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The Bandwagon
6th December 2006 - Indepentent
Leaping on the Take That comeback bandwagon, 5ive have announced they are returning to music with a new album, minus Sean Conlon who is pursuing a solo career. 5ive claim to have had a relaxing few years, recuperating from the trials and tribulations of pop stardom. Scott Robinson married and had kids, Abz went on Celebrity Love Island and the other two set about finding themselves in books and on far-flung tropical shores. Ritchie Neville confides that, "Being spotted everywhere you go actually becomes quite a pressure." He travelled to India, considered opening a sushi bar in Oxford, and dabbled in property development, until deciding that he was really a "creative person" and happiest making music. The band is optimistic and its manager Richard Beck says, "Everyone loved them first time round - it's going to be awesome."

Five Join Christmas Party
6th December 2006 - WENN
J, Abz, Scott and Ritchie attended the OK! Christmas Party at Jewel in London on the 5th December. We finally get to see J without the hat. (Keep an eye on the gallery for more pics.)

Scott Turns On Xmas Lights
21st November 2006
Scott along with Chantelle from Big Brother were to switch on the Christmas lights in Basildon's Town Center on the 16th November. Right up until the last minute it wasn't known if Scott would be there or not as he still hadn't made up his mind whether to join the festivities or not. But we've been told that Scott did attend the "turning on of the xmas lights" afterall. Sorry, we didn't get pics but we did try!

Scott's New Tattoo
5th November 2006 - RitaGS & Hayley
It seems Scott has gotten himself a new tattoo only just recently. Scott's new tattoo is on his right forearmm, it says KAVAN and has a flame design.
UPDATE: Hayley (Scott's sister) has given an update about Scott's newest tattoo saying "Scott has 7 tattoos and his newest one says Brennan and Kavan that has stars around it, he says because they are my little stars."

Baby Kavan Update
5th November 2006 - Hayley
Scott's sister said, "Kavan is in full voice again and has recovered really well, he just needed a little op to help him keep his milk down, and boy does he like his milk. Brennan is so sweet with him and protective, I recall seeing him at school last week and he was going to a friends house, she had her baby there but obviously Kerry was not there with Kavan because he was not going home with her and Brennan said, "Where is my baby brother?".

Who Is He?
3rd November 2006 - More Magazine
I wasn't a fan of Five the first time around, but now they're even more annoying! Especially Abz - he walks around like he's the best thing since sliced bloodly bread. What an Idiot! (artical by Nikki from BB) [Special thanks to Sian for this!]

Abs Life Saver Abz at Life Saver Awards Abz at Life Saver Awards
2nd November 2006 - WENN
Abs attended "The Vodafone Life Savers Awards" where Britain's top Life Savers are honoured at Café Royal London, England - 01.11.06

What About Five?
2nd November 2006 - RitaGS
"For the next few months, Five will be busy developing their new music. They don't want to rush it and it may not be until March or April next year before the first tune is released. They really don't know. After that, they will be working to complete a new album and THEN they will decide (with their new record company) where and when they will tour.
Five and their management know where their fans are. Depending on the record company and promoters choices, they will definitely try to get to the places where you are. It is not something Five can choose themselves but they will make themselves heard and hopefully it will work out that a promoter asks for them to come to your country or area at a time that they are able to."

Abs At Jacks Lounge Abz at Jacks Lounge
30th October 2006 - WENN
Jacks Lounge hosts a birthday party celebration for Rick Parfitt Jnr London, England - 28.10.06. >>

Sam Woken Up By Five
26th October 2006 - Capital Radio
Sam Stanley from Epping was the lucky winner of the Capital Radio competition where one lucky Five fan would be woken up by a surprise visit from the guys from Five. Sam's boyfriend Joe nominated Sam saying she was a massive fan with the posters, pillows and even went to the Smash Hits concert and couldn't stop raving about the wild time she had. Five (Abz, Ritchie & J - Scott was home with his sick son Kavan who recently had surgery) arrived at Sams house early Wednesday morning and waited for that moment when they would burst in and scream "WAKE UP!" Abs apparently hadn't been to sleep the night before and J apparently had "erect nipples" as he described them. The entire radio "wake up surprise" can be downloaded and listened to on FDS. [click downloads for FDS]

Abz Goes Bald?
26th October 2006 - RitaGS (World Of Five)
Seems Abz has bleached and played with his hair so much all he could do was shave it all off which apparently is exactly what he has gone and done. Yep! He's bald!

News From World Of Five
26th October 2006 - World Of Five
1. a huge new interview with Mr J Brown at under the "Exclusives" section. (Abz is up next in 2 weeks!)
2. Contests and Giveaways: The AVATAR contest on the message board closes on 27 October, so check the GRAPHICS forum and enter yours before it's too late! Since the winners get a signed picture of their fav Five member, we thought it only fair to give the non-graphical artist fans a chance to win too. So ALL registered board members with at least one post will be put in a random draw to win an autographed picture. You don't need to do anything. Winners in both giveaways will be notified on 3 November.
3. Checked the GALLERY at lately? We added MORE pix from the Press Conference, pix from MTV and a load of Fan Pix. Enjoy! Wait til you see what we have in store for you soon..
4. We have a new MEDIA page as well at the website where we'll be posting all the little videos and audios we get concerning Five. Up right now are 4 videos from our mates at MTV. Check within the next few days for audio clips from Five's "Wake Up a Fan" contest held by Capital FM radio in London on 25 October.
Special NOTE: Scott's new baby son Kavan was taken ill a few days ago and had a small, but successful operation late yesterday. Scott and his family are all doing fine but Kavan will be closely watched over for the next week or so. I know you all send Scott your best wishes.

Westlife: We'd Take That Duet
25th October 2006 - The Daily Record
WESTLIFE are thrilled that so many of their old boyband friends are making a comeback on the music scene.
But while the guys would love to collaborate with Take That or 5ive in the near future, they admitted they wouldn't be so quick to work with Boyzone.
Singer Mark Feehily said: "I love the fact Take That and 5ive have made a comeback".
He added: "I'm always up for a collaboration, maybe on a new uptempo kind of song with 5ive or Take That.
Kian reckons it was crazy that the once popular bands split up in the first place.
He reasoned: "Boybands like 5ive stopped at the height of their career. They had a really successful career and then they split up. Why would you do that?"

What Are Five Up To Now?
24th October 2006 - RitaGS (WOF)
Well according to Five's OFFICIAL webmaster RitaGS it seems Five are currently busy recording and writing right now and will soon be off to record in Sweden for awhile. (Oh can I come?) While Five are concerntrating on their music it looks like they won't have time to be making public appearences anytime soon. (well apart from some small stuff like the "Wake Up With Five" comp). Besides with the media and their Five vs Upper Street war looks like Five don't have to make appearances to make the papers. LOL (Oh they haven't had anything this good to write about since Five were around last time LOL)

Bow Puts Five Dane!
22nd October 2006 - NOTW
They're not been back together five minutes but it seems FIVE have already managed to rile their rivals. Dane Bowers from Upper Street has told me: " Five getting back together with just four of them is ridiculous. They're clowns." He also accused the boys of trying to piggyback on Take That's success, defending his own band by pointing out each member is from a different group, which is a new theme. Five, I await your response. [Thanks to Sian for this]

Five LIVE on web radio, 25 Oct!
20th October 2006 - RitaGS (World Of Five)
Five are going to be doing a live appearance on Capital FM radio in London starting at 7am (London time) on Wednesday, 25 October. They are going to personally go to a Five fan's house and wake them up!
Anyone can listen on the web for free at this link:
At the top LEFT of the page is a link that says: LISTEN NOW. Click on it to listen then pick a connection speed.
IF YOU LIVE OUTSIDE THE UK, a box will come up saying they can only let UK fans listen so you need to enter a UK postcode (zipcode) in the box provided. Don't worry about it. Enter any UK postcode you want and you can listen.
USE THIS ONE if you don't know any off-hand... SW5 9TT

Wake Up With Five!
17th October 2006
Scott was on Capital Radio this morning and spoke about Five being in the studio right now and who they are working with. Also Scott announced a competition for one lucky Five fan to be surprised and woken up at home by the lads next week. The idea is to nominate someone you think is a big Five fan and should be woken by the guys and Five will go to the fans house and wake them. It'll be a surprise of a lifetime! UK fans only! Hear the audio for details!! Scott also mentioned he's been up all night with Kavan who is sick. Head over to FDS now to hear the audio and info on how to enter!!

Scott On Capital Radio
16th October 2006
Scott is to appear on Capital Radio tomorrow morning (17th Oct) speaking to Johnny Vaughan about what Five are currently up to (writing and recording) as well as announcing a little something exciting for Uk fans. You don't want to miss this! If you get a chance switch onto Capital Radio breakfast show sometime after 7:15am! > Capital Radio <

Important Myspace Message
14th October 2006 - WorldOfFive/MySpace
Just to let everyone know quickly, none of us (except our mate and ex-Fiver, Sean) have a personal myspace page and this page is the ONLY page that is really us. We haven't sanctioned any page or group of fans as "official" because there are too many of you with pages so we want to be fair to all.
We appreciate fans trying to support us by starting myspace pages about Five but please don't try to pretend to actually BE us or one of us.
If you already have a myspace page about Five or one of us, can you change it (if you need to) to show & say that you are a FAN and tell them to come to Thanks everyone! We really appreciate the support.

Five for Cherie
14th October 2006 - More Mag
When we heard boyband Five were getting back together, we nearly fell off our heels in anticipation. We'd always fancied ourselves as J's girlfriend or the next Mrs Neville. But sorry ladies, it's not to be - because they're all into older women! 'Cherie Blair is really sexy', ex-love island star Abz gushes. 'She's got the whole older woman vibe going on.' 'She intelligent andshe could definitely teach you a thing or two.' And if the band doesn't work out this time round, Abz has got his eye on a different job.He told us, 'Cherie could tell Tony, hey Abz can run this place.' Abz for prime minister, maybe? Special thanks to Sian for this

Abs Parties
13th October 2006
Abs attended Lady Victoria Hervery's birthday party. Looking kind of tired and puffing away on a cigar.

Sign Up For Five News
10th October 2006
If your wanting to be kept up to date with the latest in Five news head over the the OFFICIAL site and sign up for latest Five news in your email.
Also don't forget to join the OFFICIAL forum and chat with other Five fans and find out all the news and goss in the Five world. One has to wonder what happened to the "1000 fans" who signed the petition to get Five back (pretty obvious right about now that SOME fans thought it funny to decieve Five by signing more than once!! I'm sure Five are not finding it very funny! - this is not intended towards the creators of the petition). The certainly isn't that many on the board right now so we need to get the word out and help promote Five.

Aussie Ritchie Fans!
10th October 2006 - Rotae
Ritchie will be appearing in The Last Detective on Saturday, October 14 on the ABC at 9:25pm. Ritchie plays the lead guitarist in a 70's rock band in flashbacks. Don't miss it!

Comeback Drawback
10th October 2006 - NOW Magazine
I'm trying to work out what's so uniquely wrong about a boyband making a comeback. It's not because they're old now - maybe New Kids On The Block would struggle to call themselfs, new but Five have been a defunct for years and they're still not as old as Franz Ferdinand. Beside Abba are ancient, but if they reformed we'd be delighted. Pop guys can get away with so much. They can do synchronised dancing and sing in harmony and cry when they win awards. But start trying too hard for another stab at the fame they didn't even properly have in the first place and they blow the whole gaff. (Credit to Sian for this!)

SCOTT Birthday Card For 2006
9th October 2006 - RitaGS
Here's what we are going to do:
Anyone can send us a little graphic (see rules below) that we will attach all together for one big long birthday card for Scott. I will print it and give it to him.

1. size 51 x 51 mm or 2 x 2 inches. DPI should be at least 72 not more than 300. pixel size doesnt matter since we are printing it.
2. no website addresses, personal email addresses etc on your graphic. Names are OK & other text. No naughty pix or graphics
3. format: GIF, BMP, JPG, PNG. no animation or flash
4. send to SUBJECT: Scott birthday
5. its about Scott's birthday... so if it isn't, we won't use it
6. send it to us by 10 November midnight London time
7. YOU MAY ONLY SEND ONE and I will not replace one you have already sent if you make a better one later

Show Your Support For Five!
9th October 2006
If you are a true FIVE fan, they could use your support. Join the message board at the new official site at:

This Doesn't Add Up
6th October 2006 - Daily Record
WELL, slap my thigh and give me another chorus of Slam Dunk Da Funk, but I was beside myself this week when I heard that 5ive were getting back together.
Only... er, apparently there are only 4our of them now.
We're still waiting to hear if other boybands from the past are going to follow suit, but spokespeople for M7, The Back Alley Boys, Almost N'Sync and Blu declined to comment.

To All Our Fans From FIVE
6th October 2006 - WorldOfFive/MySpace (Blog)
Hey Everyone!
How are all of you? It's great to be back and even greater to see all the fans that are back with us. Stay tuned coz we plan on giving you some massive tunes next year. We're older, wiser but still full of music and this time, we have more of a say. We have new management & new people around us that really know what they're doing. It's gonna be GOOD.
To answer some of your questions that have been coming through to us: there are four of us now, which was basically the case in 2001 when we split. Sean is doing his own music and we support his decision to continue with it, as he supports ours. We are still best of mates.
We got back together because we wanted to. It was our decision 100%. No one paid us, we don't need the money, we didn't miss the fame. It's about making MUSIC and giving back to our fans. Simple. We feel we still have alot to offer and we have unfinished business!
We're working our arses off for the next few months on new music with some top producers and some wild new ones. Can't say when the first release will be but probably sometime early next year. We'll be here though, so keep checking back here. We'll be asking for fan input on some important decisions we'll be making... your voice will be heard!
Also, check out our brand new official website at:, join the message board there and we'll make it worth your while. New stuff will be coming all the time to the website so check back often.
Love 'ya all and we haven't forgotten all the fans outside the UK. We would love to take ourselves worldwide again and hope that we can soon. The future is open, bright and we're ready. FIVE are back!
Ritchie, Abz, Scott and J x

Former Boyband Stars in Bitch Fest
6th October 2006 - Yahoo News
Five have lashed out at MTV's latest boyband reincarnation - Upper Street.
The Slam Dunk The Funk hitmakers branded Dane Bowers and his fellow band members as "rubbish" and said their second shot at the big time "would never work".
Bowers, S Club's Bradley McIntosh, 80s pin-up Danny Wood of New Kids On The Block fame, 911's Jimmy Constable and Lee Latchford-Evans from Steps recently reformed for the new reality TV show Totally Boyband.
The series attempts to trail their attempts to make a chart comeback. But the show has already got off to a rocky start after Lee quit the show over musical differences.
Following Five's tongue-lashing, Bowers said: "They haven't even got a record deal so I think they should maybe calm down a bit."
Five - Ritchie Neville, Scott Robinson, Abs Breen and Jason `J' Brown - recently announced their decision to reform as a four piece in the absence of former member Sean Conlon.

Five Make A Pop Comeback As Four
4th October 2006 - Ok Magazine
Take That have done it, All Saints are doing it and the Spice Girls have been talking about it. And anyone who still hankers after boy band Five will be thrilled to hear they're on their way back too. Scott Robinson, Ritchie Neville, J Brown and Abs Breen will be hitting the charts once again but this time without Sean Conlon.

PR firm helps re-launch boy band
4th October 2006 - Cambridge Evening News
Cambridge PR company Quite Great has hit the high spot again, this time with one of the most successful pop bands of the decade, Five, which has just announced its comeback.
Quite Great orchestrated the re-launch at a press conference in London, exactly five years to the day since the band split due to the pressure of success.
The band sold 20 million records worldwide during its first years together, and hopes to repeat this spectacular performance.
Quite Great, which has a niche in the pop world as well as providing local firms with PR services, also organised a unique texting service called enabling thousands of fans to receive news of the band's re-formation and lifting Five to the top of the charts. (Thanks to Sarah @ Five Have Got The Feeling)

5ive Get Into A Street Fight
3rd October 2006 - The Sun
TRAGIC revival band 5IVE have only been back on the scene for ten minutes but they are already having a pop at their rivals.
The boys were invited on to MTV programme Totally Boyband after their “big” launch last week.
RITCHIE, ABS, SCOTT and J were all asked to give their verdict on UPPER STREET, the boy band the reality show has created from former chart stars including New Kids On The Block’s DANNY WOOD and ANOTHER LEVEL’s DANE BOWERS.
But 5ive were less than complimentary and Dane was so angry he threatened to knock their blocks off.
A source told me: “Ritchie and the boys went on camera saying they thought Upper Street were cr*p and it wouldn’t work.
“The boys heard what they had said and were furious.
“Dane and Danny went beserk and offered to take them outside and show them what they thought away from the cameras. It was all kicking off.”
Dane has a bit of history with 5ive.
Back in 2000 he came to blows with J after a row over his ex JORDAN. And he dated former Hollyoaks actress JOANNA TAYLOR, who is also Ritchie’s ex.
Still, as the saying goes, people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones . . . (The guys actually said good luck to Upper Street! Someone needs to go back and watch MTV!)

Bottled Out
1st October 2006 - Sunday People
THEY only got back together a week ago but the 5IVE reunion is already being threatened by ABS BREEN'S boozing.
The lads announced last week they're back as a four-piece but SCOTT ROBINSON, RITCHIE NEVILLE and JASON 'J' BROWN were not impressed when Abs (left) downed nearly a whole bottle of white wine before lunch. J ordered him not to swig any more saying: "Stop drinking - we can't understand you."
Could be trouble ahead!

5ive As Four
30th September 2006 - AOL
We’ve seen comebacks from Take That and East 17, and now we can add another '90s pop sensation to that list - boy band 5ive are returning... as a four-piece.
5ive, whose hits include Slam Dunk Da Funk and Everybody Get Up, are reforming without original member Sean Conlon to produce a new album with ex-Robbie Williams songwriter Guy Chambers.
At a relaunch news conference yesterday, the band said they would be back as brilliant as they were before, but promised no dance routines this time around.
What? No dance routines? Where’s the fun in that? Why do you think the Take That comeback was so successful, boys? (Because Five weren't around thats why! LOL)

Abs Plans Bizarre Revenge
29th September 2006 - BBC Radio 1
Abs provided the biggest laugh on ITV's Love Island this year with his "street" accent. Presenter Patrick Kielty took the mick to such an extent Abs wants to get him back: "I'm going to tie him up and put four little monkeys on him to play with his ears." (To hear the clip visit FDS)

Move To Goa
28th September 2006 - Mirror 3am
5IVE are back - but now they're 4our.
Announcing their comeback yesterday Abs, J, Rich and Scott - minus Sean - said: "We're not money-grabbing like all the other reformed bands."
If you're no fan of the boys, fear not. J said: "If we flop, we'll move to Goa." Phew...

Five Return With Only Four Members
28th September 2006 - Dotmusic
Boy band Five are back, but this time there's only four of them.
The former heartthrobs have announced they are ready to try to break into the charts for the first time in almost five years.
Scott Robinson, Ritchie Neville, J Brown and Richard "Abs" Breen have reunited for another crack at fame, although former member Sean Conlon will not be back.
The boys, who started the group in 1997 and disbanded in 2001, admit their fast-paced style might have to change now they are all older.
"There'll be no arms up in the air signs. I'm 30 now so we'll have to jog along instead of dancing," J told the Daily Star.
But he insisted Five would still be a pop group.
"People behave like you can do any music apart from pop until you die. Pop is for 19-year-olds. Rubbish," he said.
"We're seasoned veterans. We know how it works and know we can write a great new album. We're still a pop band."

Five Become Four For Pop Comeback
28th September 2006 - BBC News
Chart-topping boy band Five have announced a comeback five years after they split.
The line-up will be just four - Ritchie Neville, Scott Robinson, Abs Breen and Jason "J" Brown - with former bandmate Sean Conlon focusing on a solo career.
Robinson said that would not prompt a name change, adding: "Five's a brand not a number."
The group, who sold 20 million records worldwide between 1997 and 2001, are working on a new self-funded album.
The record is a collaboration with Robbie Williams' former song writing partner Guy Chambers.
"I just hope everybody is going to want to hear our stuff and see what we are doing now," Brown told BBC Radio 1's Newsbeat.
"Five years later it's going to be a little bit different - not kind of arms in the air - but we are still a full-on pop band, and we are really looking forward to it."
'Bigger than ever'
Five had 11 top 10 singles in the UK, including the number ones Keep On Movin', We Will Rock You and Let's Dance.
Neville said: "We're not clutching at straws. We don't need the money. We're going to be back bigger than ever."
"We're just coming back because why shouldn't we have another crack at the madness?" Brown added.
Five's members were hand-picked from 3,000 hopefuls at an audition set up by the creators of the Spice Girls.
They announced their split in 2001 live on music channel MTV, saying they could "no longer do justice" to their fans or to each other.

Reformed Five Become Four
28th September 2006 - Irish Examiner
Boyband Five announced their pop comeback today – although now they are only four.
Ritchie Neville, Scott Robinson, Abs Breen and Jason ‘J’ Brown are launching a second bid for fame.
But original bandmate Sean Conlon has decided to concentrate on a solo career rather than join them.
“We’re still going to be called Five,” said Scott.
“People keep on asking about the name, but Five’s a brand not a number.
“Sean’s working on his solo stuff and we wish him the best. There are no hard feelings.”
The band split exactly five years ago today and officially announced their reunion at a press conference in Islington, north London.
The foursome don’t have a record deal but are working on a new album with the help of Robbie Williams’ old songwriting partner Guy Chambers.
Between 1997 and 2001 they sold 20 million records worldwide and had 11 top 10 singles.
They had number one hits with Keep On Movin’, We Will Rock You and Let’s Dance.
Their new music will be “cooler” than it used to be and they are ditching their dance routines.
“There’ll be a little less of the old hands-in-the-air type dancing thing,” J said.
All insisted they are not coming back because they’re skint – and said they had the idea to reform long before boyband Take That got back together.
“We’ve all still got some cash, we’ve got nice houses and nice cars. We’re just coming back because why shouldn’t we have another crack at the madness?” J said.
Ritchie added: “We’re not clutching at straws. We don’t need the money. We’re going to be back bigger than ever.
“Take That went out and obviously made a lot of money touring, but we wanted to do it the other way around – start afresh and write an album.”
The boys haven’t been too busy since they last troubled the charts.
Scott has married and had two children, Ritchie and J have spent their time “reading and travelling” while Abs has appeared on Love Island.

5 minus 1 makes Five
28th September 2006 - Virgin
Boyband Five announced their pop comeback on Wednesday - although now they are only four.
Ritchie Neville, Scott Robinson, Abs Breen and Jason 'J' Brown are launching a second bid for fame.
But original bandmate Sean Conlon has decided to concentrate on a solo career rather than join them.
Scott said: "We're still going to be called Five. People keep on asking about the name, but Five's a brand not a number.
"Sean's working on his solo stuff and we wish him the best. There are no hard feelings."
The band split exactly five years ago today and officially announced their reunion at a press conference in Islington, north London.
The foursome don't have a record deal but are working on a new album with the help of Robbie Williams' old songwriting partner Guy Chambers.
Between 1997 and 2001 they sold 20 million records worldwide and had 11 top 10 singles.
They had number one hits with Keep On Movin', We Will Rock You and Let's Dance.
Their new music will be "cooler" than it used to be and they are ditching their dance routines.
J said: "There'll be a little less of the old hands-in-the-air type dancing thing."
All insisted they are not coming back because they're skint - and said they had the idea to reform long before boyband Take That got back together.
J added: "We've all still got some cash, we've got nice houses and nice cars. We're just coming back because why shouldn't we have another crack at the madness?"

We're Gay!
27th September 2006 - MTV
They’re not, but it's what they told a room full of journos as they announced their return to pop…
Man band, '5ive', have announced they are officially back together and ready to sell as many records as the did in their heyday.
The foursome – J, Abs, Scott and Richie – kicked off their press conference by joking, “We are here to tell everyone in this room that we are officially gay."
They soon got on to serious business however, and announced they'd been working with top (former Robbie Williams) tunesmith, Guy Chambers.
"We've already written one amazing track with him and we're going into the studio to do more," said Scott. "I can't say too much, but the tracks are going to be rocking."
The lads denied they're jumping on the manbandwagon, as kicked off by Take That's revival, or that they're getting back together to make a quick buck.
"The big difference is that we want to get new material out there. We sold 20 million albums back in the day and we want to do that again," said Scott.
J chipped in, "We've all got enough money. We don't need to be doing this, we want to do it."
And contrary to tabloid reports, their comeback is not being financed by a fat cat record label boss.
"We haven't got a record deal; we're funding everything ourselves and are doing everything at our pace," said Richie. "When and if we feel ready to tour that's when we'll get on the road."
For now the boys are just excited about making sweet music together again. "We love the rockier direction music's gone in lately," said Rich. "We didn't do candy pop before and you can guarentee we won't be doing that now."
And while times might have changed it's nice to see the lads are still rocking that trusty boyband staple, the Timbaland boot...

Five Announce They Are back
27th September 2006
Five have now made their announcement that they are back as a 4some. Ritchie, Abz, J and Scott reveiled they will be releasing an album AND are planning a tour next year. Start saving! Head over to World Of Five for the NEWEST pics of the boys now! HUBBA HUBBA!

Five Alive
27th September 2006 - Sunday Mail
SCOTS hitman John McLaughlin yesterday tipped newly-reformed Five to top the charts again.
The boyband - Abs Breen, Ritchie Neville, J Brown, and Scott Robinson - are set to announce their reunion this week - as a four piece.
John wrote Five's worldwide hit When The Lights Go Out and he told Email: "I'm not involved in the Five comeback but it's fantastic they're back.
"I'd be happy to work with them - and take them to the football after! "I don't know if they are recording new songs yet but I know the lads - Ritchie in particular as I did some solo stuff with him.
"They are good lads and make nice pop music. It's always good to see people I've worked with doing well.
"I think they will be a success although they'll find it hard in a world of Razorlights and Guillemots.
"But the boys are talented and will no doubt work with great writers and they'll certainly get the PR."
Abs, Ritchie, J and Scott - will announce their reunion minus original member Sean Conlon, who is preparing to release a solo album - at an MTV press conference on Wednesday.
It will come on the fifth anniversary of their split.

Five Defend Comeback
27th September 2006 - Contact Music
The four reunited members of British boyband FIVE have hit out at claims they only regrouped for the money. Singers SCOTT ROBINSON, RITCHIE NEVILLE, JASON 'J' BROWN and RICHARD 'ABS' BREEN insist they genuinely feel they've still got something to offer the music industry, despite their increased ages. Brown says, "We're not getting back together because we're desperate. None of us are scraping by. We've all got nice cars and houses. We've got enough money in the bank and are financing this comeback ourselves." He adds, "People behave like you can do any music apart from pop until you die. Pop is for 19-year-olds. Rubbish. "We're seasoned veterans. We know how it works and know we can write a great new album. We're still a pop band." The band's fifth member SEAN CONLON, reported to have a solo record deal, will not be rejoining the group (Yeah you tell 'em J!)

Five Comeback Setback
27th September 2006 - Contact Music
British boyband FIVE may be forced to delay their reunion announcement tomorrow (27SEP06) after a man was shot dead in the London venue at the weekend (23SEP06). Singers SCOTT ROBINSON, RITCHIE NEVILLE, JASON 'J' BROWN and RICHARD 'ABS' BREEN were scheduled to confirm their comeback, five years after splitting, at Kings Cross nightspot Scala. The band's management have issued a statement explaining the predicament: "Five were due to make an announcement to media and fans at 11am in the venue but obviously, due to the ongoing police investigation, this will now not be possible. "The band and their management are currently searching for a suitable alternative location." Hip-hop star LUPE FIASCO was forced to abandon his London gig last night (25SEP06) at the venue for the same reason.

Pop Goes Comeback Crazy
27th September 2006 - The Sun
WHAT have Take That started?
When the much-loved boy band announced they’d be reforming earlier this year, it sparked something of a trend.
Just a few weeks after Gary Barlow and the lads announced they’d be touring after 10 years out of the spotlight, their nineties rivals East 17 decided to do the same.
And how about chart-topping girl band All Saints, who famously fell out over a jacket?
They’ve buried the hatchet and are preparing to release their comeback single.
And now Five are getting back together as, erm ... Four.
As the pop world goes comeback crazy, we recall what the groups were like then and now.

Russell is a Boy Brand Reject
27th September 2006 - The Sun
THE man’s got so many embarrassing secrets I thought it was impossible to expose any more.
Last week I told you how comic RUSSELL BRAND confessed to pleasuring himself with a Henry The Hoover when he was young.
Now I can reveal the mouthy TV presenter once auditioned to be in boy band 5IVE — but didn’t get in because his singing was, well, rubbish.
Russell confessed: “I did audition for a boy band. That was pretty bad. I was only 20, I didn’t know what I was doing and I was on drugs. I did some pretty crazy things on those drugs.”
The whole experience sounds like one big embarrassment.
He explains: “We had the choice of singing ROBBIE WILLIAMS’ Angels or that GEORGE MICHAEL song, Faith.
“I’d been in the toilet drinking to calm my nerves so I was probably all red and blustery and a little plump and rubbish.”
Russell even used props to try and win over the judges. He added: “I decided I’d be less self-conscious if I held a water bottle and pretended it was my mic. It really was terribly embarrassing.”
The comic admits he doesn’t think he is really the boy band type, saying: “Imagine me with Abs, Doc, Sneazy and the other guys.”
I revealed last week how the 5ive boys — SCOTT ROBINSON, RITCHIE NEVILLE, JASON “J” BROWN and RICHARD “ABS” BREEN — are making a comeback.
But they’ll be a four-piece this time around because SEAN CONLON has refused to get involved.
There you go, Rus, why not have another stab. Above I’ve even mocked up how you would look in the line-up.

5ive Announce Press Conference Details
27th September 2006 - MTV
Take That, Upper Street – now another set of comeback kings.
5ive will announce their reunion at a press conference tomorrow morning (September 27).
The gang will announce their news at the Bar Academy in Islington, London at 11am.
Richie, Abs, Scott and J – minus Sean who’s doing his solo thing – are picking up on the current man band trend kicked off by Take That who reformed last year.
Ooh, wonder who'd come out on top of a That, 5ive and Upper Street chart battle...

Five On MTV
27th September 2006 - Anna
It is rumoured that Five will be on MTV Hits at 9pm tonight (27th). Be sure to have your video's set. You don't want to miss it.

Five Comeback Delayed
27th September 2006 - Sound Generator
Even the best laid plans.....
Former chart-topping boyband Five were set to make their reunion announcement tomorrow, exactly five years to the day since splitting on Sep. 27, 2001. However a current police investigation at chosen venue could result in them delaying their announcement to the world.
As exclusively revealed last week, the Five piece pop act were to reveal details of a new album and a UK tour at the Scala in London at 11am, but after a shooting at the venue on Saturday, the police have requested additional time to check for evidence.
"Five were due to make an announcement to media and fans at 11am in the venue but obviously, due to the ongoing police investigation, this will now not be possible.
"The band and their management are currently searching for a suitable alternative location."
Hip-hop newcomer Lupe Fiasco was also forced to pull his concert yesterday at the venue.

Boyband Five plan comeback as foursome
27th September 2006 - Digital Spy
British boyband Five revealed their reformation today, but with a twist - only four of the original line-up are involved.
The announcement was fittingly five years to the day since the group split up. Ritchie Neville, Richard 'Abs' Breen, Jason 'J' Brown and Scott Robinson explained that they are self-financing their comeback and currently have no record deal.
Justifying their decision to keep the name without former member Sean Conlon, who is working on solo material, Robinson explained: "Five’s a brand not a number."
Five, formed after auditions in 1997, forged a successful career in which they notched up eleven Top 10 singles in the UK. Hits such as 'Keep on Movin', 'Let's Dance' and 'When The Lights Go Out' propelled them into the hearts of many young girls. Their fanbase may be older now, but the band seem determined to build a new audience.
"Five years on - we're now officially men," proclaimed Neville. "The music's gonna reflect that."
But 'J' was quick to clarify that nothing too drastic would happen - "we're not gonna try and come back as Def Leopard or Led Zeppelin," he joked.
The band also revealed that the seeds of their comeback bid were sown over a game of pool some months ago. Since then, they have collaborated with songwriter Guy Chambers on new material.
"We want to write a new album and sell as many records as we did last time," added father-of-two Robinson. "We've been back together for a while now without you knowing."
'J' then sought to fend off accusations that purely financial motives have fuelled their reunion:
"We’ve all still got some cash - we’ve got nice houses and nice cars... why shouldn’t we have another crack at the madness?"
The foursome also revealed what they have been up to during their wilderness years, with 'J' living a tranquil life to "[get] my head sorted out from all the madness". Conversely, 'Abs', who recently appeared on ITV's Love Island, devoted his time to "quite a lot of parties and late nights."
Neville, who spent the intervening years writing and travelling, admitted he became a "borderline alcoholic at times" but was now fully fit. Married Robinson proudly said he's "been busy making babies."

Setback For Five's Big Relaunch
27th September 2006 - The Sun
MAN BAND FIVE’s revival is doomed to failure.
I revealed on Saturday that they were making an ill-advised comeback with a Press conference tomorrow.
But 5ive, who now have 4our members, had to postpone the event after a stabbing in London’s Scala nightclub, where it was due to take place.
The band management issued a statement saying: “Five were due to make an announcement to media and fans at 11am in the venue but obviously, due to the ongoing police investigation, this will now not be possible.
“The band and their management are currently searching for a suitable alternative location.”
How about Tesco? (B!TCH!)

Five To Reform!
26th September 2006 - Guardian
Get the champagne on ice, we can hardly breathe. Do the names Scott Robinson, Richard 'Abs' Breen, Ritchie Neville, Jason Brown and Sean Conlon mean anything to you? If it's yes then you're as sad as we are. Yes it's 5ive (not pronounced fiveive). They are making an announcement tomorrow and the fevered speculation is that the boyband, created by the people who did the Spice Girls in 1997, will, wait for it ... be re-forming. "Five bad boys with the sound to rock you/Blowing your mind so you gotta get into/Five - What you waiting/Four if you wanna/Three - three/Two - two/One - let's do it!"

Bad Boy Boy Band to Reform
26th September 2006 - Cultured Deluxe
Forget the new All Saints LP or the Take That concerts this is the news we've all been waiting for ...Five (or 5ive) are to reform.
Who you may ask? Five were formed as a antidote to Boyzones sugary sweetness,they had names like Abbs, Bonzo and Deggs (or something like that) and acted real hard (for a boy band that is).
They achieved eleven top ten singles in their time and had four hit albums.
A press announcement is due on 27th September.

Change Of Venue
26th September 2006 - World Of Five
Message to Fans intending to attend the Five press conference on Wednesday:
In light of the tragic incident at the Scala nightclub in the early hours of Sunday and out of respect for the victims' family, Five have moved the location of their press conference this Wednesday morning. Five were due to make an announcement to media & fans at 11am in the venue. Due to the ongoing police investigation and the sensitivity of the circumstances, the band and their management decided to move the location.

The press conference will now happen at the same time (11am) at the Bar Academy Islington, N1 Centre (Upper Level), 16 Parkfield Street, Islington, London, N1 OPS. Map link below:

Competition ahoy (ideal for students)
26th September 2006 - PopJustice
As you know, it is the 5ive (or 4our) press conference in London on Wednesday, and their 'people' are offering Popjustice readers the chance to be there.
We've got ten (or 10EN) pairs of tickets to give away. The tickets will get you into the press conference, and apparently there will be a meet and greet afterwards although we suppose this isn't compulsory.
You'll need to get to the venue (which has now been changed from The Scala due to a shooting - details TBC) for 11am.
To win a pair of tickets:
Email us on and tell us which member of Five you think has porked out the most.
We need your entry by midday tomorrow (Tuesday).

Were Five The Last Great Proper Boyband?
26th September 2006 - PopJustice
"No groove no meaning
As you know, there is a song on the Paris Hilton album which samples Frankie Valli's 'Grease' theme.
Paris' effort is called 'I Want You' and it is absolute nuts. It is not only nuts because of the lame production, the SMS-ed in vocal 'performance' and the ludicrous excuse for a song thrown on top of the sample itself.
It is nuts mostly because if you are going to sample the 'Grease' theme you are on a 'hiding to nothing' if you think you are ever going to top Five's 'Rock The Party'.
'Rock The Party' came out about half a decade ago but it still sounds amazing.
"Just as long as they're female and they've got a fit" Popmisogyny GOLD!
Did we ever tell you about the time Simon Cowell played us Five's cover of Def Leppard's 'Pour Some Sugar On Me'? He had invited us to his office (this was before he was famous so not actually very impressive) and instead of offering us a job WHICH WAS THE WHOLE POINT OF US GOING TO BLOODY PUTNEY all he really wanted to know was what the chances were of Five getting on the cover of NME. (As history tells us, the answer was 'slim'.)
Things we remember about the Five / Def Leppard thing:
1. It was good.
It is a shame it was never released.
Were Five the last great proper boyband? Yes they were."

Five Become Four
25th September 2006 - BBC
Five are going to hit the comeback trail, but there are only going to be four of them, coz Sean's got a solo deal.

The Sun's source says: "Ritchie, Abs, Scott and J have kept in touch since the band decided to call it a day in 2001. After watching Take That and East 17 being rejuvenated, they began to consider a comeback.
A few of the lads were still in touch with record label contacts who said now was the right time to do it. A lot of work has gone on behind the scenes and they are ready for a fully fledged comeback."

The comeback is apparently going to be officially anounced exactly five years after they announced they were quitting.

Woo hoo.

Welcome Back!
25th September 2006 - BBC
Five Or 5ive, as their record company used to make us call them. Trouble is, the number five looks more like a B than an F, and so therefore squinty-eyed pop kids up and down the country would read our 5ive, uh, 5eatures half-thinking 'Bive? BIVE? Is that a word?', which is hardly good marketing. And that's a shame, cos at least half of Five's greatest hits were so great they could give greatness lessons to Great Yarmouth. If you're too young to remember them personally, allow us to introduce gruff rappy-boy J, smooth spiky-top Scott, quiet Sean with the askew eyebrows, scorched-throat lady-magnet Ritchie, and hyperactive rapping show-off Abs "I'm Abs" Breen. This lot were Busted, Girls Aloud and D-12 all rolled into one. Which would make them a girl's 12D bust, only in a good way.

Five To Reunite?
25th September 2006 - Yahoo News
Boy band Five are set to make a comeback five years after splitting.
Singers Scott Robinson, Ritchie Neville, Jason 'J' Brown and Richard 'Abs' Breen will reunite, hoping to repeat their previous chart-topping success.
But the band's fifth member Sean Conlon, reported to have a solo record deal, will not be rejoining the group.

Kavan Robinson
25th September 2006 - Hayley
Could this be the newest Robinson? Hayely, Scott's sister has given Warrinton Warrior an exclusive by letting us know first that Scott's new baby has been given the unusual name of "Kavan". Interesting we must say...

Want To Flirt With Five?
25th September 2006 -

One of Britain's biggest ever pop bands, FIVE, has joined forces with FLIRTOMATIC, one of the UK's most popular interactive mobile and web services. The 20 million record selling band intend to make a major announcement direct to their fans simultaneously online, and at an event at The Scala in London on Wednesday, 27 September at 11 am. This innovative and unique concept will coincide exactly five years to the day that they split up.

The band quietly put up a profile on on Friday afternoon 22 Sept. Within a few hours they were being sent thousands of messages from the 18-24 year old women that use Flirtomatic. The messages (called Flirtograms) included kisses, winks and throbbing hearts. In fact, they jumped straight to the top of the league table for "most supersnogged" and are already among the most rated men on the site.

" 'We've been blown away by the response so far', explains Mark Curtis of Flirtomatic - on Friday night, we had more than double the number of women we'd normally see online, hunting for FIVE on the website and via their mobiles, finding them, and deluging them with messages. We think they may have sent over 50,000 flirtograms to the boys so far, who are going to have their work out responding to each and every one. We always imagined that Flirtomatic would be a great venue for fans to meet artists and it seems Five are proving it."

"Working with a service like this is great for the band," explains manager Richard Beck. "One of the most important things about Five was always their relationship with their fans and also their desire to do things in a different way. So when Flirtomatic approached us saying they were sure lots of their female users would love to flirt with Five online, it made perfect sense to make our special announcement with Flirtomatic as well as the usual method of a press conference." Beck continued, "Communications have changed drastically over the past 5 years and the boys embrace new technology whole-heartedly. It is great for them to know prior to the event on Wednesday, that thousands of fans already want to jump back on board."

Flirtomatic is available online at and thru mobile phones.
Five's flirt profile is at

Check out Flirtomatic in the next week as Five have recorded a special message just for members that should be on soon!

Five To Reunite?
24th September 2006 - Contact Music
British boyband FIVE are set to make a comeback five years after splitting. Singers SCOTT ROBINSON, RITCHIE NEVILLE, JASON 'J' BROWN and RICHARD 'ABS' BREEN will reunite, hoping to repeat their previous chart-topping success. But the band's fifth member SEAN CONLON, reported to have a solo record deal, will not be rejoining the group.

Boyband Five to make a comeback
23rd September 2006 - Digital Spy
Former chart-toppers Five are planning to make a comeback - as a foursome.
Scott Robinson, Ritchie Neville, Jason "J" Brown and Richard “Abs" Breen hope to follow in the footsteps of Take That and East 17 by reuniting for fans. Fifth member Sean Conlon will not be participating as he has already been offered a solo deal.
A source told The Sun: "Ritchie, Abs, Scott and J have kept in touch since the band decided to call it a day in 2001. After watching Take That and East 17 being rejuvenated, they began to consider a comeback.
“A few of the lads were still in touch with record label contacts who said now was the right time to do it."
Five were best known for their hits Slam Dunk (Da Funk), Let’s Dance and Everybody Get Up.

Five To Re-Form
23rd September 2006 - The Daily Record
BOYBAND Five look like they're getting back together.
Ritchie Neville, Jason 'J' Brown, Richard 'Abs' Breen, Scott Robinson and Conlon split in 2001 after saying they could no longer do justice to their fans or one another.
Now the boys have issued a statement saying they have something important to announce on September 27.
We doubt it'll be about the weather...

Five Are Back...As Four.
23rd September 2006 - The Sun
FIRST there was the TAKE THAT revival, followed closely by the doomed EAST 17 comeback.

Now FIVE are trying to claw back the years with another crack at the music game. Chart-toppers SCOTT ROBINSON, RITCHIE NEVILLE, JASON “J” BROWN and RICHARD “ABS” BREEN — or should that be “Has” Breen — want to get back to the good times.

And no, that isn’t a mistake — there will now be only four of them.

SEAN CONLON won’t be part of their return to fame — lucky for him — as he is rumoured to have a solo deal.

Five, or 5IVE as they were first known, are poised to announce their return exactly five years to the day since the “bombshell” news they were hanging up their mics.
And given that TAKE THAT’s reunion marked ten years since they parted company, how appropriate that 5ive — sorry, 4our — should follow suit with the same formula.

Sadly, that’s half the time for a half-baked band who were not half as good as GARY BARLOW and the boys. I’d bet my mortgage on this one ending in tears.

A source said: “Ritchie, Abs, Scott and J have kept in touch since the band decided to call it a day in 2001.
“After watching Take That and East 17 being rejuvenated, they began to consider a comeback.
“A few of the lads were still in touch with record label contacts who said now was the right time to do it.
“A lot of work has gone on behind the scenes and they are ready for a fully fledged comeback.”

The boys have been holed up working on routines, vocal coaching and performance classes.

Next week the slightly older version of the self-styled bad boys of pop will be holding a Press conference in London to announce their big news.
I can’t wait to see the effects of the wilderness years.
There isn’t much to report about their lives since the split. Abs did TV’s Love Island and released a solo album, notching up a couple of top ten hits and some live shows with BLUE. After dating BILLIE PIPER, Ritchie went on to do The Farm on, er, Five TV.
Scott started a family and had a brief stint on Essex radio and in musicals. And J disappeared for four years before recently resurfacing as a writer/producer.

The boys did score massive hits back in their day with songs such as Slam Dunk (Da Funk), Let’s Dance and Everybody Get Up — and had three No1 singles and a No1 album.

But this latest move is clearly a cynical bid to cash in on the man-band comeback craze.

It stinks of an idea cooked up by bored record execs with pound signs in their eyes dreaming of a telly deal for yet another tedious fly-on-the-wall comeback show.
I can’t imagine the ratings will be set alight by the story of four lads who still haven’t come to terms with their names slipping off the guestlist, desperately clinging on to fame.
But I suppose it will give them some much-needed pocket money.
I give them about four months before they are all back on the dole.

[The Sun can kiss my ***! - If you want to email The Sun and give them a mouth full, here you go :]

Old Boy-bands Never Die...
21st September 2006 - Popbitch
We used to love 5ive. And then they broke up and we haven't really thought about them since. The boys in the band - Richie, Abs, J, Sean and Scott - are holding a press conference at the Scala, London, next Wednesday, 11am. It's five years to the day since they split.
In the wake of Take That's success we can only imagine they've got their eyes on a magnificent comeback. They've already signed up PR crew Quite Great, the clever people behind the great Sandi Thom scam.
Don't do it, lads! Two words of warning - Backstreet Boys.

Take That, they ain't: Five reform nonetheless
21st September 2006 - Drowned In Sound
Five (or 5ive, if you will) were massive only a few years ago, but beside 'Abs' I'll be damned if I can remember a single member of the boyband. Geoff? Darren? Didn't one of them go out with some actress or singer or something?
The news, as it is, anyway: Five are to reform. The five-piece all-boy poppers will make a press announcement proper on September 27 (five years since they broke up), but the news is that a UK tour is already planned.
Sound Generator reports that the band are "desperate to get back out there" and that they're "working hard on several new tracks for a hits release and a big UK tour next year".
Believe it or not, Five achieved eleven top ten singles in their time, and four of their albums also went top ten.
A little piece of me just died...

Abs At Bluebird
21st September 2006 - WENN
Abs seems a bit scarey here as he was caught at a private party at the Bluebird Restaurant on the 19th Sept.

Boyband Five to Reform
21st September 2006 - Sound Generator
An official announcement due at the end of the month.
One of the decade's biggest pop acts are to announce plans to reform for a UK tour and hits album, Sound Generator can exclusively reveal
Five sold close to 20m albums in their five-year career and are set to make a press announcement on September 27, exactly five years to the day since they disbanded.
"The boys are desperate to get back out there," a source close to the band told us. "they're working hard on several new tracks for a hits release and a big UK tour next year".
The official announcement is set for noon next Wednesday, with a press conference taking place at MTV London (180 Oxford Street). The band's PR are urging fans to attend.
Five were created by Spice Girls creators Bob and Chris Herbert in 1997 and hit the top ten with their first single "Slam Dunk (Da Funk)". The band subsequently had 11 top ten singles and four top ten albums

Win VIP Entrance to FIVE'S Press Conference!
21st September 2006
We have 6 VIP passes for Five's Press Conference at 11am on Wednesday 27 September to give away EXCLUSIVELY to fans on the various official Five message boards.

Only fans who were registered before 17 September can win.

These passes allow ONE fan entrance into the VIP area inside the Press Conference. They will get to meet Five, hear and see everything LIVE as it happens. Each winner gets ONE pass... they cannot take anyone with them. If the winners attend the press conference with other people, those others will have to wait outside THE SCALA with everyone else. Five will be coming outside to greet all the fans who are waiting to hear and see them again, and to announce their news in person.

The Press Conference itself is restricted to media only and a few other people that security have told us they can handle.


Send the following info to this email:

1. Your Name
2. Your age
3. City/Country you are from
4. Your email address (we will send you a message here if you win)


1. The winners MUST reply to their winning email message from us within 24 hours or the pass will be given to someone else. NO EXCEPTIONS.
2. You must bring a legal picture identification to the press conference (drivers licence, id card, passport etc). NO ID... NO ENTRANCE.
3. You cannot trade, sell or giveaway your pass to anyone else. Your names will be on a list and only those exact people will be let inside AFTER they identify themselves (see rule 2).
4. All winners must be at THE SCALA by 10:45am, no later.

All other necessary info will be sent to the winners in their notification email.

Good luck!

CHANGE!! - Major News from FIVE
18th September 2006 -
On Wednesday 27 September, we will be announcing some major FIVE news.
FIVE will be holding a press conference at THE SCALA in central London so get yourselves down there to give us some support and hear the news first hand!
TIME TO BE ANNOUNCED LATER but it should be around midday.
Check or for the exact time in a few days...


The Scala
275 Pentonville Road
Kings Cross
London N1 9NL

Back Back Back Back Back
18th September 2006 - PopJustice
Five were very good in the olden days. They released brilliant songs which weren't ballads and sampled things like Joan Jett and the theme from Battlestar Galactica.
Unusually, as you can see below (right), they did not split up because they whole thing had gone down the shitter.
Instead, they decided to split simply because they wanted to piss it away. You have to respect them for that, we suppose.
Anyway, they have today (Sunday - when they should have been at church) issued the following statement.
On 27 September, we will be announcing some major FIVE news.
FIVE will be holding a press conference at MTV in London at midday (12pm/Noon) so get yourselves down there to give us some support to and hear the news first hand!
ALL FANS ARE WELCOME! MTV London UK House 180 Oxford Street London (from the Oxford Circus tube & go east/right. It's on the north side of the Oxford St, just past Great Titchfield St)
We hope it is nothing shit. :(

News From Five?
17th September 2006
Well like I've been hinting at all along their about to announce their making a comeback. But without Sean. Be sure to watch MTV for the video announcement on 27th Sept. J, Ritchie, Scott and Abs are currently working on a few songs right now in a London studio together with Guy Chambers (ex Robbie Williams). On the 27th of Sept the guys are expected to announce that they will return as Five. Sean currently has a record contract and will not be rejoining the group. The guys will be releasing a single and hopefully get enough interest in it to be able to go on to release an album. So save your money and help Five make a comeback bigger than any other comeback band this year! If you've signed the petition more than once to get Five back you better be willing to put your money where your mouth is and buy the same amount of singles as signatures you put on that petition! Don't decieve Five. Their back!!
Five have signed with new management team Big Boy Management. Their OFFICIAL myspace is available for fans to add themselves to and their official site World Of Five will be available real soon!
Looks like Abs is having a name change again. This time looks like he's calling himself Abz.

Major News From Five!
17th September 2006 - World Of Five
On 27 September, we will be announcing some major FIVE news. FIVE will be holding a press conference at MTV in London at midday (12pm/Noon) so get yourselves down there to give us some support to and hear the news first hand!


MTV London
UK House
180 Oxford Street
(from the Oxford Circus tube & go east/right. It's on the north side of the Oxford St, just past Great Titchfield St)

Abs At Funky Buddha
15th September 2006
Here we see Abs out and about at the Funky Buddha. Seems to have a thing for pink at the moment.

Scotts A Daddy Again!
14th September 2006 -
Scott Robinson has a new son! The new little Robinson was born at a hospital near Basildon at 4:02 am on 13 September and weighed 6lbs 5oz. Kerry had no problems with the delivery, is now home and doing just fine. Scott says the baby looks a lot like his 5 year old brother Brennan, who is very very happy to be a big "bro" and likes to give him kisses. Baby Boy Robinson has no name as yet... his parents are undecided but we'll let you know soon.
Congrats to Scott and his wife Kerry! (WOW home already?)

Abs Attends Opening Abs @ Flagship Opening 13th Sept
14th September 2006 - WENN
Abs and a few of his Love Island friends attended the Flagship store opening party of 'Dune' in London. He's looking quite good here I think. (More pics in the picture gallery)

Scotts On Sky One
11th September 2006 - Sky One
Scott was on the celeb trials for the sky one programme The Match tonight [10th Sept]. Out of 70 hopeful celebs, only 16 will make the final squad. Who will get to live the dream? Well unfortunately thats not going to be Scott as he didn't make it through the first day. Last year Ritchie appeared on "The Match" and also failed to make it pass the first day. Check 'downloads' for a video of Scott at "The Match".
Scott @ The Match 10th Sept Scott @ The Match 10th Sept Scott @ The Match 10th Sept Scott @ The Match 10th Sept

Scotts Got Plans
6th September 2006
Not only is Scott about to become a dad for the second time but Scott fans will be happy to hear that he has embarked on a new (well not so new) carreer. Boogie Nights 2 is over and it's time for Scott to move on. You'll be seeing him again real soon doing what he loves best. Music!

5 Years Without Five!
6th September 2006
It's coming up to that time of the year again. Only this time it will be the 5th anniversary of Fives disbanding. This year there is a big surprise for Five fans so don't blink!! You won't want to miss a thing!! It's going to be BIG!!
If fans are interested, 5iveUSA has a anniversary special that fans are welcome to go join in too so don't forget to drop by the 5iveUSA site/board on the 27th Sept.

Remember Sean?
6th September 2006
Seans solo album is due to be release in a few months. It must be the longest time ever to make an album but we're sure it's going to be worth the wait. Let's hope we don't have to wait much longer.

What's Up With J?
6th September 2006
J pretty much dissapeared from the limelight once Five ended. With the only "public" appearance being in Sweden when he surprised former band mate Abs by introducing him at Okej Dagen in August 2002. Just 4 months ago J returned to the studio producing and writing. Currently J is writing and recording new music that fans will be hearing real soon. And can I say - about bloody time!

Five's Official Myspace
3rd September 2006
Five have an OFFICIAL myspace. If you have your own myspace why not show Five the love by going and adding them to your friends list. Let's show them we are all still here for them. If you don't have a myspace then click here and make yourself one now. Come on, show Five the love!

Evans, NO! Lee's Axed
16th August 2006 - Mirror 3am
WE had our suspicions it wouldn't be perfect harmony for the group formed by MTV's reality show Totally Boyband.
Ex-Steps singer Lee Latchford Evans has been fired because the rest of the band ganged up, saying they don't like him.
We hear the manband - Dane Bowers, 26, New Kids On The Block's Danny Wood, 37, S Club's Bradley McIntosh, 25, and 911 singer Jimmy Constable, 34 - felt Lee had a bad attitude.
We're told: "Lee was shocked. He had no idea they hated him." If they need a replacement, Abs from 5ive might have some time on his hands after Love Island...

Bianca Threatens To Walk
8th August 2006 - ITV
Take one slightly melodramatic celebrity, one vaguely salacious story, sprinkle with a little Sophie Anderton and what have you got? A recipe for disaster!
Yes, no sooner had Shane said his farewells to the resort this morning than Bianca decided that she had had enough too.
But unlike Shane, this had nothing to do with matters of the heart. Instead, it was more to do with matters of the mouth. And what Bianca had put in hers.
The trouble all began when Sophie let slip about a conversation that Abs had had with Paul just before he left the resort.
“Abs told Paul that it said in the press that you were doing whatever,” Sophie sniggered. “Don’t freak out…but (it said) that you gave him a b*** j**.”
At first, Bianca was baffled. Then she tried to deny the whole thing. And then, in true celebrity style, she flew into a rage and demanded to be released from the torturous hell that is life in paradise.
“I just need to get out of here,” B spat. “I need to leave this island. I can’t take this sh*t. I’m not having it.”
Did the mouthy one calm down? Was there any truth to that story in the first place? What did Sophie do to calm the situation? There’s only one way to find out! Tune in tonight at 10pm.

Abs' Jibber-Jabber
7th August 2006 - ITV
He came into the resort promising to play Cupid, and by his own admission “failed miserably”. But Abs certainly made an impression on our lovelorn celebrities. And there was one girl in particular who made an impression on him!
“Colleen,” Abs blabbed, as we caught up with him after he left. “There were just a few moments when eyes were being thrown across the table, and certain things were happening.
“My spot at the table was always bottom right for some reason, and then last night, for the first time, she sat right there, and was complimenting me on my braiding and had these big black boots and she was rocking.
“She wore them for me the day I left and she gave me a cap. I was like, sweet.”
But will the rampant rapper be meeting up with the ditzy DJ to make sweet music? Possibly not. But there is one girl who Abs will be in touch with – his old pal Sophie.
“Because she knew me from the past she felt like she could talk to me,” Abs gabbed. “I found out Sophie’s game plan last night when I was sitting with her.”
But while Abs wouldn’t reveal what that game plan was, he was happy to give sage advice to the mouthy model.
“I asked her about how she felt about people on the Island, who she was feeling, obviously the whole Shane thing.
“I was like, ‘Listen man, maybe you just need to flip the record a little bit and start from the top.’ Just move forward and look forward do something else man, change the record.
“She was like, ‘you know what, I do like Chris’s hair!’ She was like, ‘That’s what it was like when I first met him.’”
Interesting! Maybe our Abs isn’t as useless a cupid as he might think. To read the whole of our exclusive chat with mouth from the South (East of London), have a squiz at Aftersun! (CHECK INTERVIEWS)

Abs Stirs Up Love Isle
7th August 2006 - Yahoo News
Former 5ive star, Abs, is settling in nicely over on Love Island.
The ex-chart star joined the ITV1 show to stir things up in the camp, and it seems he's already put one of the fella's noses out of joint.
His first task before landing on the Fijian paradise isle, was to take one of the girls on a romantic blind date.
The lucky lady was Playboy bunny Colleen, but her partner Lee was none too pleased to hear she was going out with another fella.
Paul Dannan teased him mercilessly about his girl having a top time with another bloke.
Meanwhile, Abs says he's glad Leo from The Streets has left the show, as he's got his sights set on Leo's lady, Bianca Gascoigne.
What she'll think about that, we wouldn't like to say.

Island Nutter Is Utterly Abs-urd
7th August 2006 - Sunday Mirror
YO mon. Lissen up, know what I'm sayin' like... say a proper hi to da cool gangsta guy Abs. All da way from da mean streets of Kingston... upon Thames.
If there's a more absurd white boy on the face of the planet I'd like to meet him. What kind of an airhead bases his whole life on Ali G? An Abs kind of an airhead!
But all of a sudden the rapping tosser from the legendarily cool boyband 5ive is the latest "star of ITV's horrifically unpopular un-Love-d Island. He's an industrial scale d***head who needs to be urgently taken aside and told: "Your real name is Richard. And you are NOT BLACK." Abs won't save the Fijian fiasco from its slow, painful death. Nor did the really ugly, seen-better-days tawdry twins they briefly parachuted in as this South Seas disaster plumbed new depths.

More Rows Set For The Love Island
6th August 2006 -
IT looks like there'll be more rows on ITV1's Love Island when the celebs learn 5ive singer ABS will get £50,000 for a week on the show while they get no more than that for the whole six week run.

Life's A Beach
4th August 2006 - ITV
Having wined, dined and thoroughly dated pretty much every famous female in The Resort, the inevitable day would come when Abs would have to romance the fearsome Anderton.
“I don’t even want to man!” he groaned, after reading about two lines of the laminate.
But anyone’s heart would melt when they saw the look on that face as Sophie jumped for joy at the news.
So off they floated in the serene blue waters, and it wasn’t long before the topic of conversation had swung round to the predictable…Sophie!
“The whole Shane thing, he doesn’t know how I feel,” Me Me moaned. “Only the twins and Chris know how I really feel.
“He’s not into me. I’d love to jump on him!”
Crikey, nevermind fruit, someone feed the woman chocolate, for the love of God!
And whilst more Love Shack chat was probably suitably scintillating for a while, after an afternoon of Anderton, Abs wasn’t that smitten.
“I don’t find her attractive in that sense,” he said in the Beach Hut a bit later.
“She’s a lovely girl, but I don’t have that attraction.”
Alright, we heard you the first time!

ABSolute Babe Magnet
4th August 2006 - The Sun
ABS certainly seems to be a hit with at least two of the Love Island ladies.
The ex-5IVE charmer has vowed to pull Bianca and the feeling could be mutual even though she has been moping about ex-lover boy Leo who was evicted earlier this week.
Scorpio Bianca, speaking of her feelings for Abs, said: “He said he knows Scorpios and that they are good in bed.
“He asked me what star sign I was and when I told him he went: ‘Oooh!’.”
Bianca added that she really enjoyed a picnic with Abs. She explained: “He’s a genuine, lovely bloke. I didn’t want to leave to tell you the truth. I was having a good time, it took my mind away.
“I forgot where I was, I wanted to stay there as long as I could.”
Silver-tongued Abs also impressed Bianca by telling her that the moles on her back are the shape of the star formation Orion’s Belt and she must come from Venus.
In return, she admired a tattoo on his arm and said: “I want one on the back of my neck.”
However, Bianca could have a rival for Abs’ affections as Kelle told him on their boat trip that the only guys she likes on Love Island are him and Chris.

Day 25: Fighting Talk As Emotions Run High
4th August 2006 - ITV
The day kicked off with dynamite Danan threatening to duff poor Lee when the youngster bravely called him a “little c**k”. Screaming hysterically during the early morning tiff, Paul spat: “I swear to god if you ever call me that again, I’m going to knock you out.”
A trip to the gym with Sophie continued the fireworks for last year’s loser, who later blamed the fallout, which left him screaming at the model, “You’re so spoilt it’s sick,” on his confused, but passionate, love for the feisty beauty. In the Beach Hut, he explained: “It’s because I fancy her. I’m a little boy who wants to be loved. She’s gorgeous. She’s lovely.” Obvious really.
But it wasn’t all doom and gloom. As the day progressed stroppy Sophie broke with tradition and stopped talking about herself. Fearing lovesick Bianca has started “eating her feelings”, Sophie mused: “I’m worried about Bianca, she’s not looking after herself. She’s eating junk and putting on weight.” But it didn’t take long for ‘Me me’ to make an appearance in the conversation: “Maybe she’s pissed off with me because I’m eating loads and I never put on weight? She’s gorgeous but if she carries on putting on weight, she’s going to feel enormous.”
Despite Bianca’s allegedly ballooning behind, Abs struggled to resist the 19-year-old lovely during a romantic picnic for two. He drooled: “Bianca is luscious. She’s got those lips…”
Indeed, there was no shortage of flirting between the pair. Admiring the 19-year-old beauty’s mole-studded back he smooched: “The constellation of Orion’s Belt is on your back. Has no one ever told you that?” Then forcing groans from viewers across the land, he uttered the immortal pick-up line: “It must mean you’re from Venus.”
However, that wasn’t the end of the former Five star’s flirt-filled day. Later he took Kelle for a peddle boat punt, but quickly felt threatened as she gamely told him: “I’m available,” before climbing on top of him, rocking the boat, and plunging them both into the clear blue sea. Later in the Beach Hut he confessed: “I’m giving off the wrong vibes again.”
Trust me Abs, your communication skills are way ahead of Paul’s.

Bianca's Abs Workout
4th August 2006 - ITV
Goldfish have three second memories. So, it seems, does Bianca (well, a three day memory). Because no sooner has Leo stepped out of the resort than it looks like Lady B is keen on a bit of an Abs work out.
And he’s definitely not against the idea!
As the two singletons on the Island, we thought it was only right that we send them off on a date. To the jetty. For a picnic. But while the location may not have been the most romantic that Love Island has to offer, it didn’t stop them getting excited at the prospect.
“Bianca is luscious,” Abs blabbed as he readied himself for their encounter. “She’s got those lips. It’s going to be tough to resist.”
But resist Abs did.
Because no sooner had he returned from wooing the bumptious brunette than he whisked Kelle off on a pedalo, telling Bianca that he wanted to get people “out of the zone”.
And with time on her hands to ponder the man, Bianca was quick to sing his praises.
“He’s genuine, a lovely bloke, I didn’t want to leave to tell you the truth,” Bianca babbled. “I was having good time, it took my mind away, I forgot where I was, I wanted to stay there as long as I could.”
Needless to say, when Abs returned from his trip with Kelle, Bianca was quick to pounce on the man. But how far did she go? You’ll just have to tune in tonight to find out.

A High FIVE For Abs
3rd August 2006 - ITV
Just when the ladies of Love Island were starting to feel the need for a bit more boy action, we whipped out our Abs for them to run their hands over!
Ahem, in other words people, Abs is in the house, and his entrance has been a welcome surprise among the Resortees.
“I immediately thought of B,” Kelle admitted in the Beach Hut today. “Not in any romantic way, but just someone to hang out with and take her mind off Leo.
“Instantly they did get on. He’s been really cool.”
And Abs is not adverse to a bit of B himself, as we know from our chat from him before he hit the Resort.
“Bianca is a lovely girl,” he said politely today, before blushing and hastily moving onto the other celebs.
“Shane basically is a no-go. I’m not going to even try and sort something out with him.
“He’s got his own head in his own place and he’s settled. He’s not going to play any kind of love match games.”
But surely there’s potential for a bit of matchmaking in there? We can think of two twins who’d be game for a giggle.
“Eve and Brendan,” Abs admits. “Maybe me and Bianca are going to try and hook them up.”
But what about you Abs? We know you like B, but what about the other ladies on Love Island?
Is there a room for something cosy with our Kelle perhaps?
“Kelle is very beautiful,” Abs concedes. “Personally I like my girls a bit nastier but Kelle seems very nice.”
Fair enough love, keep up the good work!

Life Is Abs Fab
3rd August 2006 - ITV
Abs fab, and that’s a fact. Innit. Yes, the chinstrapped chap has been in the resort for less than a second, and already he’s done a bit of groundwork, broken a few hearts, and made us all go ‘where did that voice come from?’
So to uncover a few truths, and talk to the ‘fresh blood’ in Love Island, we thought we’d find out whether Abs was enjoying himself in Love Island.
“I’m still trying to get to know people but everyone seems really cool,” Abs blabbed.
But blah, blah, blah. We don’t want to know that. We want to know who our fly guy has got his beady eye on?
“I don’t know,” Abs gabbed. “At the moment it’s kind of hard to say because there are certain people with emotions that I don’t want to get twisted and I don’t want to step on people’s toes.
“But there are certain people who are very nice to look at in the morning. Bianca’s very nice to look at. Colleen is as well and Kelle is nice – she’s very open and comfortable.
“Once I’m ready I’ll make my move.”
Intriguing! But who’s he going to make his move on?
“I want to see who is feeling who,” Abs rapped (sorry, we ran out of words rhyming with Abs). “At the minute, me being here is making Lee feel uncomfortable. I don’t know if it’s because I was on a day trip with Colleen, but there’s a bit of a funny vibe.”
Poor little Lee. The wee chap doesn’t stand a chance with the bearded babe magnet bumbling about!

Mouth of the Tyne: Working those Abs
3rd August 2006 - ITV
What has happened to Abs’ voice? It’s certainly a little perplexing. And no one was quite as perplexed as the majestically magnificent muse-machine that is the Mouth of the Tyne.
“When I first heard it, I was like ‘why is he speaking like that?” little Miss Middlemiss mused. “‘Why is he speaking like that?’ It’s absolutely unreal!”
But despite the fact that the boy sounds like the Bounty coconut, Jayne reckons he’s had a good affect on the resort.
“I think the coolness is rubbing off on all the lads in the resort,” Jayne joked. “Even Brendan is wearing his cap backwards.
“It’s quite strange with him going in there. Not only one because you are just fascinated with the accent and you think ‘what are you doing?’ but it’s also quite pleasant to watch because it’s hilarious.
“And it’s weird the dynamic he’s had on the group because there he goes, he’s gone in and Paul’s loving it because he’s got a mate and all the girls are interested in him.
“Colleen has got the eyes for him.”
But does she? In fact, before we had time to muse over that very question, Jayne had already done it for us.
“But does she?” See, we told you. “Colleen likes attention from men and she likes to play men, which is what Lee is finding out.”
Interesting. So will Abs get ensnared by the delights of our little yankee-doodle-dandy? Will Lee ever recover from his broken heart? Will Abs’ voice ever return to normal? All this and more will be revealed soon!

Paradise Lost For Lee?
3rd August 2006 - The Sun
LITTLE Lee Otway has been suffering a torrid time as doubts grow about whether romance will blossom with Colleen Shannon.
The Hollyoaks shrimp was gutted after winning an eating challenge only to see the Playboy centrefold go off for a romantic date with former 5ive singer Abs.
Colleen has denied leading Lee on. She said: “Every day we get closer, but I need a moment to step back. I would personally like things to be organic with Lee and I.
“I think he’s precious but we need a little time…”
Abs admitted to being attracted to the blonde babe and said: “The whole Lee thing is slightly confusing. “I don’t know if she’s feeling it or not but I kind of get the impression she’s not and Lee’s being led on a mad game.
“So I think if I’m only here for a little period, I should be the man to tell him ‘give it a miss’ as he’ll only end up hurting himself.”
The ever helpful Paul Danan also gave his opinion and clearly upset Lee.
He told him: “I have a feeling that the whole nation is saying ‘Lee you’re being played’ and you don’t want to be played.”
A distressed Lee stormed off saying: “You don’t see us cuddling, why are you being so rotten?”
Later Lee admitted: “I must look a right c***; Paul is probably right.”

Exclusive: In a Leeague of his own?
3rd August 2006 - ITV
When Lee from Leeds forced down more cupcakes and Ot dogs (see what we did there?) than the comparatively colossal Chris in today’s Daily Decider, you’d forgive him for being gutted when Colleen then whizzed off on a date with another man.
But if only he knew what the man in question thinks about this so-called competition!
“I think to be honest Lee’s out of his league,” Abs told us recently, under no uncertain terms!
So, does that mean that he’ll be the one for the job of putting Lee straight about Colleen’s true intentions at last?
“Of course I’m going to tell him!” he cries. “You have to! You can’t let a guy be that delusional.
“She’s a Playboy bunny! Playboy! And he’s like…Lee!”
Ooh, do we detect a bit of harsh reality coming lil’ Lee’s way?
“I’m going to be honest but in a nice way,” Abs insists. “I’m not going to hurt people’s feelings.”
Tune in to ITV1 at 10.00pm tonight to watch Abs sweep our kitten clean off her feet!

Vote For Abs!
2nd August 2006 - ITV
Vote Abs sexiest celebrity on Love Island. Come on people show the love!!

Isle In ABS-olute Disarray
2nd August 2006 - The Sun
IT’S become Desperate Island Discs — after 5IVE “star” Abs has been dragged on to Love Island.
The DJ joins tonight — after producers admitted they have lost interest in the ratings.
Charmer Abs, 27, vows to pull Bianca Gascoigne, saying: “She’s fit. I’m well pleased Leo’s gone so I can get in there.”
Executive producer Natalka Znak thinks the show beats Big Bruv. She added: “I can’t get too worked up about ratings because there doesn’t seem much point.
“The show has been absolutely blinding. It veers from laugh-out-loud funny to tragic in seconds.”

Abs Names His Victim!
2nd August 2006 - Daily Star
Despite telling friends he was only on Love Island to try and chat up Fearne Cotton, new arrival Abs has set his sights on resort singleton Bianca. The cheeky former 5ive star, who these days does a good impression of Ali G, thinks he's got a chance with Bianca after her new love Leo was voted off the show.
"Bianca's got my attention," he told the Daily Star, "and it's going to be lively." Abs - real name Richard Breen - will be on the island for seven saucy days, and is planning to make the most of them with Paul Gascoigne's daughter. "Watch her when I get in there. Watch her eyes." It's only three days since Bianca was left in tears after viewers voted off her "close friend" Leo. But Abs believes that he's just the man to heal her heart. Or at least take her mind off things with a snog. "I'm well pleased Leo's gone so that Bianca is free," he said. "I'm not worried about treading on his toes. I don't even know the guy."
The show plans to throw Abs in at the deep end by sending him on a romantic date with one of the girls, away from the rest of the group. Meanwhile, back in the UK, loser Leo has a warm welcome waiting for him from The Streets guru Mike Skinner.
The Streets front-man has been watching his buddy Leo on the show, and according to a friend is ready to make some jokes at Leo's expense: "Mike's going to rip it out of him, all of Leo's lovey-dovey stuff with Gazza's step-daughter has left him wide open to attack."

He’s Had A Bellyful!
2nd August 2006 - ITV
All those cupcakes, all those hotdogs, all that heartburn, just to clutch hold of a few precious moments for a potential pop at Colleen…
All for nothing! Well, actually, new Resort recruit Abs does quite well out of Lee’s efforts in the Daily Decider!
“It’ll be something great,” the celebs assured Lee, who was still licking his lips as Bianca headed to the Beach Hut to get word on his prize for his pucker pigging out effort.
“You have won your partner a blind date with a mystery man!” B meanwhile read from the laminate awaiting her.
Yes, after all that swallowing and gagging over plentiful party food, Lee had merely managed to hook partner Colleen up with another man!
“He is going to be so gutted!” B spluttered in hysterics.
“He’s eaten all those cupcakes and hotdogs and he’s sending his lover out on a mystery date!
“That is fantastic. Not to be mean…”
No, us neither B, but it is just genius if we do say so ourselves!
“No way!” Colleen cooed curiously, when B relayed the info back in the kitchen. “Honey, you ate all those cakes, I feel terrible,” she added, before skipping excitedly off to get changed.
“I were really forcing them down because I was trying my hardest to spend more time with Coll,” a gutted Lee moaned.
And having chatted to our man Abs himself, we’re thinking this is just the start of a few problems for Lee’s love life…

Abs Joins Love Island.
2nd August 2006 -
Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water… Love Island is preparing for an invasion by yet another celebrity hopeful – Abs from Five. Abs plans to wow the ladies when he arrives on tonight’s show, but rumours abound that he’s only got eyes for presenter Fearne Cotton, despite the alluring ladies waiting for him in the resort. “He’s after Fearne and she’s the reason he decided to take part,” whispered a spy. Hmmm… we’re not sure how far he’s going to get there!
Meanwhile, we do know that Abs - real name Richard Breen (yes, we can scarce believe Abs isn’t his real name, either) - is good friends with “actor” Paul Danan. So we can expect plenty of horseplay and bids to impress the ladies. Well, with that winning combination of acting and singing ability, who could turn these talented lads down?

Exclusive: Abs-olutely mad for it!
2nd August 2006 - ITV
It’s been a while since we injected some more male blood into the Resort, and we felt the ladies could do with some more since your recent voting capers left a Leo-shaped hole on the Island.
So who better to fill the void than 90s boy band hunk from Hackney, Abs?!
Yes, he’s here, he’s a wee bit jet-lagged, but he’s raring to go, and was chuffed to bits to hear about ‘The Lion’s’ shock departure.
Why? Well, because bootilicious Bianca’s on the market again of course!
“I don’t think they were that real to be honest with you,” Abs sighed, before revealing to us that he’ll be making a B-line for the Leo’s woman when he gets into the Resort.
“I’m going to go in there and put out some vibes and see the reactions, but watch the eyes.”
Ooh a bit of shameless scandal is afoot we feel, and he won’t be giving up should B go all loyal to Leo on him.
“I like the chase,” Abs grinned. “I don’t like it when they’re so easy. I like the games that go along with flirting.
“I attract women that are hard work, that are hard to keep and hard to look after.”
Erm, we’ve got just the thing in there should Bianca prove tricky…!
But Abs and Sophie (whoops, did we mention names?!) have met before, when the sexy model starred in one of his music videos.
But is there anyone else who has caught the man’s eye? A play with our kitten Colleen, perhaps?
“Well, you blatantly would,” he sighed, the cheeky glint in his eye almost blinding us on the spot! “She could be an interesting night.”
So it’s good luck to Abs when he makes his first appearance on our screens tonight, and we’ll be there to give him a high FIVE whenever he emerges (sorry…)!

Abs From 5ive Enters The Love Island!
2nd August 2006 - Unreality TV
We’ve had Emily Scott, we had the twins, but now finally we have some fresh male blood entering the Love Island resort, in the form of Abs from 90s boy band 5ive.
Abs has revealed that he already has his eyes on a few of the girls, namely Bianca Gascoigne and Colleen Shannon. He was chuffed to bits that Leo was kicked out as it will allow him to make a play for the beautiful Bianca. When asked what he thought of playgirl Colleen he replied:
"Well, you blatantly would. She could be an interesting night."?
Very chivalrous Abs!

Abs On Love Island
1st August 2006 - WENN
Turns out Abs will be on Love Island after all. No real surprise we say. He appeared on the show last night talking about going onto the island. Abs says he see's his role on the island as cupid and will appear on tonights show taking part in a blind date with one of the women. If you have a chance to watch the show, don't miss it! Topless Abs on his way!!

So, will romance blossom between our newly coupled love birds? Or will new boy Abs, formerly of chart-smashing pop band Five, whip up a tropical storm on his arrival to the Island tomorrow? - ITV

Lads Bid To Revive Five!
1st August 2006 -
BOYBAND 5IVE have hinted at a comeback. The guys - Scott, Jay, Abs, Rich and Sean - hit No.1 with Keep On Movin' before splitting in 2001.
Rows between Scott and Jay were blamed but they met in London last week. Asked if they were working on songs they said: "You never know!"

More 'STARS' Sent In To Spice Up Love Island
16th July 2006 -
NEW "celebrities" will be dropped into Love Island as shock troops in the ratings war with Big Brother.
Show bosses have admitted a new cast member will arrive in the paradise resort on Sunday.
Rumours that the visitor will parachute on to the resort's beach have been denied.
Producers are considering options including the new arrival kayaking or snorkelling into the secluded bay or driving in on a beach buggy.
Bosses are also keeping tightlipped about the identity of the new love interest for the group.
But boxer Chris Eubank, Steps singer Lee Latchford-Evans, chef Jean Christophe-Nouvelli, glamour model Jodie Marsh, Abs from boy band 5ive, ex-EastEnder Sid Owen, Celebrity BB's Kenzie and the Cheeky Girls have all been linked to the show.

Flirt Alert!
9th July 2006 -
SARAH BOSNICH, ex-wife of shamed footballer Mark, snogged model MARK ROWLEY then tried to pull 5ive star ABS at Cuckoo Club.

Abs: For A Manwash? Abs: 'Lynx Boost Manwash' 6th July Abs & Sarah Bosnich: 'Lynx Boost Manwash' 6th July
8th July 2006 - LFI
Abs Attends the worlds first ever manwash where a 40FT custom built machine moves blokes along a conveyer belt as they are soaped up and hosed down by a team of luscious ladies, it coincides with the release of LYNX BOOST SHOWER GEL. Once again he showed up with Sarah Bosnich.

Abs for Love Island?
1st July 2006 - RitaGS
Scott and Abs official webmaster RitaGS, spoke to Scott recently and was told that Abs will not be joining the new season of 'Love Island'. Scott who rang Abs to wish him a Happy Birthday on the 29th of June was told by the man himself that although he considered signing up, he had decided in the end not to appear in the reality celebrity show.

Celebrity Love Island - Confirmed Contestants
1st July 2006 - Sky News
After Michelle and Stuart's love affair had the nation gripped during last year's Big Brother, those clever people at ITV have twigged we all love a bit of smooching in our reality TV.
And so Celebrity Love Island is born. Having kept us guessing who they've signed up for lurve, now they've gone and told us.
First up is saucy nurse-turned-'model' Abi Titmuss fascinates the nation's lads like no other woman.
John Leslie's former squeeze is raking in a cool £100,000 according to reports to swan around flirting on ITV's new 'reality' show Love Island.
The question on everyone's lips? Is there enough room for Abs and Rebecca Loos on the same island - or in the same bed?

Wedding fever for Love Island?
28th June 2006 - Daily Star
Makers of TV’s Love Island are convinced they’ll have a wedding on their hands by the end of the series.
Last year the show brought together ex-soccer star Lee Sharpe and professional saucepot Abi Titmuss. Featuring in Fiji on the celebrity-singles show this year will be a line-up including Boyzone singer Shane Lynch, model Sophie Anderton, and 5ive singer Abs.
Executive producer Natalka Znak reckons she’s put together the perfect formula for a celebrity love-fest: “I predict we’ll have a wedding at the end of the show,” she said, brimming with confidence, despite the fact that Lee and Abi split a few weeks back.
“We have a great line-up, plus some shocks and surprises in store,” added Natalka. The all-star “celebrity” line-up this year includes such household names as the ex-wife and daughter of one-time England soccer hero Paul Gascoigne, as well as Pierce Brosnan’s son. Maybe that’s why they decided to drop the “celebrity” from the title - this year’s show will be known simply as Love Island…

[Love Island 2006 kicks off in July]

** ORDINARY girls and boys will get the chance to find fame AND cop off with a celeb thanks to a Love Island revamp.
Bosses want half of this year’s contestants to be non-celebs following the success of Chantelle in the last Celebrity Big Brother.
The rest of the 20 or so island castaways will be household names as before, even though the ITV1 show is dropping Celebrity from its title.
The move is part of a massive shake-up of Love Island.
An ITV source said: “Big Brother showed that putting a non-celebrity in with famous people really shakes things up. A lot of the stars know each other anyway, and they’re savvy about cameras. Throwing in someone who isn’t famous really changes the dynamics.” [** 18th April 2006 - The Sun]

Scott A Dad Again!
21st June 2006 -
Scott has just reported that he and wife Kerry are expecting their second child. Kerry is currently 6 months pregnant with a baby brother for 4 year old Brennan. Brennan will be turning 5 in July. To listen to the 1.11 minute audio from Scott with the announcement head over to Scotts official site now.

Abs: World Polo Day Abs: 'Hurtwood Polo Club' 28th May
2nd June 2006 - Getty Images, LFI
"Richard Breen, Abs - Kuoni World Polo at Hurtwood Polo Club in Ewhurst Green. 05/28/06. Once again we see him with Sarah Bosnich and wonder, are they a couple? Prince Harry also played this day. (I wonder if Abs was asked to pull his pants up?) [more pics in gallery]

Abs: Partys After 'Pure Spirit of Brasil'
2nd June 2006 - Getty Images
CANNES, FRANCE - MAY 22: Singer Abs Breen attends the Sagatiba 'Pure Spirit of Brasil' party following the football match this afternoon, at Palais Bulles on May 22, 2006 in Cannes, France.
(from left to right) Sarah Bosnich, Abs Breen and Karen Millen: Clubs After 'Pure Spirit of Brasil' 22nd May Abs: Clubs After 'Pure Spirit of Brasil' 22nd May Abs: Clubs After 'Pure Spirit of Brasil' 22nd May Abs: Clubs After 'Pure Spirit of Brasil' 22nd May

Abs: 'Pure Spirit of Brasil' Abs: 'Pure Spirit of Brasil' 22nd May
2nd June 2006 - Getty Images
CANNES, FRANCE - MAY 22: Singer Abs Breen takes part in a 5-a-side celebrity football tournament promoting the documentary 'Pure Spirit of Brasil' at Hotel Gray d'Albion during the 59th International Cannes Film Festival on May 22, 2006 in Cannes, France. The brazilian team, which includes members of the 1994 World Cup winning squad, takes on a team of film and music industry celebrities. [more pics in gallery]

Sean: New Song For Fans
22nd May 2006 - Seanconlonmusic
Sean has added a new song to his myspace page called "Final Song". Why not venture over and have a listen? Sean celebrated his 25th birthday on 20th of May so if you haven't done so yet why not say 'Happy Birthday' while your over there?

Whats Up With Ritchie?
22nd May 2006 - RitaGS - 5iveUSA
He doesn't really know what to do with himself, bless him. He loves music but he hates the music business. He is very interested in studying Kung Fu seriously. He is still with Roz and they have recently moved much farther north. Ritchie is still in contact with several members of his old band and he writes with them occasionally but the others have moved on. Once in a while they spend a weekend together jamming and writing.

ABS: Diesel After Party ABS @ Diesel After Party 18th May - WENN
21st May 2006 - WENN, Rex Features, Matrix, LFI & Wire Images
Richard Breen aka Abs from Five at the after party for the launch of the new five hundred square foot Diesel store at Victoria House on the 18th May. [more pics in gallery]

VOTE: Top 100 All Time UK Album Poll
13th May 2006 - FiveHaveGotTheFeelin
The Official UK Charts Company website has just opened a poll for the Top 100 #1 UK Albums of All Time... so here's your chance to vote for FIVE!
Simply go to this link - and you can vote for: # 595 - Five by Five.
Remember you can only VOTE ONCE per name and email address. Happy voting!

Vote For Five
25th April 2006 - bibi
Vote for 5ive as your favourite UK artist. When you click on the link, scroll down and click 5IVE! This will only take you a few seconds to do. if you have more than a few free seconds then why not vote a few more times. Let's try get the message out to Five that we're still loving them! VOTE VOTE VOTE Voting ends on May 1st 2006.

Scott Goss
20th April 2006 - Steph
Scott will be on Pure T4 coming up on 22nd April. Scott will talk about the current trend of boybands reuniting, what he's been up to since Five split and how he feels about a similar revival with Five. The show is expected to air Saturday 22nd April on Pure T4 (9.20am). If anyone gets a chance to record it we'd love to see it online.
On another note Scott has been offered roles 2 new reality shows, but as of yet we've heard nothing official about it. One features a 6 part series that will create a new group from members of former bands and solo artists, from the UK, Ireland and the States. The band will be selected in the show, trained, styled and crafted by a industry figure who will take them to the recording studio, record company, on tour and into the charts. The series is to be filmed in the summer this year. (I have a few ideas for the perfect band...any ideas?) - Keep your fingers crossed we could be seeing more of Scott real soon!!

'EastEnders' character clear-up
13th April 2006 - Digital Spy I've had numerous e-mails over the past few weeks regarding the hoard of rumoured characters who are supposedly gearing up to make their first appearance in Walford.
Thus far, I've had 10 names thrown at me, so I decided to do some digging and find out who actually will be walking around Albert Square.
The answer is only three out of the 10 will be making an appearance in the forseeable future.
The character of Sean Slater WILL be joining later this year. Among those actors rumoured to be playing the part is Abs Breen of former boyband 5ive fame. Sean is the brother of Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) and the son of Jean Slater (Gillian Wright).
It might be a coincidence but Jean Slater is returning in the summer and Sean Slater will joining later this year... We'll just have to wait and see if both events coincide.

Sean Thanks Fans
10th April 2006 - Sean Conlon
Sean has been kind enough to leave his myspace friends a message. For those who don't have a myspace why not head over and get yourself one? many celebs have one and you are able to let them know your a fan by adding them to your friends list. Here's Sean's thanks:
Hi everyone,
Just wanted to say thanks for all the support. Im glad that you like the music. Keep checking the page because Im going to add some more music soon. Im in the process of recording and its nice to get some feedback.
Thanks, Sean.
[What a sweetheart!]

What's Sean Up To?
27th March 2006 - Sean Conlon
Straight from the mans mouth himself: Sean is currently recording a new album and has even given fans a chance to hear another FULL length song of his. The new songs is "Take Me Over". Sean says that most of the new album will sound very much like Take Me Over (there's no plans for releasing the album this year but things may change). Sean has just started his own MYSPACE and says he's quite concerned he may be becoming a little addicted to it. LOL Sean is currently the only former member of Five with a recording contract right now being signed with Big Life/Sony Music ATB.

The Smash Hits Story
12th March 2006 - Anna
Smash Hits, Britain's most popular and long-running pop magazine, was a must-buy for teenagers every fortnight since 1978 until it's sudden closure in February 2006. From the start, the magazine wore its skewed scepticism on its sleeve, and its huge influence can be seen in nearly every corner of British popular culture today.
Abs and Ritchie appeared on channel 4's "The Smash Hits Story" last night. Smash Hits magazine has now come to an end so what better way to celebrate than with a "Story of..." documenary.
Abs, peering down at a copy of Smash Hits with Five on the cover commented on how no-one told the guys how awful they looked during the photo shoot for the picture. Abs mentioned how he felt he would have done almost anything at the start of the band as it was their dream jobs. After the band had come to an end Abs said that was when he noticed how controlled the band was. There was always someone there to tell them when to eat, sleep and where they'd be going and then it all just came to a stop and he didn't know what to do with himself so he just sat around the house doing nothing and watching daytime tv.
Ritchie also appeared saying it was a fun time for them. Ritchie mentioned how hard it was for ex-girlfriend Billie during their dating years (she too being a pop star) and how some fans turned against her because of their dating. Smash Hits then showed a clip of Billie collecting an award at a the "Poll Winners Party" and being booed. ( thats just wrong).
The program will be repeated at these times:
Saturday 18 March
12:20pm - 1:55pm
E4 The Smash Hits Story
Saturday 18 March
1:20pm - 2:55pm
E4 +1 The Smash Hits Story
Sunday 19 March
12:30am - 2:05am
E4 The Smash Hits Story
Sunday 19 March
1:30am - 3:05am
E4 +1

Abs On Celebrity Love Island?
27th February 2006 - Daily Star Abs To Be On Celebrity Love Island.
TV bosses have signed up pop stars Abs from 5ive and Lee from Steps to spice up Celebrity Love Island. They want the hunks in trunks to score with a star studded line-up of beach babes this summer. And they hope the lads will pull in the ratings for the show where celebs couple up for romance. The set will be on the paradise island Fiji.
And among the first to be snapped up was 26-year-old chart-topper Abs - real name Richard Breen - from boyband 5ive, who scored hits with Keep On Movin' and Slam Dunk The Funk.
Abs has enjoyed a colourful love life, having dated sexy Bad Girls babe Danielle Brent, 26, and been romantically linked to Egyptian catwalk queen Imani, 24, former Hear'Say gal Suzanne Shaw, 24, and Sugarbabe Heidi Range, 22.
Other names in the frame so far include X Factor's Chico Slimani, 34, Big Brother 6 winner Anthony Hutton, 24, and even Strictly Come Dancing pro Brendan Cole, 29.
What is Celebrity Love Island? Basically its a celebrity love match game, put a bunch of celebs on a tropical island and see if any love blossoms.

What's Up With Scott?
27th February 2006 - RitaGS
Well according to Scotts official webmaster Scott is currently redecorating his house and has recently auditioned for a new TV show where he would get to sing quite a bit. Fingers crossed it all works out for him... (a little birdie tells me he may be selling up soon)

Are 5ive Alive?
26th February 2006 - Holy Moly
We all loved 5ive. They had all those great hits like 'Keep On Movin'', 'Slam Dunk (Da Funk)' and that other one.
Now Take That have taken the reunion shilling, it's time to coax 5ive out of their careers in the 'Car Wash £3.50' sector and back onto our pop stages. Luckily none of them managed to 'Do A Robbie', so they'll probably do it for twenty quid.
So, where are they now?

Ritchie was last spotted on The Farm.

As you can see, Abs has changed his named to Scabs and J has become David Seaman.

We've got three of them. But where are the other two (Oxtail and Cillit Bang)?

Help us find them and let's get 5ive back at number 17 in the charts where they belong.

Official FIVE Fan List
16th February 2006 - RitaGS
To all fans of FIVE or their individual members:
We are attempting to get a current email list of ALL fans around the world... whether you loved the group or are just interested in one of the members: J Brown, Abs Breen, Ritchie Neville, Scott Robinson or Sean Conlon.
All former lists are sadly out of date and just in case things happen this year, we really need to have a fan database of anyone who is interested in OFFICIAL news concerning Five or one of it's former members.
PLEASE distribute/post the following message anywhere you can: fan forums, relevant websites, message boards or former fans of FIVE that you may know...
Events could be happening this year and we'd like to gather an OFFICIAL email list of all FIVE fans around the world, even if you are only interested in one of the group's members.
Please use the following link and subscribe to the list. We will not use your address for ANYTHING other than official FIVE news, if it occurs. THEN click on the OFFICIAL FIVE MAILING LIST button near the top of the page.
Pass this message on, post it, distribute it! And thanks for your loyalty and support.

Official ABS message board:
Official RITCHIE message board:
Official SCOTT message board:
[NOTE: This mailing list is no longer available - 20th Oct 2006]