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Scott and Kerry Renew Their Vows
1st November 2011 - Scott Robinson
On Saturday Scott and his lovely wife Kerry renewed their wedding vows to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary. Their renewal can be found in Novembers edition of OK! Magazine in the UK.

27th September 2011 - Heart
Have you seen 5ive? Tom and Charlie want to track them down.
Have you served Abz a sandwich at your deli? Have you seen Scott in the park?
Does Sean get the same bus as you in the morning? Have you spotted Ritchie on Holiday?
Tom and Charlie have set up 5iveWatch, a brand new operation coming from the Heart Breakfast offices.
If you have any leads for us then please, get in touch.
UPDATE: Tom actually managed to get both Scott and Abz on the phone on Friday's show!

Ritchie's 10 Year Message
27th September 2011 - Ritchie Neville
"Holy crap, 10 years today, massive thank you to you all for the support and love, you are the best, truly, thank you xx" - Ritchie

Scott's 10 Year Message
27th September 2011 - Scott Robinson
"Five broke up ten years ago today where does time go. Gig in Galway tonight hope it's a good one feeling a bit shut today with the ten year thing" - Scott

Fake Twitter
26th September 2011 -
You know we love to out fake accounts here at WW and we've been sent a fake Abz twitter account. Can't be a true Abz fan if their showing such lack of respect for the ex Five member! Here it is: "AbsFrom5ive"

26th September 2011 - Heart
Tom and Charlie are looking to bring back 5ive! Have you ever met one of the band? We'd love to hear your story for tomorrow's show. vmail: 0845 7600 678

26th September 2011 - Heart
We're trying to get 5ive together again!
Do you know them? Do you go to the same gym as Abs? Have the same hair stylist as J? Bump into Ritchie down pub? Met Scott on a walk in the park?
What ever the link, we'd love to know, in order to help us get one step closer to 5ive!
send an email to xx T&C xx

Vote for Five
19th September 2011 - Ben
Five have been shortlisted for the Hottest Boyband Hits in the all new Chart. Visit to vote for Five and tune in on Thursday 22nd September at 6pm (Freeview 18, Sky 360, Virgin 330) to see if they are number 1.

Abz Launches Legal Action
2nd September 2011 - Wiki
Recently Abz designed a limited edition range of Olympic theme outfits. It is unknown which retailer this was for, however it has been suggested that rather than a 'range' as such, he was actually a vital cog in the design and production of the GB competitors Olympic track suits at the 2012 games. As of 24th August it is understood Abz is taking legal action against Stella McCartney as it is thought she unlawfully claimed credit for his spellbinding designs.

Naked Celebs!
23rd August 2011 - Sabotage Times
I had a gym membership for a while in an attempt to keep my Strongbow sponsored gunt at bay. It was a giggle seeing Z-list celebrities shouldering up to the A-listers when they weren’t nicking the towels. It all got a bit too much when I walked (bollock naked) into the sauna and recognised all four of the blokes already in there; Pierce Brosnan, the blonde haired one from 5ive, the Kemp brother who was not in Eastenders and the posh Black fella who was in Rising Damp, deep in discussion about the soup of the day in the café near reception. Yes ladies, I had a look. It was like a gastronomic smorgasbord of wedding tackle; there was an olive, a Walnut Wip, a salami, and a prawn. But I’m not telling you who owned which.

Hush On Girlfriends!
3rd August 2011 - Heat Magazine
Speaking to Heat magazine this week was member of ex boyband Five; Scott Robinson tells how at the height of Five’s fame they were also told that they should stay single or keep their girlfriends a secret he spoke out about how he himself had refused to keep his then girlfriend a secret. (Credit Casey - If anyone has the full interview please send us a copy.)

Ritchie Releases First Solo Single!
28th February 2011 - Pavilion
Ritchie's new band is "Pavilion". Pavilion is Sydney-based dance duo - Ritchie Neville (vocals), & award winning songwriter / producer Sven Tydeman. “Dirty Fingers” is Pavilion’s debut release. As a funky “fun time” odyssey it is sure to get crowds pumping and put smiles on their faces…

Scott Live on Chance Radio!
24th February 2011 - Scott Robinson
Scott will be on "Chance Radio live from 3 till 7 today [50% signed 50% unsigned].

Ritchie In New Dance Duo
23rd February 2011 - Pavillion
Tonight Sydney Dance Duo Pavilion discuss their 'Dirty Fingaz' - which also happens 2 b the name of their debut single.

Scott Hits The Airwaves!
8th February 2011 - Scott Robinson
Scott will be starting a radio show very soon on the new Chance Radio. Chance Radio will be broadcasting from studios in Essex 24 hours a day on DAB in Essex, and across the UK on Sky and online. Scott's asking if you know any good unsigned acts to give him a call and he'll try get them on the show.
(If anyone gets the chance to listen [to Scott] and record the shows please send them to us so we can put them online for those who can't hear them)