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28th July 1999
TWO members of boy band 5ive escaped with their lives after accidentally starting a fire in their hotel room. Abs Breen was smoking a cigar when his discarded match set fire to the carpet and curtains in band colleague Scott Robinson's hotel room at 10.30 yesterday morning. The pair were taken to a nearby hospital by ambulance to be treated for burns and smoke inhalation after causing 20,000 worth of damage at the luxurious Berkeley Court Hotel in Dublin. The fire broke out after the band, who are currently at number two in the UK charts, flew into Ireland to continue work on their second album. They were to have recorded a song with former Queen guitarist Brian May at the nearby Lane Studios. The fire gutted the 200-a-night executive room which was being used by 20-year-old Scott. Around 40 other guests at the hotel, including the three other band members, were all evacuated as two teams of firefighters brought the blaze under control. According to band manager Chris Herbert, Abs,19, had lit a cigar and put the lit match in the ashtray. He said: "When they turned their backs the wind blew through the window and blew the contents of the ashtray on to the floor which then set light to the curtains. They ran to the bathroom and got soaked towels to try and beat it out, but they couldn't put it out so they tried to drag the curtains down to throw them out of the window. "As they did that they burnt themselves. On top of that, when the curtains came down they landed on the chair and the bed and they went up as well. "They ran out of the room and tried to get a fire extinguisher but the time they got back it was so bad that they shut the door and evacuated. "The room is gutted and so are they. They are both very shaken up." Scott and Abs joined band members, Sean, J, and Rich after being released from hospital yesterday afternoon and flew directly back to Britain.

Look Out - It's Five
11th August 1999
POP hunks Five don't give a fig about being knocked off the top of the charts by Geri Halliwell and Emma Bunton. The boy band insist that, had their single been pitched against the former Spice Girl pals, they would have thrashed them both. Five clinched their first number one when their catchiest tune to date, Keep On Movin', shot straight to the top of the charts. Their reign as kings of pop was ended yesterday by the much hyped battle between Geri and Emma. Although Five are not bothered about only being number one for a week, they insist the girls would have been no match for them. Singer Scott Robinson told Access All Areas: "We sold 137,000 singles in the first week. "Geri sold 26,000 in the first day and everyone's saying that's really great but we sold 37,000 in the same time. "If our singles were released the same week, we'd have won hands down." And they also had a pop at squeaky teen bands rivals Westlife who they dethroned from the top of last weeks charts. Although they tried play down any potential rivalry, blond Richie Neville, 20, said: "We are totally different from them. All they do is ballads and all they will ever do is ballads. "They are seen as the good guys and we are the bad boys, but it's more fun to be a bad boy." "One minute we'll put out a really up-tempo pop song and then we could put out a slow ballad, you don't know what you are going to get." Sexy Jason "J" Brown, 22, said: "People are taking us a lot more seriously now and giving us a lot more respect. "A lot of bands out there are all so contrived, so straight and up tight and I just could not be like that, it would be a nightmare." The multi-million selling group, who release their sensastional second album Invincible next week, proudly say they love their fans. But they insist they are turned OFF by girls who throw themselves at them, offering sex on a plate. Spiky haired J said: "I find it sick really and sad. It annoys me when girls say they want to take me to bed. "Sometimes I play along with it and have a giggle and laugh along with it but that's as far as it goes." But Sean Conlon, who's been dating his girlfriend for three years, said: "I can see through them. It's fun to get the attention, I appreciate it."

Five Go Mad in the Captial
14th Nov 1998 - PA Photo's
Sean Conlon, from the pop-group 'Five', at the Sound Republic in London's Leicester Square for the show "Five Go Mad in the Captial", where the band performed all of their hit songs.

Sean Loves Those Girls!
1998 - Megastar/RAVE
SEAN says he just can't resist girls with big, expressive eyes and a winning smile along with a fit and shapely figure, of course. "I like them to be curvy and feminine," he says. "I suppose that means I must be a romantic at heart. "I love the idea of a few drinks and a candlelit meal. I like to treat 'em right. "I'm mad on kissing, too. And guess what? I love snogging our fans . . . that's it, I've said it now!" Like the rest of the guys in the band, he has to confess that domineering women come fairly high on his list of fantasies. "Yeah, they turn me on big time but I couldn't be with a woman who was too domineering or I'd have to give her a slap," he jokes.

Abs: Sex In A Coffin!
HUNKY Abs says he would like to have sex in a COFFIN and he's dead serious! It's a weird fantasy that would make most girls have grave doubts about going anywhere near him. But 18-year-old Abs says his long-time girlfriend, Hollyoaks actress Danielle Brent, knows all about it. "She's aware that it's something I've wanted to do for a while and she thinks I'm mad," he says. "But it's nothing sinister, honestly. I just like the idea of having sex inside a coffin. I wouldn't want the lid on, though! "With a bit of luck I might get a coffin to make love in for Christmas," he adds, grinning at the thought. He's been with 19-year-old Danielle for two years and says happily: "I love absolutely everything about her and I'd like to get married one day. "Sometimes I wonder if I should be doing more lads' stuff, going out and having one-night stands like the rest of the band, but it's just not me."

J On Girls
LOVER-BOY J says he fancies the idea of a no-messing, sexy-talking babe. "It would be fantastic to be with a woman with no inhibitions who was able to say filthy things to me," he says. "If it happened I'd have to take her somewhere private quick and have my way with her. We'd get up to all sorts of stuff. "I really like confident women, in and out of bed. I'd hate to have to coax a woman into doing things in bed I'd much prefer her to be outgoing and experimental. I quite like domineering women, too, as long as it's not excessive." The 22-year-old star, who once dated a woman 15 years his senior, says the band's schedule doesn't give him much time for girlfriends. "I don't like one-night stands," he says. "I had one once and I left feeling disgusted. If you become friends first, you'll be more inclined to get wild and experiment with different positions."

Ritchie On Girls
HE'S the blue-eyed, ultra-smooth member of Five but Rich cheerfully admits that dirty talk and dominant women get him going in a big way. "I'm partial to dominant treatment in bed not whips and chains, just forcefulness. I think it's really sexy," he says. "I also love women who talk dirty, too, but not in a sleazy, porno kind of way. It just has to be dirty and suggestive but not too over the top. What would happen if Rich was out on a date with a woman in a restaurant who started saying dirty things to him over the table? "Oh, I'd get pretty excited and would probably just grab her. "Then I'd take her to the nearest toilet and have some fun in there with her!" he says with a saucy smile.

Scott On Girls
RED-BLOODED Scott admits he would love a girl to do a special striptease for him. "I'd get really turned on if a girl went out and bought a load of sexy lingerie then came home and paraded around in it for me," he says. "She could give me a private show and perhaps allow me to get the camera out and take some sexy snapshots for our private photo collection!" Scott denies there was ever anything between him and pop singer Lene from Aqua. "She's really pretty but nothing ever happened between us and I don't hold a torch for her or anything," he says. "If I decide to date someone, I want someone normal. I'm not into dating superstars, really. I much prefer the cute, regular type of girl. I'd like someone real."

POP sensations Five have become one of THE boy bands of 1998 and they reckon it's down to them "knocking back the shandy and being lads". The wild bunch, who were put together by the management team that brought us the Spice Girls, have confessed to Rave that they have up-all-night boozing sessions and go absolutely crazy. "We're not gonna deny that we love a really good drink," says J. "There is no shortage of booze in the house we share, I can promise you. "The parties can go on till the early hours and we usually throw our food plates away because it stops us having to wash them up." The boys got into hot water recently when neighbours complained that they'd had one party too many. The lads were all living in a terraced house together and caused mayhem when they decided to have one of their infamous "Five Go Bonkers" thrashes. "We were a bit on the noisy side," admits Abs. "Things got a bit out of hand with all the shandy we were knocking back." Sean adds: "It was a drinking session that got out of hand but hopefully we won't bother anyone now because we've moved into a detached house." The boys, tipped for the Top Five with their new single, When The Lights Go Out, are glad to be bad. "We're a lad band," says Scott. "It's as simple as that." J, who has a pierced eyebrow, had his first drink when he was just 10. "I was on holiday with my parents and they let me drink some wine. "It went straight to my head and they had to take me home," he says. When the boys came to the Daily Star offices for a phone-in late last year they had a party and caused a near riot. "Alcohol is one of the best inventions," says Scott. But J reveals: "I can't drink that much lager any more." The rest of the boys look at him shocked. "I prefer red wine instead!" he laughs.