also be coming to the Cliffs Pavilion in Southend on 25 November. For details, visit .

Abz Set For Celebrity Big Brother
16th Aug 2013 - The Sun
According to The Sun Newspaper Abz is set for the new season of Celebrity Big Brother which is due to start next week. Celeb Big Brother runs over 3 weeks.

5ive set to rock V Festival
16th Aug 2013 - Daily Star
COMEBACK boyband 5ive vow to give their fans a hit-rammed set this weekend at the Virgin Media V Festival.
The lads have never played a festival before, and only Ritchie Neville has been to one as a fan.
Sean Conlon, 32, told me: "We're not going to mess about, we're going to give the hits.
"It's our first time playing with a live band in 13 years so it's very exciting.
"My first gig was performing with 5ive as I joined the band at 15, so I've never been to a festival and wouldn't mind a few cans of lager and the chance to stick around at V."
Beefing up their sound with the band for the Chelmsford gig means a few extra special tweaks to some of their hits.
Scott Robinson, 33, added: "They're all brilliant musicians and we feel like we know them already really well.
"We do the American version of When The Lights Go Out so it's been rocked up."
Ritchie, 33, who "ran away to Glast­onbury at 15 and had the best time of my life", has been overwhelmed at the response to the band's return.
He said: "A rasta guy, who was about 50, put his hand out to shake mine when I was shopping in Birmingham and said we were really cool.
"We've always been the boyband it's been OK for boys to like, which I'm really proud of."
Catch 5ive on their UK tour from November 18, kicking off in Brighton.

Big Reunion Show
16th Aug 2013 - Big Reunion
The Big Reunion (The Tour Filming) will be lunched on ITV2 in September!

Ritchie and Scott Pointless
16th Aug 2013 - Celebrity Pointless
On Monday August 19th at 5:15PM /17:15 on BBC ONE Celebrity Pointless new season will start. As of yet we don't know which episode Ritchie & Scott Episode will be on. We will update you asap.

5ive at V Festival
16th Aug 2013 - V Festival
V Festival will be broadcast on channel 4 in the UK starting Saturday August 17th at 16:10/ 4:10PM UK time!

Tweet Your Questions For 5ive
16th Aug 2013 - Craveon
If you have any Questions you would like to ask 5ive send a Tweet to @CraveonENT Now - Until Saturday August 17th. Craveon Entertainmen will be meeting the boys on @vfestival and it should be online on their website:

Vote 5ive
10th Aug 2013 - MTV Music
Simply tweet #MTVHottest followed by the name of the artist you want to vote for! (Vote #5ive ). Voting closes August 18. The winner will be revealed August 31 on MTV Music.

Vote 5ive: 'National Reality TV Awards'
8th Aug 2013 - National Reality TV Award
5ive have been nominated in the 'National Reality TV Awards' for the 'Best Music Act (on a Reality TV Show)' Voting starts tomorrow (1st August) and closes on the 16th September.
Register with ur email & Vote! You can VOTE More then 1 Time!

Abz from Five donates £5,000 to Plymouth charity
19th July 2013 - This Is Plymouth
A NOUGHTIES pop star has donated prize money from a celebrity TV show to a Plymouth charity.
Abz Love, who is part of the boyband 5ive, donated £5,000 to Hoofbeats Equine Rehabilitation Sanctuary, in Wotter.
Abz appeared with his girlfriend Vicky Fallon on ITVs All Star Mr and Mrs to scoop the prize money.
Abz, who visited the sanctuary, has taken a step back from the world of celebrity and now lives the quiet life with Vicky in Lincolnshire surrounded by chickens and horses, explaining his passion for the equine charity.
Hoofbeats helps horses and ponies recover if they have been abandoned or badly treated.
The charity, which is currently caring for around 100 horses, also re-trains and re-homes them, and were delighted to be donated the cash.
Chairwoman and founder of Hoofbeats, Sharon Viera, was so amazed to get the call from Abz that she thought it was a practical joke at first.
Treasurer Robert Smith said "This is much needed money and publicity for a fantastic cause.
"As well as helping the horses the sanctuary provides access to a healthy outdoor activity where the volunteers get to work with these wonderful animals in return for some hard work.
"We are always after more help through funding as well as volunteers and we come across a fair amount of people who still want to spend time with horses and help out."
The sanctuary committee is now voting on a wish list for the funds, which include a Quad bike and materials to build a hospital stable.
Sharon said "A hospital stable we could dedicate to Abz and Vicky would be fantastic, we hope to show it and the rest of the facilities to them when the band play Plymouth Pavilions in November. Our Facebook page has gone mad and everyone is so excited".

5ive Are Back With Greatest Hits Tour
3rd July 2013 - Pavilion
Following on from sell out The Big Reunion Tour and ITV2 series, FIVE will be appearing for one night only as part of their UK Greatest Hits Headline Tour on Tuesday 12th November!
Band members, Scott, Ritchie, Abz and Sean reunited earlier this year for the ITV2 series The Big Reunion and showed the country just why they are one of the UK's most popular bands.
Five have enjoyed incredible success worldwide, specially in the United Kingdom and throughout Europe, Australasia, Asia, North and South America. They've sold over 20-million records worldwide, they've had 11 top ten singles, 3 number 1's, and 4 top ten albums in the UK, sold out Arena tours, and picking up just about every achievable award including Brits and MTV awards.
This UK Greatest Hits Headline Tour will see them go the length and breadth of the United Kingdom including arena dates in Liverpool and Cardiff and they will be performing all their greatest hits live. Five said:
"We are so happy to be on our own headline tour again after all these years playing all the hits. We are truly grateful to each and every one of the fans for their continuous support. We can't wait to get on the road and perform our full set of Greatest Hits again. Let's av it!!"
[Credit to Roz for this]

5ive to Rock V Festival!
31st May 2013 - 5iveHQ
We are pleased to announce that 5ive will be performing at this years V Festival on the Arena Stage 17th August @ Weston Park, Stafford and 18th August @ Hylands Park, Chelmsford. Tickets now on sale! For full details please visit the V Fest website on the following link: Thanks - 5ive HQ

5ive Win Best Comeback!
30th May 2013 - 5ive
We have some awesome news this morning 5ivers! 5ive have won their first award after nearly 13 years! The Lipsy London 'Best Comeback Band' Award. - 5ive HQ
A message form the band: "We're chuffed to bits to have won the Lipsy Best come back Band award, this is our first award in nearly thirteen years and it really is another highlight in what has already been an incredible year so far for us. Thank you to Lipsy for nominating us and of course our fans for their unwaivered support which never ceases to amaze us!" - Five

Win Tickets to See Five Live!
21st May 2013 - Motorpoint Arena Cardiff
WIN a pair of tickets to see 5ive here at the arena on the 22nd November 2013.
Like, comment & share on this picture - let us know what your favorite 5IVE song is.
Tickets available from box office 02920 22 44 88. Tickets from £27.50 plus bking fee - VIP packages available
Winner will be picked at random, competition closes on the 15th June at 12 noon.

5ive's Abz Love: "I still speak to J, he's growing a beard"
17th May 2013 - Reveal
Big Reunion's 5ive have admitted they still speak to estranged fifth member Jason 'J' Brown, despite him refusing to reunite.
Abz Love, Ritchie Neville, Scott Robinson and Sean Conlon last night performed at the O2 Arena in London with their fellow Big Reunion stars, but it appears J isn't giving them the complete silent treatment.
Speaking on ITV1's Lorraine, Abz said: "I speak to Jay. He's around and about and growing a beard.
"Yesterday, I said as an analogy we were a star shape but but now we're a square shape because there was five but now there's four of us."
Comparing their experiences to the past, Ritchie added: "I would definitely say it's better second time around. I'm having the best..the time of my life actually.
"The past two weeks on this tour have been the best two weeks of my life." Ouch!
Richie then said the band members "bicker like brothers" before Scott explained that it is only because they are "very close".
"Sean said something on [The Big Reunion] - you have to be very close to have an argument and we are and we appreciate this," Scott said.
"Not everyone gets a second chance, a crack at the whip of being in a band. We've got a chance so we're taking it." (No doubt this will change nothing and the haters will still be hating on J and ANY fan who mentions J)

Five for Summer Sets
15th May 2013 -
Five have been confirmed for Summer Sets on the Beach on 31st August (Will also be shown live on ITV). Dates and ticket info can be found on the "Schedule" page.

5ive For Best Comeback Band
9th May 2013 - Lipsy London
5ive have been nominated for the 'Best Comeback Band' Award by Lipsy London V.I.P Awards 2013. You can vote for the band by clicking on the link: Lipsy London

How dim must Ali Campbell be?
3rd May 2013 - Popbitch
SPOILER! Please do NOT read if you don't want to know about "Pointless Celebrities" before it airs! Feat. Scott and Ritchie.
Flobbit: "I found myself at a recording of a 'pop music celebrity' special of Pointless this week. There was Mike Rutherford & Ali Campbell (out in first round), Sandie Shaw and Sheila Ferguson, Keren and Sara Bananarama and Ritchie & Scott from 5ive.
"In the second round only Bananarama could name a female member of Team GB that won a medal at London 2012. It got so bad they had to change the question to 'Name a capital city in the southern hemisphere' to which Sandie and Sheila replied 'Rio de Janeiro'.
"In the next round (David Bowie singles) 5ive couldn't identify Diamond Dogs from a photo of a diamond and some dogs.
"Bananarama won, but didn't find a pointless answer in the final round. Sorry for the spoiler."

5ive Announce Their Own UK Tour
30th April 2013 - Daily Star
DESPERATE to see 5ive's comeback but can't face Atomic Kitten or B*Witched on the Big Reunion Tour?
Well fear not because Scott, Ritchie, Abz and Sean have announced details of their own 14-date UK tour kicking off at the Brighton Centre on November 14.
Scott Robinson, 33, said: "We are so happy to be on our own headline tour after all these years. We can't wait to get on the road and perform our hits again. Let's 'ave it."
Tickets go on sale from, Friday May 3 at 10am.

5ive Greatest Hits Tour
30th April 2013 - 5ive
5ive have just announceed they will be doing a "5ive Greatest Hits Tour" starting November 2013 and tickets go on sale 3rd May 2013. For full venue dates, times and booking deatails check our the Schedule page.

5ive star replace by 911 member ahead of Cleethorpes appearance
29th April 2013 - This Is Grisby
911's Jimmy Constable will now appear alongside 5ive star Abz Love at a Cleethorpes nightclub.
Abz was due to appear at Reflex on Saturday, May 25, with band mate Scott Robinson, but Scott has now had to pull out.
Tickets to see the two band members at Reflex are £4 in advance or £5 on the door.
To book, call 01472 602381 and leave a message with your name and how many tickets you require or search for "Reflex Cleethorpes" on Facebook.

Look! Jay Brown is back with 5ive! Oh, wait…
25th April 2013 - Heat World
Ok, ok, don't get all excited on us.
After Jay Brown refused to reunite with 5ive for the Big Reunion, we were all a bit gutted. So imagine how excited we were when we heard there were pictures of 5ive/4our on stage with Jay.
Then imagine how annoyed we were when we saw them and it was a crummy blow-up doll with a picture of Jay's face stuck on it. We have to admit it's pretty funny though.
As the boys took to the stage at G-A-Y, Ritchie Neville announce that after making a few calls and swapping texts he's managed to get Jay to perform with them for one night.
As everyone went nuts screaming, the boys then brought out the blow-up doll. After it had sat at the back of the stage for a while, during When The Lights Go Out, Richie claimed it was time for Jay to leave the band and threw him into the crowd. Nice.
The boys had held some auditions to replace Jay, but after a successful reunion gig it looks like they will remain 4our, at least for now.
Last month we exclusively revealed that back in the day 911 had even asked Jay to be in their band and that now they thought he might regret not taking part in the Big Reunion.
"I tell you what, he might regret it," said Lee Brennan. "He's obviously got his personal reasons for doing it, but maybe after he's seen this show…"
But Spike Dawbarn wasn't so sure. "Jay never wanted to do it the first time. My cousin used to go out with him, so we know each other and I was asking her about it and she said, 'I've spoke to him. As you know he didn't want to do it the first time'.
"I asked him to be 911 and he really didn't wanna do it the first time round. His first words were, 'I've sold myself out,' when he first got into 5ive. He really didn't want to see himself doing it again. It weren't his style of music and he didn't want to do it again. It's mad isn't it?"
"I spoke to Ritchie and had breakfast this morning," added Lee at the time. "He hasn't spoke to J for like five years but somebody that knew him and had spoken to him and Jay said, 'I'm glad the boys are doing it again' but he's got no interest whatsoever in being party of it."
Luckily there are plenty of blow-up dolls ready to step in whenever needed then.

Five's Abz: I could have been the male Lady Gaga
24th April 2013 - The Sun
ABZ from 5IVE reckons he could have been the male LADY GAGA.
The singer was managed by SIMON COWELL after the band split but got dropped when they fell out.
He said: "I was gutted... I would've been the male Lady Gaga with him."
He also admitted: "I thought I was going to die at 25. I was all over the place, living in squats with junkies injecting drugs. I never took heroin, though."
Well, that's OK then

Five's Neville: J's no risk taker
22nd April 2013 - Belfast Telegraph
Five's former member J Brown probably regrets not reuniting with the group, the band has said.
The 36-year-old - whose real name is Jason Paul - had initially planned to join his ex-bandmates Sean Conlon, Abz Love, Ritchie Neville and Scott Robinson to reform for ITV2's The Big Reunion, but later changed his mind, claiming he no longer wanted to be in the music industry.
"I would be gutted. He wasn't willing to take the risk. We were - we've got bigger nuts," said Ritchie.
The four-piece held auditions to find a new member to replace J, and were also considering changing their name, as seen on the show, but decided against it.
Sean said: "I don't regret it one bit. We had a lot of outside pressure about a new member and we just didn't want it. It was just a strong feeling that Five means the world to me. That's how it came across on the show and I'm proud of it."
The band also deny that there is any rivalry between them and Blue, who decided to join The Big Reunion.
"There's no rivalry there. They're going to add an element to the show. We're not threatened by Blue - even though a lot of people think we are," said Scott, as Ritchie added: "But we don't think we'll go on stage after them either."
Five have become a surprise hit since they reformed, and following a sold-out show at London's Hammersmith Apollo, are now set to embark on an arena tour around the UK.
With regards to their future, Sean admitted: "We didn't know if the show was going to be a hit or a flop and it's worked out well. Let's see what happens after that. We don't know."

J's back... sort of!
22nd April 2013 - Daily Mail
5ive take to the stage at G-A-Y with blow up doll in the place of missing band mate Brown.
They tried and failed to recruit a fifth member to the band on The Big Reunion but it seems that the boys of 5ive have found a clever solution to their problem. Scott Robinson, Ritchie Neville, Abz Love and Sean Conlon performed at G-A-Y on Saturday night and brought along a blow up doll that had former band member J's face on it. The quartet posed for pictures with the doll, which had been given chest hair and tattoos, backstage ahead of the show.
J refused to rejoin the nineties boyband when they reunited late last year for a reality TV show alongside other bands including Atomic Kitten and The Honeyz. It seems the remaining four members of the band are back to living the hectic party lifestyles of their past and it seems that Richie slurred his words on stage at the gig. Scott tweeted: 'Rock N roll definitely isn't dead coz @RagztoRichez slurred on stage at G-A-Y you Crack me up rich n i love ya and yes I am still up #pissed' (sic).
But Richie denied that he was intoxicated and put his slip up down to fatigue. He wrote: '@Scottlarock5 for the record I wasn't a total mess on stage last night, just slightly stumbled on a word when speaking...due to fatigue.' But it seems that the singer, who relocated to Australia after the band split originally, was feeling a little worse for wear on Sunday and complained of being hungover.

"J" Joins Five At G-A-Y
20th April 2013 - G-A-Y
Five performed at Gay Heaven Night Club and were joined by a familiar face. J joined the guys on stage for a live performance of the bands greatest hits. Although J never sang his parts he was looking 'fabulous' in his LBD (little black dress). Oh J you funny fella!
J's fallen on hard times and has had to resort to "other talents" to make money we see.. (Pic right taken by: NLSkinner)

Five Not Earth Changing
19th April 2013 - Popbitch
"I'm not under the false impression that 5ive is going to change the world but we've had a lot of positive feedback" - Abz Love

Big Reunion stars wanted for Celebrity Big Brother
5th April 2013 - Latest Pop
EXCLUSIVE: Channel 5 are in talks with a number of 90's popstars to take part in this Summer's Celebrity Big Brother series.
Producers are said to be keen to capitalise on the success of itv2's The Big Reunion and are hoping to lure one or more Big Reunion singers with big money offers. understands 5ive singers Abz and Sean are both on the wish list, as is Atomic Kitten singer Natasha Hamilton, Blue's Simon Webbe and Liberty X singer Jessica Taylor. They are also considering offering a place to B*witched twins Edele and Keavey Lynch.
It's also understood that other 90's stars who didn't take part in The Big Reunion are wanted for the series, which will air straight after the regular Big Brother finishes in August. S Club 7 star Rachel Stevens and Boyzone's Keith Duffy are thought to have been approached.
Big Brother is scheduled to launch on Channel 5 on Monday 27th May with several changes including a revamped house, more live-feed episodes and Emma Willis as the new presenter.

Jimbo Tiling the Block
5th April 2013 - Popbitch
It is a great business name
Vandalising a minor celebrity's Wikipedia entry is a tricky art. So many people do it badly, it's refreshing to see a good bogus claim get posted up that isn't then edited out instantly.
So hearty congratulations to the person who managed to get this on J from 5ive's entry:
"J, known by his family as Jimbo, now runs a bathroom and kitchen tile business called Bonnie Tilers around the Runcorn/Widnes area."
Catch it while you can: J Brown Wikipedia

Jessie J Crush on J
28th March 2013 - Metro
Jessie J admits secret crush on dormant 5ive star 'J' Brown. Jessie J is the person probably most gutted that former 5ive singer 'J' Brown refused to join the nineties group on hit TV show The Big Reunion.
The bisexual singer says the 36-year-old former pin-up would be her ultimate snog in a game of 'snog, marry and avoid'.
Revealing her random crush, The Voice coach said: 'I would have snogged J from 5ive. I wonder if he's still around.'

5ive confirm future plans
20th March 2013 - Latestpop
EXCLUSIVE: 5ive have told PopBurp they intend to continue beyond The Big Reunion.
Speaking exclusively to us, Ritchie said "We're all very excited about the Arena tour - it's a big platform we feel what we do sits very well with big gigs".
Confirming the band's plans, he added "after that, I would love for 5ive to do their own arena tour. We have so many hits that people know, so I think it could work. I would also be very open to recording and performing some new 5ive tunes".
Ritchie's bandmate Sean Conlon confirmed the band's intentions, telling "I think we're all up for making new music and we are entertaining the idea. It's scary to think how it could end now. The Big Reunion is so popular".
Both Ritchie and Sean also ruled out a comeback for former colleague Jay Brown saying it would be too late if he wanted to rejoin 5ive. "If he wanted to come back....we've been through a whole process. We've all had to air our views on tv and for someone to come back without going through that, without having worn their heart on their sleeve so wouldn't be fair" said Sean.

We don't want to shut the door on J
20th March 2013 - Reveal
Nineties boy band 5ive have revealed their reservations about getting a fifth member, as it would definitely rule out a return for founding member Jason 'J' Brown.
Ritchie Neville, Scott Robinson, Sean Conlon and Abz Love have reunited, minus J, for the ITV2 reality show, Big Reunion. In the series, the four-piece have been actively searching for a new member but have so far been unsuccessful.
They previously admitted on the show that they were "angry" with J for not wanting to reunite, and feared that he may regret his decision.
But speaking today to Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield on ITV's This Morning, Ritchie said: "He [Jay] came to the first couple of meetings for the Big Reunion. He decided he didn't want to be famous. There were some issues back in the day but whether they're done and dusted we don't know."
And while the band admit that they are open to a new fifth member, they are worried that if they find a replacement, J would not be allowed to come back should he change his mind.
"We'd be shutting the door on him really and that's a bit weird," said Scott.
"It is hard to bring someone else in because they've not got the experiences that 5ive had and they've not sold millions," he continued.
The boys got back on stage at Hammersmith Apollo last month for the first Big Reunion gig, which marked 11 years since they had performed together.
5ive, which was the brainchild of Simon Cowell, enjoyed considerable success after racking up 20 million records and 11 top 10 singles. Although now reunited, they have not been in contact with Simon and are unaware of what the future holds.
Sean said: "He had expectations for all of us, but I can only speak for myself. I think I let him down because I didn't fulfill my potential, I went inward instead of going out. I was too young."
The boy band called it a day in 2001 but Ritchie admits that it's better the second time around: "This time around it's so much sweeter, it's gone full circle.
"We imploded in such a way, and then we've all gone off and done our separate things and been on journeys ourselves. Now it just feels so good to be back," he continued.

'The Big Reunion's 911: 'J will regret not rejoining 5ive'
20th March 2013 - Digital Spy
911 have predicted that Jason 'J' Brown will regret snubbing The Big Reunion.
The 'Bodyshakin' boyband have made a comeback on the ITV2 show, along with Brown's former band 5ive, B*Witched, Atomic Kitten, Honeyz, Liberty X and Blue.
Brown decided not to join up with his former bandmates Sean Conlon, Ritchie Neville, Abz Love and Scott Robinson on the show.
"I tell you what, he might regret it," 911's Lee Brennan told Heat. "He's obviously got his personal reasons for doing it, but maybe after he's seen this show."
Spike Dawbarn revealed that Brown was never a fan of being part of 5ive, and even turned down the chance to join 911 in the mid-1990s.
He said: "Jay never wanted to do it the first time. My cousin used to go out with him, so we know each other and I was asking her about it and she said, 'I've spoke to him. As you know he didn't want to do it the first time'.
"I asked him to be in 911 and he really didn't wanna do it the first time round. His first words were, 'I've sold myself out', when he first got into 5ive.
"He really didn't want to see himself doing it again. It weren't his style of music and he didn't want to do it again. It's mad, isn't it?"
Brennan added: "I spoke to Ritchie and had breakfast this morning. He hasn't spoke to J for like five years, but somebody that knew him and had spoken to him and Jay said, 'I'm glad the boys are doing it again', but he's got no interest whatsoever in being party of it.
"We couldn't not do this show. It always brings you back to that buzz."

And The Award For "Mostly Likely To Be A Cunt" Is....
15th March 2013 - The Thinking Gal
Although he declined taking part in the reformation of the band, J Brown was known as the frontman of the band back in their heyday. J, voted 'Most Likely To Be A Cunt' by his high school class, has been painted in a negative light by the rest of the band since they decide to reform, citing him as the source of tension within 5ive. Conveniently.

Popslutz at The Big Reunion
3rd March 2013 - Popslutz
Sean from Five:
"When I was in Five, we used to have a mic set up in the studio. On 'If You're Getting Down', for example, I remember I just grabbed the mic, sang the chorus out in one, I didn't think about it, it just came out. You shouldn't have to think about it too much. 'If You're Getting Down' is primitive, simple lyrics, and that's my style, that's what I do.
I've worked with writers that have real got craft and they'd say 'you need to make it more poetic, you need to make pictures.' My argument is, if that comes, then let's do that but never put craft before emotions. I've gone full circle where I've really analysed every line, I've really gone there, but now I'm back into getting down, no messing around, if you feel it, crack on".
Favourite song of the night?
Ritchie from Five: 'We Will Rock You' "cos, you know, I get the lead on that and it's fun to sing"
Before we even mentioned the fact that Five are now four…
Scott from Five:
"It's feeling good as a four piece. There's no problem. People have been asking us, do we feel like there's someone missing? Absolutely not. There's no aggro."
Glad we cleared that up. What's it like being back on the stage after so long?
Abz from Five: 'Kind of like what it must've felt like, when man landed on the moon, you know? Similar to that'

We Fancy Nigella Lawson
1st March 2013 - 4Music
We caught up with the boys from 5ive this week to have a good old gossip.
In part one and two of our interview, they spilled the beans on what happened when Sean left the band and why J might not be welcome back with open arms.
Now, speaking about celeb crushes, the band reveal that television cook Nigella Lawson is the girl who gets them hot under the collar.
Talking about the subject of hot celebrities, Sean says: "But we should talk about the secret ones. The ones that a lot of guys I think don't mention. Like Nigella Lawson."
Then, Sean revealed his penchant for a curvier figure, adding: "I preferred her when she was bigger, but she's losing weight now trying to fit in with how women have got to look these days."
He added: "It's not my thing."
Abz on the other hand is more concerned with her skills in the kitchen, as he adds that the star would "make a mean cupcake" and would always "have whipped-cream in the fridge".
Does Nigella do it for you?
Welcome back, boys!

No Lady For Ritchie!
1st March 2013 - The Sun
5ive singer Ritchie Neville has split up with his Australian girlfriend - leaving the way clear for the Eighties pop band to reforum full-time.
Ritchie, who has been running a bar in Sydney, was seen on ITV2 show The Big Reunion telling blonde Charlotte that he would be back after then show's tour.
But now their year-long romance is over, so he could be back in London more often.
He told TV Biz: "We're not together any more. It was nothing to do with the show or getting back with the band. It was one of those things...
'We'll have a conversation as a band over the next week or two, then we'll get the tour done and see how things are." he added to The Sun.

Set list and after-party gossip!
28th February 2013 - Heat World (Review)
As soon as Andi Peters stepped on stage at the Hammersmith Apollo wearing double denim and doing an Irish jig to C'est La Vie, we knew the Big Reunion Live was going to be a good night.
And what followed didn't disappoint. With each act doing one or two songs before giving way to yet another 90s pop idol, we were basically Body Shaking the whole way through.
Highlights included: Scott Robinson from 5ive pulling his son up on stage and having a bit of a cry at the end.
5ive opened the show and probably got the loudest screams of the night - an excitable Scott told us: "It was fucking amazing. Everyone had their place and their moment tonight, everyone at ITV, including the bands deserves a massive pat on the back for what they've done.
"We've got the feeling this could be a really big year for us and we just hope the feeling we've got is right. I'm going nowhere. I've wanted this for so many years and tonight we proved that we're meant to do it."
Bandmate Sean Conlon also seemed keen to keep things going after the tour, saying: "It felt scarily normal. Normal life has felt more difficult and going against the tide, whereas that I was just flowing, I really enjoyed it."
SO DID WE SEAN, so did we.
THE SET LIST: 5ive: We Will Rock You, Everybody Get Up, Keep On Movin' & If Ya Gettin' Down

Abz Reveals His Dark Period After 5ive Split [TBR Episode 4]
22nd February 2013 - Popledge (Review)
We are half way through this series of the Big Reunion, a second season has already been rumoured so the format is going really well for ITV2!
We have now been introduced to all the groups taking part in the program so now we are going back to 5ive in more depth.
There are still a lot of demons in the 5ive camp, 'J' isn't taking part in the series and the band are trying to find a fifth member which I am totally against! Just do it as a four-piece lads!
We see the four boys re-uniting at their managers house where the lads rely their reasons for wanting another bite of the pop cherry, Scott wasn't happy with the way it ended and Ritchie wants to experience the on-stage buzz again. Abz admits that he can't remember anything about the end of the band as he was totally out of it. To be honest I think the drugs he took have had a long-term affect on him, he still seems a bit out of it at times. He credits his now girlfriend for saving his life.
Abz had a solo career after 5ive and was enjoying the party lifestyle for five years, over those years he went bankrupt and his solo career stalled. He then sold his house for £250k and gave ALL of that money to a man who promised him the world but then disappeared. Eventually Abz tracked down this man and ended up in jail.
Abz's story gets progressively worse, you start to feel sorry for the man. He talked about waking up with rats looking at him. An un-named wealthy woman then took him 'under her wing' and gave him a room in her mansion, this is when things started to get really bad, he got into hard, class A drugs and mixed them with a cocktail of alcohol everyday. He took them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. He also still chased the 'celebrity' culture of bling and designer goods and even considered sleeping with a man for a Bentley.
Abz was really low, at his lowest he met his now girlfriend and thank god he did. At one point he slashed his wrists to literally try and 'get himself out of his skin' he wanted to die, again thank god his girlfriend stuck with him and they now live simply in the countryside. He gardens 'curly carrrots' (!!) and has two horses and some livestock which keep him grounded.
Scott also suffered after leaving 5ive, he attended anger management lessons to control his temper, he credits his wife and two sons with saving him.
Scott and Abz both agree they left the band too soon and should have just taken a break. Scott has unbelievably been trying to do this reunion for the past five years.
Now we get into Sean's story, this may make me cry! He really likes music but feels he fell under J's influence at 15 and believed that 5ive were making 'sh*t' music, meanwhile 'J' ended up changing his mind and embraced his pop-stardom whilst Sean got more and more negative about 5ive and his experiences in the band. Sean was the one who ended the band and obviously feels guilty for this decision.
Wow Ritchie has just come out with a belter blaming Sean and 'J' for the bands failure to break the US calling them 'obnoxious' and basically saying they pissed off the record label and ended up getting them dropped in the States. Sean really doesn't take this statement well and you can see the demons creeping up behind the eyes. Ritchie chills out the situation but wow you could see it rising again!
Flick over to the four 5ive lads and they are auditioning 5 potential 5iver's! The first one is Dan Corsi from Northern Line, he refuses to sing for them - err great audition! The second guy Luke at least sings for them, he sounded ok but Sean feels there 'isn't a spark' with him! The next guy is an X Factor judges houses finalist called Nathan, he signed with a management company but nothing happened for him, Abz is the one who has a negative reaction to him and Sean has a positive one - they can't win!
The whole 'find another member' thing still seems odd to me I think they should just give it up!
Next week sees 5ive under the spotlight again - the lads go out drinking together.

Second chance for pop acts
14th February 2013 - The Sun
POP fans rejoice - the Big Reunion Arena tour is definitely happening.
After selling out a special one-off gig, producers of the ITV2 series - which features a host of bands from the 1990s reforming - have decided to take the show on the road.
The groups - Atomic Kitten, Liberty X, 5ive, 911, The Honeyz and B*witched - will tour arenas across the UK for 12 dates in May. Tickets go on sale this Friday.
The series has been a surprise hit for the channel, with viewers gripped as the pop acts are brought back together - often after years of not speaking or meeting up.
The plan was for all the bands to take part in a special one-off gig in London, but when demand for tickets was so high, it was decided that there should be a bigger tour.
"The Big Reunion follows their every step, as their worlds are turned upside down after years away from the spotlight," promoters Live Nation said of the show.
"For some it's the chance to relive their dream, for others it may open old wounds as they prepare to face demons they thought they had buried forever.
"Each band will have just two weeks of intense rehearsals before they step back on to the stage to perform once again in front of thousands of fans at London's Hammersmith Apollo, tickets for which sold out almost as soon as they went on sale."

Five Threw Beer Bottles At Us!
13th February 2013 - Heatworld
They were the five bad boys with the power to rock you, so it might not come as a surprise that 5ive were a bit mean to all the other pop bands back in the day.
In this week's mag we spoke to lead singer of B*Witched, Edele Lynch, about the fighting, bitching and breakdowns that ended the band, but the outspoken popster also had something to say about the other bands on ITV show The Big Reunion.
"I was never under any illusion there could be trouble in the 5ive camp because they were always a bit like that back in the day - a bit boisterous and a bit mean," Edele told us. "They were always quite rude to us so I was like, 'You've got issues'
"I didn't harbour any hard feelings, but I'm quite an honest person and the first thing I said [when I saw them for The Big Reunion] was, 'Dude, yous were bloody horrible' and I think they were a bit shocked.
"I said: "You guys were horrible and never spoke to anyone'. I remember being in Germany and them throwing beer bottles over a partition wall into our dressing room. It just got a bit much at time.
"Bless, Scott and Ritchie use to try and fend it all off with a smile. The guys are really cool and calm now and I like them all individually."
Well, all's well that ends well.

What The Slam Dunk Da Funk Was That About?
9th February 2013 - Sabotage Times
The story of 5ive is a story of excess, tension and Simon Cowell's love of the audition process. Five young lads were recruited through the trade press, stuck in a house that could have been on the Brookside estate, and encouraged to make as much trouble as possible. With a selection of Swedish power pop under their belts, the lads went from strength to strength, despite the fact that the group's token hard-case apparently wanted to knock their lights out. As it happens, J has decided he wants no part of the group anymore, leaving the rest of the lads to either recruit a new member or commission a designer to see if he can knock up a new logo for a group called 4our.
The years haven't been kind to the group - cheeky chappy Abz has turned into the Childcatcher, and Richie moved down-under to perfect his wide-eyed Boy George impression. Cheeky Essex chappie Scott marvels at their early success: "Number one and number two - you do the math." Erm, three? Although they managed to knock up millions of sales and even opened the Brits alongside Queen, tensions within the band reached breaking point. Sean felt too sick to continue, so he was replaced with a cardboard cut-out for the next video. Maybe it says something about the boys' inherent star quality, but I swear it's the first time I actually noticed he only existed in two dimensions.

J a Bully?
3rd February 2013 - Sean Conlon
On The Big Reunion it was revealed how J had bullied Sean so bad that eventually Sean felt so beaten down he had to leave the band. The other members of Five also described J as "aggressive".
Sean has felt it necissary to comment on the program by saying on his twitter:
Sean Conlon @SeanConlonMusic
Let's remember that anything that was said in the show was to do with the past, not the present. Let's forgive and try to move forward.

Five in Arena Talks
3rd February 2013 - Sean Conlon
The lovely Sean has let us know of some great news. Five have been in talks about doing some arena tours. *and the crowd cheers*
Sean Conlon @SeanConlonMusic
Obviously most of you already know, but I just had it confirmed to myself that there are talks been had about poss arena tour! #Ihope

Five Hit the Charts
3rd February 2013 - iTunes
The Big Reunion has already started to pay off for the guys from Five. Five's Greatest Hits has hit the iTunes download chart and is currently sitting at number 5! Well done boys!

Five's five best songs with bits of other people's songs in them!
2nd February 2013 - Pop Justice
One of the 67 things that struck us while watching last night's first installment of The Big Reunion (which John Lucas has recapped very well here) was that the hits of Five stand up far better in 2013 than the big songs of their late-90s peers.
But that is not what we are here today to discuss. It is merely a clunky way of introducing a list of the band's FIVE BEST SONGS WITH BITS OF OTHER PEOPLE'S SONGS IN THEM.
And those songs are:

The other person's song: The theme off Battlestar Galactica
This 'Invincible' album track includes Abs/Abz/Absz discussing Jedi stuff which is a bit confusing vis-a-vis the whole sci-fi thing but there you go.

'Rock The Party'!
The other person's song: 'Grease' by Frankie Valli
This 'Kingsize' album track - and part of the band's last-ever AA-side single release thing - includes Absz uttering the immortal line "just as long as they're female and they've got a fit ass" which is a bit awful but there you go.

'If Ya Gettin' Down'
The other person's song: 'Last Night A DJ Saved My Life' by Indeep
This 'Invincible' album track - and a big old Number One smash (in New Zealand) - features Absz merrily 'spitting' the epoch-non-defining line "wiggy wiggy, I'm getting jiggy", which scores a paltry 34% on the jiggyometer but there you go.

'Everybody Get Up'
The other person's song: 'I Love Rock 'N' Roll' - 'made famous by' Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
This '5ive' album track - which in 2013 is still a certified floorfiller - features Absz warning a nation's teens that he will be "creeping up your back end", which is as alarming in 2013 as it was in 1998, but there you go.

'Pour Some Sugar On Me'
The other person's song: 'Pour Some Sugar On Me' by Def Leppard
In the spring of 2001 we went to Five's record label to see their A&R man. We were sort of hoping he would offer us a job but instead he just wanted a chat about Five and, while we were there, he played us some of their upcoming songs. We smoked fags in his office which felt very exciting. Some of the songs he played us made it onto Five's final album 'Kingsize' but one did not, and it was a big stupid amazing cover/samplefest involving Def Leppard's monumentally fantastic 'Pour Some Sugar On Me'. The song was basically 'Everybody Get Up Part II'. We don't know why it was never made public but its unreleased status bothers us to this day. The next time we saw Simon Cowell (FOR IT WAS HE) was at the media launch for Pop Idol. Before the screening he sat down in a corner with us for a chat and, in keeping with the 'let's find a solo star' theme of the Pop Idol launch, we asked him whether he thought there would ever be a solo star in Five. He said something mysterious along the lines of 'I think we'll find out rather soon', and when we asked whether he was talking about an imminent split, he suggested we watch this space. Within a week Five had split. We always think back to that Pop Idol launch - which was Cowell's launch as a superstar in his own right - when thinking about the end of that old pop era and the beginning of the current one. In our minds, it was the day everything changed. But there you go.

Anyway, those are the five best Five songs featuring songs by other people. And here's the worst:
'Inspector Gadget'

Big Reunion Tickets!
1st February 2013 - TBR
If you're interested in tickets for the Big Reunion you'd better be quick! They are expected to sell out fast!
Tickets are on sale now for the 'one-off' performance which will be held at the London, Hammersmith Apollo on Tuesday 26th Feb [2013]. You can get your tickets now from eventim.

The not-so Big Reunion
1st February 2013 - Daily Mail
Boy band 5ive will audition for a new member after lead singer J Brown refuses to join the group
It is the big reunion that their fans have been dreaming of, but not as they expected it to be.
Former 90s boy band 5ive have decided to regroup for ITV2's The Big Reunion, but only four of the original members will take to the stage.
While Scott Robinson, Ritchie Neville, Abz Love and Sean Conlon have all agreed to join forces once more, lead singer J Brown has opted out.
The past tensions that ultimately destroyed the group clearly had not been forgotten by J who declined to even be filmed and interviewed for the show.
After first agreeing to take part in The Big Reunion he pulled out just a few weeks before filming began.
Speaking about their breakdown at the peak of their fame, the other band members recall that J was a very intimidating and controlling person.
Scott said: 'He was a Gemini. He was two people. One was the salt of the earth and the other was a c**k.
The biggest problem in the group was between Sean and J, with the former having to quit the band following a nervous breakdown.
Sean recalled: ' [J's] words to me were that he hated me from the very first moment he heard me sing.
'I was very very confident in the beginning of the band. But I became the insecure one, I let the environment destroy me.'
Sean added: 'I was such a young kid that I was completely overwhelmed. I remember looking in the mirror and thinking who is that? Because I didn't know myself.
'I just had the strongest feeling that no matter how much money they throw at me I have to find Sean.'
The loyal 5ive fans were told that Sean was missing from public appearances because he had glandular fever, however, the Yorkshire lad had quit the band.
He said: 'I needed a father figure to put their arm around me and say ''it's gonna be alright'', but it wasn't like that.'
While the boys are upset that J won't be joining them, the general consensus is an air of relief.
Ritchie said: 'It is really sad. Maybe it will be a little bit smoother.'
Sean, who felt that J had bullied him during their time in the group, said: 'I was willing to forgive. I wanted to move forward. He's not here and that's it.'

The Big Reunion: have 5ive still Got The Feelin'?
31st January 2013 - Radio Times
Back in their nineties heyday, boy band 5ive were known as the bad boys of the pop world. Now they're back as a four-piece for ITV2's The Big Reunion alongside Atomic Kitten, B*Witched, Liberty X, 911 and The Honeyz to Slam Dunk (Da Funk) once more minus former member J Brown.
So why was J unwilling to Rock The Party with the rest of the boys? "He said he didn't want to be famous," band member Sean Conlon revealed to "It bummed us out - he might come back, he might not come back. We might get a new member, we might not get a new member... We're open to everything."
So are remaining band mates Rich, Scott, Abz and Sean ready to be Gettin' Down with their fans once again? We certainly hope so, although Abz admitted to worrying about how the band will be received this time around.
"People might be like, 'nah, we've got One Direction now'." Impossible! We reckon When The Lights Go Out, their nineties fans will come out of the woodwork to Keep on Movin' once more...
Watch the video below to see the boys reveal all about their fiery break-up, what plans they have for new material and why Simon Cowell has them to thank for his career...

5ive star Abz: 'Chris Evans mistook me for a thug'
31st January 2013 - Digital Spy
5ive boyband star Abz Love has revealed to Digital Spy that he once scared Radio 2 DJ Chris Evans, who mistook him for a thug.
Abz, who is taking part in ITV2's TV series The Big Reunion with his former bandmates, was asked by DS if during his time away from pop music he had ever been mistaken for anybody else famous.
911's Lee Brennan claimed that he often got muddled up with Dec from Ant & Dec, Michael J Fox and Ben from A1, while Jessica Taylor from Liberty X said that members of the public always asked whether she was "Michelle from Liberty X".
However, Abz's case of mistaken identity was far less glamorous, commenting: "Chris, the ginger dude, Evans. Once I was in a car, Chris Evans was in a Bentley and I pulled open the door. I said, 'Yo Chris, what's up?'
"He looked terrified like I was going to rob him. I think he mistook me for a thug. That's about it."
The ITV2 series features 5ive, 911, Liberty X, B*Witched, The Honeyz and Atomic Kitten reuniting for a musical extravaganza. The series will feature behind-the-scenes interviews as the ex-popstars attempt to heal old wounds and deal with their demons.
The Big Reunion starts on Thursday (January 31) on ITV2.

Bunch of 5ives
29th January 2013 - The Sun
Brawls ended our fame, say reunited band - REUNITED pop stars 5ive have lifted the lid on the backstage fighting that drove their mentor Simon Cowell mad and shattered the band's chart dreams.
The teen heart-throbs - who shot to fame in 1997 — scored a string of Top Ten hits and won thousands of fans under the mogul's guidance.
But behind the scenes, Ritchie Neville, Abz Love, Scott Robinson, J Brown and Sean Conlon were at each other's throats and at loggerheads with Simon.
Scott, looking back now, said: "We had some dark times when we really hated each other.
"We fought a lot and Sean even threw me down the stairs once. An argument got out of control and he shoved me. I ended up with a busted lip.
"We went on some pretty wild benders but the fights weren't all booze-fuelled. We were exhausted and had had enough of each other.
"Another time me, Abz and Ritchie left Sean and J in Taiwan.
"We had a fight - which involved baseball bats - and we stole our passports from our manager's room and left.
"By the time they woke up, we were back in the UK."
Sean said: "I would like to apologise to Simon for some of our behaviour. We were rebellious and if we didn't like what we were being told, we made a fuss.
"He and I had a big fall-out after I ignored him at an interview and I crossed the line." Abz added: "We were disrespectful to quite a few people. Once, Christina Aguilera didn't get in a lift with us and we were like, 'F**k off!', and spitting at the door."
And Scott revealed: "Simon Cowell once asked me to park his Aston Martin in London and I took it for a joyride - I nearly took off in it over Putney Bridge.
"We thought back then we could do whatever we wanted."
After their split the band drifted apart and had not been in the same room together for 11 years.
They've reformed for ITV2's The Big Reunion, airing on Thursday at 9pm. But the lads will be without Jason "J" Brown, who's now happier away from the spotlight.
The band were created to be a male version of the Spice Girls.
Sean said: "Recording When The Lights Go Out was the peak - after that things started to go sour.
"In the band, things got twisted and our personal relationships got mashed and turned toxic."
As 5ive slowly disintegrated, Sean, Scott and Ritchie threatened to quit.
Ritchie said: "Simon begged us not to quit - but we had no choice.
"We haven't heard from him yet, but I'm sure we will."
Sean added: "It hasn't been all sweetness and light and we have had rows — things have got heated.
"But we're adults now and we are being much more open."

Let The Bickering Begin!
19th January 2013 - Mirror
Let the bickering begin! Atomic Kitten, 5ive and 911 all reunite for ITV2 show
Some clever TV bigwigs have rounded up a gaggle of former chart stars for its new show The Big Reunion
Bitching, backstabbing and bawling... why would anyone want to re-form their defunct pop band?
For our entertainment, of course (and a wad of money).
Some clever ITV2 bigwigs have rounded up a gaggle of former chart stars for its new show The Big Reunion.
5ive are now, um, four since the fit one, J, didn't fancy it but they're not changing their name.
Scott Robinson argued: "Westlife didn't change their name when Brian McFadden left."
Yes, but their name didn't relate to the number of people in the band.
Undaunted, he added: "Our catchphrase can be '5ive go four-ward'."

Scott and Ritchie in OK!
19th January 2013 - OK!
Keep an eye out for the current issue of OK! Magazine in the UK as Scott and Ritchie chat about their concerns for Justin Beiber and give a little insight into their days in Five.

Emotional Rollercoaster
19th January 2013 - STV
5ive went on an ''emotional rollercoaster'' when they reformed for 'The Big Reunion'.
The 90s boy band - who are made up of Scott Robinson, Ritchie Neville, Abs Love and Sean Conlon, while fifth member Jason 'J' Brown pulled out of the reunion - admit they ''steamed in'' to a heart-to-heart to sort out all their past differences, but their relationship is now ''fantastic''.
Speaking at the launch of the ITV2 show, Sean told BANG Showbiz: ''The banter has been the same but before there was always this dark undercurrent underneath the banter where we upset everybody, and we don't want to do that but we're still normal lads full of testosterone.
''There was a big part in the show where we all reconvened and that was a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. We had a bit of a hug and a bit of a, 'How you doing?', and then we steamed in and got into the nitty gritty of things in the past. It got quite interesting.''
Scott added: ''That was important for us to do it that way round, we couldn't just come straight into rehearsals. It was a no-go. We had little things we had to sort out and now we've sorted them out it's fantastic.''
The 'Everybody Get Up' hitmakers - who posted an advert on Facebook earlier this week in a bid to find a fifth member - have enjoyed re-learning all their dance moves, while Abs joked he isn't enjoying their banter.
Ritchie said: ''It's been weird, strange and wonderful it really has.
'When you watch the programme you'll see our story and how it all ended and stuff, it's been nice to get together and start singing and doing all the moves and stuff, and just reconnecting with the guys as well.''
Abs joked: ''I've hated every moment of it with these boys to be honest, it's getting too much now!''
Sean quipped: ''We might need a fourth member let alone a fifth member!''
While the group are yet to put any plans in place following 'The Big Reunion', they haven't ruled out a future album.
Sean added: ''We want to get on this show and see what the fans say, and then who knows?''
'The Big Reunion' airs on ITV2 on January 31 at 9pm.

5ive Official Twitter
17th January 2013 -
Please be aware that #5ive_Official on Twitter is NOT the official 5ive account. Please do NOT follow them. The OFFICIAL twitter for the guys is #official5ive. The Official 5ive twitter account is updated and maintained by Scott, Abz, Ritchie and Sean.

Search for 5th Member
17th January 2013 - The Sun
5ive post Facebook advert for a 5th member after J drops out
WE'VE had to put up with some pish reunions in the past 12 months - STEPS, ATOMIC KITTEN and now 5IVE.
The boys are back for one last payday. But trouble is plaguing them already because JASON "J" BROWN - the one who had the beard - has dropped out.
Band founder CHRIS HERBERT has gone on Facebook, begging: "Looking for a member to join an established and extremely successful band. If you are male... late 20s early 30s, singer and/or rapper, great looks and swagga, inbox me... THIS COULD BE YOUR CALLING!"
They're also at each others' throats about the group's name.
A source said: "SCOTT wants to ditch it, saying it's stupid, but RITCHIE NEVILLE wants to keep it. And Ritchie sounds like an extra in Neighbours after years of pulling pints over there."
Surely they should've had all this stuff sorted?
[The Sun sure does come up with some crap!]

17th January 2013 - ITV
Ten years after they ruled pop, for one night only, six chart-topping groups will be reunited in an unmissable TV event.
The Big Reunion will follow their every step, as their worlds are turned upside down after years away from the spotlight. During the series, viewers will see the groups reunited for the first time since they split. For some it's the chance to relive their dream, for others it may open old wounds as they prepare to face demons they thought they had buried forever.
At their peak, these acts dominated UK pop over a 10-year period from the mid nineties, selling millions of singles, albums and achieving multiple number 1's. Now they will come together for the first time in a decade, to put on the show of their lives.
The cameras will capture the highs and lows, tears and tantrums as each of the bands hope they can once again discover the magic that helped them adorn magazine covers, sell out multiple arena tours and top the charts back in their heyday.
The Big Reunion, made by ITV Studios, will delve into the lives of these former pop heroes, exploring what happened after they slipped out of the charts. Some have remained in the celebrity spotlight, whilst others left their showbiz lives behind to pursue new careers as diverse as a stilt walker, a midwife, a teacher, a farmer and a wedding photographer.
Each band will have just two weeks of intense rehearsals before they step back onto the stage to perform once again in front of thousands of fans.
Featuring candid interviews, in the first episode of the brand new series, award winning 90's favourites 5ive and Liberty X exclusively reveal the highs and lows of life at the peak of the pop world.
5ive, the brainchild of Simon Cowell, burst onto the pop scene and rapidly hit the top of the charts but as they reaped the reward of success, on the cusp of breaking America, cracks were appearing behind the scenes.
"On stage we were the best ever, off stage we were a train wreck. Life in 5ive was mental. It was five years of very hard work. You see the inside of a hotel room, an airport, a radio studio, it's hard," admits father-of-two Scott.
With reports of in-fighting and boozing, the feisty boys earned a reputation as the bad boys of pop.
Abs confesses: "I know there were times when one of them would be p*ssed off with another one (in the band). There'd be fights going off."
Richie agrees: "We were difficult, bordering on being ar*eholes. We were delinquents."
Sean adds: "But like Simon Cowell said, he wanted a band with edge and that's what he got!"
As they continued to notch up hit after hit, life as a popstar was becoming unbearable for one member and culminated in Sean leaving the group after admitting to suffering a breakdown.
Sean says: "I remember looking in the mirror and thinking to myself, 'Who is that?' I didn't know myself and I just had the strongest feeling that no matter what happens no matter how much money they throw at me I've got to find Sean. Otherwise I make thousands of pounds but I'd be spending it all on therapy."
With the band still performing as a four piece and insisting publicly that Sean's break down was 'glandular fever', Richie reveals it was seeing fellow band mate Scott 'inconsolable' that made him realise the band was over.
He says: "We were in this hotel and Scott just broke down, he was crying his eyes out. Jay and I walked out to him and put our arms around him and he said, 'I just can't do it anymore.' I remember looking at Jay and he just looked at me and just went, 'It's done isn't it?' And I went, 'I think it is.'
Scott continues: "I just wanted a week off from being Scott from 5ive. I was on the edge. We quit at our peak, we were number one at the time and we jumped ship."
However Abs admits he took the news of the band's demise badly. He says: "I don't know what the details were, why Scott had to do what he did exactly because to be honest with you I just felt a little bit like you're taking something away from me."
For The Big Reunion, the band will be returning as a four piece, without founding member Jay but the band insist the door has been left open for him.
Scott says: "I was annoyed with Jay when he said he didn't want to be a part of this. I was really angry because I've been personally myself been trying to get this band back together for years and years and someone's let it down. He will be missed. "
Whilst Abs adds: "I don't want him to regret because it could be something amazing."

Boyband 5ive back as 4our
16th January 2013 - The Sun
THERE is a reason these pop gimps of the past are on Bizarre today.
And it's not just because RITCHIE NEVILLE looks a bit like Sun TV critic ALLY ROSS in his youth.
It's because 5IVE - RITCHIE, ABZ LOVE, SCOTT ROBINSON and SEAN CONLON — are getting back together for ITV2 show The Big Reunion, albeit without their fifth member J BROWN.
It's definitely a reunion, but big? They did sell 20million records in their pomp, but it's no STONE ROSES.
I heard one is working as an estate agent so their label chief in the Nineties, SIMON COWELL, clearly kept most of the profits.
Sean said: "I was struggling with a lot of demons and insecurities back then. My confidence was gone and I was breaking down."
After Sean said he wanted to quit the chart-topping band, Scott also said he couldn't go on.
He said: "I remember being completely inconsolable, sobbing in a hotel room. At that point we all knew we couldn't go on like that."
I told Ally, aka Ritchie, he would have to review the show at some point. He broke down in tears too.

TBR One-Off-Performance
13th January 2013 -
Fans have been asking if there will be tickets available for the "one off performance" the bands will be doing for the Big Reunion. The answer is YES.
We've been told there will be a chance to buy ticket soon. We'll keep you updated on that.
Meanwhile, a little birdie told us that the boys have written a song while filming the Big Reunion. The next question is...Will it be good enough for a single? We'll have to keep our fingers crossed for that one.
Also while we're at it. To answer another question, there are no plans at the moment for a tour however, if things go alright and there's enough interest that could change. Remember it's up to you to make that change! And the way to do that is to get the word out! The more interest the more chance of a full comeback!

TBR Airtime.
10th January 2013 - ITV2
Well we finally have a date for the Big Reunion. 31st January! The program with air over several weeks. We'll do our best to get our hands on it for fans outside of the UK.

31st January - 9pm
7th February - 9pm
14th February - 9pm
21st February - 9pm
28th February - 9pm
7th March - 9pm
14th March - 9pm
21st March - 9pm

UK views you can find ITV2 on the following channel numbers:
SKY - 118 & 179 (+1)
FREEVIEW - 6 & 27 (+1)
FREESAT - 113 & 114 (+1)
VIRGIN - 115 & 116 (+1)

J NOT on Twitter
9th January 2013 - Twitter
In the words of J, some "muppet" has started a fake J Twitter account claiming to be J. The Twitter account #JBrownOfficial_ is FAKE. The account claims that they are J and are in the studio with no intentions of rejoining Five.
Anyone who has followed J would know J has no intentions of being a public figure again so would not fall for a stupid attention seeking stunt like this.
Scott verified that it was NOT J saying "I have just Spoken to J And can confirm that it's not him on twitter So that @JBrownOfficial_ Is a fake account #SomePeopleNeedToGetOutMore"
This is the 3rd fake account made posing as J. Back in May when the hype about Five getting back together started and J WAS going to be a part of it Scott confirmed 2 accounts as JBrown were not him.

Five 4 the Big Reunion
9th January 2013 - ITV2
Promos for ITV2's The Big Reunion start this week so if you're in the UK keep an eye out for those.
The boys have been busy filming for the show and this week have been forced to endure watching video clips of the old days. Such a hard life! lol
As soon as we find air dates for the show we'll let you know.

First Look at New Lineup
7th January 2013 - 5ive
The boys have given us a first look at the new line up. Here we see Sean, Abz, Ritchie and Scott together for the first time since the failed 2006 reunion.
The band are back together for the ITV2 show "The Big Reunion" where bands from the 00's reunite and do a one off performance which is due to air this month.

Get involved with the 5ive reunion!
1. Follow the boys on twitter! #official5ive (run by the guys themselves), #seanconlonmusic, #abzlove, #ragztorichez & #scottlarock5
911 and Five 2. Join the Five Facebook group for latest info and join in the fan conversations!
3. Share the links and help get the word out!

Remember, the more interest in Five the more chance of that long awaited album. That can't do it without your help!