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Abs Update
16th December 2002
Abs has a final full day of interviews and photo shoots, a last night in Sydney, then he leaves for England on the 17th. He has had a great time and a fantastic experience in his first set of live concert appearances as a solo artist. Before he left, Abs wanted to record a nice long message to everyone, so enjoy and he'll see you all in the New Year!

Abs Australian Update
12th December 2002
Here we go... We chatted with da man right after the Rumba show in Brisbane at 10:30pm as he was waiting to do yet another phone interview (it never ends!). Abs says his reception in Australia has been good but not crazy as a lot of people still do not know who he is as a solo artist... but that's what he's there for, to make himself known! He has had almost no free time the past week so he's really looking forward to his day and a half on Hamilton Island. He plans on doing a lot of snorkling along the coral reefs and working on his tan. The biggest Rumba show of all is coming up in Sydney and Abs plans on doing all he can to make it his wildest yet. He jumped into the VIP pit tonight during his performance because he just felt it was the thing to do. We are wondering what he has up his sleeve for Sydney. The scratch on his forehead from his little break-dancing attempt is actually quite deep and he is worried that he may have a scar... he is also thinking that he resembles Harry Potter a bit now. The crew's visit to Steve Irwin's (The Crocodile Hunter) zoo was a highlight of the trip so far and Abs was loaded up with free goodies to take home. But what he really wanted to snatch was the beautiful albino boa constrictor as it is the pet that he has always wanted! Bangers, the koala, also was a fav but Abs said the little fella had massive claws that dug deep into his arms and his fur smelled like marijuana! (It's because koala's only eat eucalyptus leaves)
Abs has an auntie and uncle in Australia (his mum's brother) and he spent some time with them while he was in Melbourne. He also got to catch up with cousin Peter, who is the same age, and his little dog ABIGAL. The dog was a present for Peter's birthday the last time Abs visited and the puppy attached itself to Abs, so they named it after him. Abs said the dog kept looking at him like, 'Who is this guy?', so we think the attachment is now over. Auntie Kathy told us that she gave some fans a ride home after the radio BBQ and they seemed to know more about Abs than she did!
Abs tells us his hair or lack of is a major pain for him since he can't decide what to do with it. He is going to try and grow it out over Christmas and keep it it's natural black color from now on. His little experiment with being a blonde is now over. Oh... Abs slightly ripped one of his performance shirts so we got him to give it to us so we can give it to YOU. Expect a little contest on to win it and other goodies after Abs returns to the UK.

Abs Rumba Abs Abs With A Member of Bardot
10th December 2002
Abs has been having the time of his life in Australia for the Rumba festival. He's even had time to enjoy the, erm, other celebrities Rumba has to offer. [Don't be reading anything into this though. She's got her OWN boyfriend.

Abs Rumba Update
9th December 2002
A very tired Abs gets ready to leave Melbourne for a 1/2 day of rest before it all start again tomorrow in Brisbane with a day full of interviews and the RUMBA show at Brisbane's Entertainment Centre. He will chat with us in detail when he gets some free time and catch us up on all the news that has happened to him the past few days. And no, contrary to popular belief, Abs did not hurt his foot on stage in Perth. but he did scratch up his face a little trying some break-dance moves ...

Dani date with her old love J
4th December 2002 - The Sun
DANI BEHR sparked rumours she is back with former FIVE love J BROWN when they were spotted on a secret date in Londons St Johns Wood. They looked deep in discussion but Dani assures me she is just pals with the boy band star. A source said: J has a new girlfriend but is still friends with Dani. They like each other's company. The pair split in July and Dani recently said J's insomnia was a major factor. She said: He never seemed to sleep and it created tension. The split was inevitable.

Dani tries a cup of ex-presso
4th December 2002 - Mirror 3am
WHAT'S this - former kids' TV presenter Dani Behr meeting up with ex-boyfriend Jay from Five for coffee and a stroll in North London? To refresh your memories, the couple split up partly due to Jay's terrible insomnia. But any footballers who have so far escaped 28-year-old Dani's attentions can't breath a sigh of relief quite yet. Nothing untoward is going on as the pair are merely friends and Jay - who has grown a dodgy ponytail since the band split - has a girlfriend.

Abs Rumba: Perth
3rd December 2002
Abs in Perth, Australia: Abs and some of the people with him spent the morning at the beach and he was a very happy man because of it... the weather was fantastic, not a cloud in the sky, and Abs got to work on his tan before heading off for afternoon interviews and the RUMBA show tonight in Perth. Abs told us that after this tour, he is going back in the studio immediately to work over some of his newer tracks which he thinks are the best that he has done yet! If you have seen the pictures in the RUMBA gallery, you may have noticed that Abs' cousin Izzy (who came along on the tour with another cousin, Errol) has his arm in a sling... it seems Izzy tried to copy some of the b-boys moves of Abs' new male dancers and twisted his arm. We don't think Izzy will be doing that again anytime soon. We also hope our own little bandit doesn't twist any parts himself when he goes parasailing tomorrow morning...

Abs Rumba: Auckland
2nd December 2002
Notes from Auckland: Abs was such a gracious loser (see picture) when MORE FM had a competition for a listener to bowl a game with Abs. Winner Lance Dunne had a very fine 210 but Abs said he bowled terribly and was beaten by every girl in the place. This is from a man who tells us he gets 200's regularly..... Abs did an interview with THE EDGE radio a few weeks before he arrived and called the entire Rumba experience, the "Riggedy Rumba". It is now a catch-phrase all over New Zealand..... Three fans stuck alongside the road about 2 miles from the arena could hear the faint music of the artists as they performed. Then suddenly they could hear something quite loud and clear: the sound of 1000's of voices chanting ABS ABS ABS..... So many fans were calling their friends during Abs performance (to let them hear him perform over the phone) that the local phone network was knocked out of service for awhile..... All the Abs merchandise, including CDs and black & silver ABS t-shirts was totally sold out at the arena. Many older fans who went clubbing and cruising that night around Auckland reported ABS t-shirts were being worn almost everywhere, including clubs where t-shirts are not approved attire..... Abs was scheduled to sign merchandise for 30 minutes at the Rumba autograph tent. He ended up spending almost an hour and 100's of fans had to be sadly turned away..... "What You Got" has been on the NZ charts for 11 weeks now. It went back up from #13 to #8 this week alone.....

Abs Rumba: 1st Performance
1st December 2002
Last night was the first RUMBA concert and Abs put on a full 26 minutes of non-stop action... his first big production show! He has added two very talented male break dancers, Terry and Mouse, to his show along with his 4 ladies: Chantel, Ivana, Sherene and Ideta. He performed five songs: Bitchin', Shame, his new version of Five's If Ya Gettin' Down, Roll With Me and What You Got. Abs even played a little electric piano during one of his songs. The crowd went so wild for him, it was almost a shock! For those of you who didn't care for Abs' recent bleached blonde hair... well, he is back to his very sexy bald look, having shaved his locks after he reached New Zealand.

J and Ritchie Shopping
1st November 2002 - CD:UK Mag (Gill)
Looks like Rich has done what Billie did when she took a break from showbiz. The groomed geezer of Five seems to have let loose lately. Him and ol' pal J were snapped on a shopping spree, taking time outta Rich's album recording schedule. So is this a new grunge look for Rich, or will he get a heir cut before his albums released? J on the other hand has been reported as being "overly relaxed". It seems J is more into the 'artificial high' 24/7. Friends have reported that "he's just wasted, he doesn't even know what day it is, he's too high to give a damn". (This pic was taken at the beginning of September)

Abs Parties
November 2002 - Showbiz Ireland
Some of the music industries biggest names, including Dido and Sugar Babes, where in Dublin last week to celebrate the 10th birthday party of BIFF.CO. Biff, real name Richard Stannard, runs the BIFF.CO studio with business partner Jules. They produce some of the biggest acts in the world today. Their 10th anniversary party was held in celebrity haunt Lillies Bordello and was attended by Dido, Sugar Babes, and ex-five member Abs.

Abs At Smash Hits
5th November 2002 - Getty Images Smash Hits
British pop singer Abs Breen from pop group Five at the Birmingham NEC on November 5, 2002 for the Smash Hits Tour.

Abs At Versace' Tribute
14th October 2002
London's Victoria and Albert Museum is to pay tribute to late designer Versace. Abs was on the red carpet doing the best wearing a hat matching his leather trousers and a very sexy white shirt.
Abs At Versace' Tribute Abs At Versace' Tribute

Famous 5ive's Ritchie chalks up success
9th October 2002 - Bromsgrove Advertiser
POP star Ritchie Neville was mobbed by pupils at a Worcester school when he dropped in to celebrate the county's first specialist arts college.
The ex-member of world-famous pop group 5ive was special guest at Bishop Perowne CE High School at its gala evening last night.
Launching the arts college, the entertainer wished all the youngsters well.
"It's great to see such wonderful, talented people," said the 23-year-old, who was invited to the launch by assistant headteacher Mike Perry, who taught Ritchie at Bromsgrove School.
"It's so important that more schools do things like this. If people have creative energy they have to channel it into something."
Speaking exclusively to the Evening News, he said he was concentrating on recording a solo album, following the split of the group last year.
"I'm enjoying being solo, it's been a fantastic year. I had five fast and furious years flying around, but I don't think you can fully appreciate what it entails.
"It's been nice to have a bit of time to realise what I did and reflect and find myself.
"I would definitely have liked to come to a school like this. From what Mike's been telling me, the whole emphasis is not like the London stage schools where they come out like clones.
"Here they want to focus on being an individual rather an a performing artist and that's important."

Abs At Elle Style Awards Abs @ Elle Style Awards Abs @ Elle Style Awards
17th September 2002 - Getty Images
British pop star "Abs" formerly of the boy band "5ive" attends the Elle Style Awards party at the Natural History Museum on September 17, 2002 in London.

9th September 2002 - Mirror 3am
WE can't imagine what former Five star Ritchie Neville did to annoy ex-Hollyoaks 'actress' Joanna Taylor during their year-long affair - but he has.
The blonde, whose claim to fame is dating Paul Nicholls, said: "I don't see Ritchie at all anymore and I couldn't care less about his solo career."
We also hear that Joanna might have to wear braces as her wisdom teeth are playing up - and is worried by the implications for her career.
But, if Tom Cruise can get away with it, we are sure you can, Jo.

Abs Promotes New Single
21st August 2002 - 5iveUSA
Abs made an appearance to promote his new single 'What You Got' on UK TV Channel 4's morning show called RI:SE on 21 August... and brought along a friend named Scott Robinson! They had a grand old time poking and kidding each other on the air... Scott would constantly touch Abs' arm as if making sure he was really sitting next to him once again and Abs gave Scott a nice big cheek kiss to thank him for his support.

Abs & J At Okej Dagen
8th August 2002
For those of you who were not in Sweden last week (that's most of us... LOL), Abs did a performance at OKEJ DAGEN in Stockholm on 8 August. He was backstage waiting to be introduced and the announcer was chatting away in Swedish, none of which Abs could understand until the announcer said FIVE, which Abs thought applied to him.
Suddenly from the other side of the stage & unknown to Abs, J came out dressed in jeans with a bandana on his head, long hair, no beard, no eye-ring, and introduced Abs to the audience. J was just in Sweden having a little holiday, heard about Abs being there and went over to give him a bit of support. Needless to say, they had a nice chatter after and Abs was very happy to see his old mate again.

Ritchie Signs With New Management
8th July 2002 - 5iveUSA
RITCHIE has now signed with a new management company, Hyperactive, and will possibly sign a new record deal with another label (other than BMG/RCA) very soon. Tabloid hype had the deal worth a million pounds but that is not confirmed by anyone as yet... it's just early buzz. We know Rich is definitely going more toward the Ibiza dance style of music and not straight pop or rock, as many have thought. We'll let you know what as soon as we hear more. This pic was taken on Ibiza in May when Rich was a little worse from partying... he actually looks quite stylish now.

Scott Signs Off!
8th July 2002
SCOTT is now off the air at ESSEX FM, where he had been a DJ since early March. Chris Brooks (Brooksie), Scott's on-air partner, was offered an uptown job at the very important Capital FM radio in London and will be doing the weekend breakfast show starting 20 July. Since they only needed one DJ at Capital, that left Scott alone at EssexFM and also his show, the Hot 30 Countdown, is soon going national in the UK on the KOKO network (with two other DJs), Scott thought it best to step down instead of finishing off his last few weeks without his pal Brooksie. Scott has other options available and will let us know soon what he will be doing. Right now, he is at home, keeping busy with 1 year old Brennan, working on his house & almost staying out of trouble. Good luck to them both!

Abs At Dancestar Awards
3rd July 2002 - Getty Images
British singer Richard Abidin Breen known as "Abs", former band member of Five, at the Dancestar (World Dance Music) Awards at Alexandra Palace in London, July 3, 2002. Abs presented the Best Chart Act award to Kylie Minogue.

J Hangs Out
16th June 2002 - Daily Star
J was caught on film by Daily Star playing around with Ritchie Neville on 16th June. They stopped at a Starbucks cafe in Hampstead, when J spotted the camera and decided to have a little play.

Abs At Spiderman Premier
5th June 2002 - The Sun
Abs attended the premiere of Spiderman with girlfriend Suzanne (Hear'Say) at Odeon in Leicester Square. After the movie the couple had a ball at the after party.

J Flops!
23 May 2002 - The Sun
The former Five singer J Brown has a new fashion accessory - a neck brace. He has damaged tendons after diving into a swimming pool and landing badly while on holiday in Ibiza with ex-bandmate Ritchie Neville.
A pal of the bellyflopping bopper says: "J is in agony. He has a lot of pain in his neck and spine." J flew home on Monday after two days in a Spanish hospital and went straight to get a second opinion from British doctors.
The duo headed off to the mountains, away from the clubs, to share memories of good times. They're both said to be fine now.

Too Much Fun?
15th May 2002 - Mirror
Which two former boyband singers got themselves in a spot of bother on their summer hols in Ibiza?
The duo headed off to the mountains, away from the clubs, but found themselves unable to cope after over indulging in some of the island's, er, nocturnal substances.
The boys' friends were forced to look after them all night, offering words of comfort and large jugs of water. Yep it's J and Ritchie.

J Goes Solo
9th April 2002 - NOTW
News of the World reported yesterday that J has split from his dancer girlfriend Sandy Urquart, his dancing partner as a Five member in the past.
They dated for six months but J decided to call it a day after becoming a "recluse" and deep down in depression after turning his back on showbiz in September last year.
A close mate told the tabloid, "J just wants to be on his own and go for walks so he decided to end it with Sandy.
"It's a shame because they really got on, but I suppose he's been through a lot with his depression and just wanted to be left alone."

Abs At "In Da House" Premier
20th March 2002 - Getty Images
British singer Richard Abidin Breen known as "Abs", former band member of Five, at the party for the premiere of Ali G's film In Da House at the Mayfair Club in London.

J Comes Out Of Hiding
19th March 2002 - Sintillate
J made his first public appearance since the split of Five in September 2001. He showed up with his buddy Abs for a night of clubbing at the EMMA's party hosted at Tokyo Joes. J looking now completely different from his Five days, with longer hair and no eye-ring or jewelry of any type, enjoyed a night of booze and laughs with his old mate and a few other friends. Telling everyone he now wants to be called Jason.