Interview With Scott From 5ive
Space Online - 11th Feb 2009

Scott Robinson formerly of the boy band put together by Simon Cowell called 5ive, including hits “When the Lights Go Out”, “If Ya Getting’ Down” and cover of Queen’s “We Will Rock You”
He most recently appeared on TV on Celebrity Scissor Hands.

Space’s Sam Ross, and the Student’s Unions very own Ed & Welfare Officer Lizzie Harkness met up with him just after he performed at the Christmas Ball.

Sam - Hi Scott, sorry before we start I have to say thank you to Hannah Morgan for buying me drinks all tonight, it’s a bit odd having a girl buy you drinks all night.

Scott - Yeah, you’ve done well there, really well.

Sam - Caus usually you have to buy the girls all the drinks

Scott - And you get nowhere anyway

Sam - Yeah you get nowhere

Scott - Is that generally what happens?

Sam - Well in my life maybe…

Lizze - You’re buying for the wrong girls there Sam

Sam - Being a member of 5ive have you had girls buy you drinks all night?

Scott - I’ve been married for seven years, and been with my beautiful wife for 11, so no I missed all that.

Lizzie – Even when you first started out?

Scott - Yeah, I’ve been with my wife all the way through.

Lizzie - I’m not a natural journalist, I work for the SU, I’m the Education and Welfare Office.

Sam – Ok Lizze, don’t play yourself down

Scott – Come on you are a natural journalist, go for it!

Lizzie - I did do writing for my degree, but to be honest I’m a bit star struck because 5ive was my favourite band when I was growing up.

Scott – Am I a massive disappointment?

Lizzie – No your not! I think you’re my favourite, but I can’t remember.

Sam – You can’t remember which poster you had on your wall?

Lizze – It was whichever one I cut out of the Top of the Pops magazine that was my favourite one.

Scott – Well there we go.

Sam – How did you start in the band 5ive?

Scott – I was 16, when I did the audition, nearly 17. It was a worldwide audition, a bit like X-Factor without the cameras. And we went through several auditions, and got through to the final round where they picked 5 to be what we are now/what we was. Simon Cowell was there to pick us with our then managers Bob and Chris from Safe Management. It was all done like that.

Sam – Is it odd seeing Simon Cowell on the TV these days?

Scott – He’s done really well for himself, we always knew he would. He was very ambitious and always wanted to do that sort of thing. Well it’s a little bit odd seeing how well he’s done, and how influential he is to people out there now. But he makes sense with the stuff he says, so yeah he’s doing really well.

Sam – Do you still have his number in your phone?

Scott – I do

Lizzie – What was your favourite part? Not necessarily the peak.

Scott – I think winning a Brit Award, winning an MTV Award was a massive thing, especially the Brit Award because that’s an industry based award. It was for ‘Best Pop Act’, it showed we had done well, it showed we had made it. Oh, and hearing your song on Eastenders for the first time, stuff like that really gets you going.
There were low times to, there was some really hard work, sometimes people don’t appreciate how much work it is. But we had a great time!

Lizzie – What was you’re favourite 5ive song?

Scott – It’s got to be “If Ya Getting’ Down”.

Sam – What made 5ive fall apart?

Scott – It was kind of a mutual decision that it was time to jump ship, I mean what we decided was that; We were probably the only band to end at the top, we were number one [in the charts] at the time of our split and people remember us for being a good band - I hope, and not a sort of band that clung on and on like we weren’t wanted anymore, a lot of bands, take the Spice Girls for example, they were an amazing amazing band but no one knows did they break-up or not, then they dwindled down and then…

Lizze – Disserpated

Scott – Yes, very good word - disserpated. Yes they dissperated.

Scott – So it’s better to end on a high.