Page is still being updated. If you know of any merchandise that Five had please email me so it can be added to the page (pix also welcomed)

Fashion & Singing Dolls [UK]
Abs & J sing IYGD, Scott sings Slam Dunk, and Rich & Sean sing EGU.
Five Live [DVD & Video]
DVD: Five's incredible performance in Manchester on their 'invincible tour' was sensational ... and with Five Live it's yours to keep! It's your chance to re-live the whole event. The entire live show plus exclusive backstage footage of the lads.

Video: The same as the DVD without the 'extra's'.
Also available on VCD [rare].

Five Home Video & Five Inside
Five Inside: Take a look at Five as they talk about the band and give you a personal look into each other. Go skydiving with J, Basket balling with Scott, car racing with Abs, play rugby with Sean or even visit Ritchies mum's pub.

Five Home Video: Similar to Five Inside but includes some live performances from Five when they were in the US. [Released in the US]
Five Musical Key Chain
Difficult to find. The Key chains play the ENITRE song. Choose between "Everybody Get Up" & "Slam Dunk" (in Canada, also "If Ya Gettin Down").

Sheet Music
The big books have all the sheet music from the albums.
Calendars, TShirts, Posters ...
Posters, calendars (1999, 2000 and 2001), t-shirts. Stamps, phone cards, postcards. There were many different of each. Some weren't official but for Five fans who cares right? Way too Many to list.

Five: The Official Book
Excellent color pix throughout & exclusive interviews. (2nd edition)
5 Versus the Rest of the World
Beautiful color pix and exclusive info. Very nice! (2nd edition 2000)

Five: Backstage Pass
Follows music superstars Five, who have climbed the charts and won the hearts of teen audiences, and features biographies, fact files, photographs, and true confessions.
The Story of Five
Old but great pix.

5ive: The Sexy British Bad Boys
Has 8 pages of color pix
Five: A Biography
Has 8 pages of color pix and was quite cheap when released.

5ive (the little book)
About 4x4" in size. many artists had one at the time.
Greatest Hits [VHS]
This is the best video that Five fans will ever see, showing the documentary of how they became famous and all of the videos including a live performance it is a must for any real fan. We have been watching continuously and are still not bored it is entertainment at it's best. To even compare these superstars to any other boyband (e.g cough cough westlife) is impossible. Also available on VCD [very rare].

The little powerpod toys came from little chocolate eggs.
Five Tour Mug
The black mug with "Five" written on it were available from the Five tour.

Five Story: Interview
1. Beginnings
2. Take Five Lads
3. Slam Dunk da Music
4. They've Got the Feeling
5. Five Fever

Official Sticker Album
The Official sticker book [released in 1999] by BIG. Fans could buy the empty sticker book then buy small packets of stickers to fill the book with. It did end up quite expensive when you couldn't quite get that sticker you were looking for.