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28th December 2003 - Mirror 3am
NEITHER of them are exactly setting the music charts alight at the moment.
So it comes as no surprise that Sarah Whatmore and former 5ive star Richard "Abs" Breen are consoling each other in their hour of need. The pair - who used to be an item - were all over each other at London's Pop club.
My mole tells me: "Abs and Sarah were snogging non-stop. They didn't care who saw them." Not that anyone noticed. Sarah's debut album was due out earlier this year, but was shelved after it failed to deliver the goods.
Meanwhile, Abs is facing life without a record deal. I'm told he has little hope of hanging on to his contract with BMG because of poor album sales.
Don't they make a great couple?

Clotheshow Live 2003
10th December 2003 - Getty Images
Singer Abs performs the Clotheshow Live 2003, the world's largest consumer fashion and beauty show, at the NEC on December 10, 2003 in Birmingham.
Singers Michael Harvey Junior, Abs and TV Presenter Vernon Kay

Abs' UK Radio Tour 14-17 Oct
12th October 2003 - Absessive
Abs and James, along with Abs' acoustic guitarist, will be hitting the road, going to radio stations all over England and Scotland from the 14-17th of October. They also have two stops where Abs will be doing some community outreach for youth groups which we will not give details for as they are private. We will have all the radio details in the SCHEDULE section of the NEWS at Absessive.... some today (Saturday) and more on Monday.
Some of the towns he will be visiting: Stoke, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Hull, Glasgow, Ayr, Clyde, Edinburgh and several towns in Kent.
Their schedule is very very tight (literally minutes in between stops) so it will be very hard for them to stop and chat much or they would be late for their next appointment or not get to eat proper meals. If you try to see them along the way, please be considerate and don't delay them. Abs will usually spend too much time with his fans since he is very polite & appreciative of you (and we love him for it), to the point where he doesnt get to stop to eat or rest and must grab some junk food along the way. BE GOOD FANS and let him go on his way when he must.

Ritchie and Sean To Tour
12th October 2003 - FiveUSA
FLASH NEWS: Both Sean AND Ritchie are planning small tours around the UK starting in mid-November 2003 to test their new music infront of audiences. Ritchie has told Rita that he is currently booking gigs for his debut tour from mid-Nov to mid-Dec in the UK. Many, but not all, of the stops will be at universities since he is trying out his new music and seeing how it goes down with the over 18 crowd, which is where he thinks his new fan base will be. We will have details as soon as the gigs are confirmed and announced. Check back soon for more details/dates.

The Truth About Sean
11th October 2003 - Metcalfe-Nash
1. Sean loves boxing - True! Some of Seanís closest friends are professional boxers. He regularly goes to bouts and has travelled all around the world supporting friends.
2. Sean loved his time with 5ive - contrary to popular rumour, Sean had a great time whilst in 5ive. He travelled the world played in front of huge numbers of adoring fans. He is over whelmed with all the support he has received through his official site,, and of course all the support from Rita @
3. Sean shuns the limelight - TRUE! - Sean IS uncomfortable with the attention but that has never meant that he is ungrateful for your support and all the love and adulation received right from day one. Thank you! from the heart. All Sean has ever wanted to do is write and perform his music in front of people who appreciate good songs and a great voice. He is simply a young man who doesnít go for the ďPopstarĒ life style. There is nothing more Sean likes to do than spend his days in the studio working on material and his evenings spending time with friends.

The RUMOURS About Sean
11th October 2003 - Metcalfe-Nash
1. Sean Conlon from 5ive buys a news agents - absolutely NO TRUTH in this one. It is simply a joke that ABS told in an interview for The Sun. Sean however admirers all high street independent traders and buys his newspaper every morning to read other pointless stories about himself and the rest of the guys from 5ive.
2. Sean Conlon (5ive) buys a boat yard - Sean would buy a boat yard but he is too busy working on his solo material. THE END
3. Sean Conlon marries! - We here at would love to tell you that Sean is getting married. Again this is something made up from nothing. Sean doesnít have time for anything else other than his career. Music is his first love!
4. Seanís having a Baby! (Spice that is) - Sean was flattered by this!
5. Sean is addicted to Cheddar - We simply donít know where to start with this one!

Ritchie Neville keeps on movin'
10th October 2003 - Popbitch
Who would be a pop star today? You work your arse off, get the piss ripped out of you in the media and make no money whatsoever, while your manager gets rich off your back.
Take Ritchie from Five. After several number ones, the pop star is now training to be a trolly-dolly with Virgin Airlines. He's just starting to slam dunk da funk on their long-haul routes. (Please note Popbitch is purely a gossip mag..This is not true)

Listen To Sean's New Sound
8th October 2003 -
Sean's Official website is now open where you can head over to see the new face of Sean as well as listen to 3 previews of songs off his new soon to be released album: "I don't wanna feel", "All in the earth" and "Am I getting through"

Listen To Abs New Album Online
8th October 2003
If you haven't heard Abs new album then we strongly recommend that you head over the Chokkie's new site [The Original Abstraction] and head for the media page where not only can you listen to the entire album but also to many of his other songs unreleased in several countries.(7 Ways will be released 10th Nov in the UK)

4th October 2003 - Metcalfe-Nash
Hi everyone! Finally we're ready to go. This weekend will see the first teaser from and Monday 6th 11.00am (GMT)
Tell your friends, tell your mom, tell your sisters. tell your brothers. Even tell the person walking next to you down the street.
As well as the sites initial content there will be MORE PHOTOS, MORE INFORMATION and EXCLUSIVE PERSONAL AUDIO MESSAGES from Sean ONLY from with our twice monthly updates.
As if that wasn't enough to get you started. There will be EXCLUSIVE AUDIO CLIPS from the writing sessions for the new album.
I don't know about you guys but we're buzzing!
******************* STOP PRESS ***************
*******************END OF TRANSMISSION********************

Five Updates
26th September 2003 - FiveUSA Fan Weekend
J - J currently resides in north London, not too far from Ritchie and Sean, living a quiet 'non-music business' life. While J has spent a lot of time learning about himself and finding peace, he has also found time for love and music. He still writes songs, has a small home studio & is studying the guitar... when he is not outdoors exploring the wilds of England & traveling. J is a very happy man.
Ritchie - Ritchie has been very busy with his own solo music, but he has taken a long thoughtful route to discovering his own personal musical style. He is currently in the recording studio with his own back-up band, laying down tracks for what he hopes will soon be a solo debut album. Rich has found love with a lovely lady who is not in show business. He is still deeply concerned with environmental issues, world peace and animal rights & has been studying natural medicine and various forms of personal enlightenment.
Sean - Sean seemed to disappear totally after Five, but he wasn't hiding... he spent many months discovering who he was and where he wanted to be in life after the crazy world of pop stardom. Music was always first with Sean so he has been writing and singing almost non-stop the entire time. He has also rediscovered his love of sport (especially boxing and running) and the calming effects it can have on a hectic life. Sean is very actively pursuing a solo career in music and has recently finished production on several tracks in his own, laid-back & very non-Five style.
Scott - After Five, Scott returned to his beloved Essex and settled down with his wife Kerry and baby son Brennan. He dabbled for a while as a regional radio DJ but now thinks his path may lie in TV presenting or acting, so he is currently pursuing those fields. Scott still sings all the time, writes songs and has recorded a few tracks. He has even considered writing a book about his experiences.

Sean Conlon Forum Change
20th September 2003 - Yahoo.Groups
The moderator of the metcalfenash group has changed the group's name. This means that both the group's email address and the group home page location have changed.
The group email address:
The group home page location:

If you have links which point to this group or an address book entry for the group, you should update them, as the old addresses will no longer work.

FiveUSA and Five Weekend.
16th September 2003 - FiveUSA
RitaGS - "After almost 4 years of supporting the lads from Five and all their fans world-wide, 5ive USA will finally close its doors on 30 September 2003. We will continue the site with only a one-page NEWS section and a link to our message board.
I have been trying to arrange a final FIVE FAN WEEKEND for the end of September, but our ISP/Internet provider wants to charge an incredible bit of money for it, because of the huge downloads of videos & pictures that would be made by fans. So at this point, it looks like I will not be able to do it and 5iveUSA will slip quietly away. I will try to put up a few things for that final weekend, but I can't say what they will be as yet. Thanks to everyone for all the years of support!"

News on Sean
16th September 2003 - FiveUSA
Sean is quietly continuing work on his music and had his first solo photo shoot a few weeks ago (this pic is one of the new shots). According to his management, Sean has completed 4 tracks for a extended play release as a teaser for his debut album. Details: 1. "I Don't Wanna Feel" - this track is lead with acoustic guitar and supported by Sean's un-mistakeable vocals. Pure POP. 2. "All In The Earth" - this is the first ballad for the album. Very emotional with a warm string section accompanying the chorus. Sean co-wrote this track with Johny Rockstar who is responsible for several of the singles from the Sugababes 3. "Test Of Time" - another mid-tempo track straight from the heart. This is a co-write with one of S CLUBS main writers. 4. "Only Steps Away" - the biggest number so far. So BIG in fact, we can't begin to tell you wonderful it sounds.

News on Abs
16th September 2003 - FiveUSA
Abs has been incredibly busy of late with his 3rd single 'Miss Perfect' hitting the UK singles charts at #5 in September and his debut album, 'Abstract Theory' coming out a week later. You can buy all of his releases thru or and they both ship world-wide. The album is truly amazing and you should order it no matter where you live. Abs is still going full blast with another single, '7 Ways' due on 10 November. The video was just completed in Los Angeles on 10 September and should be his biggest success yet.
So far, it appears that BMG is holding Abs' releases to the UK but we think they may be planning a major break-out, possibly in the USA, after the release of 7 Ways. Fans around the world have been puzzled as to the lack of promotion for Abs in their countries after a good start with his first tune, What You Got, last year.

News on Ritchie
16th September 2003 - FiveUSA
If you are wondering what the hold-up is on Ritchie... well, he had to have a throat operation in mid-August to remove some very nasty polyps from his vocal cords. He is fine and should recover his voice completely in a few weeks... perhaps even sing with a wider range than before, he has been told. But in the meantime, things are being taken slowly... Ritchie is working carefully with a voice coach and he should be 100% in a few weeks. He is writing songs, recording and even has his own back-up band. Ritchie has also been working out in the gym almost every day, cooking his own natural-style meals with girlfriend Roz and is incredibly 'fit'...

News on J
16th September 2003 - FiveUSA
About Mr Brown...Still taking the world one step at a time, J spends a lot of his time outdoors... hiking, camping and traveling around Britain. He is best mates with Ritchie and pops over often with his lady-friend Ann. Contrary to what Abs the joker says, J is not raising monkeys or studying to be an airline pilot. But he IS seriously studying the guitar and taking classes.

News on Scott
16th September 2003 - FiveUSA
Scott had been working the past 6 months on a new idea for a TV programme with his friend, Capital FM DJ, Chris Brooks, but so far they have yet to find a network sponsor. So he is persuing several other ideas including publishing a book and returning to singing part time. The family has a new puppy named Saphia, a tan Staffordshire, and 2 year old Brennan has claimed the puppy as his own. Kerry just wishes Brennan wouldn't practice his footie skills on the dog!
The whole famly will be off to get some sun for their two-year wedding anniversary in late Septemeber.

Abs At Premiere of "The Italian Job"
15th September 2003 - Getty Images
British pop star "Abs" formerly of "5ive" arrives at the UK premiere of the film "The Italian Job" held at the Empire Cinema Leicester Square on September 15, 2003 in London.

J Engaged?
14th September 2003

Rumours have been circulating the net that J has become engaged to girlfriend Anne. Here's what RitaGS had to say: "No, J is not engaged that I know of but he and Ann are very serious. J is still just going along and enjoying life, learning, reading etc and spending a lot of time outdoors. Thats about it. He and Ritchie see each other all the time as they live very close".

Abs Films 7 Ways
13th September 2003 -
The video is much different from Miss Perfect in that Abs doesn't interact with the girl singing with him... Eve. She sings alone, in keeping with the story of the song. Abs does interact with another girl though... but not in the steamy way he did on Miss Perfect. Sexy enuf tho! There are many hot young extras in this video, men and women. Very California beach vibe in bathing suits and beach wear. Abs changes clothes a few times and ends up with a lot of 'abs' showing in the final scene, which is really wicked, very sexy and all Abs. The directors, Smith 'N Borin (same as Miss Perfect) are big on visuals and depicting young adults hanging out at their private places. They have a lot going on in the background action and loads of funky items scattered around the set to add effect. This video was filmed at Crystal Cove near Laguna, south of LA, at a cluster of old beach bungalows being preserved by the state as landmarks of the original California beach culture. So the video is very realistic and obviously, very American looking. T4 and cduk were there filming almost the entire time and video bits will begin showing up on their programmes (especially the new T4 Saturday) starting on 20 September. Abs did some outside stuff with them around LA which is quite funny. -RitaGS

News On Ritchie
5th September 2003 - RitaGS
If you are wondering what the hold-up is on Ritchie... well, he had to have a throat operation in mid-August to remove some very nasty polyps from his vocal cords. He is fine and should recover his voice completely in a few weeks... perhaps even sing with a wider range than before, he has been told. But in the meantime, things are being taken slowly... Ritchie is working carefully with a voice coach and he should be 100% in a few weeks. He is writing songs, recording and even has his own back-up band. He has also been working out in the gym almost every day, cooking his own natural-style meals and is incredibly 'fit'...

3rd September 2003 - Mirror 3am
Abs' hotel romp with new Friends... LADIES, be warned. When pop heartthrob Abs Breen chats you up with the line, "Do you want to come to my place and watch Friends?", what he actually means is "Come back to mine for a s**g."
The former Five singer-turned- solo star enjoyed a romp with two lingerie models after they fell for his cheesy chat-up line at Penny Lancaster's Ultimo bra party at the weekend.
The 24-year-old singer had been performing his new single, Miss Perfect, at Glasgow's Armadillo alongside Matt Goss and Hayley Evetts.
But while Penny unveiled the new Ultimo creation in front of 3,000 people under the watchful eye of rockstar boyfriend Rod Stewart, Abs was backstage in model heaven after "accidentally" stumbling into the girl's changing room.
Two ladies in particular, who work for Ultimo boss Michelle Mone, took his fancy and after the show decided to continue the, er, party back at Abs's hotel room.
A source close to the girls told us: "Abs took the girls to his suite, and let's just say there wasn't much TV watching going on. When they left his room the next morning they both had satisfied grins on their faces."
But when we spoke to Abs the next day he was rather coy about his actions.
He told us: "I was arm wrestling with the girls and play fighting with them... there were two of them who were very nice.
"Afterwards we went back to the hotel because we couldn't find any clubs, honest.
"We really wanted to go out but it was like 3am and everywhere was shut so we thought 'Screw it, let's go to the hotel,' you know what I'm saying?"
The singer then burst out laughing before telling us what happened next. "We just sort of chatted and watched Friends or something," he giggled. "It was very enjoyable.
"In fact it was the best episode of Friends I've ever seen. It was cool, it wasn't messy at all.
"Let's just say we all had a really good time, but I'm not trying to give Colin Farrell a run for his money or anything. It doesn't happen every day."
Abs, who is currently single, said recently that he was fed up with the dating game.
"I'm done with chasing girls," said the star whose album, Abstract Theory, was released on Monday.
"When I was in Five I never made the news about the girls I was dating, but recently I've been portrayed as a bit of a slut.
"Now I've decided I can't be bothered. I'm going to be a bit more cool and let the ladies come to me."
Sounds as if the plan is working just fine...

Abs Performs At TRL
26th August 2003 - Getty Images
Ex Five popstar Abs performs his new single at the new MTV show T.R.L. on August 21, 2003 in Central London.

Sean's New Site
25th August 2003 -
Yes Sean is back and you can get all your info soon from Sean official site [when it finally opens]. This is what his site says: Thanks for visiting Our mission is to keep you up to date with sean's latest recordings, live dates coming in 2003, interviews and much much more! We are pleased to announce that Sean will be releasing an exclusive 'Live' album available only from Tickets for the recording of this exclusive album will only be available from this site and dates and location willbe provided closer to the time. Make sure to add this site to your favorites to keep in touch with news and release dates for future singles.

7th August 2003 - Mirror 3am
FORMER Five singer Abs has certainly grown into those famous stomach muscles of his.
The 24-year-old, real name Richard Breen, is revelling in the fact that older women think he's sexier than Gareth Gates.
"I was on a plane coming back from America and fell asleep," he told Jessica.
"My mate from the record company was giggling because all the stewardess were staring at me and whispering.
"Eventually one of them asked him how old I was. He said I was 24 and they said: 'He's gorgeous. It would be fine to go to bed with Abs. Waking up next to Gareth Gates would be wrong.'
"One of the stewardesses even asked my mate to wake me up so she could meet me!"
Abs is getting used to his solo star status. When he was filming the video for his new single Miss Perfect, out on August 25, in Los Angeles he even swore at one of his fellow popstars.
"Beyonce was having a party at the hotel. We tried to gatecrash but her bouncers wouldn't let us in. My room overlooked it so I tried climbing down but we were too far up.
"I gave up and went to bed. But at 2am I could hear her singing Happy Birthday to her sister. I went to my balcony and shouted: 'Shut the f*** up!'"

Abs DJ'd At Wedding Party
5th August 2003 - Yahoo UK
"H & Claire - remember them? Of course you do! While they may not be currently having hits these days (but we have every confidence they'll be back soon), they are, thankfully, still alive and kicking.
In fact, last weekend, the lovely Claire Richards finally married her dancer boyfriend Mark Webb at Castle Ashby in Northamptonshire.
Pop sidekick H was on hand as usher and read the Love Is Patient, Love Is Kind poem from the Corinthians Chapter of the Bible as part of the ceremony, however former bandmates Lisa, Faye and Lee were no where to be seen (not surprising, as they weren't invited!)
To make up for their lack of appearance, other guests who dolled themselves for the day included Blue, Atomic Kitten, Shaznay Lewis, B*Witched, a1, Brian Dowling. Abs DJ'd at the party.
Wedding pics are expected to appear on their website this week."

What's Up With Sean?
4th August 2003 - Metcalfe-Nash
Since leaving 5ive in September 2001 Sean has spent a lot of time with his family in Leeds and travelling to visit his sister and niece in Canada.
After a well deserved rest from the international comet that was 5ive, Sean went back into the studio to start recording material for what will be his first solo album.

Scott's snip at shops opening
9th July 2003 -

Former 5ive boyband heart-throb Scott Robinson struck the right note when he officially opened a new shopping mall in Westcliff.
The hunk, who comes from Pitsea, signed baseball caps for fans who attended the new Mardens Mall in Hamlet Court Road.
Traders are hoping the new mall, which has 12 units, will contribute to the regeneration of Hamlet Court Road which is set to benefit from £1million of improvements.
The mall includes a top designer clothes outlet, an Italian handbag shop as well as a hairdressers and a mobile phone store.

7th June 2003 - Mirror 3am
WHAT is Abs playing at? Not only were the former Five singer's jeans hanging halfway down his backside, but he also decided to rip his T-shirt off outside a party for Top Of The Pops magazine and show off his, er, abs.

Abs At Spring Break
27th April 2003 - Getty Images & Rex Features
Former Five band member Abs performs a dance routine at The Spring Break Live, held at The Ocean, Hackney, London on April 27, 2003. The event is hosted by televison station five.

ABS Attends Radio Awards
16th April 2003 - Getty Images
British pop star Abs of the pop group "5ive" arrives at the Capital Radio Awards held at the Royal Lancaster Hotel on April 16, 2003 in London.

Ritchie's a real Blockhead now
March 2003 - The Sun
I NEVER thought Iíd see the day but hereís former FIVE star RITCHIE NEVILLE working himself up into a sweat with the late IAN DURYís band THE BLOCKHEADS.
Ritchie got on stage with band members such as bass player Norman Watt-Roy at The Marquee club in Islington, North London, at a gig to celebrate the bandís 25th anniversary.
But instead of performing Five songs such as Slam Dunk Da Funk or Everybody Get Up, he belted out Blockhead tracks such as Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll and Sweet Gene Vincent.
After his 30-minute set, Ritchie told me: ďBeing on stage with The Blockheads was fantastic. I have always been a fan. I was over the moon."

Ritchie Heads home
2003 - Daily Mirror
RITCHIE Neville is to perform on stage for the first time since boy band Five split in 2001.
In one of the most unusual pairings of late, the singer will be joining Ian Dury's former band The Blockheads at The Marquee Club in Islington ...

Ritchie Joins The Blockheads
10th January 2003 - Sky News
Former Five singer Ritchie Neville, who scored hits like Slam Dunk Da Funk and If You're Getting Down, is still on the lookout for a record deal.
Ritchie was signed with Simon Cowell at RCA Records but Simon decided to go with another Five singer.
He chose Abs, who scored a solo hit with What I Want last summer.
Ritchie told a source he felt let down by Simon.
Ritchie, who has almost finished his solo album, plans to get a deal himself with another label.
More amazing is the fact that he's teaming up with Ian Dury's old band The Blockheads later this year.
He told me: "This will prove that I'm more than just a boy band singer and can really rock.
"I plan to rule the charts again very soon."
Wish you well Ritchie!

Ritchie joins the Blockheads
2003 - The Sun
RITCHIE NEVILLE is to sing with IAN DURY's legendary band THE BLOCKHEADS.

The pin-up, who shot to fame with boyband FIVE, will front the cult funksters for a special show early next year.

Ritchie is a big fan of The Blockheads, whose hits include Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick, Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll and Reasons To Be Cheerful (Pt. 3). Pals say he jumped at the chance to be their singer.

One told me: "A lot of people don't realise what type of music Ritchie is actually into. The pop thing was what he did with Five but this is more his taste in music."

The friend added: "Since Ian Dury passed away there have been a few different people stepping in to do the vocals with The Blockheads.

"Telly presenters PHILL JUPITUS and MARK LAMARR have both had a go and now it's Ritchie's turn.

"The Blockheads still have a massive fan base and they are really thrilled that he is doing this gig."

Since Five split in September 2001, Ritchie has stayed out of the limelight to work on his solo career.

My source said: "Ritchie has been writing his own songs while the labels have been in talks with him to sign a deal.

"There are quite a few record companies after him but he is taking his time to decide on the right one."

Ian was 57 when he lost his long battle with cancer of the colon and liver in March 2000.
v He died at his North London home with his wife and children at his side.