Sean Conlon Of Five
Female First, Oct 2013

Sean Conlon was one-fifth, now one-fourth of hit boyband five.

Following their hugely successful career from 1997, which spawned major hits, the group split in 2001 and attempted a reunion in 2007 which didn't really take off the ground.

Now, after taking part in ITV2's documentary series 'The Big Reunion', five - without J Brown - are set to embark on a huge tour.

We spoke to Sean Conlon about what to expect from the live shows, whether we can hope for any new music and if he would follow in his bandmate, Abz Love's footsteps with a reality gameshow appearance.

You recently starred in 'The Big Reunion', how was that experience?

It was a mixture of everything, really. Trials, tribulations, ups and downs, and on the whole, brilliant.

Who from the show - aside from your bandmates - did you like to spend time with?

I spent quite a bit of time with Lee (Ryan) from Blue. We messed about and wrote drunken tunes at a piano - I had a lot of fun with him.

With a second season of 'The Big Reunion' incoming, who would you like to see on the show?

I'd like to see 'Five - the next chapter'.

Abz (Love) recently took part in 'Celebrity Big Brother', would you ever consider going on a reality show like that?

It's never anything that I've thought of doing in the past. It's certainly not something that I would write off - I would never close doors to that - but I think I'd only know in the moment if an opportunity came, and the type of show it was - whether it'd be right or wrong, I suppose, in that moment of my life.

There's now four of you in the group, how have the dynamics changed going from five members to four?

They haven't really - we're still as mad as ever. The thing is before we became what we are now we were really apprehensive - as everybody was - about the dynamics and if the energy would still be there with only four of us, and we learned that basically it is, and we're very greatful for that and we hope that J (Brown) is happy and getting on with his life, and I guess it's a new chapter for us now and we're really thankful that it's all gone so well. You start to think about where it could of gone, and it's great.

How different is your life now as a popstar in a major band compared to back in the day?

Back in the day it felt like it was relentless and you were never gonna have any normal life again, whereas with a little bit of maturity now - well not that much - but a tiny little touch more of maturity now, you kind of know that there is a life. We've experienced having fame and then losing fame - we kind of know the whole journey of that now so it makes you really embrace the moment and enjoy it a lot more, and take it for what it is now. You never know what's around the corner.

You're heading out on tour next month, what can fans coming to see the live shows expect?

They won't be getting any messing about - we'll be getting straight to the point. They'll be getting all the hits from Five which is what they want, and they'll also be getting some of the old routines - even the cheesy ones! We'll just be giving it some welly - hopefully just a lot of fun.

What are some of your favourite songs to perform?

I enjoy performing 'If Ya Gettin' Down', I enjoy performing 'Keep On Movin', but I enjoy performing them all really and all for different reasons. I think the magic of Five's success in the songs is that I think we've got such a varied, eclectic mix - we've got rock songs, dance songs, we've got 'Keep On Movin' as like an acoustic track, so I think that there's loads of dynamics in the show, and it feels good as a performer and I think the crowd really enjoy that as well.

Will Five be releasing new music after the tour?

I would love to release new music, personally. There's nothing better for me than getting in the studio and making music. I think Ritchie (Neville) would, I think Scott (Robinson) would, I think Abz is kind of the only one who's really unsure at the moment. I think that he's really enjoying the moment of 'Big Reunion', and gigging, and reminiscing, and playing the old songs, so I think he's a little bit apprehensive about a schedule of releasing new music. Hopefully we can talk him round.

Aside from new music do you have any other projects that'll follow the tour?

Before this I was working as a writer and I'd got a song on Boyzone's last album, Overtones' album, so I'll just be continuing with that and trying to work with new artists - up and coming artists, established artists, producers - I just wanna be in music. That's my life - making music.

Who would be the one person you'd want to write for if you could choose anyone?

I don't think there's anybody really in particular. I'd quite like to work with - because we were a boyband around years ago - I'd like to get involved with some of the new boybands that are round now, like The Wanted and One Direction - it'd be great to get in the studio with them and give them a little bit of Five flavour. That'd be good fun.