The Real 5ive

[Smash Hits - March '99 AUS ISSUE]

Introduce yourself… Hello I'm Sean from 5ive, and I'm laidback, and chilled. That's about it, really.

Have you ever experienced true love?
Yeah, I think so, just once. It was a year-and-a-bit ago, before I joined Five. I've seen her for a minute since and it was quite weird. Did I feel the same way about her? (Thinks for ages and then screws up his face) Nah!

If you had to choose between Five and a girl, who would come first?
(Immediately) Five. Although if I could choose, I'd like to choose both. Hang on. Can I answer that question again? Right, I'd definitely go for the group. It's just more of an experience. Isn't it?

Who was the last person you snogged? You know, kissed!
I ain't copped off with someone for months and months. We haven't seen any girls really - we've just been working and working. (Sadly) I miss having a girl around and sometimes I get a little bit lonely, but… (returning to the original question) I think the last person I got off with was a girl in a pub in Germany, but I can't remember cos it was that long ago. A really long time ago…

Do you plan to settle down? Like do the wife and kids thing?
Yeah, but not till I'm much older and I feel like I've lived a lot. I don't want to be younger than 30 when I do it. Well, somewhere between 28 and 30 would suit me fine. I definitely want kids. I don't know how many I want, but I know that (smiling) I want a little lad. (We couldn't help but point out that it would be handy if the little lad was like Sean, that way he would just sleep all the time) I guess it would, yeah!

Do you feel old beyond your years?
Yeah. I've never really felt my age even when I was younger. When I was four, I felt five, then when I was six, I felt eight. I always felt older somehow. I was always hanging out with older people when I was growing up and I think that's why I grew up so quickly. But to be honest, I don't notice it now.

Have you ever done anything really disgusting for a dare?
Not really, no. I'm quite sensible with things like that and I can't really see the point. I don't think things like that are funny - they're just, well, disgusting, really. (Thinks) Maybe I'm a bit too serious for that kind of thing…

What's the most expensive thing you've ever bought?
Probably my keyboard, a couple of years back. Mind you, I bought a Nintendo 64 the other day and that was quite a lot, although I can't remember exactly how much. I've got some good games for it, though. I've got a football game and this James Bond game which I'm totally addicted to.

Why should people like you?
(Pauses for ages) Why? (Pauses again) Cos I'm genuine. If I'm in a bad mood, I'm in a bad mood and …(shrugging) I'm not going to act all smiley. And I'm not going to lie in interviews or try and come across as someone different. What's the point? I'm just myself…aren't I?

You guys work so hard. How much money have you earned?
Enough. (Smiles) Enough.

Who are you most likely to argue with in the band?
Any one of them. It depends on what someone's done, d'ya know what I mean? But we don't tend to argue - just have a go at each other. There's always one person having a go at someone else or someone apologizing to someone. It's not like big arguments, it'ss more about people getting stressed out with each other. None of us have had a huge falling out or hit each other. We just go through moments where we don't speak for five minutes - and then it's all sorted!

What has Five made you that you wouldn't have been otherwise?
Nothing, really. As far I see it I'm just myself. I may be different, but I wouldn't necessarily say that I'd attribute that to the band. It's not being in a group that has taught me anything or changed me in any particular way. It's the other stuff in life, like moving away from home, that have changed me and made me stronger. And just living generally. You learn a lot from just living.

Do you think Five have the potential to be the biggest group in the world?
Yeah. Well, we all want it enough, so…(thinks for a while) If you want something enough. Like I mean really, really want it, you can get it. Can't ya? The group's aim is to keep going. What we really want is to have some staying power. We've had number ones and twos all over Europe, and a number 10 in America, so we're doin' alright, y'know?

Who is the most likely individual to succeed after Five?
I don't know, because there seems to be a bit of fashion that groups get together and then they all split off and go off to do their own solo things. The only reason people think that is because Take That did it and now the Spice Girls are doing it. A lot of us aren't even thinking about the future, we're just thinking about the future, we're just thinking about getting things done as a group. Maybe one day, it'll come to a point when me or the other guys want to do our own thing, but we'll just tell each other then, when the moment arises. That's the only way we can play it.

Is there life on other planets?
Dunno. I haven't got a clue. It used to bother me, but I don't think about that sort of stuff anymore. I'm never gonna find out if there is, cos I'm never gonna go in a spaceship. I don't even think there are aliens anyway. I think it's just a myth and (pauses) a dream.

What do you think this crazy thing called life is all about?
(Shrugs) Whatever you make of it, really. I don't think there's a reason for us being there, it's just nature. Isn't it? Life is what you make it and all that. All I'm trying to do is make mine what I want it to be.