About Sean's Lovelife...

Does he ever get shy round the ladyees?
Yeah! I got him yesterday about this photographer, saying how much he loved her and he was like "Come lads - don't embarrass me".
Sean: I wasn't that bad - I took it like a man!

Where would he take a girl on a first date?
If he was into her he'd be very romantic, take her for a nice meal, the movies and that...he'd show her a good time. He's a good lad is our Sean!

Has he ever fancied the same girl as one of you?
Yeah, every day!
J: Usually me and Sean fall in love with exactly the same people....
Scott: ...and J'll be like: "Oi, I saw her first!"
J: And both of us have "wives" all the time, too!

Is he more confident with girls now he's a celeb?
At the start, but then he relaxes...
J: He can never stop himself mucking about!

Does he think he's good looking?
Not at all.
J: The total opposite, really. None of us think we're totally ugly, but....
Scott: ...it's not often we'll look in the mirror and think: "Yeah, I look good"....or whatever.
J: You know when I've got a bit of tan and had a haircut, I'll look in the mirror and think "Not bad", but I'd never think "God, you look great!" It's usually the opposite.
Scott: With photos we just have a quick look, then don't look again - we don't study them or anything.
Sean: I'm not that bothered how I look - this lot call me weird, but it`s not that I think I look good or owt, it`s just that`s what you are, you can't change it...

If he had a girlfriend, would he keep her secret from the fans?
No, he wouldn't do that.
Abs: There's no point - you can only do it up to a certain point, then you get found out and look stupid!

OK, you guessed it - what does our Seani think about when the lights go out?
Same as me - whoever he's been with that day. Me and Sean are in love least once a day!
Scott: It's more like three or four times a day!
J: Then we'll be stressed out that night when we leave her, 'cause we think we'll never see her again!
Scott: Yeah, then the next morning, they'll still be thinking about her, and we'll be driving somewhere, then they'll see someone walking along and they'll be like "Alright, love!" and open the van door and just stare - they're mad about love!