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Cowell on Five
31st December 2012 - Rolling Stone Magazine
While doing an interview for Rolling Stones Magazine on One Directions rise to stardom, Simon Cowell mentions Five's success.
It's interesting that so few British boy bands have broken big in the States. Even a group like Take That, who are massive in England, didn't do much of anything over here. Why do you think that is?
I nearly did with a band called Five a few years ago. They had one hit in America ("When The Lights Go Out.") Then they went out to Sweden a few weeks later to record a song which they famously turned down, called "Bye Bye Bye." And it really was bye bye bye after that. That would have been the record that broke them. I would have broken that band.
It's interesting that they broke through in the States by using virtually no mainstream media. It was largely Twitter and Facebook. It's so different from how N'Sync and the Backstreet Boys did it.
Oh my God, it was incredible. I remember years ago, we had to do something on Disney. That's how we initially broke this band Five. Normally we hassle the American labels when we think something is going to work. This time we said, "Let's just wait for the phone to ring and see who phones first." I wanted them to find out about the group (One Directions) first in a more buzzy way rather than us forcing the band on them.

Scott on BBC Radio
31st December 2012 - BBC Essex
Sixty Years of Essex Number 1s celebrates the 60th anniversary of the UK singles chart. In part four, Scott Robinson features Essex pop stars and musicians who made it to No.1 in the 1990s.
Listen live at 11am (Essex time) on BBC Radio Essex

Matt Willis is NOT Joining Five
23rd December 2012 - Matt Willis
Someone trying to be funny posted on Wikipedia that Matt Willis was to replace J in 2013 and fans have been going nuts trying to find out if it's true. The Lovely Matt, formerly of UK band Busted has spoken out and said "No it's not True."
J met Matt during his stint on 2007's IACGMOOH. Matt was a fan of J's in the show and often poked fun at J's constant talk about food.

Bad News Foor J
23rd December 2012 - Apocalypse
Bad news for J. Since the "end of the world" has been posponed, J still lives in the hearts and minds of his fans. Oh well. Better luck next time J!

Matt Willis to Join Five?
21st December 2012 - Wikipedia
While we're sitting around waiting for Nibiru to come wipe out the human race we've come across an interesting rumour. According to Wikipedia (yeah I rolled my eyes too) Matt Willis, formerly from Busted, will be joining 5ive next year as a replacement for J.
Wikipedia says "In December 2012, it was announced that Willis is set to be joining up with British boy band Five in 2013 as a replacement for J Brown."
There's been no official confirmation from Five yet or just WHO confirmed it for wiki.

25th November 2012 - Liquid Clubs
5ive will be performing at Fuzzy Logic (Windsor) on Thursday 29th November. For more info visit Fuzzy Logic Windsor, Email or call 01753 622373. ..Tickets..

Five's Official Twitter
5th November 2012 - Official Five
For all the latest news and info on the band and members of Five head over and "follow" the OFFICIAL FIVE TWITTER
account. You may also be lucky enough to get a follow back. Be quick! (Don't forget to spread the word!)

The Big Reunion: Filming Begins
1st November 2012 - GuerrillaBar
Filming has begun for ITV2's "The Big Reunion", due to air in January 2013. Ritchie's restuarant 'Guerrilla Bar' says "Filming is happening tonight at Guerrilla for ITV UK. If you've always wanted to be on TV tonight might be your lucky night!"

The Big Reunion: Ritchie's Response
23rd October 2012 - Ritchie
The Daily Star in the UK printed an article claiming Ritchie was not going to be involved with "The Big Reunion" next year with the boys from Five. Well, Ritchie puts the story straight "Don't listen to the reports in a publication today in the UK, I'll be getting on up next year with the rest of the boys! #thebigReunion". We're glad to hear it Ritchie!

The Big Reunion: Ritchie Leaves
23rd October 2012 - Daily Star
BOYBAND 5ive look set to abandon their plans for a reunion on a new ITV show.
The group, who scored hits with Keep On Movin and We Will Rock You, were one of a string of bands getting back together as part of documentary series The Big Reunion.
Others include Atomic Kitten, B*witched and ­Liberty X.
However 5ive’s Ritchie Neville, 33, will not leave Australia where he now lives.
So bosses have told his bandmates that they will be dropped from the mix.
A source said: “They’re gutted.”
[This article is not true. Ritchie is looking forward to joining Abz, Scott and Sean in the reunion show.]

The Big Reunion
23rd October 2012 - Scott
Scott has confirmed the ITV2 show The Big reunion will air in January 2013.

The Big Reunion
19th October 2012 - ITV Press Center
Atomic Kitten, 5IVE, B*Witched, Liberty X, Honeyz and 911 are back for the ultimate pop reunion.
Ten years after they ruled pop, for one night only, six chart-topping groups will be re-united in an unmissable TV event.
At their peak, these acts dominated UK pop over a 10-year period from the mid nineties, selling millions of singles, albums and achieving multiple number 1’s. Now they will come together for the first time in a decade, to put on the show of their lives.
Commissioned by ITV2, The Big Reunion will follow their every step, as their worlds are turned upside down after years away from the spotlight. During the series, viewers will see the groups reunited for the first time since they split. For some it’s the chance to relive their dream, for others it may open old wounds as they prepare to face demons they thought they had buried forever.
The cameras will capture the highs and lows, tears and tantrums as each of the bands hope they can once again discover the magic that helped them adorn magazine covers, sell out multiple arena tours and top the charts back in their heyday.
The Big Reunion, made by ITV Studios, will delve into the lives of these former pop heroes, exploring what happened after they slipped out of the charts. Some have remained in the celebrity spotlight, whilst others left their showbiz lives behind to pursue new careers as diverse as a circus performer, a midwife, a teacher, a farmer and a wedding photographer.
Each band will have just two weeks of intense rehearsals before they step back onto the stage to perform once again in front of thousands of fans.
As the former pop colleagues find themselves back in close quarters will old inter-band rivalries flare up again? Will former loves be reignited? Can they cope balancing their new everyday lives with being in a band again?
Ultimately, with this one last shot to put themselves back on the music map, will this be The Big Reunion they are hoping for?
Michael Kelpie Creative Director, ITV Studios said: "To reunite these bands, tell the stories of what has happened to each of them since their heydays and follow them as they prepare to step back on the stage for the first time in a decade is a dream come true. The Big Reunion promises a rollercoaster ride of real-life drama, twists, turns, laughter, tears and cheers. Can't wait to see what happens!"
The Big Reunion was ordered for ITV2 by Angela Jain, Director of Digital Channels and Acquisitions and commissioned by Katy Thorogood, Commissioner of Factual and Daytime.
Angela said: "We are really thrilled to be able to bring the stories of these pop groups bang up-to-date for ITV2 viewers. A lot has happened in the time these bands have been apart; marriages, divorces and changes in career. And who knows quite what will happen when they reunite."
The Big Reunion is an ITV Studios production for ITV2. Executive producers are Michael Kelpie and Phil Mount, ITV Studios, Series producer is Kevin Lane, ITV Studios.

Notes to editors:
Atomic Kitten (Natasha Hamilton, Liz McClarnon, Kerry Katona)
5IVE (Ritchie Neville, Scott Robinson, Abz Love (Richard Breen), Sean Conlon)
B*Witched (Edele Lynch, Keavy Lynch, Sinead O’ Carroll, Lindsay Armaou)
Liberty X (Jessica Taylor, Michelle Heaton, KevinSimm, Kelli Young, Tony Lundon)
911 (Lee Brennan, Simon ‘Spike’ Dawbarn, Jimmy Constable)
Honeyz (Celena Cherry, Mariama Goodman,Heavenli Roberts)

The Big Reunion
18th October 2012 - Channel Hopping
In 1999 5ive felt Invincible, but just two years later they, and we, suffered Breakdown. For fans of the band it came as no surprise, and it became not a matter of if, but When The Lights Go Out.
However, this year, the band began Gettin’ Down and Got The Feelin’ they Don’t Wanna Let Go, and now they’re reuniting Until The Time Is Through.
They will join a whole roster of other 90s stars for a new ITV2 documentary called The Big Reunion, which will follow the bands as they rehearse for a fortnight and then perform a huge comeback show.
Rumours abound as to who the other bands might be, but it seems likely that Atomic Kitten will be Whole Again and that we might see A Little Bit More of unfortunately-named-for-the-noughties band 911.
Some other less well-known bands are also tipped to make an appearance, including Liberty X, B*Witched and early 90s girl group The Honeyz, around whom there’s been a lot of buzz.
Liberty X are chiefly remembered from the genre-spawning reality show Popstars, and it is now often heard that they were the show’s first winners, but that’s Hearsay, and they are actually a group formed of the same year’s losers.
ITV’s head of digital channels Angela Jain said, “A lot has happened in the time these bands have been apart – marriages, divorces and changes in careers – and who knows quite what will happen when they reunite.”

The Big Reunion
18th October 2012 - DS
Atomic Kitten are among several '90s pop acts who will reunite for an ITV2 documentary series.
The girl group will reform along with 5ive, Liberty X and 911 for The Big Reunion, according to The Sun.
The show will follow the reunited bands as they rehearse for two weeks ahead of a comeback performance.
"We are thrilled to bring the stories of these pop groups up to date," said ITV's head of digital channels Angela Jain.
"A lot has happened in the time these bands have been apart - marriages, divorces and changes in careers - and who knows quite what will happen when they reunite!"
Other acts tipped to come back together for The Big Reunion include B*Witched and the Honeyz.

Five Reunion on ITV2
18th October 2012 - Scott
Scott has revealed some exciting news for Five fans. He says "I can confirm that five we'll take part in the big reunion on @itv2 Sometime next year We are all Looking forward to the show #willbegreat". He add's "Would like to add that we are so happy for the five fans who have waited for this for over 11 years. Look forward to seeing you all @itv2"
[I for one nearly pee'd my pants when I read this but then remembered J chucked a shitty and pissed off!]

Cheers Presents Five
20th September 2012 - Cheers Dumbarton
If you're gettin down baby come join us for the BEST party around on the September weekend!! Scott and Abs from the biggest boyband of the 90s Five will be performing all their hits live on our bank holiday Sunday 23rd September!!
The boys will also do a meet and greet after their performance to personally thank you for coming along!!
We are looking forward to whats set to be the biggest night we have ever had with tickets already in high demand!! Watch this space for the opportunity to pre book your tickets!! Doors open @ 10pm***Entry £8***Drinks starting from £1***
1 Brewers Lane , G82 1LB Dumbarton

5ive Are Still Alive
29th August 2012 - Sky Sports
We are very fortunate to meet a lot of celebrities from the world of sport and entertainment in our job but none seemed to have captured the office like Scott from 5ive, with several crew members admitting to being fans.
On our return to the office on Tuesday, 5ive was blaring form the office speakers with Rocket admitting he used to know the routine. "My mates and I used to sneak into 'Jacks' when I was 17 and performed the dance to 'Everybody Get Up'," he confessed.

Boys Bar Home For Many
19th August 2012 - Inner West Courier
From left - Zane Heemi, Sven Tydman, Tim Pullen and Richard Neville Take four men with different talents, a conversation over a few beers and you have the birth of Glebe's Guerrilla Bar and Restaurant.
The month-old venue is the brainchild of Richard Dobson, former member of boy band 5ive, Tim Pullen from Cowra Smokehouse, head chef Zane Heemi and international music producer Sven Tydeman.
"The idea was to open up a place that would be a home away from home, where people just love to come back" Dobson said.
The boys put in a lot of work to maintain the original old Victorian charm of the Glebe Point Rd building, sourcing furniture anywhere from op-shops to online. The rooms are decorated with original art from Australia artists.
Dobson moved to Austrailia four years ago and like many who have come before him, fell in love with the country and never left, calling the inner west home.
The place also hosts a slew of muscicians, thanks to Dobson and Tydman's musical connections. But it's the comfort the boys are aiming for and the validation from those who walk through the door.
"We are getting a lot of people coming saying 'my friend told me about this place' which we love." Tydman said.
Guerila Bar and Restaurant
207-209 Glebe Rd, Glebe.

Ritchie on One Direction
19th August 2012 - Inner West Courier
We couldn't resist asking Dobson his thoughts on Simon Cowell's new creation One Direction: "To be honest I am 33 this month so I don't get that much into it, but I know they are another band having a cray time, having their hey-day and good luck to them."

Scott - Soccer AM
17th August 2012 - Scott
Scott will be appearing on Soccer AM in the UK this weekend. Tune in to see Soccer AM on Sky Sports 2 HD and Sky One HD, Saturday 10am.

Abs - Five and Beyond
13th August 2012 - The Vault
Do you remember Abs having a solo career? The Vault takes a look at his solo sucess as well as his time in pop boy band Five!
The Vault - 14th - 23:00
The Vault - 15th - 14:00
The Vault - 16th - 08:00

Ritchie Neville's dirty at Emily Scott's public comments
13th August 2012 - There View
FORMER 5ive boy band singer Ritchie Neville has hit out at Aussie bikini babe Emily Scott for airing their "dirty laundry" in public.
When Scott competed on Dancing With The Stars in 2009, she spoke of their break-up and the glassing "incident" which left her with a scar on her face.
"There are two sides to every story," Neville tells Insider, speaking for the first time of the break-up.
British-born Neville, 32, moved here with Scott when they wed in October 2008.
He'd been most famous for being Billie Piper's boyfriend and for his pop hits with 5ive.
Now he's dating again and this week opens a new pub, Guerrilla Bar in Glebe.
Scott, 29, is in the UK, modelling and working as a DJ, after competing on hugely popular reality series, I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here last year.
"I didn't get an opportunity to say anything publicly at the time, I don't believe in airing your dirty laundry in public, which she kind of did," Neville tells us.
"She can accuse me of whatever she likes. I wasn't charged with anything and the case was dismissed."

The Re-View
30th July 2012 - There View
Pop reunion reportedly coming our way in 2013 featuring 5ive, Liberty X, Honeyz and B*Witched.
It is the news that every fan of 90s pop has been waiting for. Yes. A one-off gig at the 02 next year will reportedly take place, featuring some of the biggest groups of the late 90s and early 00s.
In addition, ITV2 are also rumoured to be filming a new series called ‘The Reunion’ following the acts as they launch their comeback.
So which acts are apparently on the roster? Well at least two girl groups on my Best of British 90s Girlgroups are on the list! No Eternal though.
Five have already confirmed that they are looking to reunite as a four piece (without Jason ‘J’ Brown), following on from Sean Conlon’s unsuccessful attempt to be The Voice UK earlier this year. Perhaps that is the greatest outcome of the entire show? A 5ive reunion is NOT to be scoffed at.
The five-piece scored ELEVEN Top 10 hits between 1997 and 2001, including three number ones: ‘Keep On Movin”, ‘We Will Rock You’ (with Queen) and ‘Let’s Dance’. ‘When The Lights Go Out’ charted at #10 on the US Billboard Top 100.
Abs went on to score some solo success, J went in the jungle, whilst everyone else just faded in to obscurity. This comeback is genuinely exciting and looks set to be for more than just a one off gig.

Pop Back A Decade
29th July 2012 - Daily Star
A STRING of chart-topping pop groups are set to reunite for a one-off arena spectacular, the Daily Star Sunday can reveal. Acts including Atomic Kitten, Liberty X, 5ive ,B*witched and Another Level are reforming more than a decade after first hitting the charts. The concert at London’s O2 arena next March will see the groups perform hits which made them household names. An industry insider last night said: “All of them had number ones and were selling out tours year in, year out. People love a bit of nostalgia so this concert will be a massive success.” The weeks leading up to the gig will be filmed for a new ITV2 reality show, The Big Reunion

Scott Gets Screwed!
15th July 2012 - ITV1
Scott recently did an interview for ITV 1's "Nation's Favourite Number 1 Singles" which aired as a 3 part series. Unfortunately Scott only scored a mere 34 seconds. Fans weren't the only ones disapointed, Scott said "I was on the nations favourite number ones for about two seconds last night lol I don't know why I do the interview they never show much. I wouldn't mind but they ask me to do them thenshow fuck all what's the point in paying me to do it then not put it on there".

The Wicked Web!
8th July 2012 -
Thought we'd take a little look at the wicked web and warn fans about some goings on.
First up: 5IVE-Australian-Tour on Facebook promising fans that IF you like their page they will be able to get Five to Australia to tour. No such thing could happen. Five will NOT decide to tour based on how many fans a Facebook page or any other page has. Second of all, Five have NOT officially reformed so promising a tour from a band who are NOT even together is just pain pathetic!
The are many "Five" Facebook pages but Five have NO official Facebook page. Anyone claiming to be an official site is once again decieving you.
Which brings us to the hoaxers and pages named after the guys. As you are aware J would prefer ALL public pages about him deleted! This isn't just WW. As you saw in J's message he's wanting the Facebook pages shut down too. As yet those admins have not attempted to close the pages nor have they even passed on J's wishes. There are also MANY J Facebook pages claiming to actually be J. J does not have a Facebook page (OBVIOUSLY!) and does NOT condone the use of his identity for these pages! There are also a couple pages claiming to be "Ritchie Neville Dobson", "Ritchie Neville" and "Ragz to Richez" which are not Ritchie's. Ritchie no longer has fan pages on Facebook. As for Abz, well it depends on the day of the week whether he has a Twitter, Facebook or website. lol He loves that little delete button doesn't he? lol
Please use a little thought before jumping into believing these pages/people. Remember if in doubt you can always ask the fella's themselves on Twitter!

Abz Gear up for Grabs!
8th July 2012 - Abz
Abz has decided to clear out some of his stuff and put some of it up to auction. His first peice is the outfit he wore in the video for "We Will Rock You". Go check it out here The idea is you buy a ticket to enter a comp and Abz will at random pick a winning ticket. Tickets are £10 each.

Scott's on Number 1 Singles.
8th July 2012 - Scott
Scott will be appearing on ITV1's "The Nation's Favourite Number 1 Singles". He's not too sure if or how long he'll be on the show but best not to miss it. The show will be aired over 3 weeks:
Sunday 8th July - 9pm to 10:30pm - ITV1 (and ITV1 HD)
Sunday 15th July - 9:30pm to 11pm - ITV1 (and ITV1 HD)
It's also on the Sunday after but can't find details for it on the ITV schedule since it doesn't go that far.

Ritchie to Open Restaurant
10th May 2012 - The Age
Former boy-band star Dobson to open Guerilla in our midst
British boy-band members don't all retire to Majorca - some move to Australia and open restaurants. Richard Neville Dobson from the boy-band 5ive - which picked up a Brit Award as best pop act in 2000, as well as topping one magazine reader poll in the best haircut category - is opening a new restaurant early next month at 207-209 Glebe Point Road. Dobson and co-owner Tim Pullen, formerly of the Cowra Smokehouse, have gutted the one-time site of a Thai restaurant. ''Richard's family owned a pub in England, it has always been his dream to have a restaurant-bar,'' Pullen says. They've signed a yet-to-be-named chef with Becasse on his CV, and will call their new venture Guerilla Restaurant & Bar, a nod to the underground dining movement.

Never to be 5 Again! Response.
20th April 2012 - Ritchie Neville
"Well good morning Twitter, a lot has been happening hasn't it?! Lol. The boys have summed it all up perfectly in my sleepy absence. But I would like to reiterate my condolences to anyone that was super excited about the prospect and I am sorry we couldn't get it together for you. It could have been a lot of fun for us all but C'est la vie. Life goes on. Even talking about it these past months has brought back some amazing memories. A big personal thank you to all of you who supported and championed us. Your efforts were amazing and very touching after all these years. I guess you can only say c'est la vie? Good luck to all of the boys, including J. And good luck to all of you out there. I'm still going to be chatting my rubbish on twitter for the unforeseeable future if you want to get freaky you know where I'll be....well in, cyber space anyway. Thanks again. Xx"

Never to be 5 Again! Response.
19th April 2012 - Sean Conlon
"Id just like to say, that whatever certain individuals feel about fans sites or whatever being an intrusion, in no way represents Five as a Band. Every individual has a right to voice there opinion, and say how they feel, but myself and the other guys are sorry for any hurt somebodys words may have caused. we are deeply disappointed, and I can promise we feel as let down as you by these words. Myself and the other three guys could never thank you enough for your past and CONTINUOUS support!"

Never to be 5 Again! Response.
19th April 2012 - Scott Robinson
Hi guys I can confirm that it was J sending you this letter. we as the other members of the band and management got a very similar letter a short while before it has come as much of a shock to us as it has to you we can promise you that we have not been stringing you along up until yesterday J was very much a part of the the ongoing talks about a possible five reunion as you can probably realise from this day J will never be apart of five again as he is obviously having some serious issues things were really starting to gather momentum but this has obviously puts a big spanner in the works we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your hard work support and the dedication to this five reunion we know that you will all be deeply disappointed but this is out of our hands once again sorry guys take it easy Scott x

Never to be 5 Again!
19th April 2012 - J
Hi Angelz it's J (yes the real one), I'm writing on this board as I have no other way of contacting you, plus it may help if others see what I have to personally say. I know and appreciate the time, effort and love that you have put into this website over the years and the fact that you have done it all on your own time and without any financial remuneration is pretty amazing, BUT, I am writing to ask that you please consider taking the website down. As you and anyone who still has any interest in my life well know, since Five split in 2001, except for a few appearances, I have done my utmost to stay out of the public eye. This is due to the fact that I personally dislike fame/celebrity and everything that comes with it and I have no interest whatsoever in being a part of that world. Since Five split I have had many offers of work in different areas of the so-called show biz world and have turned down 99% of them due to the reasons mentioned above. In the future I will never again appear in the public eye or accept ANY offer of work that puts me in the public eye as I just want to get on with my life as a regular dude and so I am asking that you please take this website down because the very existence of the site keeps the idea of "J the celebrity" alive. It has a negative impact on my everyday life as it gives people the impression that I am still somebody who is in the public eye and therefore somebody who's whereabouts and life should be followed and reported on. If I wanted to keep my "celebrity" image alive then I would be grateful to you for your work but as it stands it just brings intrusion into a life that I wish to keep private. If this site didn't exist, people wouldn't have a place to post where they'd seen me or what I am now doing with my life etc etc. I know that a lot of people want and appreciate that kind of attention from others, and if they wish to experience fame/celebrity then they have to expect a certain degree of that but I am not a part of that world and so I would appreciate my life remaining private. I have turned down a lot of things that many others would not have turned down and it has been done specifically because I wish to live a totally ordinary life without fame and intrusion but unfortunately this website gives people the reason/ability to keep this intrusion alive. I cannot tell you and everybody who supported myself and the other guys how very grateful I am of that support but when somebody chooses to not live that life any longer then I believe others should respect their wishes and let them get on with their life in peace. If I was writing to ask that you take down the site but was still singing or appearing professionally in public then I understand my request could be seen as being a little unreasonable, but as it stands I am not doing any of that and so I would be very very grateful if you would consider my request. If you have truly been running the site because you like me as a human being and because you have my best wishes and wellbeing at heart, then please could you take it down because I am stating that the site, although not done purposely, is not beneficial to my wellbeing. In fact it has the totally opposite effect on myself and my life. Please consider everything that I've said and help me out with this. Also, if you know the person/people who run the J Brown Facebook page could you please contact them and ask that they do the same. If the sites aren't taken down after this request from me then they are being run for other people's benefit and not as they are made out, for mine. Again I want to send my thanks and love to you and everyone for your years of support but it really is time to please allow me to live the "normal" life that I wish to live. I should also say that there were serious talks regarding Five reforming but I have recently put an end to that once and for all for all of the reasons I've already covered in this letter. Thanks everyone. Thanks Angelz, take care and I hope life shines for you. Much Love. Jxx

Want a Bunch of 5ive?
16th April 2012 - auspop
The bullshit people do to get fans to their sites can be really low! But when you use Five to do it..then it's on! We don't take kindly to people using Five for their own selfish gain! And here's a prime example! (*Removed the link to the Facebook page as there is NO such thing happening! Five do NOT want you to join this Facebook page in order to get an Australian tour!!)

Remember these five strapping young lads? Scott Robinson, Ritchie Neville, J Brown, Abs Breen and Sean Conlon made up British boyband 5ive, who enjoyed a string of chart hits throughout the late '90s and early noughties. Their Aussie domination began with 1998's 'When The Lights Go Out' and continued with singles including 'Keep On Movin', 'If Ya Gettin' Down', 'Got The Feelin'. Australia ended up being one of the band's biggest markets, with 5ive enjoying a string of eight top ten singles and two top ten albums. Now the same company who's bringing out SClub3, Big Brovaz, N-Trance and Eiffel 65 in the coming months is asking for your support to perhaps bring the boys to Australia for a tour. They're looking for 4000 people from across Australia to 'Like' their Facebook page within the next two weeks for the chance to have the entire band visit for a series of shows in the months ahead. Want to lend your support to the cause? Best you head HERE for all the information.

Five haven't even reformed yet!!

5ive Sean Conlon has another shot at fame after The Voice boot
30th March 2012 - the Sun
SEAN CONLON, booted off The Voice, is having another stab at fame – by reuniting his old band 5ive.
Manager Tim Ferrone confirmed: "The lads talked about whether there was interest in a reunion.
"They all agreed this is something to work on and there has been lots of positive feedback from promoters.
"It would primarily be a comeback tour at this stage but there has been talk of new material."
In the Nineties, the band had hits including Got The Feelin'.
[Scott has confirmed the boys have met up recently. He says "I take it that you have read the sun today about us meeting up I can confirm we did have a few beers it was great to catch up with the guys".]

Sean Conlon Plans 5ive Reunion After The Voice Rejection
30th March 2012 - Yahoo News
Sean Conlon might have missed out on progressing in The Voice, but he's not let that dampen his dreams as he's getting his old band 5ive back together for a comeback tour.
After Sean Conlon's appearance on The Voice's opening show last Saturday, the public's memory of Nineties boy band 5ive was stirred. None of the judges hit their buttons, but it seems like fans did.
The five-piece are thinking about following in the footsteps of lots of other bands who have jumped on the reunion bandwagon recently, from Steps and A1 to Atomic Kitten and S Club 7.
Sean Conlon apparently met up with his former bandmates Scott Robinson, Ritchie Neville, J Brown and Abs Breen this week for the first time in five years to discuss reuniting.
Manager Tim Ferrone told the Sun they all agreed to look into it, and promoters have given positive feedback. He added it would be a comeback tour, but there's also "talk of new material".
Sean Conlon tweeted this week that he found all the tweets about 5ive reuniting "very touching" and "very tempting", with the more fans saying it the more tempting it felt.
Abs Breen took to Twitter to ask what this whole #5ivereunion hashtag was about, and Sean Conlon took the opportunity to reconnect with his former bandmate.
Cue Scott Robinson and Ritchie Neville getting in on the Twitter bromance, with Scott agreeing that it's nice to know the fans still want them back. N'aww.
Scott Robinson, Ritchie Neville, J Brown, Abs Breen and Sean Conlon came together to form a manufactured band back in 1997 and were signed by Simon Cowell.
They split in September 2001, having sold 20 million records worldwide and clocked 11 top ten singles plus four top ten albums in the UK.
All but Sean Conlon briefly reformed in 2006 but disbanded after eight months due to lack of interest from record companies.
Will 2012 be their year to fully reunite? We hope so.
All together now… "Everybody get up singing, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5ive will make you get down!"

Finding a new Voice
30th March 2012 - Yorkshire Evening Post
A decade after Leeds singer Sean Conlon left boyband 5ive he chose to step back into the limelight on the TV show The Voice. He tells Rod McPhee why.
HE was just 15 years old when he signed up to one of the biggest groups of the 1990s - and five years later, barely out of his teens, he quit when they were at their peak.
So it must have been a blow to attempt a failed comeback on the BBC’s Saturday night blockbuster The Voice, right?
“Was I gutted?” he ponders. “It was more surreal more than anything else. You could feel it in the audience: ‘Oh my God! It’s Sean from 5ive and they haven’t turned their chairs round!’ I almost had a flash life lesson right there and then.
“You know, I went to one audition with Simon Cowell 15 years ago and he put me in a band and we sold millions of records – that was that day. The next day I went for an audition on The Voice and that happened.
“I knew I’d get mixed opinions and it would be controversial coming from my background. I wanted to do it because I thought: ‘There’s millions of viewers and they’ve only known Sean from 5ive, they’ve never met Sean Conlon. I want them to know Sean Conlon.
“I honestly didn’t think about the competition. In fact I didn’t really think about any negative consequences. It was almost instinct and sheer drive to sing and I have no regrets about it.”
In fact, the judges were relatively kind to Sean. Judge Jessie J in particular praised his voice and the 30-year-old departed with his pride still intact.
But then he’s been there and done it all before.
Now living in London, Conlon grew up on a council estate in Horsforth and spent the latter years of his adolescence in one of the biggest British boybands to emerge after the split of Take That. But by the time he turned 20 the pressure of fame proved to much for him.
“I had to find my own sanity,” he says. “Being in the group really messed with my head. Looking back I was just too young. I used to look in the mirror and I just saw this cartoon character, not myself.
“It took me years to properly find myself, to find a balance where I was content. I had to get rid of the negativity you get from fame. When I was in 5ive I became quiet and retreated into myself.
“I kind of regret that I let that get to me. I don’t necessarily regret leaving, because it was right for me at the time. But there are tinges of sadness – maybe it didn’t end in the right way for 5ive as a group.”
Sean recalls hitting rock bottom when he turned on the TV to see the last song and video released by 5ive which featured his four other band mates dancing next to a cardboard cutout of Sean. So did he ever turn to drink or drugs in his despair?
“No, because I grew up on a council estate and I was quite streetwise,” he says. “I’ve seen the negativity of drugs and all that. We all need escapism and that’s just another escape from things. But when I left 5ive I didn’t want to escape, I actually wanted to confront my problems and find the truth.”
Instead he turned initially to travel, touring Europe with a backpack in a bid to find himself. Luckily he also found his future wife and they’ve now been married for four years.
Back on his feet Sean started writing for other artists.
“It wasn’t easy at first,” he recalls “I was so determined not to do what I did in 5ive that my sound was the complete opposite, but I knew I had to eventually find a balance – and I think I’ve found that now, which is part of the reason why I’ve never been happier than I am now.
“I’ve written quite a few tracks for people, for bands like Boyzone and The Undertones, which has been really great. It’s been brilliant establishing myself as a singer songwriter over the last ten years.”
But what about the $64 million question: Will 5ive reform? And does he want the group to include Sean?
He says: “It’s really difficult to say, again as I’ve said before it really would depend on the fans. I can’t speak for everybody in the band. But for myself ten years is such a long time and everyone in the band is so down to earth, but you can’t just walk back in where you left off.
“I do sometimes sense something. A few months ago I saw them, which was refreshing and you can detect a sense of sadness about the way it ended. It’s nice to close the door in the right manner, who knows?”
So is that a yes, or a no?
“Its a scary thought,” he laughs “I’ll have to get back to you.”

Scott On 5ive News
28th March 2012 - Scott Robinson
"doing an interview for tonight's @5_News about boy bands make sure you has a watch I may even mention this #5ivereunion"

Five Needs Your Help!
28th March 2012 - Sean Conlon
Sean "Think those who say yes need to spread the word to get more twitter followers, reunite the Five family, and get opinion!"

Five Reunion. It's Up To Fans To Make It Happen!
28th March 2012 -
The boys of Five are up for a Five reunion but they need your help! Fans need to make a noise and make themselves heard in order for it to happen.
As much as the boys would love a reunion they need to get the industry and media interested....and that's where you come in! If you have twitter help 5ive trend by using #5ivereunion on all your tweets. Let all your Five fan friends know to help out and make a noise. Any social media sites, forums you can think of try get people talking. It can only happen with your help!

Even Sean is on board for a reunion. He says "Must admit the tweets about Five reunion are very touching.... and its very tempting. The Higher the number of Five fans saying they would like it, the more tempting it becomes!"

Join Five Facebook Group and talk to other fans and help us find new ways to get Five noticed. It's up to you guys! Do you want a reunion? Don't let this moment pass you by!!
[Be aware that some people as low as they are will take advantage of fans hard work. For instance starting a twitter account as #5ivereunion. With all the effort fans put in it's low of someone to come and claim the 5ivereunion as their own!]

Rumours of Reunion
27th March 2012 -
In May 1997 the boyband that changed the way boy bands were viewed was formed. 15 years later with a little push from fans and a little help from the powers that be we may just get our chance to finally get that reunion we've been waiting for. No official word of IF it will happen (perhaps we're all just being screwed with by the guys from Five) but we can always live in hope and let's face it...the timing is right. May 2012...what about it guys?

Ritchie Teases With Reunion.
27th March 2012 - Ritchie Neville
Ritchie's been teasing fans over the reunion rumour. But not giving away one way or another what's going on or whether he'd be into it. Ritchie says "Wow, I'm getting a lot of tweets about a #5ivereunion these days". He then popped the question to fans "So you would like a 5ive reunion then?"
Want to let Ritchie know your up for a reunion? Then pop over to Ragz to Richez (Ritchie) and let him know!

Are You Set For A Five Reunion?
27th March 2012 - Kay Breen
When Abz mum Kay Breen was asked a few weeks back about a Five reunion she shocked fans with her answer "oh they'll be back". Adding more fuel to the fire Kay today added "Watch this space" when asked about the rumours of a reunion.
What do you think? Come join us on Facebook and chat about all the goings on with other Five fans.

Scott's All Set For Five Reunion!
26th March 2012 - Scott Robinson
When New Magazine asked Scott about a Five reunion Scott replied "I would absolutely love to do a reunion with all the boys it was never going to work before when Sean was not with us. I'm in!" He added "I'll work on the others if you get me thousands of more followers by the end of the day you scratch my back I'll scratch yours."

Twitter Update Time
26th March 2012 -
If you have Twitter please add the boys from Five:
Scott Robinson
Sean Conlon
Abz Love
Ragz to Richez (Ritchie)
Please know J has NO official Facebook, Twitter, Myspace or any other online profiles. Anyone claiming to be J is in fact a FAKE!

Could a Five Reunion Be On The Cards?
26th March 2012 - Sean Conlon
New Magazine asked Sean if there was any chance of a Five reunion and we must say we are surprised to hear Sean's reaction. He said "Who knows??? I suppose it would depend on if our fans wanted it or not, 10 years is a long time. Difficult to say.". He also added "Well I imagine I could speak for all the band when I say the support is appreciated, whatever the future may or may not bring!"
We imagine J is thrashing around on the floor foaming at the mouth at the mere thought of being in Five again. In 2007 while on British tv show "I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here" J said he was embarressed about being in Five. We can hope senillity has kicked in and he would consider giving it a go again. There is still a massive fan base for Five so we are sure they'd still make it big.
And in the words of New Magazine "Believe us, we ALL want it!"
Sean on his future: "I'll continue songwriting for other artistes as I have been, and will continue singing my own stuff."
On being "Sean from Five": "Not about getting rid of my boyband image, I am proud of Five. End of!"
[As much as New Magazine would like to take credit for this "Five Reunion" it actually all started BEFORE they even got involved]

Hold a Light
19th March 2012 - Ritchie Neville
Ritchie has co-written a song with girlfriend Chris Sorbello. The song "Hold a Light" is by Kastra Featuring Chris Sorbello. The single can now be purchased through iTunes if your interested in showing your support or just to have a listen.

Abz Recording New Album
14th March 2012 -
Abz is currently working hard on a new album with a very well know producer along side girlfriend Vicky. No word of IF or when the album will be released. We can only live in hope.

Sean "Rejected from The Voice UK"
14th March 2012 - Digital Spy
Five singer Sean Conlon 'rejected at The Voice UK audition'.
Former Five member Sean Conlon reportedly auditioned for BBC One's upcoming The Voice UK.
The singer - whose band scored three number one singles - did not make it through to the next stage of the competition however, after all four coaches chose not to turn around to approve his audition.
Coach Jessie J admitted that she was shocked to see Conlon after she eventually turned around, as she was a fan of Five in the 1990s.
"I was so excited about Sean from Five auditioning but I couldn't believe I didn't turn around for him," she told BANG Showbiz. "He was the first concert I ever went to.
"The way I react when I realise it's him will be the moment people realise I am still very much in a dream world and pinching myself that I'm here."
Conlon said that he was "gutted" to have failed his audition as he was looking to "close the door on Sean from Five".
Danny O'Donoghue added: "My heart goes out to every contestant, we've heard some really phenomenal singers. Hair raising. It takes a lot of confidence to come up on stage and audition, especially someone like Sean, but he's moved on from it and is still trying."

Sean Still Writing
12th February 2012 - Sean Conlon
After god knows how long Sean has spoken out and given us a little idea of what he's been doing recently. Here's what he had to say "If you get a spare moment check out new Overtones single, Say what I feel co written by myself and Peter vettese. Would be appreciated! :)"

Abz Goes...Enviromental?
11th January 2012 - Wikipedia
Sometimes we hear and read the funniest things on the web. Here's one for you from "Wikipedia" to start off the 2012 Five goss:
"He [Abz Love] is currently finalising a range of environmentally-friendly toilet products, called Abz-a-Lootly, which will be available in ASDA stores nationwide from March 2012."
(You can trust Wikipedia as much as you can trust Sean to release a solo album this year. lol)