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Scotts OK!
30th December 2008 - Ok!
Scott and his family are featured in the "New Year" issue of OK! Magazine in the UK [it's a three page spread with pictures] where Scott Robinson tells OK! about his bid for solo superstardom. So why not pop out and pick a copy up for yourselves?

Ritchie Down Under!
30th December 2008 -
Well Ritchie is officially living in Sydney Australia (and I can't think of a better country to be in lol) enjoying the lovely summer heat we're starting to feel over here (hang around Ritchie it gets much hotter). Ritchie enjoyed an Aussie Christmas on the beach with his new misses Emily. Ritchie may just well be seen here on Aussie telly in the New Year as he tries to kick off his acting carreer. We'll keep our eyes open for that!
[We heard a little goss that not all the members of Five were invited to the wedding - perhaps that only 1 member was invited]

32D Em's the Tops
28th December 2008 - Daily Star
Strewth! Take a look at the billabongs on Emily Scott, voted Australia’s sexiest woman.
But there’s bad news for all the Bruces who’d like to go walkabout with the 32D Sheila.
Because the London-based lingerie model and Love Island veteran has married Ritchie Neville from boyband 5ive.
They teamed up after meeting on the set of Sky One’s Cirque De Celebrité show which saw stars trying their hand at circus skills.
It’s not the first time Emily, 25, or Ritchie, 29, have had famous other halves. Emily briefly stepped out with Little Britain funnyman David Walliams.
And Ritchie has the likes of Brit model Lucy Clarkson and Doctor Who babe Billie Piper in his little black book.
But now he’s with a name he really can juggle with. ... make a comment

Abz Love
3rd December 2008 - Lisa Voice
Lisa is now working with Abz Love (previously known as Abs Breen) a former member of succesful boyband 5ive.
They are collaborating on his latest hit number, a version of Mel Torme's 1963 hit "Comin Home Baby".
Lisa Originally heard one of the late Billy Fury's earliest band member Georgie Fame singing the song when on holiday with Abz in Thailand, they decided the song was perfect for Abz comeback.
Since then Lisa and Abz have been hard at work in the studio and are looking forward to releasing the now record song and are excited for the success it will bring.
When Lisa met Abz in 2006 she recognised his raw talent and describes him as, "talented, charming and respectful with a splendid personality".
Abz has had a passion for music all his life and managed to reach number one in the UK music charts with his band for their hits "Keep On Movin'", "Let's Dance" and their cover version of Queen's "We Will Rock You".
In September 2001, 5ive announced that they were disbanding and Abz is set to storm the charts again with the help of Lisa's expertise and inside knowledge of the industry!

Abz Comeback?
27th November 2008 - Abz
Abz has confirmed he is working on a new album. Of course it's too early to know when it will be released but we have our fingers crossed and know that it will be worth the wait.

Seans New Deal?
14th November 2008 - Sean Conlon (Myspace)
Looks like Sean has a new publisher. According to his official myspace Sean is now signed with Sony/ATV music publishing in the UK. Let's just hope it's not 7 years too late. ... make a comment

Scissorhands Final
14th November 2008 - Celebrity Scissorhands
The 3 finalists (Scott being one of them) were told that out of the 3 of them only 2 were to go through to the live show to cut hair and win the title of "Celebrity Scissorhand Hairdresser of the Year". With this news Scott was so devistated and burst into tears saying that he told his son that he was going to be on stage. The 3 finalist were then given a [hair] task to decide who would be the final 2 to go through to cut hair in the live finale. The 3 finalists took their hair models to the stage where the final 2 were announced. Unfortunately Scott was eliminated. Sabrina won with Jeff coming second. ... make a comment

Scott in Final 3
10th November 2008 - Celebrity Scissorhands
Scott has made it to the final 3 to perform infront of a live audience on Thursday. The other celebs picked Scott to be in the final 3 celebs to go through although Lee believes Scott isn't confident enough to be in the final 3. Scott has been unable to do any haircuts without Lee having to help. All other celebs have been able to finish their customers without any help. ... make a comment

Back, Crack and Sack Wax!
9th November 2008 - Daily Star
Meanwhile, singer Scott Robinson told me he was hoping his former Five bandmates would be brave enough to let him do a back, sack and crack wax on them.
Scott, 28, wants to give his old pop chums the painful procedure as revenge for annoying him during their four years together in the boyband.
He joked: “It would be a great way to get your mates back for all the times they’ve pissed you off.
“I would prefer to do it on someone I knew rather than a total stranger.”
He added: “I would love to get all the Five boys down to the academy.
“Abs has already been in to the salon to get his nails done and I would love to cut Ritchie’s hair because he was always so precious about it.
“But waxing would be the ultimate.”

C-List Spottings
6th November 2008 - I've Just Seen Ray Stubbs
After a snoozy week, the celeb spotting league has hit back with a raft of c-list spottings around the South of our fair Isle. With word getting around about the blog, it's probable that these c-listers are, in a strange twist of irony, actually stalking us to get themselves noted.
Kicking things off, Brakey hits a real low with the long forgotten Richard Neville Dobson, AKA, Ritchie Neville, AKA Ritchie from 5ive. I know, I know, it's amazing he's still alive (and I am intrigued as to what he is even doing) but apparently he was out and about in the vigilante town Henley-on-Thames and thus counts as a spot. Given he has done nothing but crap reality TV since the "band" split up, he goes down as a 1 alongisde an area multiplier of 1, totalling....1! Well done Ritchie, by appearing on this blog you are officially BACK IN THE GAME! Little known fact, Ritchie was once in a band called Anal Beard...that explains a lot.

Family Affair
4th November 2008 - Celebrity Scissorhands
Scotts wife Kerry and eldest son Brennan paid Scott a surprise visit on last nights Celebrity Scissorhands. Brennan raised £100 for the Children In Need charity in which CS raises money for. Brennan gave a short performance of Michael Buble's "Everything" before dad Scott took Brennan over for his haircut. Kerry and Brennan were surprised with Brennan remarking "maybe I won't have to shave my hair off" as they look over the final result. ... make a comment

Brennan Wins First Talent Show
3rd November 2008 - Scott Robinson
Seems the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree in the Robinson household. Young Brennan Robinson recently entered into a kids talent show called the "Xtra Factor". On Sunday the finals were held and Brennan competed against 10 other kids for first prize. The judge asked Brennan where he learned to sing and dance. "My dad" replied Brennan. Scott admits he was teary through the show. Although Brennan did say his dad makes him do it. LOL We'd like to congratulate Breenan on winning the talent show and coming first.

Scotts New Carreer?
3rd November 2008 - Celebrity Scissorhands
Abz made an appearance last week on "Celebrity Scissorhands" which Scott is currently appearing in. Unfortunately Abz was only on for a short time. Abz and Lisa Voice showed up for a pedicure and manicure. Scott gave Abz his manicure and the look on Abz face looked like he was falling asleep as he enjoyed it so much. Abz was looking lovely too.
Scotts taken really well to hairdressing. "Celebrity Scissorhands" raised money for Children In Need and anyone can apply to have their hair cut by the celebs appearing in the show or they can just simply make a donation.
I've found Scott to be quite funny in this. Don't think I'd want my hair done by him though. The first episode Scott did a chicks hair and it looked ok but he'd gone downhill from there lol.
There's one week left and the winners of the show have to cut hair in a live event. So keep your fingers crossed for Scott. ... make a comment

Ritchie Gets Married!
31st October 2008 -
Oh boy! Wife material?! Well it's official. Those rumours about Ritchie and Australian swimwear/underwear model Emily Scott are true. This week (exactly 1 year after Emily and Ritchie started dating [not long after meeting on "Cirque De Celebrite"]) got married in a private ceremony in the UK. The couple have been trying to keep their wedding under wraps [which doesn't prepare fans for the heartbreak] but the news from official sources is there's a new Mrs Dobson on the scene. Emily, born in 1983 and hailing from Canberra, Australia has graced many mens magazines over the years [wearing next to nothing and don't the men just love it!] and appearing in many wet dreams. LOL
As Emily works mainly in Australia Ritchie has decided to leave the UK and emigrate to Australia shortly after their wedding/honeymoon to live with Emily and his new family. Well I guess now we wait for the pitter-patter of little feet. (NO that doesn't mean there's a baby on the way!)
A big congrats to Ritchie and Emily! ... make a comment

Scott Chats Beauty
28th October 2008 - BBC Three
Scott takes the subject of hair seriously – “I always thought that a haircut can completely change someone’s appearance and can make a huge difference – it’s the easiest way of losing a stone!” and won the Smash Hits award for “Best Male Haircut” two years in a row when he was in Five.
He finds the thought of giving massages or waxes “a bit weird” but says he’d be okay if he knew the person receiving the treatment – “if it was one of my mates I could laugh and enjoy the fact I’m hurting them”.

Scott The Hairdresser?
25th October 2008 -
Would you trust Scott to cut your hair? Would you trust him with a pair of scissors? Well someone has! Scott has joined other celebrities for BBC Three's "Celebrity Scissorhands" where celebrities learn the art of hairdressing. Scott will not only learn the art but will be cutting hair too. Keep an eye out for some of Scott's family and friends who have volunteered to have their hair done. The show airs on BBC Three, 26th October at 9pm. ... make a comment

Abz On Holidays Again
3rd September 2008 -
Oh how I'd love to be Abz right now! Yes I'm officially jealous of Abz (there's a first time for everything). He's off on another holiday. But this time he's gone to Greece. Oh if only .... I'll keep dreaming!

New Abz Album Or Not?
29th August 2008 -
If you've been wondering if those rumours about Abz new album are true or not then you're not alone. Recently Abz did admit he has been working in a studio out in the country somewhere. We can only hope to hear some new tunes from the Turkish fella soon. *fingers crossed*

Breaking News!!
17th August 2008 -
It's official! Abz has no friends!! Well atleast on myspace that is. Seems Abz couldn't decide which fans/friends to delete this week on myspace so he deleted them all - himself included! LOL
Sad to see him go but in the end fans were sick of being treated like yo-yo's! ... make a comment

Ritchie Engaged!!
20th July 2008 - NOTW
THE ex-partners of Little Britain's David Walliams and Matt Lucas both have new boyfriends in their lives. David's old flame Emily Scott is to wed former 5IVE singer Ritchie Neville after a whirlwind romance.
And gay Matt's exhubby Kevin McGee has been seen hand-in-hand with a mystery bloke.
Aussie Emily, 24, dated David, 36, for four months—but they split in January last year after she flew Down Under to be with her family.
She fell for Ritchie, 28—who had three No.1 hits with boyband 5ive—as they took part in Sky One show Cirque De Celebrité last October.
The pair will marry next month. A source close to model Emily—voted ninth sexiest woman in the world— said: "They've kept their relationship under wraps for a while. But they're totally in love." ... make a comment
[Special thanks to Aida for this]

Abz Shocks Fans!!
20th July 2008 - WW
Mr "indecissive" Breen has gone for ... wait for it ... 24 whole hours without deleting fans off his myspace! But just when you think it's safe to add yourself to his myspace again ... !!BOOM!! he's back with a deleting frenzy!!
Abz you do know that when you delete someone from myspace you delete them from exsistance right? LOL

20th July 2008 - WW
A reward has been posted for the where-abouts of an album from Sean. The album (untitled) has been missing for 7 years. It is unknown if it has been abducted by the former members of Five as a rebelleous act after the former Fiver (Sean) walked out on the group in 2001 without saying a word! Another rumour has it that ... there is no album and there never will be!! So if you have found that illusive album from Sean BRING IT ON!
[All offers of rewards from this article will not be forfilled by the webmaster]

Scott Crazy For Footy
20th July 2008 - Kelly
Recently Scott made an appearance at a festival where he joined in a game of "crazy football". Teams (including Chris Brooks) were strapped to poles [like in a game of table soccer/table football or foosball if your American (pic 1 - pic 2)] and had to try kick the ball through the goals. Unfortunately Kelly didn't have a chance to get pics for us but we will try hunt around for some.

Ritchie and the Big Boobs
18th July 2008 - Low Culture
Ritchie Neville, ex-5ive, was spotted in Covent Garden, chatting to some girl with big boobs.
[Erm, her name is Emily and she's Ritchie's Fiance'. It's understandable you didn't recognise her. After all you're a guy and she had her clothes on. lol]

Scott & Ritchie
13th July 2008 - Matt Wynter
According to Scott and Ritchies new management team [Create Music] Ritchie isn’t doing any dates at the moment but Scott will be doing a "Freshers" tour in September. When we find out more about the Freshers tour we'll let you know. Start saving!
[Special thanks to Matt Wynter for keeping us updated on Scott & Ritchie - truly apreciated]

FYI: The NME Freshers Tour is taking place around "Freshers week", the week in which Universities in the UK begin their first academic term. 2008 will be the second year of the Freshers tour.

Scott Chats On Sky Poker
11th June 2008 - Sky Poker
Scott [who recently appeared on "The Open"] says the "industry" is a little dead at the moment so Killer Media isn't doing so well right now. Mostly due to the download charts. During the years of Five they would sell 250,000 cds in a week to get to number 1, 2 or 3 but now you just need 25,000 and "Umbrella" is in the charts for 48 weeks.
Scott also said his tattoo on his right arm says "To love my wife and children forever".

4th June 2008 - Holy Moly
7. Billie Piper informed then boyfriend Rich from 5ive over the phone that they were no longer dating. She neglected to tell him that she was already sort of seeing ginger-headed gurning fool Chris Evans during the call.

25th May 2008 - Sunday Mirror
Rated! Abs Breen from 5ive's solo tunes with producer Lisa Voice. ... make a comment
[Special thanks to Sian for this]

Scott Gets "Stacked Up"
25th May 2008 - Sky Poker
Scott spent a few hours in Feltham, in the Studio, tv studio that is. He recorded the very first Edition of “Stacked-Up”, which is a League based on Teams playing Cash-Games on Sky Poker. The first Team are called “Hustlers”, & were led by Scott Robinson, better known as the hunky singer in Boy Band “Five”. A little to my surprise - I know not why - Scott turned out to be a most accomplished poker player. So I’d advise avoiding his poker table. As well as his records. The Show airs on Tuesday 27th May, at 10pm - well worth a gander. (Scott is also meant to be on "The Open" again in August)

Nineties Stars Hit The Road
22nd May 2008 - Daily Record
FANS of S Club 7, 5IVE, 911 and Phats & Small are in for a treat as the Nineties charttoppers have formed a supergroup.
9Ts consists of Bradley Macintosh from S Club, Ritchie Neville from 5IVE, Lee Brennan from 911 and Ben Ofoedu from Phats & Small.
The guys will perform in Scotland for the first time ever on Sunday, May 25.
They will be playing a selection of their hits as well as spinning some classics as they show of their Superstar DJ skills. After their performance they'll also sign autographs and pose for pictures at Jumpin Jaks in Glasgow. Ben from Phats and Small is usually accompanied to his gigs by his other half Vanessa Feltz, so expect to see her first on the dancefloor. ... make a comment
[Special thanks to Aida for this]

What's Up With Ritchie And Scott?
22nd May 2008 - Matt Wynter
Well, we knew Scott had his own management company but since Scott seemed to get bored with it he has got himself a manager, infact the same management team as Ritchie. According to their new manager Matt:
"Both Ritchie and Scott are currently doing the club/uni circuit. Ritchie is djing and Scott is performing some older material."
And as for those rumours about Ritchie, does he or doesn't he have a girlfriend? Well seems we're no closer to finding out, sorry girls! Matt says "I cant really answer questions about his personal life". ... make a comment
[Special thanks to Matt for keeping us updated on Ritchie & Scott - truly apreciated]

Midland Rich List
17th May 2008 - icBirmingham
Ritchie Neville £2.5m - Showbiz List Position: 41
Boy band star Ritchie made it big as a member of boy band Five but now the Bromsgrove heart-throb has gone solo and has a new management team. He has a reported £1m record deal on the table and could follow ex-band-mate Abs into the charts soon.
[Don't get your hopes up. Ritchie doesn't have a record contract. This is an old gossip peice]

Ritchie a DJ?
12th May 2008 - Kylie
Seems Ritchie been up to DJing recently. Ritchie visited a campus on the 24th April and did some DJing for the students and also took time out to sign a few autographs.

5ive’s Richie & Scott Join us @ Carbon - Bank Holiday Sunday 4th May
6th May 2008 - Desire Promotions
A crazy, fun filled evening at the Carbon Club was had by all this Bank Holiday weekend!
Hosting the night were the bad boys of Pop, BoyBand 5ive’s very own Scott and Richie!

Scott and Richie Host Party
28th April 2008 - UK Screen
Guys n gals.. following on from some very popular weekend parties, this Bank Holiday Sunday we invite all UKScreen guests to our party @ the stunning Carbon Club on Old Quebec St in the West End.
Hosted by Ritchie and Scott from Old Skool boyband 5ive, expect an industry led crowd, with a vibrant range of rnb, funky house and club classics from guest DJs throughout the night.
The event is strictly guestlist only but for UKScreen members we can provide ladies complimentary entry before 11pm.
If interested in attending please message me on here or email
Hope to see you there! Ben

Boyband solo careers: Best and Worst
8th April 2008 - Digital Spy
Boybands have always provided us with that perfect combination of slick dance routines, eye candy and unbeatable good-time pop - with chart-topping results. Unfortunately success breeds egos, which in turn spawns solo careers, which, more often than not, ends in disaster. For some strange reason the cute one with the curtains is never as popular when the cool one with the dreadlocks isn't standing next to him! With AJ from the Backstreet Boys becoming the latest boybander to gun for solo glory, we recall the best and worst solo efforts in boyband history.
The Losers: Abs from 5ive - While 5ive can lay claim to three number one singles including the half decent 'Keep On Movin', Abs Breen's stab at a solo career was comically short-lived. With only one horrendously-titled album (Abstract Theory) and a couple of stinking singles under his belt, he wisely decided to call it a day. ... make a comment

Abz on Holiday
7th April 2008 - Abz
Abz took himself away on a little holiday for a couple of weeks to Thailand and by the looks of it he finally got around to riding that elephant he's been talking about. [Either that or he's got a huge .... LOL]

Ritchie a DJ?
19th March 2008 - 4Clubbers
Richie is now focussing on his DJing career – playing a mixture of slamming’ electro beats, funky house that has got dancefloors jumpin’ nationwide. (According to his promoters lol)

Abs Gets His Flirt On
18th March 2008 -
Cheryl Cole was overwhelmed by the huge crowd of photographers, as she left the 21st birthday party of Amy Walsh, her Girls Aloud bandmate Kimberley Walsh's sister, which was held at the Burlington Club on Saturday the 16th March. Cheryl is still not wearing her wedding ring, and is chatted up by Richard 'Abs' Breen as she left!

Abs Lives!
29th February 2008 - Popbitch
And we've got his phone number.
The question on everyone's lips for months has, of course, been “Where's Abs?” The ex-star of 5ive had a brief solo career but has been absent from our lives for too long. You'll all be pleased to know that Abs attended the Elle Style Awards this month, and that his Surbiton Shizzle accent is even more Ali G than ever. And his mobile phone number ends in five 5s.

5ive Stars Need Work!
27th February 2008 - The Sun
5IVE have become 3HREE and the remaining members of the Nineties boy band need work.
SEAN CONLON, JASON ‘J’ BROWN and SCOTT ROBINSON are touting for gigs on student websites for “meet/greets/hosting/Q&As/photos”. Form an orderly queue.

J's Nutcracking InjuryOUCH!
25th February 2008 - WW
It seems J suffered more than just an injured ankle this week. During the rehearsals for Ant v's Dec J got a nut crushing smack to the, erm, balls! J fell to the ground clutching his "best mates" letting out a painful moan. Sorry J, but if anyone wants to see the video head on over to "downloads" (aka FDS). Any volunteers to nurse his injury back to health? I know I would ;-) ... make a comment

Scott & Ritchie On "The Cafe'"
23rd February 2008 - WW
Scott and Ritchie appeared on "The Cafe'" in Ireland on the 21st Feb. J was meant to be on the show but Scott and Ritchie explained that J has injured his ankle. They also explained that Scott, Ritchie, Abz and J were told by management that Sean had glandular fever which is why he was away from the band for so long but infact Sean had actually quit but management didn't want the others to know. They mentioned that Abz is out partying. It's his "thing". Infact it's all Abz does. "It's his living" they explained. Ritchie said he personally has made a lot of changes. He has moved back to London from the country. He is teaching himself to cook, walking his dog and looking into doing some acting and djing. Ritchie says he's going to do some training before he gets into his acting. Scott told a story about being "bad boys'. He said, at 7am in the morning he used to hear giggles in the hallway [of hotels] and find the guys coming in after a late night eating his left over food from the night before. Scott explained that Five had only done 4 to 5 songs during their comeback. Unfortunately everyone wanted them to go in a different direction to what they wanted to go. On the show the guys also had a little "beatbox" moment with Michael Winslow (Police Academy).

J Gets Saturday Night Take Away
16th February 2008 - Daily Record
WORN-OUT Declan Donnelly claims he is begining to feel old - at the age of 32.
But Dec and co-presenter Ant McPartlin aren't planning to take it easy - they're turning into action men for their show Saturday Night Takeaway, which returns tonight.
Perhaps the pair are moaning because instead of the usual challenge between the stars, this series sees the arrival of Ant v Dec: The Teams. They will be joined by five celebrities in a bid to outdo each other in a host of spectacular challenges.
On Dec's side are veteran magician Paul Daniels, 80s singer Sonia, X Factor star Chico, glamour girl Melinda Messenger and former footballer Lee Sharpe.
Ant has Daniels's wife Debbie McGee, former child star Bonnie Langford, dancer Wayne Sleep and boy band stars J Brown from 5ive and Lee Ryan from Blue.
Each week until the final show, one team will lose a member, meaning competition between the boys will be fiercer than ever.
Tonight's first task will have the two teams going around a military assault course.
Ant said: "We thought we'd change things this year, mainly because I kept getting beaten by Dec all the time.
"My only worry is the celebs might think it's a bit of a laugh but I think they'll find out quickly how competitive we are."
The team who lose the challenge also lose a member each week chosen by their captain. Dec said: "I'm quite nervous about that. It's live on air and it's going to be difficult.
"It's supposed to be a bit like Alan Sugar when he's firing people but I won't be doing it as cold and callously as him - I'll be giving them all a little hug as they go."
Tonight's live challenge will see Ant and Dec and their teams attempt to get round a gruelling military field gun challenge with a Takeaway twist - the team to get round in the fastest time wins.
The two teams met for the first time for training at HMS Collingwood, near Portsmouth, where they were faced with an assault course used to train marines.
The teams zip-wire across murky water, climb over a high wall, crawl through a tunnel and scramble over and above a huge net.
Melinda missed training through illness but will be on the show tonight.
But for the rest of the celebrities, it was not long before the teams were covered in mud and dripping wet. Sonia was one of the first casualties during the training session when she froze during the challenge.
The pint-sized star has a fear of heights and struggled when she tried to scale the climbing net - while only a couple of feet off the ground.
Ant and Dec have been together for 18 years, first meeting in 1990 on Byker Grove.
Neither can believe this is the eighth series of Takeaway, whose special guest announcer tonight will be Hollywood comic Will Ferrell.
Dec said: "I don't think we ever thought it would go on this long - but it has which is great because for us it still feels so fresh and new.
"People always ask if we ever get fed-up of working together but we have so much fun on Takeaway and the other shows we do that it doesn't feel like work. It just feels like hanging out with your mate really." ... make a comment
[Go get 'em J!]

Five singer to open own shop
15th February 2008 - This Is South End
A FORMER boy band star has opened a new shop selling celebrity memorabilia.
Scott Robinson, from Pitsea, was a member of chart-toppers Five, who scored three number one singles, sold millions of albums and adorned the walls of teenage girls during the late 1990s.
But now the 28-year-old is focusing his energies on Celebrity Scribbles, in London Road, Leigh, where collectors can pick up signed items from the world of showbiz and sport.
Scott said: "We've got a lot of good things here and I'm just hoping to get lots of people through the door.
"We also sell unsigned items like canvasses and framed pictures. We've got everything across the board and our stuff ranges in price."
Among the pieces on offer is a signed Queen album, A Night At The Opera, which is valued at £1,495 and a signed Arsenal shirt from their unbeaten 2003-4 season, worth £800.
Scott said: "I've always been interested in collecting memorabilia and recently I met someone in the business of selling it, which gave me the idea of starting up a shop."
He said being in Five for several years had helped him build up a range of showbiz contacts and he had also been taking advice from a friend who ran a similar shop in Basildon.
Since Five split in 2001, Scott has been acting and performing, most notably in the musical Boogie Nights 2.
The band briefly reformed at the end of 2006 and Scott now also runs a management company, Killer Media, with Capital FM DJ Chris Brooks.
He said: "I'm a sensible human being. I can't just sit around because I've got two kids, a wife and a dog to look after. So running two businesses is a good idea to bring in money for the family."
He set up Celebrity Scribbles, which replaces another collectibles shop, with partner Simon Jay, 34, also from Pitsea.
He said: "The shop had everything we needed so we could start straight away. It's close to home and in a nice area."
Scott, who is married to childhood sweetheart Kerry Oaker, used to go to Eversley Primary School and Chalvedon School, both in Pitsea.
He is keen to bring some celebrities down to the shop for signings and said he hoped Southend United manager Steve Tilson would do so in the near future.

Scott Robinson: Bad service not my fault
2nd February 2008 - Eastbourne Herald
A FORMER pop star and shop manager who suddenly quit an Arndale Centre store says he is not to blame for leaving customers out of pocket.
Phil Cole, the current owner of Walls of Fame, said 5ive's Scott Robinson had left before Christmas due to unforeseen circumstances.
Then a number of customers complained they had not received the framed sport and movie memorabilia they had paid for.
Scott says he is not to blame and is angry to have been portrayed as the 'bad guy'.
"Basically, I bought the shop," said Scott.
"I put a big lump of money in with a partner and we sublet it from Phil Cole.
"We were doing very well but one of the clauses in the contract was that Phil would do the framing under his company Football in Focus.
"We were happy with the situation – he was local and it made sense. After all he was a very good framer and we could not fault his work.
"But then we found we were upsetting lots of customers because we were not getting the frames back in time.
"I was phoning Phil and he was telling me he could get the frames back within a week but it just wasn't happening."
Scott says he started the business in Eastbourne but was living in his home county of Essex and expecting two girls to deal with the day-to-day running of Walls of Fame.
"We had two girls running the shop and they were great but kept phoning me all the time with problems.
"I had to keep driving down from Essex nearly every day which was not what I wanted – I have got a wife, two kids and a dog.
"In the end I stopped taking deposits and I told the girls to stop taking deposits and we were thinking about finding another framer.
"But then I found out Legal and General knew nothing about us being in there because Phil had not told them.
"This meant we could be chucked out at any time because we were in there illegally."
The ex-popstar left Walls of Fame just before Christmas and says he is disappointed with the way things were handled.
"I had the same mobile number for 10 years but I had to change it after it was put up in the window of Walls of Fame when I left.
"To be honest I wasn't getting calls from customers, it was mainly 5ive fans."
Scott Robinson is now running a similar store in Essex and says business is thriving. ... make a comment
[Thanks to Aida for this]

POP Star Ritchie Neville Supports Big Sleepout For Homeless Charity
28th January 2008 - BYHP
Can you take part and help raise funds for BYHP? BYHP supports around 350 Young People in Banbury and the surrounding area every year who have been made homeless through not fault of their own, helping them find suitable accommodation.
Join us at BYHP's offices in Babury for The Big Sleepout on Friday 28th November which is being launched this week to coincide with National Homelessness Week - Sunday 27th January to 3rd February. You can come join us on your own or bring a friend, partner or in a team. Ricthie will be there!
[This is the same charity organization Ritchie's girlfriend Roz works for]

5ive Star Scott In Gift Shop Flop
23rd January 2008 - The Sun
FAILED 5ive pop hunk Scott Robinson has done a runner from his gift shop — leaving dozens of former fans devastated.
He started Walls of Fame after the 5ive reunion flopped last year.
The dad of three, 28, shut the shop in Eastbourne, East Sussex, and disappeared.
Chrissie Taylor, 26, who was waiting for a framed picture, said: “I’m going to throw out my 5ive albums.” ... make a comment
[Thanks to Aida for this]

[Shame Scott's former co-owner has to deal with the fall-out from this. Scott's new shop is called "Celebrity Scribbles"]

Store Manager Left Customers With No Gifts
15th January 2008 - Hastings Observer
An ex-boyband member and manager of an Arndale Centre store left a number of customers without gifts they had ordered after suddenly quitting the Eastbourne business.
Scott Robinson, from pop band 5ive, became franchise holder of Walls of Fame in October 2007. The business specialises in framed sport and movie memorabilia.
Managing director of the chain Phil Cole says the former popstar left at Christmas due to unforeseen circumstances – leaving around 12 people waiting for presents.
One of them was Anne Roebuck, of Honeysuckle Close, who says she visited Walls of Fame on December 4 to buy a birthday present for her seven-year-old daughter Kelsea.
The mother-of-three said, "She is absolutely mad on High School Musical so I got her the framed picture.
"I explained her birthday was on the December 15 and I was told they would be able to get the picture in for me."
Anne parted with £40 in cash and left the store expecting a telephone call in a few days.
But December 15 came and went with no phone call from the store so Anne went out and bought a replacement present for her daughter.
She said, "They didn't phone but I thought never mind, I will just give it to her for Christmas instead."
Three days before Christmas Anne went back to Walls of Fame and was told her daughter's present would soon be arriving at the store.
But Anne heard nothing and Kelsea missed out on her High School Musical present on Christmas Day.
Anne said, "I got her something else in the end but I think she might have realised there was something missing."
Anne says she phoned on January 7 and was told Mr Robinson had gone, and left a number of unsatisfied customers.
Anne said, "They have told me I can have a credit note, which is not much good to me, or they will get the picture in, but it's too late now.
"If I give the picture to Kelsea I will have to get something for my other two children."
Managing director Philip Cole said, "There are around a dozen people who have been left without the products that were promised to them.
"We will endeavour to supply those products to the customers or give a credit note for the amount. Where the customer can prove they no longer want the product we will offer a refund.
"The lady in question has not yet been into the store making it very difficult for us to help her.
"She says the picture she paid for was wanted for Christmas and it is now no good to her so in this instance we will offer a refund."
The shop closed on Christmas Eve following the departure of Mr Robinson but Walls of Fame reopened on January 4.
Philip added, "I would like to take this opportunity to thank my staff for their support in re-opening the shop and we would like to welcome back our existing customers."
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[Scott has now decided to make his own Celebrity Autograph and Memorabilia store. Shame he left himself with a bad name now. But like fans, you need to treat your customers well or they won't follow you!]

Boosh Booze Up
13th January 2008 - The London Paper
New Year’s Eve in The Hawley Arms was always going to be a late one despite the absence of its best customer, Amy Winehouse. And for the cognoscenti, there was a secret late-night party upstairs, but throwing shapes among the trendy types, theBuzz hears, were the unlikely figures of former boybanders Jason “J” Brown and Ritchie Neville from the group 5ive.
The pair got down to party with The Mighty Boosh’s Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt, who were at the Camden hostelry with their girlfriends Dee and Julia. “They stood out a bit, perhaps they’re headed in a new direction,” a partygoer tells theBuzz. “But they were getting into the party, buying loads of champagne for a group of girls.”

J Update
8th January 2008 - Grant Logan
J is currently in talks with several tv companies in the bid to kick off his new career in tv.
We should be hearing about one of them soon. Good Luck J!
J won't be doing any press or tv until he decides on his next project so we hope thats real soon!
FYI: The charity J supported in "I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Here" was the "Marie Currie cancer charity".
[Special thanks to Grant for keeping us updated on J - truly apreciated]