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Because we all love a ballsy boyband...
23rd December 2009 - Gay Spy
Remember that incredible Kenzie shot from the new Gay Times cover? Well, there's lots more where that came from inside the magazine, including this.
New boyband Vice, Abz, Austin Drage, Basshunter, Brent Corrigan and It's-Only-Robert-Bloody-Webb in the buff. If any of that lot particularly tickles your fancy, you can bid for their smalls - yes, really - by clicking here. As we write, Kenzie's undercrackers will set you back at least £67, but you might be able to pick up a pair of Abz's pants for... erm... 99p.

Former boy band 5IVE member Scott Robinson appearing at Stevenage Christmas lights switch-on
29th November 2009 - The Comet
THE Christmas lights switch-on in Stevenage tomorrow (Thursday) is set to be a night to remember. There's a sensational line-up of live music, games and competitions on stage from 4pm.
It was thought that X Factor finalist Lucie Jones would be putting in an appearance but now it has been confirmed she will not be there.
Those who will be performing are Julia West, female group TORA, Elsa Chapman and Diversity-style dance duo Double Trouble as well as special guest star Scott Robinson, former member of the boy band 5IVE.
The group enjoyed international success in a career spanning five years and had 13 single hits including three number ones.
Scott will be performing a medley of 5IVE's greatest hits live on stage, before being joined by the mayor of Stevenage, Cllr Sue Myson, borough council leader Sharon Taylor and young competition winner Vicky Tiffin for the big switch-on at 6.30pm.
There will be plenty of audience participation on stage, with a chance to win some great prizes too, and fingers crossed that the weather stays fine so that the planned firework display can light up the night sky.
Face painting in The Entertainer and Wilkinson, sponsors of this year's event, plus free balloons and sweets, Santa's Sleigh and funfair rides all add up to a spectacular evening for the whole family.

Jedward to Record Five Hit
20th November 2009 - Daily Mail
X Factor contestants John and Edward, better known as "Jedward" are set to record one of Five's biggest hits.
Jedward were recently seen massacring the Five hit We Will Rock You! on the reality show and revealed they were Five fans. But now it has been revealed that they are already planning their first album and single.
According to reports, the twins are planning to release a cover of Nineties boyband Five’s hit Everybody Get Up and are set to record an album whether they survive this week or not. Mentor Louis Walsh is thought to have let slip that Jedward are now being represented by Modest Management, who guide acts such as Leona Lewis

Five Tour?
4th November 2009 - Official 5ive
5ive were just asked to headline a huge return to the 90's music tour next year...Fingers crossed the ova boyz will be able to make it!!!! [I remember Five hated being called 5ive! What's up with the name change? Sounds more like a Five fan than something official by saying "5ive"!]

Abz Update
4th November 2009 - Official 5ive
Abz is hard at work in the studio...Did a photoshoot for G.T last week, photoshoot for management today and just signed up with a hot agent!

Gig Update
4th November 2009 - Scott Robinson
Gig went well last night in Sheffield good turn out went on stage with brad from sclub as well lol I was reaching for the stars.

Writing and Poetry
4th November 2009 - RagzToRichez
The only word to explain today was Hot! Even now it 10.30pm and I'm still sweating just sitting down. Make no mistake though, I am not complaining, i love it. Other than that did some writing, had some laughs, killed some time! Hope you all had an awesome day or are having an awesome day, where ever you are!

It's just not happening!
28th October 2009 - RagzToRichez
"So................. I actually went to bed to try and get some sleep, lay there in the dark and felt something coming, alas there were no sheets rising and unfortunately I was alone! It was however another tune! So many times in the past this has happened, it comes on just before your dropping off, but I have lived and learned because most times in the past that this has happened I manage to convince myself that I will remember it in the morning and go off the la la land, the problem being that remembering it in the morning never happens! So, I got my ass out of bed and got it down and I'm very pleased that I did because I think its going to be a mega floor filler. I dreamed a tune once too, I swear it was the best tune ever! Its like fishing........the ones that got away! Anyway thought I'd let you know. I am going to try to get some sleep now. Peace" - Ragz!

Scott on Facebook
26th October 2009 - RitaGS
Scott has moved to Facebook and wants fans to add him. You can add Scott as a friend at Scott Robinsonfive. While you're at it don't forget to add Scott as a friend on twitter too at ScottRobinson11
Abz Love has also a twitter page and will soon be opening his own Facebook page for fans to join. So keep an eye open for that too.

Studio......oh, and by the way.
26th October 2009 - Ritchie Neville
Hi Ragz blog readers, back from the studio, been working with a good friend and very talented writer and producer Rob Conley. We had a awesome time and hit a really creative place. Started a new tune which we both love big time and did another mix of 'Closer to You,' I've uploaded another snippet for you to hear. It might not be up for too long so make sure you have a listen! Cheers guys, take it easy. - Ragz

Ritchie Gives Sneak Peak
24th October 2009 - Ritchie Neville
Ritchie has a new myspace page where fans are able to add him as a friend and listen to what he has been working on. Currently he has a sneak peak of a new song called "Closer To Me". Check it out at RagzToRichez.

22nd October 2009 -
You might be interested to know that 3 out of the 5 members of Five are interested in a comeback tour. *Shhhhhh*. You didn't hear it here. ;-)

Love Is All Around
22nd October 2009 - RitaGS
Abz has legally changed his name to ABZ LOVE. Yes seems for some [insane] reason Breen wasn't quite what Abz was looking for he's gone and changed it LEGALLY to ABZ Love. WTF?

Ritchie on Facebook
22nd October 2009 - Ritchie Neville
Ritchie has officially made it onto facebook. If you'd like to see what Ritchie is up to and get all the latest up to date news on the former Fiver head to Ritchie Neville Facebook and become a fan. It's run by Ritchie himself (YES! This is THE Ritchie Neville!). *spoiler* He's been writing and recording music again.
OH talking about music. Check out Ritchie's other Facbook page Ragz 2 Richez. Ritchie says "Ragz here! When we get to 100 fans I'll post up some pics so tell your friends to join the party!"

Simon Cowell's Hits & Misses
8th October 2009 - UK MSN
Say what you like about Simon Cowell, he knows how to laugh at himself. Anyone whose 50th birthday party features a 60-foot projection of their face across the venue is either a dangerous megalomaniac or possess an impressive facility for self-deprecation.
We're going with the latter.
Anyway, despite his enormous success, it's not all been plain sailing for Simon. Did you know he turned down the Spice Girls on the grounds that girl bands don't sell records? That's right up there with Decca turning down the Beatles because "guitar groups are going out of fashion".
So, by way of our own little gift to the birthday boy, here's a selection of Simon's hits and misses down the years.
Formed by managers Chris and Bob Herbert (still smarting after Geri Halliwell drove off with their prototype girlband, to become the Spice Girls) this peculiar mixture of ex-Sylvia Young stage school kids, Brian Harvey wannabes and the Primark Mark Wahlberg were signed by Cowell in 1997. Together they notched up 14 hits, including three number ones and the undeniably brilliant Keep On Movin'. But 5ive began to falter amidst rumours of physical fights within the band and, at their lowest (but highly amusing) ebb, even replaced AWOL member Sean Conlon with a cardboard cut-out. Since then, solo careers have failed to blossom and a reunion featuring four of them came to nothing. But if you've got the feeling, jump up to the ceiling. They don't write 'em like that anymore.
Verdict: BIT OF BOTH Credit: Sian

Emily Scott: Dancing with the Stars was `good for my mind'
18th September 2009 - Gold Coast
THE Gold Coast's international cover star Emily Scott just wanted the fairytale ending. Instead she became a tabloid pin-up.
When her secret marriage to 1990s pop star Ritchie Neville ended in an explosive legal battle after just four months, the former Gold Coast model normally so relaxed in front of a camera felt exposed.
She and Neville had managed to live a relatively normal life until Scott filed an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) on her husband after an incident at the couple's North Narrabeen home.
Britain's trash media swooped and Scott's private life became raw, front-page news. The experience of more than 100 appearances in skimpy bikinis for major international magazines could do little to shield her.
"It kind of came out and it did its thing and I guess when you are on TV that is inevitable," says Scott.
"It was something that he and I were pretty mellow about in the UK and when we got here we were doing our own thing. But it's never nice when you have to read that stuff in the newspapers. You just have to throw yourself into work. That's what anyone does just keep busy."
So that's what Scott did. She made a song and dance about it by tackling the tango as a contestant on Channel 7s Dancing with the Stars, an opportune series that was `really good for my mind'.
...blah blah blah - don't care...
Scott embarked on a modelling career and took her swimsuit cover-worthy body to the UK, where she met Neville, a member of '90s pop group Five, during a stint on Cirque de Celebrite in 2007.
Before that she had appeared in the visuals of Robbie Williams' spring 2006 tour, and the raunchy video clip for Rock DJ, and reality TV series Love Island, and was the face of Lipton Ice Tea.
"(Britain) was so different. I missed the beach but it was really good.
"I was backwards and forwards a lot between countries, but I liked having London as a base."
Now she is home, the raw wound from that public split is healing. On Sunday she completed commitments with Dancing with the Stars and her modelling and DJ career continue to soar.
The fairytale is again alive. The once upon a time is quickly closing in on a happy ever after. Credit: Ros
[Their marriage and breakup barely made news in the UK. Emily is full of it!]

5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 2 - 2
18th September 2009 -
Scott and Abz have joined forces to tour the UK singing some of Five's greatest hits. The 2 are set for several dates starting on the 20th Sept at Halo in Leeds.
Recently Scott approached J, Abz and Ritchie to see if they'd like to get Five back on track and do a full tour next year and release their 2006/2007 songs. J has decided he is no longer interested in the fame/public side of life anymore rather prefering to live a quite life out in the country side of Wales. As for a return of Five or any part of Five ... there's very little chance of it ever happening.

Could THIS Be The Greatest Ever Boyband?
31st August 2009 - Heckler Spray
Not a minute goes by when someone doesn’t throw themselves out of a window and onto a concrete pavement because they just failed an audition to be in the next great boyband.
As they hurtle towards a very sudden, and very bloody, death, names of the greatest performers flash through their embittered and mutilated minds. Minds that have been destroyed by their lust for fame. Names like Gary Barlow, Robbie Williams, Jimmy Constable from 911, Jade from Damage, all the gay guys in Upside Down, Jason Orange. All the people they could have been. Damn it, all the people they SHOULD have been
But now they’re dead, splattered on people’s shoes. Destroyed.
To honour these poor withered souls, we decided to compile the GREATEST BOYBAND EVER. Wethinks it would look a little something like this.
Pavement-Boy, we hope you’re reading from Heaven.
Shane Lynch, Boyzone
Every single great boyband needs a heart throb, and they don’t come much more demure and sensual than Shane. During Boyzone’s peak, he was enormously famous for occasionally doing a twirl during songs, which looked a bit like a tramp trying to do ballet. And for the brief period where Ronan told the rest of them to get stuffed, Shane went out, got tatted up, and reinvented himself as some kind of soothsayer on Celebrity Love Island. Every band needs a journeyman, and Lynch is that.
Kian Egan, Westlife
Kian’s greatest strength is the subtlety of his voice – no one has ever knowingly heard him singing on a record. And yet, there he is, moving his mouth in time to the chorus. He must be singing. He just must be. He has a mop of blonde hair that will build the male following up to a trouser bursting tidal wave of glee. The band’s tease.
Sean Conlon, 5ive
Well, every boyband needs a frontman, and that man is Sean, who used to do the deep voice talking bits in 5ive songs. At the height of 5ivemania, when they literally couldn’t leave the house without enduring a groundswell of lusty teenagers tugging at their belts, Sean cleverly used better looking members of the band like Abs, Richie, Jay… and Scott as a shield. That way, he could quietly walk the streets, completely alone. When 5ive reunited a couple of years ago, Sean didn’t bother. We think.
John Hendy (East 17)
For those familiar with East 17’s If You Ever video featuring the one-eyed soul singer Gabrielle, John is the bald guy on the train, just sitting there, pretty much doing nothing. That was his real genius. His ability to look for all the world that he was completely useless. He makes the band, not because he’s good looking.
Howard Donald (Take That)
Now, completing the line up is Howard Donald, the young rastafarian from Take That. During their brief spell in the gutter, Howard didn’t throw the towel in, he traveled the country demanding that girls kiss him because he used to be in Take That. Good for him. Should Sean have an off day and the band needs someone to take over on lead vocals, Howard will be that man. Yes, he sounds a bit deaf when he’s singing. But was not Beethoven deaf?

New Songs From Sean
11th August 2009 - Sean Conlon
Well the title pretty much says it all. Sean has posted 2 new songs on his myspace. Much different to his usual sound, "Don't Stop The Beat" and "The Flower Will Grow" are sure to get you bouncing in your seat. Honestly if his album sounded like this, I'd buy it. Or atleast get my great, great grandkids to buy if for me when it's [finally] released. ;-)

Essex Got Talent 2009
10th August 2009 - Essex Got Talent
Over the weekend Scott judged the Essex Got Talent show which showed kids from around Essex show off their talents. The winners being a dance group "Kryptic Fushion". Scotts son Brennan was also in a talent competition and made it all the way through to the finals. Congrats to little Brennan. (I guess not so little anymore). To see some of the amazing acts from the competition jump onto the Bad Influence Productions Facebook page for the EGT videos and to hear Scotts comments.

5ive star Ritchie Neville avoids wife-beating charge
3rd August 2009 - Daily Record
Ex-BOYBAND star Ritchie Neville will not face charges of beating up his glamour girl wife.
The former 5ive singer's marriage to Emily Scott had collapsed and police ordered him to stay away from the swimwear model.
But the case was dismissed after she failed to turn up for a hearing yesterday. The court was told she had thought the case was on a different day.
As he left court, Ritchie refused to comment.
Ritchie, 29, met Emily, 25, on TV's Cirque de Celebrite in 2007. They married in Henley-on-Thames in October last year before moving to Emily's native Australia - but they split four months later.
Breakdown He was given a restraining order by police after a row at their home in Sydney.
Magistrate Margaret Quinn told Ritchie yesterday: "The prosecution is not able to offer any evidence. Therefore, this matter is dismissed."
Emily has just finished a stint on the Australian version of Dancing With The Stars.
Her spokesman said last night: "There is no explanation as to how this communication breakdown occurred and Emily is devastated she never got the chance to speak in court.
"She had been preparing herself for the hearing. She had been working towards a hearing date of July 31 for some months."

Model's marriage scar
2nd August 2009 - Daily Telegraph
GLAMOUR model Emily Scott will live with a physical reminder of the end of her marriage to British boy band singer Ritchie Neville for the rest of her life.
The Sunday Telegraph has learned that just four months into their life together as man and wife, a violent incident allegedly occurred at their northern beaches home.
The 26-year-old model has a scar - a few centimetres long - above her left eye, believed to have been caused by a glass hitting her.
Neville, 29, is understood to say that this incident was an accident.
"There was an incident which marked the end of our marriage,'' Scott said, clearly shaken and uncomfortable talking about it. ``I will not go into any more detail.''
Scott and Neville were alone in the Bilgola home at the time the incident is alleged to have occurred.
Police took out an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) against Neville after the incident.
The case was listed at Manly Local Court on Thursday, but was dismissed. Scott was not present as she believed the matter was scheduled for the following day.
"This is closure _ not the way I had prepared or anticipated, but closure all the same,'' she said.
"It's over and I'm moving on.''
Neville is believed to have intended claiming the incident was an accident if the case went to court.
His lawyer, Anthi Balafas, would not comment on details of the case, saying it had been dismissed: ``The result speaks for itself and there's nothing more to be said.''
Neville is living in Sydney and believed to be trying to launch a career as an actor.
Sources close to the couple, who did not want to be named, said their relationship turned sour soon after they wed in a private ceremony at the British town of Henley-on-Thames in October last year.
They had met as contestants on reality TV series Cirque de Celebrite a year before.
The sources said Neville's possessive behaviour escalated as the couple's relationship grew.
Scott was voted off TV's Dancing With The Stars last week despite impressing the judging panel.
She was said to be disappointed by the court decision, but was upbeat talking to The Sunday Telegraph.
She said she could appeal against the decision, but she had moved on.
"When you're married, you marry for life,'' she said.
"This isn't how I planned things, but I've moved on.
"I feel safe, happy, independent - I'm a single 26-year-old living in Sydney as a DJ. I've got heaps to look forward to.'' Credit: richsangel555
[I really wish they wouldn't refer to her as a glamour model. There's nothing glamorours about taking your clothes off for mens magazines.]

Emily Scott courts a date mix-up
31st July 2009 - Courier Mail
DUMPED Dancing With The Stars contestant Emily Scott was left "devastated" and "crushed" yesterday after the interim apprehended violence order taken out against her former boy band member husband was dismissed without charge - because she didn't think it was due in court until today.
Police took out the order against Richard "Ritchie" Neville - who shot to fame in British band Five - in February following an alleged domestic violence incident at his house in Bilgola, to which Scott was a witness.
Swimsuit model Scott, who was kicked off the popular Channel 7 dance show this week, had been preparing to take to the stand and give evidence for "months" under the impression the hearing was today.
"Emily Scott has been physically and emotionally preparing herself with the help of Domestic Violence liaison officers for the AVO hearing against her husband," her agent Lauren Cilento Miller told Confidential yesterday.
"She has been working towards a hearing date of 31 July for some months.
"There is no explanation as to how this communication breakdown has occurred and Emily is devastated that she never got the chance to speak for herself in court."
Court sources yesterday said Scott had a "good chance" of making an appeal based on the circumstances. Credit: richsangel555
[A lucky break for Ritchie but this means she can say anything about what happened (truth or not) and there's no court documents to prove she's telling the truth]

Emily Scott's DWTS misstep
18th July 2009 - Daily Telegrah
WAS Dancing With The Stars hottie Emily Scott guilty of boyfriend-napping when it came to her ill-fated relationship with UK popstar Richard Neville, to whom she was married for a "nanosecond''?
The Sunday Telegraph recently ran an expose on the secret marriage between covergirl Scott and former Five boyband singer Neville, which ended after four months when police were called to the couple's North Narrabeen home and took out an AVO against Neville.
The article elicited a response from Roz Denison, an English social worker who lived with the singer for five years.
Denison wanted to sell her story promising "interesting insights'' into Neville. Denison confirmed that Scott and Neville had met on the UK reality TV show Cirque De Celebrite in October, 2007 and began a whirlwind relationship soon after.
They married the following October. However, at a Toni & Guy brunch on Friday, Scott said, "Their relationship was over by the time I met him. I met her just once.''
She would not comment any further on the relationship with a divorce battle on the horizon. Meanwhile, ``Ritchie'' Neville is believed to still be in Sydney. Okay first off it's DENSON and second of all Roz attended everyone one of Ritchie's performances of CDC. I'd love to see Roz sell her story. Ritchie's not quite the pure fella some think he is. As for Emily, well, we're all aware of what she is anyway. lol

Emily Scott AVO
4th July 2009 -
PIN-up girl and DJ Emily Scott is one half excited and the other just plain nervous about her Dancing With the Stars debut.
But, regardless of whether she's got the steps right, the 26-year-old said she was happy to be back in Australia and making a fresh start.
As well as Dancing with the Stars, Scott is busily working on her career as a DJ - she has gigs planned in Melbourne next month - and is in line for a possible television role.
The newly single Scott said she was throwing herself into work and keeping busy after the break-up of her marriage to Ritchie Neville, member of the '90s UK pop band Five.
"I had a lot of changes at the beginning of the year but my family came out and helped me through that one," she said. "I'm so lucky to have a lot of work to throw myself into."
Scott, named by FHM magazine as Australia's sexiest woman, spent three years in the UK, where her claims to fame included a role in the remake of Robbie Williams' Rock DJ video clip and a guest role on the TV series Entourage.
She and Neville wed in England last October but split this year. Last month Scott confirmed that police had taken out an interim apprehended violence order on Neville after an incident at their home.
Scott's dance partner is Michael Miziner, who won the original series of the Channel 7 show with Bec Cartwright in 2004.
Scott said she had no idea how successful she would be on Dancing with the Stars but was hoping her experience as a DJ would at least help her pick up the beat.
"I'm taking it one step at a time - I have been warned that everybody usually looks really good in the rehearsals," she said Credit: Ros

Emily Scott AVO
4th July 2009 -
Glamour model Emily Scott took an interim apprehended violence order against husband Ritchie Neville from British band Five. Credit: Ros

A Tour With Five
4th July 2009 - Scott Robinson
Scott has mentioned that he would love to tour again with Five. Unfortunately 2 of the members of Five are still being twats that haven't realised outside of Five their basically nobodies [in the entertainment world].

Emily Scott is my Kryptonite
30th June 2009 - Hollywoodtuna
Daily Telegraph has reported that Emily and Ritchie Neville, a member of ’90s pop group Five have split after 4 months of marriage. Turns out the NSW Police took out an Apprehended Violence Order against him. I guess being a member of a crappy boy band makes you a pussy and lash out violently. I just hope Emily wasn’t on the other end of this because if anything should happen to those green eyes and beautiful face I would be devastated…

Swimsuit model Emily Scott marriage ends in AVO
28th June 2009 - Daily Telegraph
DANCING With The Stars contestant and covergirl Emily Scott has revealed her secret marriage to a former British boy band singer is over after an explosive bust-up.
The model, 26, who makes her Australian TV debut on Seven's hit show next Sunday, wed Ritchie Neville, a member of '90s pop group Five, in England last year.
They split after only four months.
Scott confirmed NSW Police have taken out an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) on Neville after an incident at the couple's North Narrabeen home.
"It was a hard break-up, a sudden one as well," she told The Sunday Telegraph.
"There's an interim AVO out against him that the police took out and I am a witness in that case. That is all I can say. I can't elaborate any more than that at the moment."
Scott is a regular in magazines such as Ralph, FHM and Maxim while Neville joined Five, a group created by the team behind the Spice Girls, when he was 17.
Scott had previously dated Little Britain's David Walliams while Neville was involved with actress and singer Billie Piper.
Scott and Neville met when they were contestants on reality TV series Cirque de Celebrite in October, 2007.
Their relationship moved quickly and they married in the town of Henley-on-Thames on October 23 last year, surrounded by family and friends.
They had managed to keep their relationship out of the British press.
"We are both quite private people," said Scott. "We wanted to have a lot of time to ourselves and I guess we didn't really want the attention.
"It was a beautiful wedding, a stunning wedding in the countryside in England. We were planning on settling in Australia for the rest of our lives. It was a whirlwind." Credit: richsangel555

For someone who claims to like to keep her private life private, you have to wonder why she is mentioning this AVO? Could it have something to do with bringing in votes on DWTS.

It should make them feel ashamed to be British
13th June 2009 - Popjustice
In a year that has already seen Katy Perry's 'Waking Up In Vegas' in the Top 40, could this new Kid British single still, somehow, be the worst of 2009?

Five Ways In Which Five Would Have Done This Idea Better And Had A Number One With It
1. The sample would have just been the 'groove' bit of the song rather than that AND the whole bloody chorus. See 'If Ya Gettin' Down' or however they spelt it for more information.
2. Abs would have been doing the rap and would have done some brilliant 'wiggy wiggy I'm getting jiggy' stuff.
3. It wouldn't have included any boring, self-conscious social consciousness of the "ooh this is what it was like growing up in working class Britiain" variety and would instead have been about GROOVING IT down the DISCO.
4. The 'WHOOH WHOOH' but would have been chopped out of the single for being too moronic and shit.
5. The video would have had Five in it.

The Table Toppers
12th June 2009 - Enquirer
More than £600 was raised for charity from a human table football tournament including celebrities in Basildon at the weekend.
It was the second annual Festival Leisure Park's Human table Football Tournament to raise money for Cancer Research UK.
The event was open to anybody aged 12 and above and attracted a combination of teams from the park and the public.
The winners from last year, The Goonies made it into the final to play The Stunts, headed by Scott Robinson from boyband Five. The final was a very close match with The Stunts scoring in the last seconds to win the title and the £500 prize money.
Warren Blanchfield Center Manager said: "We would like to thank Festival Leisure Park for a fantastic day that helped raised money for such a good cause.
"This event gets better every year, next year we will make it even bigger and better if that is possible".
Teams that entered paid a £25 enter fee, all of which was donated to the charity and handed to Peter Hall from Cancer Research UK.
The football was the start to another summer of events that will be followed by the much loved children's characters Fifi & Bumble from Fifi and the Flowertots appearing on Saturday, 4 July.

Human Table Football
8th June 2009 - Festival Leisure
For the second year in a row Scott joined in the "Human Table Football" tournament at Festival Leisure Park on 6th June. Scott's team "Cupids Stunts" won the tournament (congrats!). The football challenge is put together to raises money for charities. Human table football is basically table football but on a large scale where you are the players.

Unreleased Five Songs
8th June 2009 -
How much longer must we "patiently" wait on those unreleased Five songs? Well not much longer. I'm told the songs are due to be released within the next 3 months [via digital download] and NOT only are they to be released BUT we may be looking at something UNEXPECTED from the guys. We've waited this long and with what's to come. It'll be worth the wait. ;-)

Dancing With The Half Naked Star
5th June 2009 - Channel 7
Ritchie Nevilles wife of 8 months has not only FINALLY admitted she's married to the gorgeous blue eyed Fiver but has entered into Australias "Dancing With The Stars". I'm not here to promote Emily Scott (hell no!). She can take her clothes off for that BUT for those lucky enough to see the show perhaps we may just get a glimpse of Ritchie in the crowd. So keep an eye out for Ritchie on Channel 7's Dancing With The Stars which is rumoured to start on the 7th July. Or better still why not try get yourself a ticket and be in the crowd?

Abz Holidays it Up
30th May 2009 - Space Ibiza
Some people have all the luck. Lucky fella Abz is off holidaying it up in Ibiza at the "Space Opening Fiesta" (wish I could be there Abz but gotta stay home and freeze to death....sorry lol). DJ's from miles around all come together for the "Space Opening Fiesta" at Space, San Jordi, Ibiza (and prolly the girls too).

Then And Now
28th May 2009 - Social Butterfly
THEN Five was a British boy band formed in 1997. They released their first single “Slam Dunk (Da Funk)” in November of that year and it debuted at #10 in the UK. They had their first international hit with “When the Lights Go Out” in 1998 which cracked the US top ten. They appeared in a Disney Channel concert special with girl group B*Witched (also on this list. Does anyone else completely remember watching that thing?) Their debut album 5ive reached #27 in the US and had success worldwide. Their second US single “It’s the Things You Do” had only a lukewarm reception. They went on tour with N’Sync in the US but soon pulled out due to exhaustion and returned to the UK to work on their second album. They released two other albums (Invincible in 1999, which became a worldwide hit, and Kingsize released in 2001) but after intense negotiations with their record label, they announced on September 27, 2001 that they were breaking up.
NOWIn 2003, Richard “Abs” Breen released a solo album, Abstract Theory. Sean Conlon also signed a solo deal and began working on a debut album. Jason “J” Brown became a writer/producer and came in third in the 2007 edition of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! Ritchie Neville also attempted a solo career and has made occassional appearances as a TV guest star, presenter, actor and reality show contestant. Scott Robinson worked as a DJ for a few months in 2002 with EssexFM, starred in the UK regional theater production of Boogie Nights 2 in 2004 and 2005, and became a father for the second time in 2006. In 2006, it was announced that four of the original members (without Sean Conlon) would be reforming and releasing their fourth album. They began working on new music, but in May of 2007, only seven months after reuniting, they had failed to obtain a record deal and broke up again.

Scott's Now A Twitter
23rd May 2009 - Scott Robinson
Come follow Scott on Twitter. URL: With twitter people just update you with what their doing or thinking during the day. Gives you real time updates. You never know what you might find out...

Scott To Support S Club
16th March 2009 - Matt
S Club 3 have reformed as a 3 piece and have been touring the country for the past 6 months performing their greatest hits. With no less than 4 number one singles and 5 singles crashing in at no.2, this is one of the biggest pop sensations of the late 90's, early 00's.
They are supported on this show by other classic pop acts including :
SCOTT ROBINSON - FORMELY OF BOYBAND FIVE. Five were one of the biggest boybands of the Millennium with countless hits between them including 'Keep on Moving', 'If ya Getting down' and 'Everybody Get Up', all of which will be performed live by their main singer, Scott.
30 minutes of all the major FIVE hits. (See schedule for details) [WTF? Scott was never Five's main singer!!]

Scott Wants More
4th February 2009 - Echo
Scott Robinson, who was one fifth of boyband Five, and hopes to be hitting our TV screens soon.
The Pitsea lad has been putting his name forward for reality shows and has already appeared on Celebrity Scissorhands, but he is hungry to appear in the I’m a Celebrity jungle.
He said: “A couple of years ago if somebody had said to me would I do Celebrity Big Brother I would’ve said no.
“This year I did get put forward for it and apparently I didn’t do it because I’d just done Scissorhands.
“Jay, my fellow bandmate, did the jungle and said it was a life-changing experience.” He has two sons Brennan, seven, and Cavan, two, and the eldest is already following in his footsteps by performing in an open mic night at their local pub in Pitsea.
Scott, 29, said: “He loves it naturally and I haven’t even tried to get him to be a singer.
“He’s come to me and said, ‘Dad, can you help me do this backing track?’ It must be in the blood!”

Scott Will Perform Anywhere
3rd February 2009 - Toomey
Southend Renault dealership Toomey is opening the doors to its state-of-the-art new premises with an official public launch starting at 12pm on Saturday, 7th February where one lucky local motorist will drive home in a Brand New prize Renault Twingo.
The opening of the four-marque site on the Toomey Automotive Retail Park, next to Southend Airport on Cherry Orchard Way, is the culmination of more than two years’ work and a multi-million pound investment and there’s a launch party to match!
Scott will be performing on the day (he also performed over the weekend at Toomeys in Essex) and X-Factor star Austin Drage will be handing the keys over to the lucky winner of a brand new Renault Twingo. All customers need to do to be in with a chance of winning the £8,500 car is turn up on the day and give their name and address. MIKEY PORTER from Southend FM will be presenting the show on Saturday.

Scott Not Quite A Nightingale
2nd February 2009 - Teagan
Teagan writes - "So off I went to see Scott perform live at Nightingales in Birmingham on Saturday. Always been a Scott fan (no matter what anyone thinks I still love him). A couple of friends out for a few drinks and Scott live on stage. Well naturally it was great seeing Scott perform live after so long. Actually it's my first time seeing him live. I must admit I was very disappointed that he forgot the lyrics to a couple of Five's songs. It was pretty bad. We were all singing along saying 'what is he singing, that's not it' lol. He also did all the backup vocals. Anyway I just wanted to share the experience with you and say if you get a chance you should go see him! Also S Club [3] were there too. But only a couple of them were there. But that's for another site :-) PS Scott don't try to rap you goose!!"

Abz Back in the Studio
15th January February 2009 - 123
January 2009 sees Charles Foskett back in the studio writing songs and producing new tracks for the comeback album of urban bad boy Abz Love (formerly Abz Breen of the multi million selling band "5ive"). Charles has written and produced for some of the worlds best known artists including 2 Beatles.