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J Bid To Keep 5ive Alive
30th December 2007 - People
I'm A Celeb hunk JASON "J" BROWN is desperately trying to reform his band 5IVE. Again.
The 30-year-old has been begging the other lads, SCOTT ROBINSON, RITCHIE NEVILLE, RICHARD "ABS" BREEN and SEAN CONLON to get together for a short reunion tour. The boys were due to reunite last year - minus Sean who had a solo deal - but they called it off a few weeks later.
The band were formed in 1997 and enjoyed three No1s including Keep On Movin' and Queen cover We Will Rock You before splitting in 2007.

Scott Seeks Out Fame
11th December 2007 - Ents News
Sunday 9th December sees the final of the national singing competition, Fame Finder which has been running in Yates’s bars across the country since September. Previous winners of the competition include the number one best selling artist Leona Lewis, before she found fame on X-Factor.
Ten finalists will sing their hearts out to be named Fame Finder Finalist 2007 and the talented winner will take home £10,000.
The final is to be held at Yates’s in Leicester Square, London and judging the talent will be Capital Radio DJ’s Tony Shepherd and Kat Shoob and Scott Robinson, former member of boy band 5ive who sold almost 20 million records. Chris Brookes who hosts the afternoon show at Capital Radio is the compere for the evening.

Ritchies New Girl
9th December 2007 - Sunday Mirror
DAVID Walliams' Aussie ex Emily Scott (of Celeb Love Island) is making the most of her time in Little Britain.
I hear the model, 23, is enjoying a secret romance with ex-5ive singer Richie Neville.
They hit it off in Sky One's Cirque De Celebrite.
My man on the highwire says: "Richie was smitten but kept his distance because he was in a relationship. Now he has split from his girlfriend and can see whoever he likes."

Um a celub... git me owt
2nd December 2007 - Sunday Mirror
I'm thrilled to anownse the amaising new Janice Dickinson/Jason "J" Brown spel chek system has bean sucsesfly instawled into my computar - and it's fyring on orll sillinders.
Back to the action and why was third-placed Jason "J" Nobody still there at the end?
"I've got a good command of the English language," boasted the boy band relic. "It's one of my favourite things on the planet."
He then delivered a moronic masterclass in how not to spell.
J's illiterate. Or, as he put it, "iliterate".

Ritchie Not Famous?
2nd December 2007 - People
"It's time to hear from some famous people" Ant and Dec offered. Richie Neville? Famous...if you're stuck in the late 90s.

IACGMOOH: Scott Calls J A Wanker!!
2nd December 2007 -
After being put under pressure in the Spelling Bee on I'm Celebrity and failing, J's former bandmate Scott Robinson appeared on "I'm a celebrity get me out of here now" and called J a wanker for getting his words wrong in the spelling test. This is what Scott had to say about J:
"So he says he's the cheif of spelling and then he can't spell broccoli. I was thinking a word in my head which started with "W" and ended with "ER". Couldn't say it on the telly. He set himself up for a fall and made himself look silly."
This from a man who can't spell himself! Dyslexia or no dyslexia Scott made himself look like a hypocrite! As you know I'm not a big Scott fan but you'd think Scott would try to support his former bandmate rather than call him names to make himself look big! Stealing J's look then making fun of J. Whats next? All I can say is my opinion of Scott has dropped even lower than before!! (If that's even possible!)
[I apologise to any Scott fans who may be offended. Sorry guys.]

Big Monkey Bollocks!
14th November 2007 - Holy Moly
Katie helped Gemma carry her enormous chest back into camp much to the delight of everyone before they got the question wrong, but help was at hand when 'J' from 5ive broke it open and gave everyone illegal chocolate.
Well done J, what with that and the constant shouting of "big monkey bollocks" you are certainly turning out to be a cracking bit of telly.

10th November 2007 - Kails
Singer, Ritchie Neville, became the fifth contestant to be eliminated from the show. Although Ritchie delivered a flexible performance on the silks, unfortunately he didn’t do enough to win over the judges and he hung his Lycra leotard up for the last time!
Luke, Stacey and Lady Isabella took to the air this week as they tackled the trapeze – delivering top-notch performances alike. Famous for his on-screen clashes with Judge Louis who commented, “You concentrated too much – lost your personality”, Luke retaliated by saying, “I will not kiss bottom”. Saved last week by the judges, Lady Isabella initially struggled to motivate herself in training, (feeling unloved by the public), however, she soon pulled herself together and delivered a flawless performance - judge, Louis said, “This is the reason I kept Isabella in”. Stacey also upheld her status as ‘Ariel Queen’ as she wowed the judges by her trapeze antics, judge, Louis said to her, “It’s girl power this week for sure”.
One of the most difficult skills to master this week it seems was the ‘Silks’. Dean, Antonia and ‘Man Mountain’ Kyle Marsh all struggled to master the grace and elegance required for this discipline. Kyle managed to soften his macho delivery and wowed Gabby, who said he ‘looked vulnerable’ and ‘can do no wrong’. Dean wasn’t so lucky with the judges’ comments; Judge Philip said ‘It wasn’t good for me”. Antonia, however, rocked the tent as she overcame her dislike of the silks and came top of this discipline. Judge Louis said, “Lines were beautiful…I was kept engaged”.
‘Mr Competitive’, Shane Lynch, had to sit out this week due to injury. Shane suffered a muscle-tear and, unfortunately had to watch from the sidelines with his arm in a sling.

Welcome to the jungle: 'Celebrities' descend on Oz ahead of I'm A Celebrity
8th November 2007 - This Is London
It's a veritable who's who of former soap stars and television personalities, and ex-Hollyoaks star Gemma Atkinson led the list of arrivées who descended on Brisbane, Australia to take part in this year's I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here which starts on Monday
Former Hollyoaks babe Gemma Atkinson, who is in an on-off relationship with footballer Marcus Bent said after she touched down in Australia: "I'm looking forward to meeting some jungle hunks."
And when quizzed about how many swimsuits and bikinis the soap star packed, she announced: "You're going to have to wait and see".
Ex-boy band star Jason 'J' Brown – who flew in 30 minutes after the actress – admitted: "Gemma's got some great assets – I'm definitely going to throw myself at anything in there."
With negotiations continuing, ITV bosses have yet to confirm the final line-up - although stars Gemma Atkinson, Marc Bannerman, Jason 'J' Brown from vaguely remembered pop band Five, and John Burton Race have already arrived.
Former Five singer J added: "As for Bushtucker Trials, I'm up for anything. I'll give it all a go. I'll have a nibble on a crocodile's nadger – just as long as it's not an elephant's!"
But in truth the personalities lining up for the latest series of the reality show, which starts on Monday, look decidedly Z-list.
The rest of the celebrities are due to arrive in Australia throughout the week for the show which begins on Monday.

Scotts New Venture
8th November 2007 -
Well so much for Scott putting his artist before his own carreer. Well atleast maybe his singing carreer (which we actually doubt he has put on hold). I was just talking to someone from the UK who said that Scott has a new business. They saw him now working at a place called "Walls of Fame" in Eastbourne, East Sussex. They sell autographed memorabilia from celebs from around the world. Visit Walls Of Fame (The website is still under construction) or visit the store: 46 Arndale Centre, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN21 3NW.

J Heads To The Jungle
8th November 2007 -
We've been trying hard to not say anything about it but the cats out the bag now! J has joined the cast of I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. he'll be heading "Down Under" to battle jungle life with other celebs including - Anna Ryder Richardson (Designer), Rodney Marsh (ex footballer), Katie Hopkins (Apprentice), Richard Fairbrass (From Right Said Fred), Gemma Atkinson (Hollyoaks babe), M.C Hammer, Marc Bannerman (ex Eastender), Janice Dickenso (model), Malcolm McLaren (founder of the Sex Pistols)

Ritchie Fighting To Get Fit
25th October 2007 - The Sun
Former Five singer Ritchie Neville is fighting to get fit following a slipped vertebrae in his back last week.
He said: "It was so painful. I just couldn't perform. It was absolutely awful. Hell on earth. Fingers crossed everything goes well and the doctors give me the all clear.
"I really do hope I'll be back."

Tickets & On Stage Times.
24th October 2007 - Sean Conlon
Hi there, with regards to the times I have for on stage times at the gigs. That information was given to me by the venues, and may be subject to change. So I would advise anybody who wants the correct information to check out the web site of the Venue. Also do the same for any ticket information. Thanks alot and hope to see you there, Sean..

Ritchie Battling Injury
22nd October 2007 -
Ritchie Neville has revealed he is battling a back injury sustained in Cirque De Celebrite.
The former Five star, who is competing in the Sky One show, hurt himself last week.
"I've sustained an injury, which ironically was only sustained in the warm-up," he explained.
"Something has gone in my lower right back, apparently, and the muscles are in spasm."
The 28-year-old says he is currently being "electrocuted" with a Tens pain relief machine in an attempt to heal the injured muscles.
"I've not been able to train all week," he admitted.
But Ritchie said the show had taught him not to be too competitive.
"I find that it stops being fun when you do that," he said.
"A big part of me doing it was just to have a laugh and learn some things, so I try and keep the competitiveness aside and just do my best, but continue to have fun when I'm doing it.
Ritchie's competitors on Cirque De Celebrite include Lady Isabella Hervey and former Boyzone star Shane Lynch."

Live dates and new song "paranoid'
19th October 2007 - Sean Conlon
Hi there some of the live dates are as follows...16th Nov, 20 Nov, 22nd Nov and 28th Nov. For more information check my profile. Hope too see you there. Also I have uploaded a new song from the Album, Paranoid. Thanks alot as always, Sean.

Scotts Management Venture Falling Apart?
15th October 2007 -
Billy Lee has quit Killer Management after he got sick of doing all the work and Scott putting his own carreer first. Several of the other artists with KM had voiced their concerns about their carreers being put behind Scotts and still waiting for the company to get a move on with getting them anything to do so they have left the company too knowing Billy was the man that did the work so they just followed. Looks like they may be heading for a change of company name now.

It's A Circus Freak Show
14th October 2007 - Sunday Mirror
It's Cirque de Celebrite and, pluckily ignoring his speech impediment, lisping judge Louie Spence has an announcement to make. After Neighbours has-been Kyal Marsh's rubbish rope routine, Thpence mysteriously declares: "You great hunk of a spunk." What's he talking about?
Back by unpopular demand, TV's reality circus has, mercifully, dumped rotten ringmaster Ruby Wax in favour of bland bombshell Jenni Falconer.
But this star-free telly marathon is still struggling against its fatal central flaw: the glaringly hopeless Z-list contestants couldn't turn a decent Big Top trick if you paid them.
Which, unwisely, Sky One has. Straight from the TV job centre we're bored to present tedious reality regulars Shane Lynch (Love Island, The Games), Lady Isabella Hervey (Celebrity Love Island, The Games), Hannah Waterman and Luke Bailey (Just The Two Of Us) and Antonia Okonma (Britain's Worst Celebrity Driver, Celebrity Wrestling).
Can't they find anyone new? Or anyone better than long-forgotten boybander Ritchie Neville? Older readers may just remember he was in a useless group called 5ive. Following his inept efforts on the trapeze, Ritchie gushed: "I'm having one of the best times of my life."
Ritchie mate... you need to get out more.
Back to the panellists, and sitting next to some bloke called Gandey there's Gaby Roslin. Nice girl, but what exactly is the nature of her circus expertise?
As Spence might say: "She'th clueleth!"

Too Many Clowns For Circus
14th October 2007 - People
A former Five bandmate of Ritchie Neville mused: "We're a little bit baffled that Ritchie's doing the circus". You're not the only one, mate.
In fact, why any of these nonentities have signed up for Cirque De (Non) Celebrite is a mystery.
The only hope is that the safety net fails.

Stellar Line-up Revealed For Sky One's Cirque De Celebrite
8th October 2007 - Holy Moly
The line-up really is stretching the validity of the word 'Celebrité' in the title this time. After all, the last series was won by Grace Adams-Short. No, me neither. Also attempting to breathe life into flatlining careers will be Ritchie Neville, who used to be associated with boy band Five, and now has more association with a P45. There are loads of others, but believe me - that's the cream of the celebrities. The stars will perform dangerous stunts such as high wire walking, putting their lives at risk for the sake of entertainment, but families aside, would anyone really care if one of these people died?

Another little message.
3rd October 2007 - Sean Conlon (MySpace)
Hi there. As you already know I have put two new tracks up on my profile and there will be more to follow over the next weeks. Also I would like to say that if you wanted to be updated about the live gigs then make sure you subscribe to this Blog and you will be posted very soon. Sean.

Cirque De Celebrite Profile
24th September 2007 - Heat World
Former boyband member Ritchie scored nine number hits with his band 5ive. In the 4 years they were together they sold between 15 and 20 millions albums worldwide and were one of the biggest bands of the 90's.
A self-confessed fitness freak, Ritchie is looking forward to concentrating on excersize and not going to the pub during his time on Cirque although he admits the tight-rope will be a challenge, as he's not great with heights.

What do you make of the Cirque De Celebrite line up?
20th September 2007 - Heat World
Strictly Come Dancing has a big competitor in the silly spangly costume stakes. Cirque De Celebrite is back on Sky One this autumn for more trapeze tricks, bendy acrobatics and glittery, sequinned and slightly embarrassing outfits. The famous(-ish) faces appearing in the big top this year are Kyal Marsh (Neighbours), Hannah Waterman (ex-EastEnders), Shane Lynch (Boyzone), Stacey Cadman (Cavegirl), Lady Isabella Hervey (socialite), Princess Tamara (The Games), Dwain Chambers (Olympic athlete), Antonia Okonma (Bad Girls), Dean Holdsworth (footballer), Ritchie Neville (5ive), Luke Bailey (Casualty) and Emily Scott (model). heatworld is slightly disappointed to note that despite the crotch-hugging costumes none of the boys manage to make that much of a – ahem – impression. *Digs out magnifying glass*

Cirque De Celebrite line-up announced
20th September 2007 - This Is Nottingham
Lady Isabella Harvey, Hannah Waterman and Shane Lynch head the line-up for this year's Cirque De Celebrite.
Last year, after 10 gruelling weeks in the Big Top, Big Brother's Grace Adams-Short was crowned the winner.
Now 12 more celebs are taking up the challenge in a bid to become the new circus champion.
This year's line-up also includes Neighbours star Kyal Marsh, Cavegirl actress Stacey Cadman, Princess Tamara, Olympic athlete Dwain Chambers, Bad Girls' Antonia Okonma, footballer Dean Holdsworth, former Five singer Ritchie Neville, Casualty actor Luke Bailey and model Emily Scott.
Over 10 weeks the contestants will have to learn skills including the trapeze, the blind-folded high-wire and the wheel of death, under the watchful eyes of Cirque Surreal trainers Nikki Alexander and Jackie Leon-Sysum.
In each Sunday night live show - hosted by Jenni Falconer - the celebrities battle it out to win the votes of both the expert panel of judges, including Gaby Roslin, Cirque Surreal creator Phillip Gandey and choreographer Louis Spence, and the viewers at home.
These combined votes determine each week's winner - the star with the least votes will pack their bags and say goodbye to the circus.
Cirque De Celebrite returns on Sky One on October 7 at 8pm.

Pop Stars Visit Newbury College!!!
12th September 2007 - Business In berkshire
Students at Newbury College were entertained by Scott Robinson who was a member of the Boy Band ‘5ive’ along with up and coming artist Georgie Swan on Thursday 6th September at the open air amphitheatre in the Monks Lane campus.
Scott is currently working on his solo projects that will be set for release early next year. Georgie has recently been signed by Killer Management, which is run by Scott and Chris Brooks, who is the afternoon DJ at London’s 95.8 Capital Radio.
A big crowd of students as well as staff turned out to see the show and were given a fun and entertaining performance. Students were able to chat to the stars after the performance and grab an autography too. Scott was thrilled to visit the College and said, “It’s a great College, I can’t believe how well kept it is, the building is lovely. The students were great fun, I hope they enjoyed it as much as I did.”
After the performance Scott and Georgie held an audience with the Performing Arts students where they gave advice and guidance on working within the entertainment industry. Scott talked about his experiences with ‘5ive’ and what he’s been trying to achieve since and said, "Half the battle is having faith in yourself." Georgie went on to say, "No matter what life throws at you, you've just got to carry on and get on with it."

Former '5ive' member visits Newbury
8th September 2007 - Newbury Today
Scott Robinson from 1990s boy band '5ive' and up and coming solo artist Georgie Swan perform at Newbury College
A FORMER boy band member performed tracks from his new solo album at Newbury College on Thursday (September 6).
Scott Robinson, who was a member of the late 1990s boy band ‘5ive’, sang on stage in front of students and later signed autographs.
New up and coming artist Georgie Swan, who is currently working on his debut album, also sang on stage.
Both Mr Robinson and Mr Brooks spoke to the college’s performing arts students after their performances to share advice and guidance on working in the music industry.
Mr Robinson said: "I just want to steer them in the right direction.
"Half the battle is having faith in yourself."
Mr Swan said: "No matter what life throws at you, you've just got to carry on and get on with it."
Mr Robinson runs Killer Management with business partner Chris Brooks who is the afternoon DJ at London’s 95.8 Capital Radio.
Mr Robinson and Mr Brooks manage a number of artists, including Mr Swan.
Ex-S Club singer Bradley Mackintosh was due to perform at the event but pulled out last Friday (August 31).

Scott At Newbury College
8th September 2007
Scott was off to Newbury College on the 6th September with new artist Georgie Swan (the first artist signed to Killer Management) to show off his vocal talents and give the Performing Arts students an insight into what it's like as an artist and giving advice and guidance on working within the entertainment industry. Students then got a chance to ask Scott and Georgie questions. Scott announced to the students he wouldn't be singing any Five songs and with that the Performing arts students booed (ah, loving the Five fans). "And I won't be dancing" says Scott as he introduced his first song "Wonderful Tonight" by Eric Clapton. They both sang 2 songs each. Georgie then went on to sing "Amazed" by Lone Star. Scott also mentioned that his carreer is on hold until the artists, signed to Killer Management, are successful before he has another crack at it. He says it's all fine as he's living "through his artists".
Bradley McIntosh was meant to go to the college but at the last minute pulled out (and being replaced by Georgie) leaving more speculations that he may be leaving Killer Management to join Billy Lee who recently quit the management company after inside problems.

New song on profile!
5th September 2007 - Sean Conlon (MySpace)
Hi, for those who are interested I have posted a new track onto my profile. All the recording for the Album has been done, but we are still mixing. So over the next few weeks the songs that i will put on my profile will be only rough mixes. Still I hope it will give you a good idea of the Album to come. Also we are rehearsing at the moment for some live dates to be announced very shortly. Thanks alot, Sean.

Finished recordings and live dates to come!
5th September 2007 - Sean Conlon (MySpace)
Hi I am happy to tell you we have finished all the recording for the Album, we are now at the mixing stage. Thank you for your patience as I know its been a long time coming. Over the next few weeks I will be putting some rough mixes of the songs from the Album on my profile. It would be great to get your feedback. We are also in rehearsals at the moment and will be very shortly announcing just a few dates for some intamate gigs around london and the southeast. Thanks alot, Sean.

Pop stars to visit Newbury College
4th September 2007 - Newbury Today
Former member of Five to perform solo tracks and meet and greet students
A FORMER pop band star will visit Newbury College next week to perform tracks from his new solo albums.
Scott Robinson from boy band Five will treat students to a set of his hits as well as signing autographs.
After the performance, Scott will talk to the college's performing arts students to share advice and guidance on working in the entertainment industry.
Students will have the opportunity to ask questions about their particular area of interest.
The star will be visiting the college on Thursday, September 6 between 12pm and 2pm.
Ex-S Club singer Bradley Mackintosh was also meant to come along to the event but pulled out last Friday (August 31).

Pete Who?
10th August 2007 - Popbitch
Hotel check-in names: Jay, from 5ive, liked to check in as Mr Pete O'File. (Paed-o-phile.. geddit?)

Win A Signed Scott Shirt!
30th July 2007 - Samaritans
Bag yourself a one-off footie shirt signed by Mikey Dalton and Maxwell Ward from Big Brother, Scott Robinson from 5ive, S Club 7 star Bradley MacIntosh, Jack Tweedy Jade Goody’s fiancée, Syed Ahmed from the Apprentice, Nick and John Morgan from the Paul O’Grady Show. Signed at the Celebrity Soccer Six championship on 20th May 2007, this shirt is a collector’s item. Bid for it now!

Washed-up Stars' Fame Over
30th July 2007 - The Sun
“RUB shoulders with the stars,” said the publicity material.

“The Centre:mk shopping precinct in Milton Keynes is the place to be,” it added, slightly less encouragingly.

The promoters, MusicMania Live, boasted free entry and promised “the incredible buzz of getting to know your favourite music idols from the last three decades, including The Cheeky Girls, Another Level, Steps, S Club, 911, Five and many others.”

But the sad reality was a handful of has-beens and a hardcore following of devotees lost in the sprawl of a faceless shopping centre.

And punters who read the small print discovered they would have to PAY for autographs and photoshoots.

I approached the information booth to see how I could have a “photoshoot” with my fave celebs.

It was quite simple, and £145 later I was equipped with a ticket for a snap with each of the stars appearing that day — eight in total.

If I wanted their autographs it would cost the same again — bringing the total to a celeb-sized £290.

I’d arrived at 9am as the centre opened, hoping to beat the rush . . . but the rush never came. In fact by 5pm when the bored celebs packed up and left, I realised I’d missed the stampede — by about ten years.

Dane Bowers kicked off the bargain-basement £10 morning photo sessions. He sat dutifully in a row with Bradley McIntosh of S Club 7 fame, The Cheeky Girls, and Five band members Ritchie, “J” and Scott.

But even at £10 a pop, few fans showed up. In fact only two photoshoots were booked — and I was one.

Next up was former S Clubber Bradley McIntosh. A favourite with fans, he posed and signed for free — when the promoters weren’t looking.

Steps star Ian “H” Watkins was first in the afternoon’s line-up. Surprisingly chirpy, he was the first of the £15 elite. But The Cheeky Girls were the runaway winners with at least 20 punters — more than double the turnout for anyone else.

Five did a special deal — £10 each or all three members for £20 — but Lisa Scott-Lee proved that even at £15 a go she could still draw them in, with eight punters forking out.

It seemed there were no more than 100 punters in total and the celebs were finally taken back to their three-star hotel — which was three more stars than MusicMania could boast, and probably far cheaper.

This Weeks Crap Spot!
25th July 2007 - Heat Magazine
Sean Five lurking in the comics department at the forbidden planet on Shaftesbury Avenue, London. [credit to Sian]

Meet Scott, J and Ritchie from FIVE?
10th July 2007 - WOF
Meet Scott, J and Ritchie from FIVE, Bradley McIntosh from S Club as well as many other former music stars at
MUSICMANIA LIVE in Milton Keynes on Saturday and Sunday, 28 & 29 July.

Saturday 28th 9am - 6pm
Sunday 29th 10am - 5pm
100s of dealer stalls, talks, autograph and photo sessions with the stars, competitions and much more!

thecentre:mk - Milton Keynes
Middleton Hall, thecentre:mk,
In front of John Lewis, Central Milton Keynes,
Buckinghamshire, MK9 3BA.

Autographs from Scott, J and Ritchie will be £10 each.
Rates for other artists are available on the Musicmania website at

Life's Loser
1st July 2007 - The People
Ex-FIVE singer RITCHIE NEVILLE was denied VIP entry to MAXIMO PARK's Vodafone gig in Oxford.

Message From Five
23rd June 2007 - World Of Five
Five's myspace page & message board will stay up because there's a small (tiny!) chance that the new songs we recorded in our brief time together during the past year MAY be released in some form and we want to be able to inform you of this event in case it happens. Fingers crossed! And you never know what news may be told about all or one of us in the coming days...

Continuing love to you all and heartfelt thanks for changing our lives forever. We'll never forget you and we're grateful that you all remembered us once again.

If you're a fan of SCOTT ROBINSON (hell, even if you're not), check out his official myspace page at He's continuing on in a solo career and we all wish him the best!

Thanks for all your support.

XX the lads of FIVE...
J (thanx for the birthday wishes!), Abz, Ritchie and Scott

Five Split
25th May 2007 - Pop Justice
Five split up having not actually really got back together. It's sad but, on the other hand, who gives a toss?

1990s Boyband Comeback Update
24th May 2007 - Pop Justice
Remember Five were staging a comeback? Remember we went to the press conference which was held in a shopping centre and saw the band making their 'grand entrance' by appearing up an escalator?
Well, sad news. From their management company:
"It is with deep regret that FIVE today announce that their comeback is no more. The band have decided to call it a day, seven months after reforming. They would like to apologise to all their fans throughout the world for any disappointment caused. Despite considerable broadcast interest in a reunion television series being secured, an album being half-way completed and a world tour in the final stages of confirmation, Ritchie, J, Abz and Scott feel that they cannot continue together.
A huge amount of hard work and effort went into the band's reformation, but with the state of the music business as it is and with decent record deals being so difficult to procure, the band were really left with no other option than to split."
It's not all bad, though, because East 17's comeback is the subject of a TV show. From the Popjustice forums (but clearly copy and pasted from elsewhere):
"East 17–The Reunion will follow the progress of Tony Mortimer and his past band mates as he uses his own money to fund a "massive" comeback in the hope of securing a new recording contract for the group.
According to Endemol, the company which owns the production firm behind the programme, the 60-minute documentary will provide a "rare and fascinating glimpse into the inner sanctum of the music industry"."
The East 17 documentary is on Channel 4 next Tuesday. It'll make uneasy viewing - ticket sales for the band's Shepherds Bush Empire gig hardly sent Ticketmaster switchboards into meltltdown - but it, and the Five debacle, might hopefully make it clear to any other defunct groups from pop's recent past that the fans have gone, pop has moved on, and the skills and knowledge one picks up at the centre of a pop whirlwind are probably best applied to behind the scenes endeavours instead of disappointing and humiliating due-to-underwhelming-popular-demand comeback fiascos.

Message From J
24th May 2007 - J (WOF)
Hi everyone it's J.I thought I'd post a little message to anyone who's still interested and because I've been reading through your messages and have seen that a lot of you are genuinely upset and a litlle p***ed off.To start with,I'm sorry that myself and the guys are no longer doing anything and that a lot of you are upset about this.I've been reading stuff online and in the newspapers as to why we decided to call it a day and as all of it is false I thought that I'd post the truth here.Myself and the guys were genuinely excited about making some more music together and getting the whole Five thing rolling again and as it was such a big step coming back into the music industry after some of the bad experiences we had the first time around it wasn't something we intended to do half-heartedly.We were very serious about what we wanted to do and how we were going to go about it.Unfortunately,the lovely people who make all the decisions at the record companies were seeing it all in a completely different way and despite the rumours that have been circulating,Five had not and have not been offered ANY kind of recording contract by any record company.Take-That have unfortunately set the precedent for any other boy/pop bands trying to make any kind of come back.The only interest we had was from a tour promoter who wanted us to go on tour doing all of our old songs and maybe one or two new ones but this wasn't what myself and the guys wanted to do.Scott and Abz said that they would consider doing it even though it wasn't ideally what they wanted because they thought that maybe something positive could come from it and myself and Ritch had to think long and hard about it but then decided that the whole reunion thing had moved far too much away from what we all originally wanted to do.When we first spoke of getting back together all four of us said that the only way we would do it was if we were allowed the freedom to write a completely new album of material and see how people reacted to it but as the months went by,slowly the focus and direction started to change from people outside of the band putting pressure on us to basically re-hash all of our old stuff and DO A TOUR JUST TO MAKE MONEY FROM OUR OLD FANS.This isn't something we wanted to do as we wouldn't have felt creatively satisfied and didn't want to just jump on the band wagon(no pun intended!!)and take money from people without giving something good in return.I know some of you would have liked to have just seen us in concert regardless of what music we were doing but this would have just been a soul-less,money grabbing venture with no real satisfaction on anyones behalf.Myself and the guys naively thought that people in the industry and in the media would respect us for trying to comeback with completely fresh material and for not trying to just milk a greatest hits tour but unfortunately this wasn't to be,they get a formula that works and then aren't brave enough to take a gamble on something new.We all knew this deep down but thought that we might have a chance at breaking the mould a little.Oh well!! We were all VERY touched by how much support you gave to us after we'd been away for so long and that is one of my main reasons for writing this little note,to say a great big thank you from us all and to say that we didn't want or mean to upset any of you.I'm not sure what the future holds for all of us but I know that Scott wants to carry on with something and I've no doubt that The Mad Turkish Assassin(Abz)will be turning up on your radios and tv's in the not so distant future.As for myself and MC Ritchie Ritch The Funky Fly-Ass Brummie,well who knows which way the wind will blow?!?Much respect to you all (our lovely fans) and to Rita who as always was a real trooper and just a little last word to say that all of you should follow your hearts and do whatever you truly want to do,regardless of other people's opinions as life should be about play and happiness,not work and seriousness.Lots of love and hugs and to any male fans,lots of manly high fives,unless you want love and hugs too,ha ha!!! Take care and be well. Jxx
[If anyone finds J's SPACE bar he'd like it back LOL]

Scott's Message To Fans
24th May 2007 - Scott's MySpace
Hello everyone, it’s Scott here. Thanks for logging in and listening to my message. Firstly I’d just like to say that I know loads of you are really disappointed what happened with five. You know, to be honest, it is completely out of my hands. I really wanted to continue myself. I suppose you all wanna know why, you know, obviously you got the statement earlier in the week and it didn't really say a great deal about why. So I'm just here to let you know why and tell you what happened. Basically we had recorded half an album and the music was sounding really good. We were going to record companies and stuff and record companies were very interested in what the band were doing but there wasn't interest in the angle we were come from they wanted us to go forward and do a tour first. And basically, I was up to doing a tour first I thought it was quite a good idea, you know, we could have done some of the old stuff we could have done some of the new stuff. You know and it would have been great for the fans to see the old and the new stuff Five were doing. But in saying this, the other boys weren't interested in that route so it was kind of like "If you're not gonna do the tour we're not gonna get a record deal straight away" and we'd of had to have maybe signed to not such a good deal. So we decided that the best thing to do would be call it a day and not waste any more of your time not waste any more of our time. Yes it's very disappointing but everything happens for a reason. I believe, I've always believed that in everything in life. So I was upset about it obviously and you know, it's more upsetting the fact that me and the boys are still friends, you know, I still talk to all the boys, including Sean. So we haven't fallen out. This is not, I mean there's been alot of stories been about saying "oh you know the boys must have fallen out and that's why their not talking anymore and this is why Five are falling apart again". It's not the case at all. It's just the way we wanted to do it. We didn't want to do it the Take That route for example. We wanted to come out with new music and have the fans appreciating the new stuff 5 years on from where we split. Record companies didn't see it that way. So decided to call it a day. But, it's not all (inaudible). Here I am, still here, still giving messages and still talking to you. I'm now going to do a solo thing with Killer Management and as you probably heard my own song already and if you haven't, why? Why haven't you listened to it? Because I worked very hard these last couple of days recording it. It's called You make me high and it really is a message to all you fans, basically it's me saying, if you listen to the words a little bit more deeply, it's me saying that I wanted the band to continue but it didn't work out, so I'm here to tell all the fans that 'you make me high' and 'I don't wanna let you go'.
And you know all the words are in there if you listen and obviously I'm being a little bit cheeky about the other boys and having a laugh but I've spoken to all the boys and no-one's upset with me I think.
I said to J only the other day "I wrote, I wrote a song listen to it on my my space". I said "you're either gonna laugh or you're going to phone me and call me names" but he phoned me and he said he laughed you know so he went "hahaha [imitates J laughing]" um yeah so no one's upset with me so I hope your not. There's gonna be more songs on the way. I'm really busy obviously with Killer Management and my solo career, juggling them both but keeping my eye on the ball with both things. As you know I've got my other artists with Killer Management I work closely with a guy called Billy Lee and Chris Brooks from Capital and it's we all run the company together, you can check it out on myspace as well and you can click on through mine or, or go on Killer Management, we work with a guy called Georgie Swan who is an amazing artist um a guy called Leo Wilson which is a brand new signing and some other guy called Scott Robinson I don't know what he's like but you know check him out anyway He's quite cute. I'm joking.
So yeah thats really me in a nutshell I hope you'll support me I hope you like what I'm doing. I'm gonna be answering all your questions on my forum and on the um that you've left me on the message board. I'm actually looking at it now on my computer I'm seeing the office, I'm just about to answer the first question so it's gonna take me a while, bear in mind I'm very dyslexic and not the best speller in the world so I'm going, I hope to answer these questions personally, I don't want anyone else to do it for me because you know I think it'd be nicer for me to sit here and take some time out to, to do that for you. So I'm gonna be answering all the questions also I'll get back to you very soon so hopefully if you've asked me a question or you see that I've answered your question and you've got another one for me let me know. Another thing just to close off with this, I'm gonna be doing soccer six again on Monday, this bank holiday Monday up in Wrexham so anyone that can get over to that would be fantastic to see you I'll be signing autographs and whatever you want me to do. No I won't be doing old dance routines in the middle of the pitch because I don't think people would I think people, would look at me like I'd be a nutter so I'm gonna sign off now because I'm rambling and um I will speak to you soon over the internet. Thank you! Thanks for your support. Goodbye.
[I need a holiday after typing this up. LOL]

The Lights Go Out For Five
20th May 2007 - NOTW
Bad news girls I can reveal the lights have gone out for the boys of 5ive who spilt on the eve of their £1 million comeback tour. [credit: Sian]

(Scott) You Make Me High
20th May 2007 - KM(myspace)
Scott has released a song he's been working on for some time now for fans to hopefully ease us from the Five split. But with lyrics like "Five then four, now it's one HA-HA" and "it's the way I want it to stay" it's not helping. However the song is a catchy tune UNTIL Scott tries to rap! Yes he raps! Shame about the constant referals to Five lyrics too. Head over to the 'Killer Management My Space' now to have a listen for yourself.

Message from Scott Robinson ...and new music too
20th May 2007 - WOF
Scott is devastated by the way things have turned out and knew that the fans would be so disappointed after all this time and all these years. From what I understand, he knew Five were over a few days ago but they had to go through some legal maneuvering before they could announce it publicly. No one knew except the boys themselves and management.

That said, Scott immediately began to write a song FOR THE FANS to show you how much he cared and how he felt about all of you. He recorded it on Friday, it was quickly mixed on Friday night/Saturday and sent to me to post TODAY. It is not competely finished (its still a little raw) but Scott wanted it out there for you as soon as possible. He doesn't know if it will be used by him in the future on an album or single, but thats not why he wrote it.

I'm putting it on Scott's and Killer Management's myspace as soon as I can. The producer, Pete Booker of Arcade Studios in Essex, will probably tweak it a little more in the coming days and a newer, better version will take its place.

Scott is also planning on recording a message for you tomorrow (Monday) and doing a Q & A within the next week. Scott and I have had little sleep the past few days, working on everything, setting up his website and message board again and talking about what to do with about all that has happened. At this moment, Scott is kitting up for Soccer Six in London and hopes to see some of you there. He sends his love and thanks for the supreme loyalty you have all shown to the lads of FIVE during the past 7 months and 10 years. Bless ya!

- RitaGS, webmaster for Scott and Five

It's Official
20th May 2007 - WW
Scott gives a crap about his fans (sorry still pissed off about the split). The official announcement has just been made only a few short hours after the Five split was made official that Scott is going solo. Way to rub it in Scott! Nice for Scott fans but the rest of us just had salt rubbed into our wounds!!

Now Whats Up With Five?
20th May 2007 - WW
Well now that Five are no more we thought we'd let you in on some things we do know. Scott has been working with a well known producer recently on his upcoming solo album. YES, Scott has plans to go solo and has infact had plans for some time now so expect his official site to be fully running real soon. Abz has already started work on his solo website so it is suspected that his solo carreer will follow soon. As for J and Ritchie no news yet what will come of them but we expect Ritchie may try to make another attempt at his solo but we know nothing for sure.
During Five's short comeback Scott has done alot of promoting of his own ventures [ie Killer Management] but nothing really about Five. Abz has [like usual] been doing the regular out and about like he normally does [most times quite, erm, drunk lol]. Recently on a news program in the UK they announced that one of the Five members hinted that they were going solo (this was several weeks back). We suspect it had to be Scott or Abz since J and Ritchie haven't been out since the OK Christmas Party in december.
We wish the guys luck in their new ventures but just wanna say [since we've been asked this quite a bit] we won't be promoting Killer Management here. We will promote the guys but see no need to promote KM or it's artists since this is a FIVE site.

Five No More!
19th May 2007 - World Of Five
It is with deep regret that Five today announce that their comeback is no more. The band have decided to call it a day, seven months after reforming. They would like to apologise to all their fans throughout the world for any disappointment caused.

Despite considerable broadcast interest in a reunion television series being secured, an album being half-way completed and a world tour in the final stages of confirmation, Ritchie, J, Abz and Scott feel they cannot continue together.

A huge amount of hard work and effort went into the bands reformation, but with the state of the music business as it is and with decent record deals being so difficult to procure, the band were really left with no other option than to split.

It is hoped that the new tracks the band have recorded will be available for digital download in the very near future.
[This is quite devistating news really, However recently WW was told that 1 of the five (now former) members of Five had already started on his solo carreer (and we don't mean Abz). Personally I feel ripped off!]

Five At Soccer Six
5th May 2007 - Soccer Six
The guys from Five will be teaming up again this year for the celebrity soccer six match on the 20th May (WEST HAM UNITED FOOTBALL CLUB) and 28th May (WREXHAM FOOTBALL CLUB). Tickets are on sale now so if you get the chance why not head on down for a chance to see the guys together again running around in their shorts! TICKETS: here or call 0870 534 4444

It Abs To Be A Hit
29th April 2007 - Sunday Mirror
ABS Breen was always the edgy one in the boyband 5ive and Mutya Buena tried to liven up the Sugababes when she was in the girlband.
Abs, well-lubricated by beer at my party, told me he'd recorded a track with Mutya last week for his next solo album.
What a perfect collaboration! [It is true Abz wrote with Mutya, as he did with many other celebs, but it was well before Five reformed - or atleast thats what official sources say ;)]

Another Little Update From Abz
24th April 2007 -
Abz has let fans in on a little secret he has been working on. It seems Abz is starting up his own website called Abz Vibe. So why not click on his new site and remember to bookmark it and keep checking back for when it fully opens.

A Little Update From Abz
3rd April 2007 -
If you haven't seen Abz posts on WOF yet then your missing some real fun! Over 20 posts in less than a week! Feeling a little spoilt? Here's a little of what you can find from Abz (a little update if you will):
..been a crazy week folks..highlight was seein my cuz's baby,she got me into charlie & lola & now i'm tryin to teach her to c-walk..she already rockin the baggy jeans..oh oh,could be trouble..& fell in love again four times!..what's wrong with me?..
..u been kinda lucky tho coz i've had to be online alot coz i've got a little somethin goin on that's gonna rock the web,rita been helpin me with i thought i'd drop by every now & then & make sure things is cool..reckon i'm spoiling ya too much?..
..your guys comments give me joke & thanx for makin me feel welcomed..this thing's yours & u lot keep it goin so keep it up!!..gonna try get the boys to pass thru sometime but it aint a definate so don't hate me if they busy in a tree or somethin..gettin hold of us sometimes is a mission..
..but we are far from over my friends,oh no..walk this journey with me & together we shall explore the boundries of the human soul..for the lion shall lay with the lamb,but the lamb probably won't get much sleep..
..p.s..anyone on this board related to adriana lima by any chance?..gotta get me one of those!!..

Abz Jokes About
30th March 2007 - WW
Abz has visited the official World Of Five forum and left some very amuzing posts and a very interesting poll on Scott. (Sorry I had to vote Ladyboy lol). Head over to the forum now and have fun reading the new posts. Seems Abz is on a roll having visited the forum several times in 2 days. He's also filled us in (LOL) with a little insight into the other Five members too. J apparently has been wearing backless chaps and trying to catch pigeons in Soho, Ritchie likes to wear 'budgie smugglers' and Scott is a ladyboy. Love to see what J, Scott and Ritchie think of that...

Tatts New
23rd March 2007 - WOF (RitaGS)
Seems Scott and Abz have gotten themselves new tattoos. Abz has 4 new tattoos (including one on his neck. It's a word but as of yet we're not sure what it is but apparently it's not rude lol). And what does Abz think about all his tattoos? "..i'm nearly happy..just a few more.." Scott has 2 new tats but once again no word on what they are....yet!

Scott on Popworld
17th March 2007 - Popworld
Scott was at Popworld on the 17th of March along with a few other big names (filmed on the 14th). "Fergie’s departed, leaving Scott from old boy band 5ive to take on Gareth Gates in Paper, Scissors, Stone Roses, where dancing like Stone Roses frontman Ian Brown will beat scissors, but will have you foiled by paper. So far, both participants seem reluctant to dance like Ian Brown. Perhaps they should have got Ian Brown in to do it."

The New Five Songs Are Not Worth The Fuss
12th March 2007 - PopJustice
Take That are Number One this week. Take That fans grew into women in their late twenties who like harmless ballads and men in shiny suits.
It is good to see that Five have ignored this enormously profitable demographic and veered uncontrolably into a late nineties 'nu-metal' sound.
We don't wholly recommend you listen to the new songs on their MySpace page but it is a free country.

Scott Plays Poker
11th March 2007
Scott appeared live on Sky Pokers "The Open" on Friday night with good mate Chris Brooks. Unfortunately Scott wasn't so lucky, losing all his money on a set of Jacks within 10 minutes of the game starting [the other guy had a couple of aces]. Video of the game can be found under "Downloads" and screen grabs under "Picture Gallery". Some of the winning money would have gone to charity.

2 New Five Songs!!
7th March 2007
Five are back and to prove it World Of Five has 2 clips from their new forthcoming album [due for release later this year] for fans to listen to.
The first one "70 Days" (featuring the vocals of J, Ritchie and Abz) is a hard hitting rock track with the thunderous rap from J that will knock your socks off. It's been a long wait for J fans but once you hear J's vocals kick in your heart races and for the HUGE J fan you may just wet your panties! Abz sounding as sweet on the vocals as always and Ritchie's voice the strongest it's ever been.
The second clip is "Settle Down" (featuring the vocals of Ritchie and Scott) is a rock ballad that Ritchie and Scott fans may enjoy.
When Five said they were going rock, they didn't lie!!

Listen To 2 New Five Songs!!
6th March 2007 - World Of Five (MySpace)
"At midnight TONIGHT (UK time) 7 March, you can listen to two brand new FIVE songs, the first since 2001! Check the FIVE page at or the official website at to hear them. These songs will be featured on Five's new album, to be released later this year. Enjoy!"
PLEASE leave your comments on the message board under the NEWS AND EVENTS topic. FIVE thanks you for your patience and support! WOF FORUM

Five Scout For Record Deal
15th February 2007
Five are currently scouting record companies with their demo looking for a new recording contract. Their new sound is more rock and quite different to what fans have heard before. Fans should not be hoping for Five's old sound as they have a more adult rock vibe going on these days. The guys have grown up afterall. We'd like to wish the guys the best of luck and hope to hear something from them real soon.

Scott Starts His Own Management Company
28th January 2007 - World Of Five (RitaGS)
"We've known this for awhile but Scott was keeping it under his belt. It hit the press on 26 January in Essex that Scott has started his own management company called "Killer Management" and has signed his first client, local singer (and he is GOOD) GEORGIE SWAN. A website and myspace are currently in the works.
This is outside his work with Five and should not have any effect on it."
(INFO: Scott is not the only manager in this new venture. He has 2 equal partners, Billy Lee and Chris Brooks. Which should make it easier for Scott to handle his family, Five and management duties somewhat fairly.)
Listen to Georgie HERE

Message From Five
25th January 2007 - World Of Five
Happy New Year to you! We just wanted to update you that we have finished half the album and it's sounding incredible! We can't wait for you to hear it in a few months.
Keep posting your messages on our message board and on myspace and let us know just how excited you will be to hear new Five songs! We are shopping for a record company right now and ANY messages of support that they read on our myspace can help us show how many of you there are around the world and the depth of your loyalty. We truly appreciate it! Don't forget to mention what country you're from.
Love ya, FIVE - J, Abz, Ritchie & Scott.