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Five Pair Remanded On Bail Until January
21st December 2000 - RTE
Two members of the British boy band, Five, who were arrested last night in Dublin, have been remanded on continuing bail until January 10. The two pop stars, Richard Dobson and Jason Brown, appeared in the Dublin District Court today following an incident at a pub last night. The two were arrested and taken to Pearse Street garda station following a pub brawl at the Palace Bar on Fleet Street. Two others were arrested and one man was taken to hospital. The band members appeared briefly before Judge William Hamill who agreed to a request that their case return to the courts on January 10. The band is to play two concerts at the Point Depot tonight and tomorrow night.

We Will Knock You!
21st December 2000 - Dotmusic
Ritchie and J from Five were arrested yesterday after a brawl in a Dublin pub. The boy band members have appeared today (Thursday December 21st) at Dublin's District Court both facing charges of public disorder and breaching the peace. J also faces an assault charge. It's been alleged that the two were drinking with members of their touring party when other drinkers hurled insults at them about Westlife and a fight broke out. A local man, Finnan Gallagher, was taken to hospital with a cut face. Police were called to the pub at 4pm and after spending three hours at a police station, Ritchie (real name Richard Dobson) and J (real name Jason Brown) were released on bail. However, tonight and tomorrow night's concerts at the Point in Dublin are due to go ahead as planned.

MORE ... RITCHIE AND J IN COURT TODAY ... RITCHIE NEVILLE and J BROWN of FIVE are to appear in court after they were arrested last night (December 20) in DUBLIN after an alleged bar brawl. According to reports, the incident took place at the Palace Bar in the city's Fleet Street in the Temple Bar area. A spokesperson told BBC that they were drinking with members of their touring party when the incident happened. They were held by police for several hours then released on bail. The two appear at Bridewell Court this morning (December 21), the spokesperson said. Ritchie is accused of public disorder and disturbance of the peace and J is charged with assault and public disorders. Unconfirmed reports claim that a man required treatment for facial injuries at St James Hospital after the alleged incident, in which two others were arrested. Unofficial sources claim that rival Irish pop group Westlife were mentioned before the fight broke out.

Two Members Of Five To Appear In Dublin Court
20th December 2000 - RTE
Two members of the pop band, Five, are due to appear in a court in Dublin in the morning, on charges of public-order offences, following an alleged incident in a city centre pub. One man was injured in the incident at the Palace Bar on Fleet Street and was treated in hospital. The two men were arrested and later released on bail. The band is due to play concerts at the Point tomorrow and on Friday.

Billie: I Still Love Ritchie
19th December 2000 - The Sun
Flattered ... "Chris is great but I'll stay with my boyfriend Ritchie," ...right. EXCLUSIVE ...BILLIE PIPER says she still loves her boyfriend Ritchie Neville - despite Chris Evans's extravagant attentions. The teen singer has been overwhelmed by Chris buying her a £110,000 Ferrari but she says she is NOT planning a romance with him. Instead, Billie insists she is still in love with Five heart-throb Ritchie. Billie, 18, who was snapped at the weekend canoodling with Chris outside a Surrey pub, told me: "He is a lovely guy but at the end of the day I love Ritch. He's my boyfriend and I want people to know that. Readies ... randy Chris spent a fortune on Billie "I've been overwhelmed by the attention and the car. I don't know what I should do with it. Obviously I'm flattered but I'm Ritchie's." A close pal of the star said: "She may have spent some time with Chris but Ritchie is the only one she loves." Ritchie has been with Billie for nearly two years. Chris has been pursuing the singer since she appeared on his Virgin Radio breakfast show last Wednesday.

Scott In Stitches
12th December 2000 - Worldpop
Scott from Five had a bit of an accident with a metal bar while playing at Wembley this week. On Sunday night the singer hit himself on the head with a metal prop and nearly knocked himself out, the great loon. Luckily the accident happened near the end of the show so the other lads could cover his vocal parts, but they couldn't resist a joke about it last night. As they introduced themselves to the Wembley crowd the stage camera zoomed in on Scott's stitches and he managed an embarrassed, 'I've got a bit of a headache!'

Five Not Invincible?
12th November 2000 - Worldpop
Contrary to reports, Five will not be releasing Invincible, the title track from their second album, as a single. Abs told worldpop yesterday that the group were intending to release the ballad but have since changed their minds. 'We've decided to just chill for a bit and put all the effort and time into out tour and the new album we're recording,' Abs explained, adding, 'there'll definitely be a new single early next year.' The boys made it clear that the forthcoming single would be a brand new track rather than an old song from their second album. 'We're going to have a new single and a new album' Rich said. 'We're doing a lot of writing for it at the moment.' 'We've got about seven, eight or nine tracks finished for the album,' continued Scott, 'but we're going to lots more and stockpile them.' Five head out on the road for their Christmas tour later this month and tickets are still available here. They are keeping tight-lipped about the finer details of the show but worldpop did find out that they were be bringing their brand new Ducati motorbikes on stage with them!

Five Burn Rubber
10th November 2000 - Worldpop
Five are burning rubber at The International Bike Show in Birmingham this week but don't expect to see them screeching along a highway near you. The lads, Scott, Sean, Abs, Ritchie and J, aren't allowed to ride their shiny new stallions just yet, for fear they'll bruise and bump their polished boy, sorry, lad band exteriors. 'For insurance purposes they're not actually going to give us the bikes before our tour,' J told worldpop. 'I've told 'em... all I'll do is park it on my drive and look at it. I won't actually go on it.' Their brush with bikes has uncovered the fact that the award-winning band aren't just big in the charts. 'We went and got kitted out for all our leathers the other day,' J confessed. 'We have to wear these skintight strides and they look a bit dodgy. I'm into the jackets and the helmets but the strides... you have to find room!' We presume J means it's tough to find room for his small change in the skintight pockets but we could be wrong. Five's new look biker boys image is in sharp contrast to their sudden 'we love Westlife' campaign. 'If you've noticed,' Scott informed worldpop, who had in fact noticed, 'there's no problem between us, J, anyone from Westlife. They're nice lads and we'll be going out for a drink with them later. It's all good, it's all pop, it's all great.' So there you go.

Five V's Westlife Fued Over?
6th November 2000 - Megastar
Westlife have officially ended their bitter feud with Five after J and Abs showed they are right behind the Irish lads in their red-hot chart battle with the Spice Girls. J and Abs turned up at Westlife's album launch party and spent the night drinking and joking with their former arch rivals. In fact, they were getting on so well, Abs agreed to DJ for a couple of hours at the star-studded bash. Just a few weeks ago, the two boy bands traded verbal insults - and even had to be pulled apart backstage at an awards ceremony in Belgium. Then J branded Westlife "F***ing boring" and said he hoped the Spice Girls would win the album battle of the year. But the tension had definitely eased when the lads came face to face at the party - just 500 yards from where J's ex-girlfriend Mel C was celebrating the launch of the Spice album. Westlife's Bryan McFadden and J looked best mates as they moved on to the dance floor and shared a few jokes and plenty of beer. Bryan said: "All that row stuff was blown out of proportion. We didn't really know each other but now we have met a few times we have realised we get on and I am sure we will be having a few more beers in the future. "It's great that they have shown up to give their support I really appreciate it. They are top lads." J added: "What's been said has been said. Westlife are all top blokes and I hope they do well this week."

5th November 2000
Billie and Ritchie plan to move into £750,000 mansion. IT'S official. After more splits than a Romanian gymnast, Five heart-throb Ritchie Neville and pop star pin-up Billie are finally setting up home together. The lovebirds -who called me last month to announce their stormy love affair was back on again-have just agreed to cough up £750,000 for a luxurious mansion in trendy Hampstead, north-west London. Excited neighbours tell me they first spotted Keep On Movin' singer Ritchie excitedly eyeing up the property with his accountant a couple of weeks ago. Smitten Ritchie, 20, was even overheard raving about the spacious, three-bedroom open- plan home to a local estate agent. But despite his obvious desire to snap up the house immediately, a passer-by overheard Ritchie saying: "I love it, but I've got to let my girlfriend see it first before I buy it." Lo and behold, a few days later Ritchie arrived back at the house-and this time he had his sweetheart in tow. "Billie seemed just as excited about the place as Ritchie," reveals my source. "The pair of them were very touchy-feely with one another as they looked around. "It's quite a posh area to move into and I'm sure a few long-term residents in the area will be worried about possible noise problems, what with two pop stars moving in. "But from what I could see Billie and Ritchie looked like the perfect love-smitten couple who were over the moon about finding a pad they could settle down in like responsible partners." News of their house purchase is the ultimate proof that Billie, 17, and Ritchie have finally put May's bitter bust-up behind them. The row had ended their relationship after 18 months. But a reunion was always on the cards for the chart-topping couple who previously shared Ritchie's flat in Chelsea. Early in September I spotted them holding hands at a petrol garage in Maida Vale, west London. And days later, when Billie took over writing my column for a week, she said of Ritchie: "It's true we are seeing a lot of each other-and I do still love him. "We've just missed each other too much to be apart." Now it seems like they've found the house to seal their love for each other.

Five & Westlife Seperated
31th October 2000 - Megastar
BOY BANDS Westlife and Five were kept apart at an awards bash - because organisers feared a backstage brawl would break out if they bumped into each other. The two groups were given dressing rooms on opposite sides of Wembley Arena at the TV Hits Awards on Sunday to make sure they was no chance of trouble. Five were given a changing area on the north side of the complex while their Irish rivals were told to get ready on the south side. And measures were also taken to ensure they didn't come across each other behind the scenes in a desperate bid to keep the peace. The lads were accompanied by their own security at all times to break up any hint of another bustup. Westlife and Five were among the stars performing at the star studded bash, which brought together the cream of British pop. One insider said: "They were deliberately given dressing rooms as far apart as possible." Organisers think this is the best way to make sure the day passes off peacefully." They are also conscious that trouble could break out backstage as they wait to perform. Measures have been taken to avoid this at all costs. "The two groups clearly don't get on. They have both said things about each other so there's a lot of bad blood. The lads have been involved in a fierce war of words ever since Five star J branded the Irish singers "f***ing boring." Chatting exclusively to AAA last week, J pulled no punches in sharing his opinion of his chart rivals from across the Irish Sea. He said he hoped they were trounced in their head-to-head battle with The Spice Girls when their respective albums are released next Monday. And tempers reached boiling point at the weekend when J and Bryan McFadden had to be pulled apart by bouncers. The two groups were up against each other for a gong at another awards do in Belgium (the TMF Awards) when trouble flared backstage. J refused to have his picture taken with Westlife - so Bryan branded him "thick." AND it looked like the lads' security were in for a long night when Bryan stoked up the war of words. Talking on Radio 1 just hours before he went on stage, he said: "J is a punk. I reckon my mate Kian could have him. "Who is J? He's a very talented guy. I honestly believe he is one of the best rappers around. It's just a shame why he has to put us down. He should just concentrate on his music."

J: Westlife Are F***ing Boring!
31th October 2000 - Megastar
FIVE pinup J has branded rival boy band Westlife "f***ing boring" - and says he hopes the Spice Girls beat them in the hottest chart battle for years. The Spices' third album, Forever, goes head to head with Westlife's debut LP Coast To Coast on November 6. And there's no doubt whose side J is on. The singer launched an amazing attack on Westlife, saying he's stunned that people still buy their records. Speaking exclusively to AAA, J says: "I hope the Spice Girls win. That's because I think Westlife are f***ing boring. "They release song after song and they all sound the same. I can't believe they still sell music. "I don't dislike them personally, because I have never met the lads. But seriously, who wants to watch five blokes just sitting on stools? At least we put on a show with fireworks and dancing." J says he's not a big Spice fan, but reckons the Girls have more to offer: "At least some of their stuff is quite catchy. But Westlife just send you to sleep. I'd be gutted if they won this fight." J might just be a little biased - he used to date Sporty Spice Mel C.As AAA exclusively revealed, the couple split in July because they were "too good friends" for their romance to work. J admits that they haven't seen each other for two months, despite previously being in contact almost every day. Busy work schedules meant they lost touch, although that didn't stop J sending a get-well-soon message to his ex-girlfriend. Mel has been having treatment for depression. J, now busy recording songs for Five's third album - due out next summer - says: "We are still great friends, so I hope she is all right." I would just like to say, 'Get well soon, Mel!' I know how she must be feeling. I get down myself." Sometimes you just want to live a normal life, but then you start to miss all the attention. The grass is always greener, as they say."

J Flirts With Jordan
30th October 2000 - The Sun
Furious Dane Bowers last night sensationally accused former girlfriend Jordan of stalking him. The singer made the astonishing claim in an exclusive interview with Bizarre after he had the glamour girl thrown out of yesterday's TV Hits Awards 2000 ceremony. Jordan was frogmarched from Wembley Arena by security guards after Dane made it clear to organisers that he would not perform if she was allowed to stay. He told me: "She is stalking me. She keeps turning up at all these places where she would never normally go just because she knows I'm there. Last week she came to a real underground R&B club just because I was there. It's doing my head in. Hopefully she will get sick of it." Jordan had arrived at the VIP area at the awards in a skimpy dress as Dane prepared for his live performance of Buggin'. When he asked for her to be removed he found surprise support from Five and Westlife. The boybands, who seem to be constantly rowing with each other, said they would pull out too if Jordan stayed. It was only last week that I told you how Five's J had wound-up Dane at a London bar by openly flirting with Jordan. An onlooker said: "It was a rare sign of unity. The bands felt Dane's dignity was more important than their bickering." But within minutes the show of solidarity was shattered again as J and Westlife's Brian McFadden squared up to each other. It was just 24 hours since they had to be separated by minders at an awards bash in Belgium. Westlife's Kian commented: "Oh dear, looks like it's handbags at dawn again."

J Critisizes Manufatured Pop
26th October 2000 - Dotmusic
Five member Jay has joined in the tide of criticism of manufactured pop acts and admits his band has produced "drivel". His comments come in the wake of a barrage of criticism of UK pop music led by George Michael, and eagerly followed Sir Elton John, U2's Bono and Blur's Damon Albarn. The stars all criticise today's pop acts for being derivative, manufactured and not producing good music. Jay admits some of Five's songs aren't up to scratch. "I totally agree with 'em, up to a certain extent," he says. "I think there are a lot of pop bands out there who are the complete manufactured thing, and the music is drivel and I'll admit that some tracks that we've released, they've been that thing that you just hear and think, 'Oh God.'"

J Flirts With Jordan
26th October 2000 - The Sun
FIVE'S J and Dane Bowers almost got in a fight over glamour girl Jordan, I can reveal. The confrontation came at trendy London bar 57 Jermyn Street after J spotted the sexy model, who split up with former Another Level star Dane a month ago. J was heard telling Boyzone's Keith Duffy: "I'm going to rub Dane's nose right in it by copping off with Jordan tonight. Watch how easy it's going to be to wind him up." Seeing the former Page 3 girl chatted up was too much for Dane. He told J: "I don't care what you do, but don't try to make a fool of me in front of everyone. You're welcome to her." J retorted angrily: "Listen, mate, I'll do whatever I f***ing want, anywhere, any time." Five's security guards split up the pair before they came to blows. An onlooker said: "J had been all over Jordan all night and was desperate to make Dane jealous. The bouncers dived in when it reached boiling point." (J has been in a fighting mood all this week...)

Abs Sings Out
25th October 2000 - Mirror
Abs stunned the mykindaplace team when he performed Someone There For Me with Richard Blackwood on Tuesday night. The spontaneous duet brought the crew to a standstill as Richard rehearsed for the show. Five, who headlined the gig, were watching Richard practice his latest single when Abs darted up on stage. The Five singer grabbed the mike from Richard and started chanting "put your hands in the air". The sing-song quashed rumours of a feud between Richard and Five.

J Lashes Out At Westlife
25th October 2000
J Five lashed out at Westlife again on Tuesday night. When asked what he thought of their new single, he simply said: “It’s crap.” J continued his hate campaign by saying Bryan should "stop eating all the pies". Following his rant he picked up their new CD sleeve and pointed to the boys one by one. He claimed Mark “should stop greasing his lips before he goes on stage,” and Shane “should stop taking himself so seriously.” J’s rant was cut-short by fellow band members Sean and Abs. (and J should be more careful what he says when the champers is flowing freely...)

Scott's injured so 5ive axe gig
24th October 2000 - Braintree Times
Scott Robinson, one fifth of pop sensation 5ive, has let down his fans again, just two months after returning to Britain from a promotional tour Asia suffering from exhaustion.
National newspapers have reported how a Scott, from Pitsea, suffered a bad back, leaving the band to pull out of a concert in Holland.
Co-singer and dancer J also pulled a sickie, saying he had a sore throat, hours before the band's show at the Pepsi Pop festival in Arnhem, disappointing the 30,000-strong crowd.
In August, Scott flew back to the UK, along with fellow band members Abs Breen and Ritchie Neville.
He was said to be suffering from exhaustion in the middle of a gruelling round-the-world trip to promote their chart-topping collaberation with Queen, We Will Rock You.
All three members were said to be poorly before they headed to Asia.
A spokesman for Five's record label, RCA, was unavailable for comment.
The band 5ive first performed in the UK in September 1998 at Waterside Farm recreation ground on Canvey, along with Hot Chocolate, in aid of the Fireman's Relief Aid.

Scott Pulls Out Of Gig
22nd October 2000 - The Sun
FIVE'S Scott Robinson blamed a "bad back" for pulling out of a gig in Holland. So what was he doing lugging crates of beer into his Essex home just a day later? Must have been light ale. (and a heavy dose of pain killers....)

Five Hang With Westlife
18th October 2000
FIVE have taken time out from recording their new album in DUBLIN to hang out with label-mates WESTLIFE. Nicky is promoting no more than inter-band harmony, turning up at Dublin nightclub Lillies Bordello and spending time with fellow RCA stars J, Abs and Sean. Reports are that the labelmates stayed together at the club until the early hours of this morning.

Boyzone Knock Five
19th October 2000 - Music 365
BOYZONE, a very popular old UK pop group that is trying to score another hit record with a cover of Milli Vanilli's "Girl, You Know It's True", included a little rap in the song where they mention FIVE ("When the lights go out Five better watch out!") and several other boy bands/singers ("Westlife, lowlife, go and get a life.") Here is Five's part of a funny article on who would win a fight if Boyzone, FIVE, N'Sync, BSB & Westlife had a go at it.
Goatees 1 (J) (appears and disappears)
Blonde curtains 0.5 (Ritchie had them changed for a spiky new look)
Hard Man Ritchie, amazingly enough. He used to be in a band called 'Anal Beard' and used to work in a burger van and a pub. he's seen his fair share of trouble and must be one of those people who really goes psycho when he fights.
Weak Link Scott, who once had a curly perm when playing the part of Peter Pan. Lists his favourite record as 'Any 80s love song'. Say no more.
Talk A Good Fight? On record they're the hardest boy band. Check out the almost coherent 'Straight up Funk' 'Ah yes you'll check me out rugged and raw, It's all I can stand and I can't stand no more, I'm bugging, renegade hooligan damn'. Even namecheck 'Jimmy Hoffa' on 'It's The Things You Do'
Other Factors
Abs licks people if they annoy him. No one hard is going to want to get too close to a licking boy band.
The Verdict Hard-talking and tough-looking, Five need a real hard man, otherwise they'd have to double team on Keith Duffy (big, goateed, ex-mechanic singer of Boyzone).

26th September 2000 - Worldpop
Last night's pop concert at the Millennium Dome, the first of three events in the Music 2000 schedule, was plagued with lighting and sound problems and poor attendance. The pop event, including sets by Five, Westlife and Lionel Ritchie, started 20 minutes behind schedule when a lighting rig failed and had to be replaced. This set the haphazard tone for the night, as scheduled acts Billie and Atomic Kitten failed to show, and technical glitches occurred in sets by Louise and Westlife. The Irish boy band was forced to ad-lib for five minutes while sound engineers unsuccessfully searched for the backing track to their fifth No 1, Fool Again. After it failed to show, Westlife had little choice but to repeat an earlier song, If I Let You Go, the lads shouting apologies to the crowd as they left the stage. The concert, filmed for a special on Japanese television, was the first of three nights hosted by music production company FIP and the only one devoted solely to pop music.

Club DJ Role For Abs
23rd September 2000
Club DJ role for Abs FIVE pin-up Abs is swapping his microphone for a set of turntables. The singer - real name Richard Abidin - has landed a weekly residency at trendy London club night Sintillate, kicking off last night. Abs, 21, asked promotor Gary Sewell if he could spin the discs at the venue in London's Covent Garden. And although the hunky boyband member has sung in front of thousands with chart-topping group Five, friends say he is nervous about performing in front of clubbers. One pal says: "Abs is a brilliant DJ and wants to be recognised for his mixing skills, as well as being in Five. "He's very excited because it's something he's wanted to do for ages - but he's also a bit nervous about DJ-ing for the first time in public. "He should be fine. He's got decks in his house, where he spends most of his spare time mixing."

Billie Turns 18
20th September 2000
BILLIE Piper finally came of age by partying into the early hours at her 18th birthday bash. The star-studded party also celebrated the launch of her second album Walk Of Life which hits the shops next month. Billie - whose new single Something Deep Inside was released on Monday - spent most of the evening canoodling with on-off boyfriend Ritchie Neville from Five. The glitzy do was held at London's trendy bar Papa Gaio

Ritchie Happy To Be Back With Billie
19th September 2000 - Worldpop
Ritchie Neville from UK lad band Five has revealed he's happy to be back in the arms of girlfriend Billie Piper. Speaking to worldpop last night at Billie's 18th birthday the 21-year-old confirmed that he's 'seeing Billie again'. While Billie danced just a few feet away, Ritchie confessed that Five's recent tour of the Far East, during which certain members pulled out of scheduled promotional events, left him feeling 'totally exhausted'. He added that he's much happier now that he's back in London again. Ritchie said that he's loving life in the capital and is enjoying having the opportunity to take the couple's dog Milo for long walks. Billie and Ritchie had been dating for over a year and were living together in London before splitting up in May. They remained in contact throughout the summer and Ritchie rushed to her sick bed following Billie's collapse in a London bar. Billie hinted this weekend that their relationship could be back on track but insisted that they are still currently living in separate locations. The pair have partly blamed their hectic work schedules for jeopardising their romance in the past but it's not likely that their lives will slow down just yet. Billie's new single Something Deep Inside is set to head straight into the top five of the UK worldpop-sponsored charts on Sunday and Ritchie will be hitting the road with Five's latest tour, which kicks off in Glasgow on 29 November.

Five V's Westlife - AGAIN
30th August 2000 - Worldpop
Nicky Byrne and Mark Feehily's derogatory comments about rival band Five, as reported on worldpop yesterday, have sent the two bands' hordes of fans into a furious head to head feud. 'They won't be around in a few years ... I don't think they'll be half as successful as we'll ever be,' stormed Nicky, while bandmate Mark branded Five as ignorant and stupid. The worldpop message boards raged with strong opinions from supporters of the Westlife and Five camps. The fans of Abs, Sean, Scott, J and Ritchie appear to be more vocal in their support of Five getting straight to the point with their views. 'Five are better! Five are better!... Five are better looking too!' cheers Jenz. 'Five r sssssoooo much better than Westlife, or should we say Westnolife!' comments Laura. 'They use people to get popular,' Sean's Bird says of Westlife referring to the Ronan Keating links and their Mariah Carey duet. Meanwhile, some Westlife fans took the remarks very personally: 'Ritchie is secretly a girl. Sean is a dummy who is blatantly bored. J is a goat ...' rants MM. However, imnotawestlifefanbut ... takes a firm stance in favour of Nicky and Mark's comments, 'What the guy in westlife said is so true. Five are losing fans by slagging off other groups just cos they're jealous. Maybe if Five worked harder and stopped fighting and slagging people off all the time they might be more successful.' A number of less hot-headed fans and music lovers in general have taken the middle ground. 'I like Five and Westlife,' says Graciela. 'I think it's stupid saying bad things about them. I don't like that people criticise the groups they don't like.' Jijo also has a sensible point to put to the rival bands: 'They have never met. How do they know what each other are like.' As the war of words rages on, worldpop suggests that Five and Westlife should meet in a song 'n' dance-off competition although Tezza informs visitors to the worldpop message boards that she doesn't reckon on Five's chances against the all-harmonising Irish boy band: 'They sing like Wolves and rap like Daphne and Celeste ... BSB and 'N Sync are much better.' Now that's a whole new fight ...

Westlife: Five Are Stupid!
29th August 2000 - Worldpop
Five are 'stupid' say Westlife Westlife's Nicky Byrne and Mark Feehily have reignited their feud with Five, claiming the rival boy band's recent comments that Westlife are 'boring wimps' are based on jealousy. 'Let them think what they want to think and let them be what they want to be. They won't be around in a few years as far as I am concerned,' Nicky said. 'To be honest with you I don't think they'll be half as successful as we'll ever be. They never will!' Nicky added Westlife's appeal lies in the fact that they never pretend to be something they're not, unlike Five. 'Because we are a boy band, a lot of people will assume you are clean cut ... unless you're Five. Unless you are so over the top trying not to be nice or trying to be hard. We are not the mad, hard boys pretending to be cool. We are just normal guys who love to sing songs and love what we do.' Mark said that the feud only makes Five look immature as the two groups have barely met. 'Well, we don't have any problem with them. If they have a problem with us that's their bloody own problem,' he said. 'They are the ones who are ignorant. They are the ones who are looking stupid. We don't even know the people from Five that much. They have never even talked to us.'

Ritchie Works With Brian May
7th August 2000 - Worldpop
Five's Ritchie writes with Brian May Ritchie Neville from Five has revealed to worldpop that he's working with Queen guitarist Brian May on material for Five's third album. The pair met last year when May performed on the band's cover of the classic Queen single We Will Rock You, and have been writing together ever since. Ritchie denies that he's planning to follow in the footsteps of the Spice Girls and Boyzone and actually release any of the songs as a solo artist, but admits that it's likely he will do a solo stint and perform one of the tracks with Brian for fun. 'I've written a couple of songs with Brian, but there are no plans for me to release a single on my own,' he says. 'As long as Five are together we will be releasing songs as a band. But I may go on TV with Brian and perform one of the tracks just for the hell of it.' It is likely that one of the tracks will be showcased on Five's Christmas tour, which kicks off in November. 'I like the idea of maybe even each of us coming out and doing our own little number,' Ritchie confirmed.

Illness In Five
21st July 2000 - Worldpop
Illness in Five Their chart-topping album may be called Invincible, but two members of pop supergroup Five have this week proven to be far from it. Worried fans are concerned that a bout of flu sweeping through the Five camp will lead to a cancellation of this weekend's Cardiff and London's open air gigs. First Abs Breen was laid up in bed with the flu and now Scott Robinson has caught the bug, too. Poor Scott still had to drag himself out of his sick bed today for a meet-and-greet at the Virgin Megastore in Cardiff provoking fresh arguments about the pressures placed on young singers in the music industry. Stephen Gately, managed by the same team behind Five, was forced to pull out of his much hyped Party In The Park performance last month but the lad band are desperate not to experience the same fate. 'He's really, really ill,' confirmed said a spokesman for the group before reassuringly adding 'but Scott's been taking medication and is determined the show will go on,' Five are set to rock the crowds at Cardiff Castle on Saturday and London's Hyde Park on Sunday. Fingers-crossed!

21st July 2000 - Worldpop
HEARTBROKEN Ritchie from Five is still struggling to get over his split from Billie - but refuses to rule out the chance of them getting back together. The couple are now best mates after calling off their 18month fling in May. Despite being dumped over the phone, Ritchie still refers to his ex as his "perfect woman" and says breaking up from the pretty singer is one of the hardest things he has ever had to deal with. He said: "My perfect woman is pretty much like my last girlfriend. "Kind, caring, loving, beautiful on the outside and inside, someone who is easy to be around and not judgmental." AAA revealed this week that teen idol Ritchie had sold his seaside love nest in Poole, Dorset after spending just one night there. He bought the £350,000 house so he and Billie could spend more time together. He has also moved out of their shared apartment in Chelsea, West London and moved into a bachelor pad. But despite packing his bags and moving out, Ritchie is still confident that they can rekindle their relationship at some time in the future. He admits, "It was a difficult time and we are really good pals now and who knows what the future holds. "If you're with the right person then it doesn't matter where you are. It's the company you're with and that's what I want again." Since the high profile split Ritchie has been linked with Honeyz beauty Mariama Goodman but that relationship seems to have cooled. The pin-up isn't the only one in the band with women problems after J recently called off his relationship with Mel C. The lads have been consoling each other by going fishing, taking advantage of the peace and quiet to talk over their problems. Ritchie added: "J and myself have been doing a lot of fishing. It helps us relax and helps us deal with all the madness of the last few months." And fellow band member Abs has got problems of his own - in the property market. The singer has got his eye on a swanky apartment in Shoreditch, East London but faces stiff competition if he's going to move in. British fashion designer Alexander McQueen has also been spotted taking a look around.

J Opens Up About Mel C
21st July 2000
FIVE star J has opened his heart exclusively to AAA about his split with Sporty Spice - saying they broke up because they liked each other too much! He insists that he and Mel C are still very close and have even had dinner together since. In fact, he says their relationship failed because they were just TOO close. J says: "We realised over time that it wouldn't work because we were too good friends. "I have spoken to Mel a lot since we split. We are still really good mates and nothing has changed. It was all very amicable. "In fact, we went out for dinner last night. It was very nice. We have kept in touch and she is a very close friend. "We were only seeing each other for a couple of months. There were no plans for marriage or moving in, so it wasn't too heartrending for either of us. "I didn't tell anyone that we had split because we didn't intend to say anything. But I made one comment and it was made into a full story - like making a mountain out of a mole hill." Now J is enjoying the single life again. Soon after his split with Mel became public, he and the rest of Five - Ritchie, Sean, Scott and Abs - jetted off to Ibiza for a one-off open air show. Before hitting the stage, they hit a few of the clubs, where generous J ended up giving away one bottle of bubbly, splashing out £500 on another to share with his pal Ritchie - then giving that away, too! Big-spender J says: "We just got into the spirit of things. You've got to get a bit of bubbly flowing. "I don't like Moet, so I gave that away and got some Dom Perignon on board. We were having a good time, but we ended up leaving half of it. Ritchie now owes me £250!" J isn't the only one getting over a love split. Ritchie has spoken for the first time about his fling with Honeyz beauty Mariama Goodman since parting from Billie Piper. He and Mariama enjoyed a few low-key dates, but their relationship fizzled out after just a few weeks. Ritchie revealed: "We did go out on a couple of dates, but it was nothing serious. I haven't seen her for a while, so I suppose it must be over." However, they may well bump into each other tomorrow, when Five and Honeyz play at Hyde Park in London. It could be a big day for the lads, who look set to score a second No1 with their single, We Will Rock You, with Queen. Unofficial sales figures show they are poised to knock Ronan Keating off the top spot. And there was more joy for the group during their recent trip to Ibiza. AAA can reveal that Ritchie found himself a new love. He adopted a stray dog during Five's visit to the island and was so besotted that he even let it sleep in his hotel room. He said: "It was a lovely alsatian, but I can't tell you what I called it because it's too rude. "It hung around the hotel, so I started feeding it and giving it water. It stayed on my balcony and in my room. It was a lovely animal." Dogged fans of Five can catch the band today at the Virgin Megastore in Cardiff, where they will be signing records ahead of their show at Cardiff Castle. They will also be signing copies of their remixed album, Invincible, at the Virgin Megastore in Piccadilly, London, on Monday.

Five In Ibiza - 2
17th July 2000
At the MTV 2000 IBIZA...Also performing at the festival were boy band Five, but singers Ritchie and J certainly didn't look like they were suffering from heartache after recently splitting up with their girlfriends. J announced that he and Sporty Spice Mel C had gone their separate ways after a four-month romance, so that he could enjoy being a bachelor again. And Ritchie was enjoying himself in the Ibiza sunshine just days after splitting from Honeyz pop babe Mariama. One Ibiza reveller said: "I saw the lads at Cream on Thursday night and they were enjoying themselves in the VIP area. "They were well up for partying and clearly into the Ibiza vibe. "J was hardly holding back. He was having the time of his life and he certainly didn't look at all heartbroken."

Five In Ibiza
17th July 2000 - Worldpop
IBIZA 2000 MTV - Following the hugely successful dance night attracting 12,000 revellers, Five and Geri Halliwell failed to tempt dance fans with their performances on Saturday evening. Geri played to a near empty dancefloor although Five did manage to gain the interest of a few holiday-makers with their spectacular show. Abs, Ritchie, Scott, J and Sean spent the two days leading up to the doomed pop event throwing themselves into the spirit of Ibiza propping up the island's bars and putting in an appearance at Cream but Geri was reported to have shut herself away in her holiday hideaway, only emerging to take to the stage.

Antidrug Compainers Fight Back
16th July 2000
THE backlash against Five is growing - after Five stars J Brown and Ritchie Neville called for cannabis to be legalised. We revealed yesterday how antidrug campaigners had slammed the duo for their controversial comments. And now one radio station is so angry at the lads' views, it has banned them from its airwaves. Lancaster's Bay 96.9 FM says they won't play any more Five songs until the lads retract their statements face to face. The radio station's head of music, Lindsey Kerr fumed: "They're banned. How can anyone condone taking drugs?" "I challenge them to come here and take back their statement face to face." "We have a large audience of schoolchildren and people are dying every day from drugs." And Lindsey is so irate at their comments, he's even smashed up Five's latest CD. "I actually had a copy of their new single with Queen, We Will Rock You, waiting to play but I have now smashed the CD. I want them to come onto my programme right now and retract the statement. They will have to if they want to keep selling records," he added.

Five Under Fire
14th July 2000
BOY band Five have come under fire after sensationally calling for cannabis to be legalised. The chart-topping group have been slammed for telling their legions of teenage fans that it's OK to smoke dope. Parents and anti-drug campaigners are up in arms amid fears the controversial comments could tempt youngsters to experiment. When asked whether the class B drug should be legalised, Ritchie Neville amazingly said: "Yeah. Simple as that. I'll tell you why, because it grows, it's natural. And if you believe in God, how can anything that grows be illegal? "Also, no one who smokes a spliff goes out and starts a fight like someone who's been drinking." But his views have angered drug prevention groups who have branded the comments as irresponsible. A spokesman for action group DARE, Drug Abuse Resistance Education, said: "We wouldn't look at Five as suitable role models for young children. They are giving the wrong message. "We try to teach people, especially children, the dangers of drugs and give them the opportunity to make choices as they grow older. "Our message is very much one of prevention so these kind of comments certainly don't help." Ritchie is the latest in a long line of supposed squeaky-clean boy band pin-ups to come out in support of drugs.

Five Rock!
9th July 2000
Five's performance with Queen was so hot that the stage at Party In The Park literally caught fire. Abs had to act fast and stamp out the flames spotted by band mate Ritchie as sparks went flying. The accident was caused by huge explosions set up across the front of the stage as the climax of the two bands' performance of new single We Will Rock You. Luckily the incident didn't phase the stars as they proceeded to rage through an impressive performance of Queen's hit Tie Your Mother Down, despite further complications when Abs and Scott's mics cut out. Jay, Abs, Scott, Ritchie and Sean gave the crowd a taster of what to expect from their Hyde Park gig in a fortnight's time. 'Come along if you fancy it, you're more than welcome,' shouted Scott. 'Adois amigos,' added a sweaty Ritchie as the band left the stage.

Ritchie Looks For Love
9th July 2000
WATCH out, girls - Five heart-throb Ritchie Neville is on the lookout for love. He has set himself up in a bachelor pad just weeks after splitting from popstar girlfriend Billie. And he promised: "I won't be single for long." And Ritchie, who moved into a luxury flat two days ago, said he's happy not to have to do all the cooking or put up with her "nagging" any more. Comparing their break-up to a divorce, he said Billie got custody of their posh Chelsea home and pet dog. She has already been linked with Royle Family star Ralf Little and actor Danny Dyer, a star of cult drug film Human Traffic. And, just like her, Ritchie wants to have some fun. Speaking exclusively to AAA, he says: "She's been linked with a few people and I wish her well. It won't be long for me, either. "I'm going to have fun being a bachelor boy again. I'm only 20, after all. I'm looking forward to doing what bachelors do - going out with the lads and getting blotto. "It's great not to worry about getting home before midnight and not having anyone to answer to. "I've got my new flat now and there are no disputes about tidiness. "I wasn't particularly messy, but she was a fanatic about tidiness - even though I did all the cooking. Now I can do what I want and not have to put up with all the nagging." Ritchie's band is to release a version of the Queen classic We Will Rock You next month. Five will also be playing two special open-air concerts in London and Cardiff, and they are set to feature in an hour long TV special, The One And Only - Five, next month. You might think all this work would help Ritchie get over his love split, but it seems he already has! He insists: "I can honestly say I'm a lot happier now. "One sad point is that we had a dog which she bought ME for Christmas, but she's kept him. I really do miss him. He was my baby." The showbiz lovebirds split last month after being together for 18 months. Although Billie claimed he ditched her, Ritchie later said she dumped him by leaving a blunt message on his mobile. Ritchie - whose band have remixed their hit Keep On Moving for the Euro 2000 championships - admits there are some things about Billie he does miss. "I am very much a relationship kind of guy. I like being in love, having that special someone," he says. "The best thing about living with someone is going to bed at night and waking up in the morning with them. That's something I miss. "But you can't force love. It takes time. "And you can't choose who you fall for. If you click with someone, whether it's a celeb or someone who works in a shop, then you just go with it."

Five Recieve Silver Clef AwardFive Recieve Silver Clef Award
30th June 2000 - Getty Images
British pop stars "Mel C" and (L-R) Richard Abidin Breen, Scott Robinson, Sean Conlon, Ritchie Neville and Jason Brown of the ex pop group "Five" attend the Silver Clef Awards at the Intercontinental Hotel on June 30, 2000 in London.

Billie Speaks Out
9th June 2000
BILLIE Piper has spoken for the first time about the death threat that ended her romance. While dating Five heartthrob Ritchie Neville, she became a hate figure for obsessive female fans of the boy band star. Now Billie, 17, has revealed how one crazed Five fanatic issued her with a chilling threat - saying she would slaughter the teen singer with an axe. Billie and Ritchie, 20, split last month after a year-and-a-half-long romance. At first, it was believed the Five star had been the one to end their affair. But it later emerged Billie dumped him - by leaving a blunt message on his mobile phone voice mail. During their relationship, Billie became a hate figure for fans obsessed with teen pin-up Ritchie. At last year's awards bash for teen mag TV Hits, she fled in tears from the stage after being booed. Brave Billie still reckoned she could handle the jibes. But even she was left petrified by that death threat.

Ritchie Crashes His Car
19th May 2000
Ritchie Neville of boyband Five came close to ending his life after crashing his silver MGF convertible. It is believed Ritchie who has just split with former girlfriend Billie Piper, feeling unwell from the recent breakup may have tried to end his life. Luckily though, Ritchie remarkably walked away from the crash without a scratch. These pictures you can see the severity of Ritchies accident and wonder, how did he may it out unhurt?

Five Concert Goes Off
24th March 2000 - Worldpop
WEMBLEY CONCERT -LONDON Five-piece girl group Precious were given the tough job of Five's main support act and gallantly tried to win over the 95 per cent female crowd with their four-song set. Full points to the girls for never forgetting who the crowd were there to see and keeping up good-natured banter about Five all the way through their energetic performance. Last year's Eurovision contestants got the crowd bopping with their first single, Say It Again, but it was this week's Number 11 hit, Rewind, that got people up on their feet, with top-notch dance moves and strong vocals from lead singer Louise. By the time the lights went down in the arena at 9.15pm to signal Five's entrance, fans had been waiting almost three years for this moment. You see, since the band's inception, the self-assured lads have kept a pact to never be an opening act, so their first headlining tour is also their first real go at performing live. And it's a promising start, kicked off with a three-minute tirade from a menacing face on the big screen, explaining the path the lads had taken and informing fans that they'll be rewarded for their loyalty. It was then that the guy's silhouettes showed up behind a giant Five logo, but a lacklustre entrance and strange choice of first song - Battlestar, a B-side - didn't live up to expectations. But the fans seemed to love it, and if you get that much screaming from one entrance, why not have two? And with that the guys disappeared, this time entering from ropes hanging from the ceiling. Now that's more like it! What followed was a high-energy show, complete with two albums worth of hits, female dancers, a five-piece band, pyrotechnics and three costume changes. But the show wasn't without its dodgy moments, like when the guys stopped to introduce themselves, complete with hobbies and star signs, in what sounded like an audition for Blind Date. Dance routines were tight and based on hip hop moves, but the standout for album track Two Sides To Every Story was as creepy as it was clever - the female dancers were disguised to look like the band members, later stripping off to gyrate sexily around the seated lads. Ooh, Five really are naughtier than your average boy band after all! Rockier tracks like If Ya Gettin' Down and Everybody Get Up got the most screams, with Five's only Number One, Keep On Movin', closing the show on a high. The guys thanked the males in the audience for coming, acknowledging that it's not cool to like boy bands, and returned for one brilliant encore, Queen's We Will Rock You. That left just the show's MC, from his privileged position on the big screen, to send disciples on their way, instructing them to stick close to Five and await further instructions - alluding to their next UK tour, planned for late in the year. Bring it on!

Mel Loves J
24th March 2000 - Worldpop
MEL C has spoken openly for the first time about her blossoming love for Jason "J" Brown from boyband Five. Until now, the besotted Spice Girl has been decidedly unsporty, refusing to talk about her latest lover. But when quizzed about J on television's This Morning, Mel beamed: "He's a very good friend of mine but it's early days, so who knows?" Afterwards, she admitted: "Yes, we are going out. He is very nice. "We met after the Brits, so it's really new, that's why it's really embarrassing to talk about it." The pair have been inseparable since getting off with each other at the top pop awards ceremony. Mel said she "hopes" J becomes her permanent boyfriend, "a famous boy, yeah". And it is clearly getting more serious as Sporty had previously refused to reveal who she had the hots for, saying: "I don't want to scare him off." Ironically, the couple got together after having a blazing row when J branded her "ugly" in a magazine interview. He recently revealed he'd not had sex for more than a year because he has no luck with women. Now his luck has changed.

The Spice Is Right
24th March 2000 - Warrington Guardian
WARRINGTON boyband hearthrob J Brown from 5ive is dating Spice Girl Mel C - and is even the subject of her new single!
Rumours of the romance were sparked earlier this month when 24-year-old Jay, formerly of Wilderspool Causeway, was spotted getting intimate with Mel backstage at the Brit Awards, where 5ive picked up an award for Best Pop Act.
And in an interview on BBC2's The O-Zone on Tuesday night, Mel revealed that her new single, the love ballad 'Never Be The Same Again', was written about J.
The 26-year-old Widnesian pop princess was last week named as the nation's second richest musician under 30, after fellow Spice Victoria Beckham. Mel, whose past loves include Robbie Williams, now has an estimated personal fortune of £22.5 million.
J, a former St Thomas Boteler High School pupil, is the second member of 5ive to date a celebrity girlfriend, after fellow member Richie struck up a romance with pop starlet Billie.
The news follows revelations that Padgate girlband member Kerry Katona of Atomic Kitten was stepping out with Brian from Westlife. (Utter rubbish that the song was written about J! The song was written BEFORE J and Mel C even met! Typical tabloid made up rubbish!!)

J Talks About Mel C
17th March 2000
FIVE star J has opened his heart to AAA to talk about his love for Spice Girl Mel C and admits: "She's just a really, really great girl". Heartthrob J spoke exclusively to us after the boy band rocked London's Wembley Arena with two knockout concerts over the weekend. In an amazingly frank interview, J said he and Mel had already become pretty close - because they are both so "down to earth". But he put me in a headlock as he lashed out at bitter suggestions that the couple's relationship is merely a stunt, insisting it is most definitely the real thing. Mel and J - real name Jason Brown - first got together after the Brit Awards at the beginning of this month. Since then, they have secretly met up several times - including the night 10 days ago when Mel stayed at J's hotel room after Five's Dublin concert. Now 23year-old J has revealed exactly what it is that attracted him to Sporty Spice. Loved-up J explained: "I'd said 'Hello' to Mel and some of the other Spice Girls a couple of times before. But it was after the Brits when I met her properly. I had a few beers with her and the rest of it... " The rest of it included that first kiss - and started a whirlwind romance which, pals say, has led to the celebrity pair quickly becoming besotted. They have had secret dates and are always chatting to each other by mobile phone, while J continues his hectic Five tour. Mel, 25, of course, is a Scouser while J was brought up close by in Warrington, Cheshire. Both are down to earth, and J said this was one of the characteristics that brought them together. He revealed: "It's nice to meet someone who I can sit down with and talk to about normal things. "Someone who wants to chat and isn't up there with the fairies. "It's really nice and refreshing to meet someone who is doing the same thing as me but is really down-to-earth and normal. That's why we get on so well." Cynics have claimed in recent days that Mel and J's relationship is just a put-up job, a publicity stunt manufactured to raise both stars' profiles. But J lashed out at the snipers, insisting their affair was definitely the real thing. He stormed: "People are trying to say it's a big publicity stunt, but if it was just that I'd be getting photographed with Mel everywhere and all that. "But as it stands, we've met each other a few times and we get on and we're just seeing what happens - so it's no publicity trick." And he added: "We won't be conveniently photographed- because I don't want that sort of thing." The couple are planning more dates this week before Mel comes to Five's next Wembley dates at the weekend. "We speak on the phone a lot. I'll also see Mel again this week. And hopefully, she'll come to one of the shows at the weekend," said J. They got together at the exclusive Spice Girls party after the Brit Awards. Ironically, it was Mel who approached J to have a go at him for once supposedly calling her ugly in an interview! But that was all forgotten as the pair ended up snogging in the corner at the end of the night. Since then, the pop passion has quickly blossomed - and now it looks like there's no stopping them.

Scott Loves Kerry
10th March 2000 - Megastar
FIVE heart-throb Scott Robinson can't bear to be apart from his fiancee for more than a night so he's flying her all over Europe while the band are on tour.He's ready to splash out thousands for his sweet-heart Kerry Oaker to be constantly at his side.Scott, who has never publicly spoken about his romance with Kerry poured his heart out to AAA and said: "I'll try and get Kerry along as much as possible."When we are playing in Europe she'll be flying out to see me on several occasions, I don't care what it costs.Having her there will be a comfort for me. She is great company and helps me unwind.I miss her when she is not with the band."Scott, 20, shuns the showbiz limelight to spend cosy nights in watching videos with gorgeous Kerry, 18.Scott said: "I'm very down-to-earth and fame hasn't changed me.I don't really like the showbiz lifestyle and I am much happier just going out with my mates and popping down the local snooker club.When the other band members are at parties in London, I am usually at home with Kerry watching Friends on my video."Blue-eyed Scott and the band kick off the British leg of their European tour in Glasgow tonight.And he said: "Kerry is the most important person in the world to me. I love her so much - with all my heart and more.And I know she loves me just as much. We got engaged last year and marriage is definitely on the cards."They've known each other for years.They both went to the same school and began dating after Scott plucked up the courage to ask her out in 1998.He revealed: "Even when I was going out with other girls I only every had eyes for Kerry.When I first saw her I used to pretend to my mates that I didn't fancy her - but deep down I was crazy about her.Kerry is beautiful and she's mine. She is the one who helps me cope with my hectic lifestyle.When I feel low she is there for me and when I am on a high she is there too.I don't even look at other girls.If they think they are in with a chance they are wasting their time.When Kerry and I got together I realised she was the one.I found out what true love was all about."Scott, planning to move to a new home in Essex, added: "Being in Five is great and the lads are terrific, but if it all ended tomorrow I wouldn't be disappointed.At the end of the day it is just a job and I would find something else to do.I was happy before I was famous and going out with Kerry has made my life complete."He added: "She is everything to me.I can never see us splitting up."

J: We Changed Pop
17th Feb 2000 - Worldpop
J from Five has hit out at his boy band rivals. In an exclusive interview with worldpop, J claims his band has changed the face of boy bands for good, 'We only really realised recently how we’ve changed things.' 'I’d like to think we have changed boy bands... we just acted ourselves from day one - we didn't try and put anything on. Like I saw Point Break on TV the other day – it's that they're 'trying' to do what we're doing. They're trying so hard not to be a Westlife and to be a Five, and that's just as bad as the ballads. He continued, 'But it's good in a way, we've created like a different genre in boy bands. It's honest now, and when we look back we'll be able to see the change in the climate which is down to us, rather than seeing us going through the mill and being exactly the same.'

Sean For Stormy Carreer
11th Feb 2000
FIVE singer Sean Conlon has been promised a stormy reception when he launches his Rugby League career. The teen band heartthrob has been offered the chance to line up for Leeds club Hunslet Hawks reserves. But Mark Aston, player-coach of league rivals Sheffield Eagles, said: "We're looking forward to coming up against Sean - but he'd better make sure nobody knocks five bells out of him." And Gary Barnett, captain of Batley Bulldogs, said: "We certainly won't be giving him high fives. To be perfectly honest, I think he'll get some right stick." Sean impressed the Hawks at half-back in trials over Christmas. Coach David Plange said: "We'll look at getting him into proper physical shape so he can give it his best shot. "I'm not saying he's going to play in the first team this year but it could happen in the not too-distant future." Sean, 18, from Hunslet, is a lifelong supporter of the club and only quit Rugby League to become a pop star. At the time, Sean said: "You cannot be a musician with a mashed-up face and teeth." But the singer, who had a No. 1 hit last October with Keep On Movin', has had a rethink. Last night Sean's record company RCA denied he was planning to quit the group. But they admitted he was keen to carry on playing - as long as it didn't get in the way of his commitments with Five. A spokeswoman said: "Five have a really busy schedule this year." But Hawks, the Northern Ford Premiership Champions, are preparing for an invasion of their stadium by Five fans.