TOTP Lottery With Sean

Describe your ideal Saturday night.
We're always working, so I'd be very happy to have a Saturday night off! Me and the lads in the band would probably still all go out together, preferably to a party with some decent hip-hop or R&B playing. Oh yes, and there would have to be plenty of laydees!

How did you spend lunchtime at school?
I didn't really play football or join any clubs, so I just walked around the playground, have a laugh with me mates. I admit I got into a little bit of trouble, usually just for running away from the teachers - and especially after the bell had gone for afternoon lessons. On the odd occasion, I'd go out of school and round the neighborhood if I was feeling particularly naughty!

How exactly does one Slam Dunk Da Funk?
Erm, I dunno! The words don't actually mean anything. The song isn't really about the lyrics, you're not meant to analyze them. It's more about the music and the vibe that it gives off. (Thinks) Slam Dunk is a basketball term but we're not really into basketball, apart from Scott. Slam Dunk has done well for us, though; it's going to be the theme tune for the NBA basketball league. (Grins) That's great, that.

When did you first get naked with a girlie?
(Huge Pause) Is this like, completely in the stark? Well, it was when I was 13 or 14 at a party, with some girl I didn't know very well. I was an immature lad then. And I know I'm only 16, but I've grown up a lot.

How good are you at pulling girls in clubs?
I'm always laid-back. I'm not shy; I just don't like coming on to girls. I'm nervous about what they're really thinking. It wouldn't matter if a girl was blowing kisses and smiling and winking at me, I'd still think she didn't like me. So - not very good, then.

On a scale of one to ten, how in control of your career are you?
Eight. No, nine. If we don't like a song we won't sing it. We don't buy other people's songs, you know, we have them written specially for us. And none of us are told what to wear. If someone in management or from the record company tried to make us wear a frilly shirt or slip-on shoes, it just wouldn't happen. (Indignant) I'd say no.

What habit of yours do the other Fives complain about most?
Being lazy. I am lazy, but I'm making an effort. They say I'm untidy and lazy and that I don't make an effort to clean up around the house. I do wash the dishes occasionally but if you asked the others they'd say I didn't. They think I don't do anything!

Did you win any prizes at school?
I won Young Composer of the Year when I was 14. I entered 4 songs and received a letter back saying I was to come down to Earls Court in London to sing one called Everybody in the World. Phil Collins was a judge and so was John Leslie from Blue Peter. Did I do a speech about how great I was at the end? (Very disapproving) No, you don't want to be doing any of that.

Do you think Take That and Boyzone are rubbish because they're labeled as 'boybands'?
Erm, Take That were very successful but they weren't my cup of tea. I think they split up at the right time, they jumped off and gave up at the right time, on a high. Boyzone, erm, fair play to them, but again, it's not my thing. (Worried) make sure you write fair play, though, cos I don't want people to think I'm badmouthing them in interviews!

When was the last time your mum told you off?
The last time I went home! She told me off about a few things - for not eating properly and not getting enough sleep and for staying out all night and not telling her where I was. If she's worried, she'll give me a talking-to, but she doesn't shout, oh no.

How romantic are you?
Girls always think I'm this really hard person without a soppy side, but I do have my soppy moments - honest! I do send Valentine cards now and again, but what kind of card I send depends on how much I like the girl. If the relationship wasn't serious, I'd send a funny card, but if I really, really liked a girl I'd send something a bit more meaningful.

How important are looks to a successful pop career?
Well, we're a pop band and looks are important in pop, and although none of us is the ugliest person who ever walked on the street, we're not all beautiful-looking. If we looked different we maybe wouldn't make it so quickly, but it's the music that's important.

What are the worst clothes your parents dressed you in?
I liked everthing my mum dressed me in. She has good taste, me mum. I had some denim dungarees when I was about ten, which I loved. I didn't want to take them off, but I'm not too much into dungarees these days!

Five did loads of press interviews before releasing a single. Are you just hype?
No! People have noticed us early cos we're not your average boyband. We're more street, we don't wear frilly cuffs in matching colours. There's no singing ballads and pointing fingers and blowing kisses with us - we're livelier. We've been compared to East 17, but all they did was wear baggy clothes and hats. Everyone in Five has their own personality; that's the difference. We're different to everyone else.

Who makes you laugh most and why?
I like Bottom, Auf Wiedersehen Pet and The Young Ones on the telly, but the funniest person I know is me mum's boyfriend. He's a generally nice geezer, dead sarcastic and acts daft all the time. When I went home and I was a bit down, he cheered me up. He's not my dad, but I think he's quite proud of the band.

Do you have any bonker fans?
Oh yeah, really bonkers. When we were in Sweden, it was raining and freezing cold, and there were fans who stayed outside the studio all night. We had to keep taking hot drinks out and chatting to them - they were mad. And when we were doing the BBC Big Bash, loads of girls came down from Newcastle and we had to sneak hotel blankets out to them so they'd keep warm. In the end, Scott walked them to the Big Bash arena, trying to find them somewhere else to keep.

What's the best thing about sharing a house with the other Fives?
Having a laugh, you just can't beat it. At the old house we had an absolute riot; everything you couldn't do at your mum's was allowed. Bust since we moved to our new house we're not so much like Men Behaving Badly anymore - we have a cleaner, for a start!

Have you ever treated a girl badly?
(Guffaws) Course I have! I'm not horrible to girls on purpose. It's just that sometimes - you get a bit bored, don't you - things move on, you change your mind, and the girl doesn't. Have I ever two-timed anyone? Erm, well, yes, once. It just happened. Next question!

Five have become successful very quickly. Are you swanking it up, showbiz-style?
We're really enjoying it, it's fun. I have to learn to appreciate it more though, cos it's the chance of a lifetime, getting to go all over the world. When I was 11 I began searching for a record deal. Now I have one and I'm doing what I always wanted to do! What could be better than that?