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Split Personalities
27th December 2004 - Mirror 3am
THIS former member of 5ive (remember them?) seemed to think he was Britain's answer to Justin Timberlake. Shame the public didn't agree. Or BMG records.

BN2 Review (Scott)
21st December 2004
What's On Stage -
Scott Robinson formerly of the pop band Five gives the weakest performance. He shouts most of his lines and sounds like a cross between Frank Spencer and David Beckham. His vocals are also incredibly weak.
Many scenes and musical numbers are plain embarrassing and it's hard to imagine why anyone thought they would work. 1 star rating. (reviewed at the Palace Theatre, Manchester)

Sean, Decemeber Update
20th December 2004 - FiveUSA
We hear that Sean has signed with a major indie record label and management team in the UK and could possibly be releasing his first CD in early 2005. The music would be totally new and not the songs you may have heard on his official (and basically dead) website. We assume he would have a new site and lots more if this all works out for him. Stay tuned...

Scott, Decemeber Update
20th December 2004
FiveUSA -
No one can be happier than Scott right now as he spends 7 weeks at hom with his family during the holiday break from his musical "Boogie Nights 2". He has many months without another long break starting again at the end of January. Scott is doing something very special with his appearance that you will find out about afther the new year. Work has started on a new official website for him and it should be active by the end of January... He hopes! Scott still intends to start a little solo recording career late in 2005 after "Boogie Nights".

Ritchie, Decemeber Update
20th December 2004
FiveUSA -
Ritchie appears to be concentating on his acting career over his music, although he hasn't given up on it quite yet. We expect to see at least one last effort by Rich in the New Year to get a recording contract and also write some new, more edgy, rock tunes. Considering his excellent voice, its a wonder he has had so much trouble but we expect that he, of all the lads who were in Five, is having the most problems losing the "pretty boy from the pop boyband" tag around his neck. Ritchie is spending the holidays with friends and family on a working farm in Ireland ... yes, he chose it because he loved the time he spent on the TV program "The Farm".

Abs, Decemeber Update
20th December 2004
FiveUSA -
He has announced that his name will most likely just be "Richard Breen" instead of "Abs" as he prepares to launch a new solo career in 2005. Expect a slightly new physical look for Abs & a funkier/urban/dance sound as well as a new address on a new website. Abs said that work on his new album is almost complete & he has one last January recording stint in Dubin with old mate & former Five producer Jules Gallagher before its done (Jules specializes in orchestration & gorgeous mixing - piano, strings, orchestra etc). On 16 December, Abs had a short live interenet session with his urban-style producers, Fresh Cut, and two new songs are posted on his website.

J, Decemeber Update
20th December 2004
FiveUSA -
J is the same as ever... Happy and carefree. He plans on spending the holidays in Spain with his family and then in the New Year, taking off on a several month's long trip to India and Thailand. Music is still important to J and he is thinking on how he can get back to it in some way without going thru the nastiness of the business & marketing side of music. He still has many friends in the music industry in the UK & they tell him the whole situation is very bad right now for everyone.

ABS performs LIVE on the net!
18th December 2004
Well unfortunately for most Abs fans information on the Live performance came too late and even worse some of us, had to download quicktime first before we could even consider watching the show. So in future I think we contact our psychics for times, dates, programs required and locations so we don't miss a thing! Abs sang 2 songs and goofed around a bit but fans who did see it said it was great to see Abs again and the music was definately his best. To hear Richard "Abs" Breen's performances check out the front page of or to download the video/audio performances FDS.

ABS performs LIVE on the net!
11th December 2004 -
A little something, something from a Mr Richard Breen, also know fondly as ABS.
For all the fans around the world who've waited so patiently for so long...
A LIVE internet jam session featuring Abs & the Fresh Cut crew
It will be WILD, messy and like nothing you've ever heard from da man before! He sings WAY WAY up there (move over, Nelly), he freestyles, he's gonna get nutz...
And he's doing it just 4 U!
Don't expect some nice, polished chart sound or purty lil' web concert ... dis iz crazy live sh**!
Da beats, da bassline, da mad mixology!

When: Thursday eve (London time), 16 December 2004... sometime btwn 7-10pm
All the details of the exact time & the web address where you can listen LIVE on the net will be coming in our next email OR -
You can check the front page of on Monday eve, 13 December (or Tuesday morning, 14 Dec latest) for info.
Don't forget to blast the message board at after the jam and give us your thoughts, comments & opinions (You gotta be a member to either read or post... so go join BEFORE the jam, will ya?)

non-UK fans: the session will start sometime between 7 and 10pm London time. (Yeah, we're sorry it stinks for some of you, but we gotta work off London time, ya know?)

In Amsterdam/Berlin/Rome/Madrid, 8-11pm
In Tel Aviv/Johannesburg/Istanbul/Athens, 9pm-midnite
In Moscow/Riyadh, 10pm-1am
In Denver, noon-3pm
In Mexico City/Chicago, 1-4pm
In New York/Montreal, 2-5pm
In Buenos Aires, 4-7pm
In Rio, 5-8pm
In Los Angeles/Vancouver, 11am-2pm
In Perth/Beijing/Manila, Fri 17 Dec 3-6am
In Tokyo/Seoul, Fri 17 Dec 4-7am
In Sydney, Fri 17 Dec 6-9am
In Auckland, Fri 17 Dec 8-11am

What's with the BS rap talk? Is someones trying to be cool here?!?

Abs Up For Best Male?
1st December 2004
The Sun -
ROBBIE WILLIAMS has been sensationally snubbed by the Brit Awards — again. The singer has not been nominated for a single 2005 gong, despite his Greatest Hits album being the biggest-seller of the year and his single Radio topping the charts. It’s an outrage especially when you see the laughable acts in the running for Best Male. They include such names as Fame Academy loser ALISTAIR GRIFFIN, MARK KNOPFLER, ex-LIGHTHOUSE FAMILY man TUNDE, ABS, DARIUS, CLIFF RICHARD, CHRIS REA and, ahem, Irish flute player JAMES GALWAY.

Abs New Girlfriend
28th November 2004
Seems Abs has found himself a new girlfriend. While his official site has been denying it several websites have discovered Abs new lady friend isn't so "new". The couple went on a very exotic holiday just few months ago (around Abs birthday) to the Maldives. His lady friend who we shall call "Alexandra" has been described as a lovely, attractive woman whom Abs is VERY fond off. While many may deny Abs has a girlfriend we only say, time will tell. :) ... Now, now Abs, we thought you were the one and only honest celeb left. Don't be disapointing your loyal fans now by denying your love!

Ritchie's Rock Star TV Debut
16th November 2004
- Ex-5ive member Ritchie Neville is to make his TV acting debut as an ill-fated 70s rocker.
According to the Daily Mirror, the former boy-band pin-up is to star opposite Peter Davison in ITV’s The Last Detective.

Ritchie said: “I’m delighted to get the experience of working with prestigious actors and to get the chance of acting in a big show like this is fantastic.”

The filming of the third series based on Leslie Thomas novels about an eccentric detective started this week.

One of the episodes sees Dangerous Davies exploring the death of a 70s pop star, with Sean Hughes returning as his sidekick Mod.

Ritchie, who dons an Afro wig for the part, will play the younger version of guitar guru Gerry Jameson, with the older version played by Nigel Planer.

The programme is due to be shown on ITV1 next spring.

Ritchie's Acting Role
16th November 2004

Peter Davison and Sean Hughes take a trip down a musical memory lane with an outstanding guest cast including former Five star Ritchie Neville to unravel the first mystery in the new series of ITV1’s The Last Detective.

Filming has just begun on the third series which sees Peter Davison(At Home With The Braithwaites, Too Good To Be True) return to the role of offbeat detective Dangerous Davies, to investigate the tragic death of a 70’s pop idol, with Sean Hughes (Never Mind The Buzzcocks, The Commitments) as his philosophising sidekick Mod.

With Tony Slattery, Nigel Planer and Tim Healy as the once famous pop stars, they are joined by Ritchie and Sam Bloom, from All Stars and CITV’s STAR street, playing the younger stars in their hey day, as the clock turns back to the 70’s.

Emma Amos (Goodnight Sweetheart, Moving Story) plays Davies’ estranged wife, Julie. Rob Spendlove (Soldier, Soldier, A Touch Of Frost), Charles De’Ath (City Central, Casualty) and Billy Geraghty (Casualty, Maisie Raine) star as fellow officers at Willesden police station, who constantly poke fun at the gentle detective. Vineeta Rishi (Silver Street) makes her debut in the series as the new police constable.

Comedian and actor Tony Slattery (Whose Line Is It Anyway? The Wedding Tackle) steps into the limelight as old rocker Teddy O’Connor, with Nigel Planer as guitarist Gerry Jameson (The Young Ones,) and Tim Healy as drummer Harvey Troupe (Auf Wiedersehen Pet, Catterick) in the band, Overnite Sensations.

Ritchie Neville, from former boy band Five, makes his television acting debut as the young Gerry, and Sam Bloom, plays the young Teddy in flashbacks to the Seventies’ hey day of the Overnite Sensations.

The prestigious cast also includes Ian McNeice (Doc Martin, Bridget Jones:The Edge of Reason) Philip Middlemiss (Where The Heart Is, Coronation Street), John Forgeham (Footballers’ Wives) and Lia Williams

(The writers are Tim Vaughan, Kevin Clarke, Russell Lewis and Matthew Thomas. Matthew is the son of best selling author Leslie Thomas (The Last Detective, Virgin Soldiers) whose character, Dangerous Davies, was the inspiration for the series.

The producer, Nick Hurran, says: “The streets of Willesden can once again sleep easy, as Leslie Thomas’ Dangerous Davies follows his famous hunches, in his own delightful way.”

The directors are Moira Armstrong, A.J. Quinn, David Tucker and Matthew Evans. The executive producers are Michele Buck and Tim Vaughan.

The Last Detective is a Granada production for ITV1.

Latest on Sean
15th November 2004
FiveUSA Newsletter
- Sean... what can I say? None of us could get ahold of Sean while I was in the UK so there's not much to say. J told me that Sean has been recording lots of new music and thinks it is much better that what he did earlier (such as "All in the Earth"). We don't know where he stands on a recording contract but his voice & music is so good, I would be surprised if nothing comes for him. He and J hooked up in September to go see Scott in his musical and he calls everyone regularly to chat. As you can see from the pic, Sean has matured into a very handsome man indeed..

Latest on J
15th November 2004
FiveUSA Newsletter
- About Mr Brown...J is still hanging in there, chillin' in the north of London and living his life one day at a time. He has had TV & recording offers, but told me that every time he considers getting back to the music he loves, the spectre of the nastiness of the music industry rears it's ugly head and he wants no part of it again. Whatever he's doing, he is one happy man. His insomnia is long gone and he laughed constantly while we talked. He looks very good, with short hair and a small beard. He stays in touch with all the other guys, especially good mate Ritchie, and recently went with Sean to see Scott in Boogie Nights 2.

Latest on Ritchie
15th November 2004
FiveUSA Newsletter
- Ritchie has had a busy past few months. While continuing to work on his rock music with his band, he has also been appearing on TV quite regularly in various forms. He has made guest appearances on Hells' Kitchen, gone to a few film premieres, represented Birmingham on ITV's "Simply The Best" and spent two wonderful weeks as a celebrity farmer on Channel 5's "The Farm". There are loads of new pictures on his official website. Right now, he is busy filming a small part for a Granada TV series called "The New Detectives" that will air in the UK early next year. Ritchie gets to play the guitarist in an 80's rock band. Music is still foremost and he hopes to be able to release something within the next few months. I went to visit Ritchie for a few days in October, met his new cute little black terrier pup Dylan and took the pic that you see here. As always, he was charming, sweet and very very fit... he also makes a great coconut green curry!

Latest on Scott
15th November 2004
FiveUSA Newsletter
- Scott has been playing around the UK in a musical called "Boogie Nights 2" since late August and will continue in his role of best friend Terry until mid 2005. Check the links on the front page of 5iveUSA for his complete schedule. The musical has been very exhausting for Scott who hasn't had to do this kind of intense work since the Five days. He gets 1 day off a week (Sunday) and usually drives to and from the venue each day if it is less than 100 miles from home. But Scott always makes time for his family and often takes them along on the road when he goes far out of town. I stayed with them a few days, got some great pictures (including the one above of Scott in a steam room from his musical) and was soundly beaten by Mr Robinson in poker. 3 year old Brennan is talking non-stop now and Scott has added a snooker room to his house. Scott hopes to release some music next year and maybe start a solo recording career after Boogie Nights.

Latest on Abs
15th November 2004
FiveUSA Newsletter
- Abs has been recording and writing furiously since his mutual departure from BMG UK earlier this year due to creative differences. He has been recruiting his own producers and is now under the management of Fran O'Conner at BAMN. Abs hopes to be back on the scene by early in 2005 with a possible 4-6 track EP of his new songs. He has been offered several TV shows but at this point, he really wants to concentrate on his new music. I would not rule out seeing Abs on the telly very soon. His stint as a presenter on VH1's "The Class Of.." generated some very good vibe for him. Make sure you check out his message board because it's the most happening place around & the first place for current news on "da man". I have also added many personal pix that I took of Abs in October when I visited him in London. Check the front page of his official website under NEW PICTURES.

Ritchie Attends Premier
11th November 2004
Ritchie last week (4th) attended the London premier and after party of Peirce Brosnan's new movie "After The Sunset" according to the official Ritchie Site.

Ritchie Out And About
4th November 2004
Pix From Rex Features & Wire Images
- Below we see Ritchie leaving the "Each One Believing", Bill Bergstein, Photography Exhibition The Proud Gallery, Camden, London.

Abs Spotted!
26th October 2004
- Abs driving down Long Acre, Central London in his BMW X5 with a dolled- up girl in the passenger seat.

Farm Wrap up Party
19th October 2004
Pix From Rex Features
- Well Ritchie has left the Farm but returned for a little wrap up party celebration at OPIUM, in London. He even bought his girlfriend Ros along for the fun. Here's some pics!

Ritchie On The Farm
28th September 2004
- here's a couple of pics of Ritchie on the farm. Seems Ritchie has found a fluffy new friend in the house. MEOW!
What's been happening in the house? WELL, here's some gossip -
* Lady V had already cast an admiring eye over ex-5ive member Ritchie, gushing that he was born for life on the farm, "A real natural," she said. However her attention soon wandered while she paused for a cigarette with Stan.
* Lovely Lady Victoria and the equally lovely Rebecca Loos have been discussing which of the Farm's lovely lads is floating their boat. The thoroughbred ladies seem to have their eyes set on ex boy-band member and cow enthusiast Ritchie. The likely ladies watched Ritchie's pert behind as he bounded away from them to attend to a Farm task. Rebecca couldn't believe that Ritchie was only 25-years-old - the same age as baby-faced Jeff. "Ritchie is more mature, more of a man," decided Rebecca. Ritchie got a chance to prove just how much of a man he was when he assisted Farmer Ryan and Jon the Vet in preparing two pregnant cows for inspection. Lady Victoria came along to watch the action and was soon joined by Debbie. The men heaved and pushed and eventually got both cows in place.
* Ritchie just couldn't get his head around the concept of fresh milk. Pleased with his lot was ex-5ive member Ritchie Neville. "Creamy, fresh...Straight out of Rita!" he exclaimed as he slurped up the dairy produce.

No Return To Music For Ritchie?
25th September 2004 - The Sun
First the good news. Former FIVE star RITCHIE NEVILLE has vowed not to re-launch his pop career. Now the bad. He might still be persuaded if his new mate, Nineties rapper VANILLA ICE, wants to record a duet. Just how awful would that be? Please, no.

From 5ive to '80s
24th September 2004 - BBC Radio
Three years after his boy band ‘5ive’ split up, Scott Robinson is taking to the stage in Northampton for the musical Boogie Nights 2. We’ve been talking to him.

In the late '90s 5ive were international superstars. Over a four-and-a-half year period, Ritchie Neville, Richard 'Abs' Breen, Jason 'J' Brown, Sean Conlon and Scott Robinson had 13 hit singles, three UK number ones, four albums and sales of 15 million. In 2000, 5ive were awarded the Brit for Best Pop. The group split in August 2001.

So what does a former boy band member do? Scott Robinson started his new life the very next day after the group disbanded by marrying childhood sweetheart Kerry Oaker.

He then had a six month spell as a broadcaster: "I did Essex FM for six months with Chris Brooks, who now works at Capital,” says Scott. Laughing, he adds: “I am a pro of the radio scene!...I’m a pro at everything I do!"

Variety is what he likes. Along with Chris Brooks, he's developed new concepts for TV programmes; he’s played cards for a celebrity poker website and he’s become a father (the latter was with his wife, not Chris Brooks!)


Now Scott is appearing at the Derngate in Northampton in the '80s musical Boogie Nights 2. For that, he's also learnt to dance: "I TRY to do a bit of dancing! You should have seen me in rehearsals – it was laughable!"

Dancing tough: Scott Robinson in 5ive
That comes as a bit of surprise because we’ve all seen Scott dancing in the pop videos.

Scott explains: "It's a different kind of dancing in the theatre. You had to look 'hard' in 5ive. Boogie Nights 2 is more 'dancey'".

The boy band thing is well and truly over for Scott, even though fans still come along to see him in Boogie Nights 2.

Scott won a place in 5ive by being handpicked, from 3,000 other hopefuls, by the creators of the Spice Girls.

Boy bands

He has this advice for budding pop stars: "You’ve got to be clever when you're in one of these bands because if you don't look at your contract properly, or you get rushed into it, you’re not going to make any money.

"Everyone knows it’s the song writers who make the most money. So, write your own songs. That’s what we did. For the first album, we only wrote a few songs. For the second album we said: 'let’s make sure we make out of this and not just the record company and not just the management'."

But Scott is no stranger to acting or musicals. Before his boy band stint, he trained at the Sylvia Young Theatre School. He was also in the National Children's Theatre's original production of Whistle Down The Wind.

Scott's work is now an exhausting eight shows a week in Boogie Nights 2. It may be tiring, but the audiences' enthusiasm makes it worthwhile: "What I love is the end – the finale bit. Even if you’re feeling tired, there’s no way that you could do it half-heartedly because the audience wouldn't let you. They're so up for it that they give you a sudden burst of energy."

Former Five singer joins 'The Farm'
19th September 2004 - Digital Spy Two more celebrities have signed up to appear on Five's new reality show, The Farm.
Former Five singer Ritchie Neville and actress Margi Clarke have now agreed to take part, joining Paul Daniels, Debbie McGee, Rebecca Loos, Sophie Anderton, and Vanilla Ice, according to the News of the World.
The series sees celebrities living in rural surroundings for one month, without running water, electricity or modern toilet facilities. The stars must grow their own food and tend farmyard animals.
The Farm begins on Five next Sunday. Boogie Nights Reviews
19th September 2004
Review: Boogie Nights 2 (New Theatre, Oxford) - Roddy is dead. And he's the lead character. In most other plays, this would be a cue for the audience to pack up and go home, but in Boogie Nights 2 this just means it's time for his lover to sing a grief-stricken cover of Eternal Flame by the Bangles, before we follow Roddy, played by Mark Jones, to heaven. Heaven is a place where people in T-shirts sing Heaven is a Place on Earth. It's also a good place to meet David Essex, apparently. A giant Rubik's Cube appears on the screens behind Roddy, and it's flashback time. (Well, it worked for the Aeneid...)

You've probably worked out by now that Boogie Nights 2 is both a) set in the eighties and b) very silly indeed. The plot is little more than an excuse to string together as many eighties pop hits as you can possibly cram into a little over two hours, and there are dancers in fluorescent legwarmers to accompany it. The Madonna-led trend for power dancing that appears more like aerobics is enthusiastically embraced here; the sheer energy and skill of these dancers turns the stage into an electric dream, although parents should be warned to cover their children's eyes during the Relax sequence.

Unfortunately, the overarching structure of this musical is that of a simplistic morality tale. Roddy eventually learns to abandon the eighties values of greed and materialism (and, yes, it is expressed in almost exactly those words) and learns that family is important, drug-pushing is bad and that "nobody dies if we remember them in our hearts". Bear in mind that this is Boogie Nights -- Beyond The Grave and not Boogie Nights --The Primary School Years.

But does it matter that the message would appear clunky to a seven-year-old? The answer appears to be: not a bit. Mark Jones uses his comic talent to send up his role, while the whole production is full of little jokes with added resonance for those of us who remember the decade that fashion forgot. Emily Mascarenhas and Scott Robinson spark off each other as Terry and Trish, and turn in strong performances in their own right. Don Crann is hilarious as Eamon and Joe Speare is suitably underhand as Spencer. Sophie Lawrence as Debs demonstrates her versatility and singing talent. There really isn't an actor in this who isn't spot-on, and the dancing is (sometimes literally) out of this world.

Go for the dancing, the nostalgia, the jokes, the cross-dressing, the stream of eighties hits and the chance to see David Essex wearing a giant pair of wings. Just don't go expecting highbrow drama or deep philosophical insights.

The Farm
19th September 2004 - From Channel 5 Website
The Farm (Documentary)
Time - 22:00 - 23:05 (1 hour and 5 minutes long)
When - Sunday 26th September on five
Fur will fly as nine celebrities take over a working farm. With animals to care for, daily 'dirty tasks' to pass and viewers voting for which celebrities get the chop, this new series reveals how tough farming life really is.
(New Series, Subtitles, Stereo)

Abs Records New TV Series
19th September 2004 - From
Abs recorded part of a new series for VH1 (UK) called 'The Class of...' He presents 11 tracks for the year 2000 including Five's #1 hit, 'We Will Rock You'. The shows will begin airing in October... and yes, Abs still has his long hair, so he pulled it back into a ponytail for the programme...Abs is planning on going to see his old Five mate Scott Robinson this month as he debuts a new musical in the UK called 'Boogie Nights 2'...

Big Brother Meets Simple Life For Ritchie
19th September 2004 -
Ritchie has signed on to be one of the 9 celebrities locked up for almost a month on a working dairy farm, in the new Channel Five show called THE FARM. He is very excited about the whole idea as it is not one of your typical brainless reality programmes & will show those of us who have been taking for granted where are food comes from, the hard realities of real farm life.

A few of the other celebs we know about are American rapper Vanilla Ice, UK super model Sophie Anderton and (the lady who says she had a affair with Beckham) Rebecca Loos.

The Farm debuts on 26 September and airs every night for 3 weeks from 10-11pm. Ritchie goes in on the 24th to get kitted out & go over the rules. We have heard there will also be a live camera most hours of the day that will be viewable on the web at Channel Five's website. As soon we get the URL for it, we'll let you know so everyone around the world can have a look at Ritchie 'down on the farm'.

The Farm sees celebrities turn their backs on their city lives to face the harsh realities of life on a working farm in Wiltshire. Each celebrity will immerse themselves fully in rural life. Theyíll be responsible for the day-to-day care of the animals and undertake daily farmyard jobs, ranging from mucking out and milking cows to collecting chicken eggs and herding pigs and sheep.

A specially converted barn in the farmyard will be their home for the three weeks unless they are evicted. Once settled into their new surroundings the nine celebrities will nominate a Celebrity Farm Manager (from within the group). The Celebrity Farm Manager will then become immune from eviction and decide who has to undertake the daily tasks.

Those who undertake these everyday farming tasks will need strong stomachs and steady hands as they'll have to pluck and gut chickens, dag sheep (cutting away dried faeces from the wool), tag calves, collect honey, assist with animal births & artificial insemination and work the combine harvester.

Failure to complete the tasks will leave them without their most basic necessity - coal. The coal will enable their stove to work and ensure they have a warm farmhouse, hot water and the ability to cook.

During the three week run, viewers will be asked to separate the wheat from the chaff by voting off the celebrity they feel has least adapted to the farming life. The person leaving will then get to decide who should be the next Celebrity Farm Manager. The farm chosen for the show is recognised for having very high animal welfare standards. They will be supervised and taught by industry experts including a specialist vet and a professional farmer.

NOTE: we will have a special section on the main website for updates of Ritchie while he is on the show, called "THE FARM REPORT". Since Ritchie was also preparing to debut a new (and possible first single) right about this time, you will be hearing that as well very soon.

The Essex Boy's Rise To Sainthood
15 September 2004 -
TIME plays funny tricks on you. A few years ago, the names of Sophie Lawrence and Scott Robinson would have tripped off your tongue. Their faces were in newspapers and magazines, and while not exactly A-list, they would have gone to showbiz parties and posed on the red carpet.

If these names mean nothing to you, then let me jog your memory. Sophie Lawrence was Diane Butcher in EastEnders and she had some hits in the early nineties.

Scott Robinson was one member of the hugely underrated boyband 5ive. He wasn't Abs or J Brown (who went out with Mel C) or Ritchie Neville (who went out with Billie Piper) and he wasn't the one who just didn't want to be in the group anymore (that was Sean). No, Scott was the other one.

Your blank faces prove that fame is, indeed, a fickle business. Today's pin-up is tomorrow's hamster cage lining. But if I said the following two words to you, David Essex, what would you say? "Gonna make you a star" or "Hold me close, don't let me go", that's what.
But David disagrees.

"People don't come up to me and sing ;I'm gonna make you a star.' You can if it makes you happy." His voice is a little bit gruff and very geezerish.

His latest vehicle is Boogie Nights 2, which disappointingly has nothing to do with the Paul Anderson skinflick starring Mark Wahlberg. Instead, it's a musical set in the eighties and reminds us that this decade was low on taste and morality. Everything you loved and hated is on stage: puffball skirts, padded shoulders, New Romantics, mullet hair-dos, Mrs Thatcher and Madonna.

Behind all the whimsy and wackiness of Boogie Nights 2 there is a plot, albeit a thin one. The lead character, Roddy O'Neill, nearly dies in an accident and sees his entire life flash before him.

David Essex plays Saint Peter, who is Roddy's guide. Will Roddy win back his true love and the fight for his life? How hits from Wham!, The Human League and Frankie Goes to Hollywood help Roddy fulfil his mission is anyone's guess, but for lovers of nostalgia, not to mention David Essex, the musical should be a fun night out.

Boogie Nights 2 - Preview
19th August 2004 - BBC Northamptonshire
It had to happen – the ‘70s song-fest Boogie Nights has a sequel, the imaginatively titled Boogie Nights 2. Set in the ‘80s, the musical is heading to the Derngate, itself a child of the decade that gave us shoulder pads and shell suits.

And you wanted to forget the ‘80s? Tough! The people behind Boogie Nights 2 want you to wallow in those New Romantic sounds.

The show stars Scott Robinson (from 5ive), who’s making his theatrical debut, David Essex (who’s had 23 UK top- 30 singles) and Sophie Lawrence (from EastEnders, who also appeared in Boogie Nights 1).

The story starts 10 years on from Boogie Nights 1. Roddy O’Neil (played by Mark Jones) has a near death experience and his life flashes before his eyes in a dream brought to him by his guardian angel (played by Essex).


But, as with all these sorts of shows, the story is just an excuse for playing the music of the decade.

So, settle back in Derngate’s ‘80s-style orange seats and relive the pulsating sounds of Wham!, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Human League and Kylie.

The original Boogie Nights has already been seen by more than one million theatre goers.

It’s likely the sequel will be just as popular.

Boogie Nights 2 Photo Call
29 Jul 2004 - Getty Images
BROMLEY, ENGLAND - Former 5ive band-member Scott Robinson attends a photocall to launch forthcoming "Boogie Nights 2" production at the Churchill Theatre, on July 29, 2004 in Bromley, England. The musical, a follow-up to 1970s-inspired musical Boogie Nights, opens here on August 26 before touring the UK.

Abs Goes On Holidays
27th June 2004
Abs and his lovely girlfriend have gone away for a weeks holiday to the Maldives where no doubt they will be enjoying the sun and getting down to some quite time together. Abs has been working quite hard over the last few months on his newest album which isn't expected to be finished before the end of the year. No doubt when Abs returns he will be a lovely golden brown and hopefully we'll get to see that in his next trip clubbing, lol. Let's just hope he doesn't cross anymore tattoo parlours while he's away...

Abs Spotted!
17th June 2004 - Popbitch
Abs from Five spotted in Wagamama, Soho this weekend, "looking really thin." He had prawns as a starter and chicken katsu curry as his main course.

Ritchie's g/f Roz Ritchie's Girlfriend
1st June 2004 -
Ritchie's official site has posted a picture of Ritchie's long time girlfriend Ros (Rosalin). We just recently saw a glimpse of her appearing with Ritchie and Sean at the Hell's Kitchen ITV show, but now we have a better look at the woman who has stolen Ritchie's heart! Ritchie and Ros met while they were in Ibiza on holidays.

Scott Plays Poker!
1st June 2004
Scott has been usy lately playing celebrity poker online at, which started live on 2 April. Apparently Scott will also be on TV and doing live appearances in the UK thanks to the celebpoker program.
Scott On Celeb Poker Scott On Celeb Poker

Ritchie & Sean On Hell's Kitchen
1st June 2004 - Pics From Rex features & Wireimages
Sean and Ritchie were invited to join guests on ITV's Hell's Kitchen on the 1st June. Unfortunately there was no warning for fans so most people missed it. But we did find 2 pics from the event and a pic of Ritchie's girlfriend Roz. Sean bought along a boxing friend of his while Ritchie took along his girlfriend.
Hell's Kitchen 1 June Hell's Kitchen 1 June Hell's Kitchen 1 June Hell's Kitchen 1 June

New Boyband for Sean and Ritchie?
May 2004 - Pic From NOW Mag
Looks like Sean and Ritchie have decided to start a new boyband. Guess there won't be many dance routines with the new "Boyband" line-up. [PIC scanned by JPS to the right -->]

Ritchie & Scott Tell About The Italian Soccer Match
30th May 2004 - Info From RitaGS
Both of them said they had one of the best times in their lives. It was so good to see the other lads and be able to hang with them for days, not minutes. The entire British team got on incredibly well including all the wives and girlfriends. Even Chris Evans (Billie Piper's husband), who came at the last minute, was an 'excellent chap' and had several long in-depth conversations with all of them.

Their plane had mechanical problems before they left so they had to take a team bus from Florence to Pisa and got to spend even more time talking and having a laff. Scott ate at McDonald's "maybe 8 times!" says Ritchie but Scott said he actually ate pasta the last day as well. Ritchie thinks Scott's new hair style looks like a 'ferret's been at his head' but was pretty cool & stylin' once he got used to it. Scott said Ritchie looked 'a lot more intelligent with longer hair' (thats a joke) and everyone thought Sean looks better than he ever has.

They were amazed they were all such fit shape but since Sean boxes and runs for pleasure almost every day, they knew he would be. Scott had broken a bone in his foot practicing for the match but decided to go anyway. He knew it would be really painful but the adrenelin pumping during the game kept him from feeling it until later... and now it is really killing him. But he doesn't care because he said it so was brilliant it was worth it. Many fans noticed Ritchie was a bundle of energy on the pitch but according to him, he barely practiced and was out of breath much of time and was going along on excitement alone.

In typical old Five style, they played jokes and were whacking on each other constantly. Scott stole Sean's boarding pass for the plane and chucked Ritchie onto the luggage carousel at the airport. Ritchie had a water bottle fight with Sean. No one would play poker with Scott for fear of losing all their money... again. And no one wanted to get a whack from Sean as he is by far the strongest and most fit.

At the match, Scott was chuffed to be able to play with several football legends as he is a huge fan. All commented on the fact that it was incredible to be in front of so many screaming people again and the energy & excitment of the crowd had them all pumped. Ritchie actually got to play so much only because team captain Rod Stewart got injured and he was able to replace him in the second half. They were losing badly to the Italians after the first half but they talked themselves up and rallied brilliantly in the second. Since the Italian team have played several previous matches and been together almost 3 months, the Brits did incredibly well to play to a tie.

Scott said as soon as the match ended, all the media were rushing up to the teams and Scott's wife Kerry (who doesnt really care for football much), ran up to him in front of all, jumped in the air, wrapped her legs around his waist and told him he was fantastic! Could be a good picture of this coming! Several of the pro players commented on Sean's incredible speed and form, Ritchie had several assists and Scott got to carry off the trophy. He was loathe to give it up after though! Sean and Scott noticed some Italian fans with a Five banner & thought it was really cool but poor Ritchie had to be told about it since he couldn't see that clearly into the stands without his glasses.

Everything went so well that the lads are having a fancy dinner together this week with their ladies and plan on seeing each other a lot more than they have been able to the past few years. Good news!

Oh... and plenty of pictures were taken so you will get to see them all soon.

MTV Condom Launch Party
18th May 2004 - Getty Images
Singer Abs attends the MTV Condom launch party at No 5 Cavendish Square May 18, 2004 in London. A MTV branded prophylactic aimed at 16 to 34-year-olds is the result of a collaboration between British condom manufacturer Condomi Health UK, MTV and AIDS awareness organization Staying Alive.

Latest On Scott
May 2004
Well the latest on Scott I hear is that he still has no talent. We'll let you know when we hear more.

Ritchie Official Competition Failure!
April 2004
Remember this??
TWO challenges for members:
1. It would be great if every current board member & registered fan could bring in ONE new member during the month of March. There are so many former Five and Ritchie fans out there who still don't know about his website and his solo career. Let's get the word out about Ritchie!
2. Win a signed photograph... 5 fans (anywhere in the world) will win an A4/8x10 glossy personally signed photo of Ritchie by just telling us how they got new members for our board/registered for the website or how they helped promote our man. Just check the website at the end of March for details of how & when you can email us a short message about how you have personally helped and we will pick 5 winners the first week of April from the entries.

Well so do many other fans. Many fans went out of their way to get as many people to the board and promote Ritchie in everyway they knew how. And what happened with the competition? Well seems the WM didn't bother putting up the "special email entry" info on and after waiting for the chance to enter the comp all the WM could say was "We didn't see anyone enter the competition". Well DERRR! How does one enter when there is no enter form????????? Very professional indeed! But we already saw how profeesional the WM was within the 1st week of the board opening. And let's not forget the "holiday photo's Ritchie promised".

Total Has-Breen
20th March 2004 - Mirror 3am
ANOTHER day and another pop star's career bites the dust. Abs Breen has been dumped by record label BMG after a string of flops.
The former 5ive heart-throb was devastated after being told the news last week.
He had tried to bill himself as Britain's answer to Justin Timberlake. But despite respectable sales of his first three singles, his debut solo album Abstract Theory only got to No.29 in the charts.
His fourth single was put back for several months before disappearing from the schedule altogether.
An insider tells us: "Abs is a lovely chap but it's hits that count and he just wasn't producing them.
"The best thing for him to do would be to leave it a year or so and then go on to a reality TV show and pull a contestant. It seems to have worked a treat for Peter Andre."