Smash Hits With Scott

Who would you like to snog…
… in film?

I like Catherine Zeta Jones. I saw her in her new film the other day and I thought she looked quite attractive.
… on TV?
I'll get into trouble if I say! Kelly Brook? Not really. She's all right looking… in pictures.
… in pop?
I really can't think of anyone in pop who's good looking. The Steps girls? No. No! Urgh! I think Bewitched are lovely girls.
… in normal life?
Obviously, my girlfriend, Kerry. We've been together about a year and a half. What do I like about her? Well, I wouldn't kiss anyone else. She's quite cute!

Who do you think of these laydees…
… Camilla Parker-Bowles?

What does she look like? Oh no, give me a break. No way. No chance. I don't like the older women at all.
… Billie?
No comment!
… Sophie Rhys-Jones?
Oh no! She's got a lot of money? I think it's sad to go out with someone just because they've got money and fame. You need to be happy with your own life. I'd be happy living in a cardboard box if I still had my girlfriend.
… Gail Porter?
No. Her voice annoys me and she takes all her clothes off in magazines. How could anyone deal with that? It's strange - there are blokes who go out with girls who've had their breasts out in papers and they think that's quite good. But it's not like that, is it? It's like, everyone else has seen your girlfriend's knockers. Why would you want to go out with someone when everyone's had a good look at her melons. (Smash Hits suggests that it doesn't seem to annoy Rich when Billie wears revealing outfits.) It does!

Where would you take them on a date?
Me and Kerry always go out for meals when I get home. Where? TGI Fridays. I don't eat much, but that place suits anyone.

Would you rather go…
… line-dancing with Denise Van Outen?
… for a night at the opera with Emma Noble?
… or wine tasting with Zoe Ball?
Line-dancing with Denise. One, she's from my home town, two, my mum likes line-dancing and three, she's a laugh. The others? Wine gives me headaches and I don't like opera.

Who would you write a love letter to?
No-one apart from my girl. Why? It's obvious! If I wasn't going out with her, I'd write a love letter to get her back.

Who wouldn't you touch with a bargepole?
Tina Turner. Has she got great legs? No, she walks like Clint Eastwood!