Scott Stuff

Have there been times when you thought you'd never make it big?
Not really. We knew that if we stopped moaning, we'd get here. And now we've proved it.

Is it hard living together?
It takes getting used to. I'm not about to say we've never argued and that we started of as best friends. Cos putting 5 people together in a house meant we were going to argue. But now I can honestly say we're best friends.

You have a very busy schedule.
Yeah, I know, I can't believe it! We're always travelling at funny times, but we love it really.

Have you been made to do some really daft things for magazine photoshoots?
Yeah, but one we did with Bliss was the weirdest. You met us in Germany, it was freezing, and we had a picnic in the rain. Crazy!

What's it like being such a fussy eater?
I hate it! I feel awkward cos I'll tell the lads to go out while I find something, but they want us to eat together. I'm trying to be more accommodating. There's always McDonald's.

Tell us more about washing your hair with washing-up liquid.
I have to wash it with that cos of the wax I use. If I wash with shampoo, the wax won't come out so I have to rub the washing-up liquid in when my hair's dry, leave it for a while, then wash it out.

How much wax do you get through?
Tubs and tubs of it. About one a week, I reckon.