Five On 5 - Sean

[Smash Hits - AUS March 2000 Issue]

The quiet and mysterious man of pop finally admits he wants a girlfriend…

Everyone was really surprised when they saw you singing lead vocals on Keep on Movin'. You never sing!
I do! But on that song I had a lot to sing which was cool. It made a nice change as normally I stand at the back don't I? I'm always singing and writing stuff at home, I just don't do it in front of an audience much! When I got the chance to do it, I really enjoyed it. I love it when we perform it live!

Few of your fans know that you write a lot of the bands' songs.
Yeah, I do. I'm always in my bedrrom on my keyboard writing songs. I've always written songs, ever since I was a nipper! Even if I worked in a bank, I'd still hum away to myself every day - honest!

What's he past year been like for you?
Hard, but good. There have been so many things that have happened to us, it's been like a whirlwind. We're happy now but I look back and I'm like, 'I can't believe all that happened to us.' When our manager died I think it knocked us all for six. We changed as people overnight.

You once said that you and J were like brothers, is that still true?
Yeah, we get on really well. Sometimes he's a fool and sometimes we argue but most of the time, he's cool. We hang out together a lot because we are so similar. I think we can see the whole pop business for what it is, rather than as what most people think it is which is something that's really glamourous.

So what is it?
It's hard work!

Have you got a girlfriend right now?
No. I'm single.

You've seen Rich, Scott and Abs settle down with girlfriends, are you jealous?
Nah! I'm just not into all that at the moment. One day I will be, but not right now. They're happy and that's up to them. Sometimes I would like someone to call and talk to, but it's not to be. In fact, forget what I said, yeah, I probably would like a girlfriend…

What sort of girls do you like?
There's a British TV presenter called Melanie Sykes and I really like her. She's very down to earth and she's got dark skin which I like.

How would you ask her out?
I'd say, 'I want to whisk you off to a desert island!'

Would you take her a present?
Yeah, loads of flowers!

Do you think you're romantic?
Yeah…no. I don't know. I like girls to be feminine - I hate it when girls drink beer and try and act like boys. I love it when I can buy them flowers and be a gentleman. I'm quite shy so I don't like it when a girl is louder than I am. It puts me off!

Would you ever date a fan?
Yeah, course I would. It's silly to say I wouldn't because I could walk out of here right now and meet the perfect girl and she just happens to be a fan. I think our fans are cool people, so of course I'd date one!

Have you ever been in love?
Yeah, I think so, but you never know do you? What can I say? I don't know…next question.

If you met a girl you really liked. How would you show it?
I'd tell her how I felt and then I would call her. Well, maybe. I'm not really very good at calling people cos I'm so busy, but that's what I'd try to do if I was being good.

What are your hopes for 2000?
I don't know. To be happy, to be healthy, to have happy and healthy friends. Oh, and for Five to have a number one with every single record we release!