Scott's Shout!

[TOTP - January 2000 Issue 59]

Hello everyone and happy new year! Can't believe that it's 2000 already but it's business as usual for us…

Good Riddance!
I heard the best news in ages the other day - they're getting rid of salad cream! I'm so happy cos I hate that stuff with all my heart, I could shout about this all day! When I was a kid my sisters used to torment me with it, they'd chase me all around the house and I'd be screaming my eyes out. Even now the smell makes me queasy. They should have banned it years ago!

I was so annoyed when I read in the paper the other day that the English are supposed to be the worst flirts in the world. What a load of rubbish! It's down to the person, some people are good at it and some are bad, same as anything else. I personally don't flirt at all, J flirts enough for all of us in Five. If someone walks in the room that he likes the look of, bosh, he's straight in there!

Bring It All Back!
I love that fact that the old TV shows are coming back on. My dad and I used to watch Steptoe And Son together all the time. They should re-make it, that would be brilliant. I reckon me and my granddad would do a good job as the two characters!

Back In The Day!
I'm so pleased the '80s are set to make a big comeback cos I'm such and '80s kid. I loved all the music but you wouldn't catch me with a mullet and tash for anything! That said, I could see J with them. And Sean for that matter, he's really old fashioned anyway, he hates mobile phones and technology so I reckon he'd really go for it!

DIY? I Don't Think So!
So DIY and cooking are supposed to be the new sex. Anyone that thinks that is an idiot. Why would you be cooking or hammering if you could be getting busy!

Gone But Not For Long!
Don't worry if you don't see us around for awhile, we've got a new single coming out in February called Don't Wanna Let You Go which me and Ritchie sing. And of course we've got our tour coming up, which we expect to see you at, so we're going to be busy rehearsing. We had a bit of a warm up show the other day at the TOTP Magazine Christmas party, which was brilliant. We played six songs and really enjoyed ourselves - definitely one of the highlights of Christmas!

Hopefully we'll see you really soon when we hit the road. Check out the next single, you'll love it! Love, Scott.