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Vote For Five!
29th December 2005 -
Five have been nomiated for Best Opening Act in the Past 10 years at the Brit Awards. Five and Queen are in for a chance for the Brits performance of We Will Rock You providing Five fans get in and vote for them. Currently they are sitting at an devestating 1%. Let's get Five back on top by voting FIVE!
[Thanks to Sarah for bringing this to our attention!]

Abs Clubbing Abs @ POP 23rd Dec Abs @ Rococo 24th Dec
27th December 2005 - Sintillate
To the right we see Abs clubbing at POP on the 23rd and Rococo on the 24th of December with cousin Errol.

Abs @ Funky Buddha Abs @ Funky Buddha 22nd Dec Abs @ Funky Buddha 22nd Dec
23rd December 2005 - Sintillate
Here we see Abs on the 22nd at "Funky Buddha". Lovely Christmas pressie for all Abs fans to see so much of him again right on Christmas.

Vote For Five
22nd December 2005
Nominate FIVE to be in the top 500 songs of all time in 95.8 Captial FM's 2005 HALL OF FAME.
Last year, Five had a hit at number 388 with "Keep On Movin". To see all of last year's results go to:
The countdown will run from 9am (GMT) on 27th December through 31st December when the Number 1 will be revealed. To listen live over the internet visit

Abs @ Glasshouse Abs @ Glasshouse 17th Dec Abs @ 20 Glasshouse St 17th Dec
19th December 2005 - Sintillate
Here we see Abs on the 17th at "20 Glasshouse St" with his old mate John Pryer. Seems it is the season to party for Abs.

Abs @ CC Club
19th December 2005 - Sintillate
Abs @ CC Club 16th Dec
Oh yay, we get to see Abs again at what seemed to be his natural habitat while not working. This weekend we saw him at the CC Club.

Scott To Bust-A-Move?
19th December 2005
A new MTV show called Bust-A-Move could feature Scott as it's new host. Scott has been set up for a screen test for the new show which will start showing sometime next year. Good luck to Scott...
The basic show run down is: Have you ever watched a movie and thought how cool it would be to pull off an amazing choreographed dance routine in real life? Well this show does that. Each week we see a different viewer ask for MTVís expert help with a personal dilemma, wanting to ask someone out, quit a job, get an ex back or even dumping someone. MTV then train that person with professional choreographer and dancers. The all important reveal is made all the more dramatic thanks to the tremendous build up of tension before the surprise sting of the grand finale Ė and all captured on MTVís hidden cameras. A surprise dance routine that will shock any unsuspecting passer-by and more importantly the intended recipient. After the extravagant spectacle of the sting itself, the viewer then has to make their final point. Whether it is asking someone out, dumping a dodgy date, quitting a job, making an apology or getting revenge, the statement will be big and bold.

Pop star in cuts protest
15th December 2005 - Oxforshire
Richie Neville of pop group Five will be among protesters demonstrating outside County Hall tomorrow against widespread cuts to services affecting the vulnerable.
Mr Neville, 26, pictured, is a patron of the Banbury Young Homeless Project (BYHP), which is caught up in the middle of a financial crisis because of massive cuts to projects supporting vulnerable and elderly people.
The amount of money the county gets from the Government to fund 450 projects helping 11,000 people will shrink from £21.2m in 2004 to £8m in 2011.
One of the first projects likely to collapse is the BYHP, a charity helping 500 homeless youngsters in West Oxfordshire and Cherwell. Tomorrow (Dec 16) a bid will be tabled to stop its annual grant of £352,000.
If this is the case the project, which costs £800,000 a year to run, will close by March next year. The meeting will be the first indication of where the axe will fall on projects across the county.
The Oxfordshire Supporting People Commissioning Body meeting starts at 10.30am at County Hall, New Road, Oxford, and is open to the public.
[Ritchie girlfriend Roz works with homeless kids so naturally Ritchie would go along for support. And let's face it with a celeb on hand more people will hear about it]

5ive Reunion - False!
14th December 2005 - Daryl (Safe Management)
Well it seems those rumours about Five reforming are nothing but that, rumours. It's a shame really but there's still hope for the future perhaps. Daryl from Safe Management told me "We are still associated with 5, to the best of my knowledge Ė no 5 reunion is due."

Abs To Be An Actor?
11th December 2005 - Sunday Star
Abs Breen formally of boyband Five is tipped to get the role of Sean Slater in the UK soap show Eastenders. If it's true we may get a daily dosage of Abs in the future. (Although I dunno how he's going to fit this in with his Five reunion he's got going. LMAO!)

5ive Reunion
4th December 2005 - News Of The World
AND as if one reunion isn't enough I now hear 5IVE are alive again!
The lads are in talks to return four years after spiltting. A source said: "They've decided to give it another bash. "It's been long enough for all the problems to heal." 5ive notched up three NO1's when they shot to fame in 1997.
[For those not aware, New Of The World is a TABLOID!]
[Thanks to DevilishSian for bringing this to our attention]

Scott Update
3rd December 2005 - Scott
Scott has left a 20 minute phone interview with his webmaster on his official website Scott Here's a little bit of info from the audio message:
Scott had a lovely birthday with his family and friends. Scott, Kerry and son Brennan had a lovely dinner before heading on down for a few drinks with his parents and friends. He recieved some fun gifts: Lee Evans tickets (a comedian), Green Day Live DVD (Scott's fave band), Friends DVD and some jumpers. Brennan sang daddy Happy Birthday a few times.
Boogie Nights 2
Scott says he enjoyed Boogie Nights 2 but thought at first he wouldn't enjoy it as much as he had thinking he would get bored of it quickly. He chose to join the Boogie Nights cast as a bit of a challenge for himself. He said he got on great with David Essex and Sophie Lawrence, spending a lot of time with David. Seeing some of Five's fans there bought back a lot of memories for Scott from his old Five days. A lot of people didn't know Scott used to be in a band before Boogie Nights but soon became fans after seeing his performance in the show.
Scott says he's not signed up for Boogie Nights next year and hopes to be able to do something else instead.
Future plans
Scott has a lot of different plans for the future. He has written 10-12 tracks, all of which are different styles. He hasn't quite found a style to stick with yet. He'd love to offer his songs out to other artists but becomes too attached to his songs so doesn't know if it's something he can do. However he would like to finish writting an album.
Scott is also working on a few tv ideas with old dj mate Chris Brooks. Some ideas have already been used but they are still developing a few more ideas.
Scott says he loves playing poker a little too much for Kerry's liking. He hasn't lost a game in several months and would love to play professionally.
Still speaks regually to his former bandmates. He spoke to J only a week ago and Ritchie 2 weeks ago. Scott says Ritchie is very busy at the moment. Scott speaks to Sean quite a bit and says he is currently in the studio working on some things. Scott says Abs is funny and has spoken to him quite a bit recently. Abs wants to get together and have a fun game of poker with Scott. Scott's looking forward to winning Abs money.
Christmas Holidays
This year Scott and Kerry have decided not to go away for Christmas. They did go away in the middle of this year to Greece and are hoping to go on holidays again in July. This year Scott and Kerry along with son Brennan will be spending Christmas with Scott's family (they spent last year at Kerry's) and boxing day they will be going out for a lovely meal somewhere. Scott says he does love food! Scott's looking forward to giving out chrissie presents this year. He'd much rather give than recieve them. Brennan is such a big Ghostbusters fan that they have even bought everything they can find off ebay for him. Brennan is also a big Power Rangers fan. They've bought Brennan a quadbike which Scott is looking forward to seeing him on. (lucky kid!)
Scott is amazed that he still has fans interested in him and what he does. He thought so long after Five had finished they'd move on. Scott promises his fans that he won't dissapoint his fans and will do something in music. He'd love to knock Robbie off his perch! He says it's hard to get away from that boyband image.

Seriously if you haven't heard the message now is a good time to go check it out.

Vote For Five
13th November 2005
Got a few free mins on your hands? Then head over to the Russian MTV site and >> VOTE FOR FIVE <<. Simply click on 'Five' and choose your fave Five song. You may vote as many times as you like.
[Thanks to Al for bringing it to our attention]

Abs Clubs Again
30th October 2005 - Sintillate
Feeling kind of spoilt now..This weekend we saw Abs clubbing with cousin Errol at Pop (29th) and Rococo (29th). Nice, very nice!
Abs & Errol @ Pop 29th Oct Pop 29th Oct Abs & Errol @ Rococo 29th Oct Abs & Glen @ Rococo 29th Oct Rococo 29th Oct

Ritchie To Return To The Studio
30th October 2005
According to Ritchie, who left a message for fans on his official website, he is back in the studio in November. 'Fingers are still crossed' that we will be hearing something NEW from him soon. [Hopefully before us oldies lose our hearing lol]. After waiting for so long to hear something from Ritchie I must say it was a little disappointing there wasn't something a little more positive (ie a reason to keep waiting) from him.

Ritchie to Leave Message.
28th October 2005 -
After such a long wait we are finally to hear something from Ritchie. According to Ritchie's webmaster he has left us a message that will be on his site on the 29th October. Lord knows what the message is about but we hope it's a positive message after waiting all this time for SOMETHING from him. So what is in this message? Engagement announcment, retiring from showbiz, a thank you to his fans for waiting for what seems to be FOREVER while he ignored us or maybe he's finally going to give us the news we've all been waiting for? Who knows? But tomorrow we find out! *fingers crossed for good news*.

Abs Ex An Actress?
28th October 2005
We don't call this page gossip for here's some more :)
We reported that Abs and ex-girlfriend Alexandra went to Egypt back in March for more than just a holiday so here's more about her role: Alex is to appear in a new BBC1 six-part documentary about the discovery of Ancient Egypt, ULTIMATE EGYPT. Reports say she is to play Evelyn Carnarvon, who is Lord Carnarvon's daughter and has a close "friendship" with the main character Howard Carter. The new series was filmed in March and in Luxor, Egypt. Alexandra has also starred in HOLBY (as Tanya Burgess) and new film THE RUN (as Amanda Miller).

Sunday, 30th of October - 9:00 pm
Egypt - The Search For Tutankhamun.
Part 1: Six-part dramatised documentary about the discovery of Ancient Egypt. Englishman Howard Carter begins his obsessive hunt for the tomb of Tutankhamun. Cast: Alexandra Weaver...

[Thanks to DevilishSian for bringing this to our attention]

Abs Clubs Again
23rd October 2005 - Sintillate
Abs was out again this week at the Funky Buddha night club. He does like to be surrounded by the ladies doesn't he? Looking kind of scarey in that last pic there Abs.
Funky Buddha 20th Oct Funky Buddha 20th Oct Funky Buddha 20th Oct Funky Buddha 20th Oct

Vote For Scott
21st October 2005 - Bibi
Vote for Scott as Blackpool "Entertainer of the Year"! Head on over to and fill in your vote for Scott. Better hurry, polls close in just couple of days!

Abs Goes Clubbing
17th October 2005 - Sintillate
Feels like all our christmas's have come at once as we get to see more Abs. This weekend we see Abs out and about a 3 different clubs, CC Club (14th), Pop (15th) and Rococo (15th). Last Friday (14th) Abs attended Sintillates party at CC Club for the wrap party for FIVE's 'Britains Worst Celebrity Driver' and Saturday at Pop (15th) to celebrate the release of the SUGABABES new album which reached No.1 on Sunday. Looking good Abs!!
CC Club 14th Oct CC Club 14th Oct Pop 15th Oct Rococo Club 15th Oct Rococo Club 15th Oct

Abs & Alex Over?
17th October 2005
RUMOUR on the web is that Abs and long time girlfriend Alex have ended their relationship. Rumours began surfacing when Alex 20, was not to be seen in recent clubbing pictures with Abs. It is unknown at this stage whether it is true or not but we'll let you know if we hear anything more definate. We find it funny that when Alex was photographed with Abs clubbing some questioned the fact it was Abs girlfriend while others denied it and those who did denied it are quick to say their now over....

Abs Clubs At Pop Pop 8th Oct Pop 8th Oct
15th October 2005 - Sintillate
Seems Abs likes to visit more than 1 night club at a time when he's out and about with mates. 8th October not only did we seem him at Trap but also here we see him at Pop. Abs appears to be looking quite healthy and happy from what we can tell.

Abs Clubs At Trap Trap 8th Oct Trap 8th Oct
10th October 2005 - Sintillate
Feeling lucky? Well we now get to see Abs for the second week in a row out clubbing. This week we see him at the Trap night club. Looking good there Abs! With our *fingers crossed* we hope to see you next week.

Congrats To Scott & Kerry!
28th September 2005
Scott's official webmaster, RitaGS spoke to Scott yesterday and found that former Five member J was going over to Scott's this weekend as Scott and Kerry celebrate their 4th year wedding anniversary on 28th September [congrats!]. Scott is said to be very happy... he also has about 10 days off work (Boogie Nights). [perfect time to take the misses away for a romantic anniversary holiday] Scott also says thanks to you all for the support and good wishes. He hopes all his fans are still with him after Boogie Nights and whatever he may do afterwards. We will definitely keep the fans informed.

Tiny Abs Update
28th September 2005 - RitaGS
Abs official webmaster, RitaGS managed to hear a little something about Abs. It appears Abs is off to Jamaica for a long time (well a month or 2)... whether to work on his music (great place for him) or something else entirely, she says "I don't know". Also on the subject of Abs. As most fans already know Abs has a girlfriend by the name of Alexandra whom he has been dating for more than a year and a half now (we've seen them clubbing now several times) but for those sceptics out there, finally we have the official confirmation from Abs official webmaster - "Actually, I think it can be confirmed now that Alex is definitely Abs' girlfriend and has been for a while." So there you go! (Don't worry girls! He's not married yet!)

Scott In Armed Siege
26th September 2005 - Boogie Nights 2
Lee Batyy (Company Manager BN2): "As you can understand I have been quite busy this week, firstly Scott, Kit and Bill were caught up in an armed siege in St Annes and only just made it for the show." [if we find out more we'll let you know] Trap 24th Sept

Abs Clubs At Trap
26th September 2005 - Sintillate
Abs was out clubbing on the 24th of Sept with his cousin Izzy. Seems he's leaving his house a little more often these days as he's seen at 2 clubs in the same night.

Abs Clubs At Rococo Rococo 24th Sept Rococo 24th Sept
26th September 2005 - Sintillate
Abs was also at Rococo with 2 of his cousins also here we see Abs with Kian and his girlfriend Jodi on the 24th September. As you can see Abs has shaved his head which doesn't look too bad. He's looking fine and healthy as you can see from these pics.

Ritchie On Celeb Trials
26th September 2005 - Jac
Ritchie was on the celeb trials for the sky one programme The Match tonight [25th Sept]. Other celebs included Antony (from BB), Phil Tuffnell, Tony (from Hollyoaks), and Bradley from S club. The event was held at held at Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre. Ritchie is in the yellow team with Nigel Benn (the boxer), Ewan Thomas (an athlete). Shane Lynch (from Boyzone) in Goal. Unfortunately Ritchie didn't make it passed day 1.

[Not sure why there wasn't any official notification of this pryor to the show being aired as it has been listed on Sky One website since 8th September]

Scott At BN2 Fan Convention
20th September 2005
Last Saturday Scott turned up for the Boogie Nights 2 fan convention in Blackpool where you got to meet the cast, there were a Q & A session, play quizzes and learn the routines. Scott took part in a quiz where he had to finish the line of a song, some of them were his songs [he sings in Boogie Nights 2] and he got them wrong. All up fans had the time of their lives and Scott thoroughly enjoyed the fun.

Abs At CC Club CC Club 2nd Sept CC Club 2nd Sept
6th September 2005 - Sintillate
Abs has once again been seen out and partying with his long term girlfriend Alexandra at the CC Club on the 2nd of September. Finally we get to see him again. [I guess he hasn't really disappeared eh?]

The End For Abs?
13th August 2005 - RitaGS
Dear Abs fans,
Let me first say that you have been so loyal and supportive of Abs thru all the years: through highs and lows, long periods of inactivity, good times and bad. Some of you have been fans since 1997. Thank you so much. I love you all and I'm sure Abs feels the same way.

That said, I'm afraid that is probably the end. Abs is a very private person and truly hates to disappoint people, especially those that support and help him. He shys away from most confrontations and prefers remaining silent rather than saying nothing or giving bad/disappointing news.

I can only assume that his silence to me and almost everyone else means nothing is progressing in his musical career... so he is retiring into the night quietly. How unfortunate for us and the world of music. Abs is a major talent who deserved so much more than he received from the music business. Perhaps he will continue to write for others or maybe even produce. I really don't know.

I could be wrong about this, but I think not. If anything occurs or if Abs gets back in contact with me, I will let you all know immediately by emailing the member list of his message board.

Again... thank you all. Enjoy Abs' great music (his full discography can be listened to on the message board: click the red link near the top of the page called "ABS JUKE BOX"), remember the fun and don't forget a multi-talented, handsome and charismatic man... my friend, Richard Abidin Breen. I won't.

Much love to all
Rita GS

Scott on Boogie Nights 2
9th August 2005 -
Another solo song has been added for Scott in 'Boogie Nights 2. A-Ha's "Take On Me". Check this page for all the summer play dates in Blackpool & ticket information.

19 Jul-24 Sep
Blackpool Opera House

3-8 Oct
Nottingham Theatre Royal

10-29 Oct
Blackpool Opera House

FOR TICKETS: You can call the theatres or check out the theatre's websites.

for Nottingham only:

for Blackpool only:
T: 01253 292029

Whats Ritchie Up To?
5th August 2005 - RitaGS
Ritchie does live in the country north of London... not in a city. Right now, he is trying out for a few acting gigs, writing songs with his band mates and is for the moment, very busy with some real estate investments.

Scott In London Poker Tournament, 30-31 July
2nd August 2005 - RitaGS
Scott was to be playing Texas Hold'em poker as a celebrity guest at the Palm Beach Casino, Berkeley St in London on 30-31 July, as part of a tournament sponsored by Scott has decided NOT to go to the British Open of Poker so he will be at Blackpool every day for Boogie Nights 2. The only schechuled days off Scott has now are September 7 & 8.

Ritchie Neville On BBLB
19th July 2005 - JPS
Ritchie was on the daily Big Brother behind the scenes show (Big Brother's Little Bro or BBLB) tonight and he had to guess which of the housemates had embarassing cds in their collection.
The last one was *KOM* and the lovely Dermot (the presenter) said that everyone in the studio/office had been humming it all day lol Special Thanks To JPS for this info...

BB INTERVIEW: Ritchie Neville
19th July 2005 - BBLB
Day 53, 18:00
When popstar and reality contestant Ritchie Neville popped in to see us he let slip who he reckons should win Big Brother and exactly what he thinks of Makosi...
Who do you want to win?
I'd like to see Eugene win because I think it'd do his confidence a whole lot of good. He's a sweetheart and he's just a nice bloke, very honest. But I reckon Anthony's probably going to get it.
What is your favourite moment from the series so far?
The two lies thing last week was just amazing, and Kemal's paranoia - absolutely brilliant!
If you could be the voice of Big Brother for a day, what would you tell the Housemates to do?
I think they make prats of themselves enough as it is!
Which of the Housemates do you think is the most scheming?
Makosi, without a doubt. That's what she is, a total out-and-out schemer, a stirrer, playing the Housemates off against each other.
Kemal thought that he was really good mates with her and I think he's starting to see that [she's a schemer], and that's why he thinks she's a mole, whereas I think he's just seeing her for what she is.
Would you ever appear on Celebrity Big Brother?
I'd think about it. As long as they don't have cameras in the khazi. I don't want that to be a lasting memory!
If you had to duet with one of the Housemates, who would you choose?
I reckon Kemal probably, he hasn't got a bad voice. We could do, you know, My Endless Love or something like that.

[Not sure why there wasn't any official notification of this pryor to a few hours before the show was being aired as it has been listed on BB website since 17th July]

Scott Update
19th July 2005 - Scott
Scott recently did a board chat with his fans on Here a little list of things Scott talked about..

"I've been very busy with Boogie Nights. Thanks for all the messages for Brennan's bday. Me Kerry and Brennan have just had a lovely vacation in Greece. Got a lovely tan cos it was SO hot. Brennan had a fancy dress party for his 4th birthday and he was red ranger from Power Rangers. I think he's gonna be a singer like daddy... when on holiday he sang Ghostbusters. In tune, foot tapping, holding the mike with style. hahaha. He's also a bit of a show off like Daddy. Kerry's fine and looking well. Beautiful as ever."
"Back at work now, boo hoo. But there's some changes to the show and it's looking real good. I now sing Take On Me by Ah-Ha. It's very very very very high. But I'm dealing with it. Thats all thats been happening recently.."

To read ALL of the questions/answers visit or to read just a few HERE

Scott In London Poker Tournament, 30-31 July
14th July 2005 - RitaGS
Scott will be playing Texas Hold'em poker as a celebrity guest at the Palm Beach Casino, Berkeley St in London on 30-31 July, as part of a tournament sponsored by

An Insight Into J & Sean
14th July 2005 - RitaGS
"I have to say this about J and Sean... but especially J. Both of them got their dream when they got into Five but like the saying goes, watch out what you wish for because you may just get it. J wanted fame and notoriety as a singer/writer so badly and when he got it, he discovered it was not what he thought it would be. Too much manipulation, too many people telling him how to act and how to make his music. He became very frustrated and angry. When your whole life is set on a goal and you achieve it, it can be really depressing for it to not be what you expect.

I think Sean felt lied to and disappointed that he never got to really let his own style of music come out while he was in Five. I think he was lead to believe he would be able to grow and develop as a musician in the syle he was aiming for (ie: more r 'n b/jazz/indie), but that didn't happen. J is still making music for himself, but I dont know if he will ever trust the music industry again. Sean is just trying to develop his style and become an even better musician... he is well on the way and I think we should hear from him soon. But it will not be pop-style music, so old fans may be disappointed."

An Insight Into Scott, Ritchie & Abs
14th July 2005 - RitaGS
"They are all so different... as different as you can imagine. Scott is scarily honest, loyal, incredibly devoted to his family, a bit rude, smarter than most people think and likes to play really awful jokes on people. He has got me several times but I try to get him back when I can. He sings better now than when he was in Five and will break out in song anytime.

Ritchie is deep and intelligent but he can be quite stubborn and once he gets an opinion, he is hard to get off it. Unlike what the tabloids used to think, he is very masculine and macho. He loves to compete. He reads a lot, is a great cook and loves being outdoors for any reason. I have never heard Ritchie sing around the house or even in the car etc. Rich is also quite political and keen on the issues of the day.

Abs is the most complex of them all. No one really knows him inside. He is very guarded with his real emotions and dislikes arguments or yelling of any kind. He will leave rather than confront anyone. He can be so sweet and generous to everyone and is very aware of where he came from and so is concerned about those less fortunate than himself. But that said, he loves his hi-tech toys and likes to spend money. Abs also sings quite a bit and can imitate almost anyone to a scary degree... a talent few have ever heard."

Scott answers your questions - 18 July
11th July 2005 - Scott
Join Scott LIVE online as he answers fan questions on Monday 18 July between 7-8pm (London time). We will have a special forum set-up on his official message board just for this session. The session will be moderated.

go to:

Scott travels to Blackpool on 19 July to open the summer run of Boogie Nights 2 at the Opera House.
You can submit questions in advance (in case you can't attend) starting on Wednesday 13 July... just look for the special message board forum called: "Scott Answers Your Questions", then inside you will find a sub-forum called "Questions Submitted in Advance".

NOTE: The board administrator will delete the following:

1. more than 2 questions from any person
2. messages that only say HI or "I love you"
3. messages that ask for personal phone numbers/email addresses or ask for autographs/pictures/personal appearances etc
4. any inappropriate messages

Have fun and see you there!

Abs At Funky Buddah Funky Buddah Funky Buddah
22nd June 2005 - Sintillate
Abs attended Glens birthday party at the Funky Buddah Night Club Thursday night (16th) with long term girlfriend Alex (Alexandra). The couple who have been together for more then a year, partied it up with a host of friends.

Abs Message Board Moving
18th June 2005 -
Abs' message board is moving to:
We will be starting from scratch unfortunately.
You will need to re-register and reply to the activation email to become a member. Make sure you check in your JUNK or TRASH folder of your email client in case the activation email gets put in there by mistake.
The current board and the website at will soon be gone so register asap! We may have a new website at but I can't say when at this point.
Thanks for your support over the past 4 years.

The Last Detective - Review
13th June 2005
Last night [12th June] Ritchie launched his acting carreer in The Last Detective. Ritchie played a boyband member from the 70's. He was only shown in blurry flashbacks and a couple of stills, he had about 3 lines. Ritchies name wasn't even dispayed on the credits although the cast list at the end of the programme showed him as *Richard Neville* and the continuity announcer mentioned him before the programme as *ex-Five boyband member Ritchie Neville*. Unfortunately for Ritchie fans he didn't have a bigger role infact he was barely in the show at all. Special thanks to JPS for this info

The Last Detective
11th June 2005 - Hot Magazine
Sunday 12th June 8.50pm, ITV1
Old Dangerous is called in to investigate the death of old rocker Teddy O'Connor, played by Tony Slattery, who is killed after a comeback. Also, look out for former 5ive star Richie Neville who appears as one of Ted's bandmates. In filashback, of course... Special thanks to shyana for this info

Blast From The Past
9th June 2005 - Manchester Online
THE music is blaring and girls screaming as Ritchie Neville gyrates across the stage with his guitar. But this is not a reunion of his former boy band, Five, or a scene from one of their videos. It's Ritchie's latest incarnation as an actor in The Last Detective (ITV1, Sunday, 9pm).
The 25-year-old makes his TV acting debut this weekend playing Gerry Jameson, a seventies pin-up and member of chart-topping band, The Overnite Sensations.
Drama unfolds when, fast-forward to the present day, the band's front man, Teddy O'Connor, played by Tony Slattery, is found dead in mysterious circumstances after a comeback gig in a pub. Offbeat detective Dangerous Davies (Peter Davison), is called in to investigate, revealing a 30-year revenge plot in the process.
Look very carefully, and you might just be able to recognise Ritchie dressed as a seventies rocker sporting a huge curly wig during flashback scenes, which also star Nigel Planer, Tim Healy and former Coronation Street star, Philip Middlemiss.
"It was great fun, I'm really pleased with it," says Ritchie. "Tony Slattery - what a nice man! They were all really lovely, it was a great atmosphere. I'm used to the music industry. Television seems like a much calmer industry - not quite as many egos."
Ritchie is, of course, referring to his time in Five with bandmates J Brown, Scott Robinson, Sean Conlon and Abs Breen. The boys became instant pop pin-ups when they burst on to the music scene in December, 1997, going on to sell more than 7m albums worldwide before splitting four years later.
Ritchie was only 17 and just three months away from sitting his A-levels at a public school near his home in Bromsgrove, when an advert in a national newspaper calling for people to audition for a band caught his eye.
"I was reading it because of the pure naffness," he recalls. "It said, 'Do you want to be a Spice Boy?' And I thought, you have to be joking, they're actually going to make a band called the Spice Boys?"
But something made him respond. Two weeks later, Ritchie found out he'd made the group. Turning his back on his A-levels, he left home and moved into a house in London with his new band mates at the start of a four-year frenzy of sell-out gigs, tours, and record promotions.
Instant fame
The pressure that came with instant fame was immense.
"It does get to you, at that early age," he muses. "Having pop star girlfriends - you can't really do anything. You breathe and it's in one of the columns the next day."
The pop star girlfriend in question was Doctor Who star, Billie Piper, who Ritchie dated between 1998 and 2000 after they met on a Saturday morning children's TV show. A teen chart star herself at the time, nobody understood the pressures Ritchie was experiencing better than Billie.
"We lived together for a year and a half in a hectic time of our lives. We helped each other mentally to get through everything. We were the only two people for each other that understood what we were going through. We were each other's solitude for a little while.
"Then, as relationships do at that age, we just drifted apart. There'd be months when we wouldn't see each other because we'd be on tour, so it kind of fizzled out."
Ritchie and Billie have lost contact over the years, and he is now happily living with his girlfriend of two years, whom he met on holiday in Ibiza."It's nobody you'd know," he insists. "She's a normal girl, not connected with the entertainment industry."
After four years at the top of the charts, the boys decided to call it a day in September, 2001. Ritchie has since dabbled with various projects, including a university tour with a new rock band he's involved with, and an appearance on Five's The Farm.
"It wasn't what I was roped in for," he says now. "I was told it was going to be a factual-based programme about British farming and organic methods.
"I can't watch any reality TV because I know how the editors can fictionalise a conversation by editing things together when actually it didn't happen like that."
Despite this, it's clear Ritchie's TV career is far from over.
"I'm going to get back to it now and I'll be going for castings. There are definite possibilities."

Where's Seans Carreer?
1st June 2005 - RitaGS
"Yes Sean is still working on his music very strongly. He has had several very quiet performances around London lately and as soon as I can tell you about one, I will."

Will Abs Return?
1st June 2005
There is a strong posibility that Abs may not return to music. Official sources have no clue as yet as to Mr Breens return to music and say he may not return. Best we Abs fans be prepared.

BSB Want Five Fans...
31st May 2005 - BMG
"As a fan of Five, we wanted to re-introduce you to another band who had a very similar edge & style. Please welcome back the Backstreet Boys!
The Backstreet Boys were one of the biggest selling acts of the 90s, outselling the likes of N*Sync and Britney. Tracks like 'Everybody' and 'As Long As You Love Me' were massive hits, and the band were every teenage girl's dream..."

[sorry but BSB NEVER had a style & edge that was anywhere near what Five had!!!]

Ritchie's TV Appearance
28th May 2005 - Ritchie
Ritchie is a guest star on ITV1's (UK) detective drama, "The Last Detective" on Sunday, 12 June starting at 9.00pm. The programme is 90 minutes in length. He plays the lead guitarist of a 70's rock band (in flashbacks) as eccentric TV detective 'Dangerous Davies' tries to solve the case, which involves the lead singer's murder in present times. This is the third season of "The Last Detective" and the first episode premieres on 29 May.
For all non-UKers who can't enjoy the programme, we will try to have clips from Ritchie's episode on the website as soon after the show as possible.

Welcome Back!
26th May 2005 - TOTP
The pop acts who YOU'D like to see strutting their stuff one more time...[Five ranked #4]
FIVE Or 5ive, as their record company used to make us call them. Trouble is, the number five looks more like a B than an F, and so therefore squinty-eyed pop kids up and down the country would read our 5ive, uh, 5eatures half-thinking 'Bive? BIVE? Is that a word?', which is hardly good marketing. And that's a shame, cos at least half of Five's greatest hits were so great they could give greatness lessons to Great Yarmouth. If you're too young to remember them personally, allow us to introduce gruff rappy-boy J, smooth spiky-top Scott, quiet Sean with the askew eyebrows, scorched-throat lady-magnet Ritchie, and hyperactive rapping show-off Abs "I'm Abs" Breen. This lot were Busted, Girls Aloud and D-12 all rolled into one. Which would make them a girl's 12D bust, only in a good way.

Seans Site
21st May 2005
Seems Seans Official website has been removed. Not that it has been updated since it was originally opened. Hmmm, one wonders is we will ever see any of the Five members back in the public eye again...

Abs Missing??
21st May 2005 - Absessive
Abs ... disappeared? I'm sorry to tell you this but as of right now, Abs has basically disappeared from sight. All of his phone numbers are not 'in service', he doesn't respond to email and no one I know has had any contact with him over a month (since I last saw him). I will of course let you all know if or even when this changes. It could be something as simple as him being off somewhere and forgetting to pay his bills... very Abs-like.
All of his web stuff is on major hold right now and I don't know if even this message board will be here much longer. I'm sorry, but what else can I say?

UPDATE: It has now been reported (after scaring the heck out of Abs fans) that Abs is fine physically but he is dealing with some issues. (..wonder if they mean his hair? LOL)

Happy Birthday To Sean
20th May 2005
Happy Birthday to the quietest ex-member of Five, Sean. Though you may still be missing after your alien abduction we wish you all the hugs and kisses you could possibly desire for your birthday!

Five Update.
8th May 2005 - FiveUSA
Ritchie as he appears in The Last Detective Well just some bits and peices of the former Five guys and what they are doing..For NEW pics of the guys head over to FiveUSA for a look.
J: J is the same as ever: very happy, content and just living life one week at a time. Yes, he has a very nice girlfriend and they are currently doing major DYI on her house. J merrily whacks away with a hammer, smiling & oblivious to everything. J is ALWAYS working on new music... he just hasn't done anything with it as yet. Who knows? As for fans letters, J's got left at Ritchie's house (yes, he got them later).
Sean: No one has seen Sean for a long time except J. J took his fan mail to him. I (Rita) have been told that Sean is now with a major indie record label in the UK and I am trying to get more information.
Ritchie: His hair is a little shorter and he is getting ready to move house soon. Right is Ritchie as he appears in "The Last Detective" on ITV1 in July. Ritchie will appear in the first episode.
Abs: Abs is very tan from a month in Egypt. He is learning to play the guitar. Abs' hair is about the same as last fall but has blonde streaks and he is shaving nicks in his RIGHT eyebrow now. As for fan letters, Abs hadn't picked his up yet from the Post Office (he was in Egypt..).
Scott: Scott has a NEW hair style, shaved close on the sides with a slight mohawk on top and blonde streaks in a few places. If you ever wondered just how picky Scott is about his crowning glory, it took 90 minutes to get his hair cut just the right way for him.
[Above info from FiveUSA]

Abs has a new look. His hair is much longer and has brown streaks in it. They look great. Apparently he did these himself. He's extremely tanned from his holiday in Egypt where he and his girlfriend celebrated 1 year of being together. CONGRATS!
Head over to FiveUSA for more info and pics of all the lads - except Sean who has recently been abducted by aliens.

Abs Getting Married?
7th May 2005
Well, it had to happen sooner or later. Rumours of marriage amoungst the ex-Five members are always floating around the net and this time it's Abs. For weeks now several fans have been wondering if Abs is ready to settle down and become an "honest man" as they say. But with Abs in hidding the truth shall remain a secrect! For now.... *shhhh*

More On Scott
7th May 2005 -
Well we heard about Scott's car being broken into. It appears that the damage was mostly his windows and his GPS system..
Also for those who were unaware Scott missed his show on Tuesday night at Bristol. It is believed he was feeling unwell...It happens.

Five Have read Our Letters
29th April 2005 -
RitaGS has confirmed that Five have recieved fan letters sent in early March. Several of the guys have DEFINATELY read some of the letters.

Scott's Car Broken Into!
24th April 2005 - Boogie Nights 2 Message Board
Rumour has it that Scott's car was broken into at his hotel in Bradford on Saturday night. It is unknown yet whether they stole anything from the car or how much damage was done to Scott's car but if we hear anything, we'll let you know!

Ritchie On The Last Detective
23rd April 2005
As yet their is no confirmation as to the exact date that Ritchie will make his debut acting performance in ITV1's "The Last Detective" however official sources say it should be shown sometime in July.

Scott At Soccer Six?
23rd April 2005
Rumour on the web was that Scott would be attending Celebrities "Soccer Six" this year but unfortunately Scott had to decline the offer because of his commitment to the musical he is currently starring in, Boogie Nights 2.

5iveweb Closes Down
15th April 2005
One of Five's longest running fan websites has now closed down for what could be for good. Webmaster Maya (5iveweb) has announced she can no longer run the site due to personal reasons. So on behalf of those fans who enjoyed Maya's site and everything she offered and shared with us we'd love to say "Thankyou, from the bottom of our hearts for all your work and dedication!".

Abs Takes A Holiday
25th March 2005
Seems Abs has decided to trade in riding an elephant for a camel. Abs has decided to take time off from recording his long awaited 2nd album. Last week Abs was on holidays in Egypt (Luxor) with girlfriend Alexandra 20, (who he has been dating for a year now). Oh, how we'd love to see pics of Abs riding a camel. LOL (Although it's not really a holiday for Alex since she is there to film her new tv show "Egypt" - yes she is an actress)

Scott Takes Time Off From Illness
21st March 2005 - RitaGS
Poor Scott, just recently he hurt his knee backstage at Boogie Nights 2 where he has been performing for several months now and now we hear that Scott has had to take time off work due to being ill with 'croup'and will be home for a few days recovering. He can't sing right now. But let's just hope he can make a full recovery!

Scott Injured
5th March 2005 - RitaGS
Scott hurt his knee backstage on Saturday (5 March) so you may see him with a little limp this week. He will however still perform this week.

Absessive Update
25th Febuary 2005 - will be changing it's name and moving to a new URL in early March. We are trying to keep this message board. If we can't, you will notified by email about our new location. We are also trying to have a totally new website designed for the move, but it may be hard to get it done in time. Never fear!

Abs Update
25th Febuary 2005 -
What's happening with Abs? As of 24 Feb, he's a bit frustrated waiting for his new tracks (which he finished in Jan) to be remixed by his producers. All he can do is wait. Until then, Mr B may go play tourist on the 'dark continent' ..

Scott's Website
24th Febuary 2005 - 5iveUSA
Scott will have his new official website online by mid-March at: (there is nothing there as yet)
Scott has a request of the fans: If anyone has decent quality video files of him being interviewed on TV, hosting a tv show, TV adverts or any of Five's TV performances, he would really like to have them for his website. He is especially keen to get a copy of Five's performance of "Everybody Get Up" at the 1998 MTV Europe Music Awards in Milan Italy & their awards acceptance.
If you have any of these video files (especially in web formats such as RealPlayer RM, Windows Media .WMV, Quicktime .AVI or .MOV or MPG/MPEG), PLEASE contact me at as soon as possible.
Thanks all! See you soon at Scott's new website!

News On Scott's Website
17th Febuary 2005
Well we were told it would be up last year but it didn't happen. Finally RitaGS, Scott's Official Webmaster (also Abs and Ritchie's Official Webmaster) has given us more info on the site.
RitaGS - "Finally news on Scott's official website. It should definitely be up by 4 March. The address will be
Scott has gone back to his early days of Five with the very pointed, waxed spikes on his head. They had little red tips but he had a haircut this week and lost most of the red color. He also is having his teeth straightened but the process is still not completely done. It will take a while."

Vote 4 Abs
13th Febuary 2005 -
Vote for Abs as "Best Music Male" and "Best Picture" at You can vote once every 3 days.

Time To Boogie Again..
3rd Febuary 2005 -
Following the huge success of Boogie Nights at Blackpool Grand Theatre last summer, Leisure Parcs has snapped up it's sequel, Boogie Nights 2, for a season run in the Opera House. Boogie Nights 2 picks up the story of the original show's central character Roddy O'Neill 10 years later on and features a string of 80s hits made famous by the likes of Wham!, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Madonna and Human League.
The new show stars chart veteran David Essex, former EastEnders star Sophie Lawrence, ex 5ive boy band member Scott Robinson and Mark Jones in a production which sees puffball skirts and padded shoulders rub alongside the New Romantics, matching shell suits, Live Aid and Mrs Thatcher. Boogie Nights 2 will be at Blackpool Opera House Blackpool from July 19 until October 29. Tickets are available from £17.50. To book or for further information call Blackpool Live! on 01253 292029 or visit

More Info On Moving
29th January 2005 -
Right now it looks like we will have the following at the new website:
1. new professional pix of Abs
2. clips of new songs
3. a chatroom, new PHP message board and (perhaps) a blog/tag board
4. all videos & songs
5. capability for our own shopping cart of merchandise
6. free POP email boxes for fans who register at our new address... ie:
7. ability to conduct our own LIVE chats
Nothing is set in stone yet so I'll keep working to make this the best ever. In case you are wondering, YES - Abs will be paying for his own website for now.
Stay tuned! We will have to be ready, one way or the other, by 25 February!

Scott Pics From Boogie Nights 2
26th January 2005 - Moving
25th January 2005
We have just been told that BMG UK will no longer host or it's message board as of mid-February so we will have to move the website and board to a new server.
Whether or not we can keep the same domain name ( or keep the board in it's present form remains to be seen.
We'll keep you updated and send out an email to our fan base as soon as we know details.
Thanks and don't worry. We'll still be on the web somewhere!

J and Ritchie Update
24th January 2005 -
J and Ritchie are currently travelling around India according to Ritchie Official webmaster, RitaGS.

20th January 2005
Vote for Five on Radio One's Greatest Number Ones competition. Five have 3 songs up for nomination so let's do our "fan bit" and >> VOTE VOTE VOTE <<.

Buy Boogie Nights 2 CD Online
Boogie Nights cd cover 20th January 2005 -
Well it's finally here, the Boogie Nights 2 CD. Go online now and buy your own copy and hear Scott sing his heart out in his first staring role in a musical. Hear Scott sing those 80's songs by going to HERE. You can also buy other merchandise from the show buy clicking HERE (for tshirts and Jackets) and then on MISCELLANEOUS (for other BN2 items).
Scott sings 3 songs on the 19 track album:
The Power Of Love - Mark Jones, Scott Robinson & Company
All Night Long - Mark Jones, Sophie Lawrence, Scott Robinson, Joe Speare & Company
True/Don't You Want Me Baby - David Essex, Scott Robinson, Emily Mascarenhas & Company

Abs New Year Message
17th January 2005 -
hey people..hows it going?
Hope everyone is dandy and had a good new year.. for the first time ever Santa visted me with lots of goodies.. which is kinda weird since ive been a naughty boy! i never realised how much fun a stocking could be..after youve taken all the pressies out, you can stick it on your head and hold up your local newsagent!..not that im encouraging anyone to do that...!!!
anyone made any new years resoutions? mines to ride an elephant sometime this year..and learn now to play the guitar better..and...learn cantonese! that'll do for now, Or give me a suggestion that you think will improve my way of life.
anyways, love and light,

Ex-Five's Future
13th January 2005 - RitaGS
As far as Ritchie's carreer goes, he doesn't know what will happen right now. He is thinking about everything and deciding what course to pursue. He absolutely loves music and wants to continue but sometimes, what you want and what really happens are two diffferent things. We'll just have to wait and see.

All the the guys who were in Five are at crossroads. They have their whole lives to think about, how they will make a living in the future, what they will be doing in 5 years etc. While they may all want to continue as music performers, it may not be possible for them to make a good living at it (especially in the UK which is quite bad for musicians right now) and they have to decide very soon if they should continue the pursuit or try to establish themselves in other lines of work, possibly related, such as producing, songwriting, managing etc.

Scott has his family to think about and I believe all the others are thinking about their future families and what they need to do to give themselves a secure future.

Ritchie Parts With Management
11th January 2005 -
According to the Webmaster of Ritchie's Official Site, RitaGS, Ritchie has parted ways with Matt Glover of Blue Print Managment. It is unknown if Ritchie will continue at this point with his music. Ritchie still has his acting management separately.

Write A Letter To Five!
9th January 2005 - RitaGS At FiveUSA
Dear Five fans,
I have decided to do a ONE time postal mailing to each of the men who were in Five and send them letters from their fans around the world.
What this means is that you can send your letters and notes to me, I will put them in boxes and personally send them to each of the guy's homes in England. No one will open them or read them except the guys and you will know that your letters will go directly to their hands. They all know I am doing this and approve of it for this one time only.
So, follow the rules below and send your letter by the deadline.
I cannot say if they will answer anyone's letter or send you an email and none of them has autographed photos or cds to send to you if you ask. Just know they will get them, read them and at least enjoy hearing from people who are still fans around the world. Please do not expect a reply or beg them for anything.


Letter rules:

1.. the deadline is 25 February. It may take several weeks to arrive if you live outside the USA, so send it EARLY. I must receive your letter(s) by this date or it will not be forwarded. No exceptions for any reason. Every letter MUST have a return address on it.
2. You can send letters to any one of the guys or to each one of them individually. So you can send 5 letters total, if you want. You cannot just send one letter for all of them. Each letter you write MUST be for one guy only.
3. On the center back of the letter (NOT the front where the addresses are), you must write the name of the guy your letter is for. example: "J BROWN". PLEASE don't write it too big (such as ALL across the back). If you have individual letters for more than one guy, you can send them in ONE big envelope and write on the back, "FIVE". Make sure each letter is in its own little sealed envelope inside because I will open all envelopes that say "FIVE" on the back so I can send the individual letters inside to each guy separately.
4. SIZE: letters cannot be bigger than A4/9x12 inches or weigh more than 4 ounces/113 grams
5. CONTENTS: you can send letters, notes, photos, drawings, artwork. ANYTHING that is flat and made of paper. Several of the guys have told me they would like to have pictures that fans have taken of them.
6. NOT ALLOWED: scrapbooks, stuffed toys, gifts, money, cds, tapes of any kind or anything with METAL bits on it. ONLY FLAT PAPER items. If your envelope is lumpy, suspicious looking or weighs a lot, it may be opened to see just exactly what is inside. No personal letters will ever be read. ALL unopened envelopes will be scanned by x-ray before they are forwarded.
7. NOTHING will be returned. Whatever you send belongs to whichever guy you sent it to. Again, DO NOT EXPECT REPLIES.

Send your letters to:



I will never be doing this again & I know no one else ever will so this is your one chance to send a letter directly to the men who were in Five.
PLEASE do not email me and ask if I have received your letter because I will not reply to such requests. I'm sure there will be loads of them! Since I live in the USA, I will be boxing up the letters and sending them to each guy's home in England. They should arrive in early March.