Scott's Shout!

[TOTP - Issue 58 December 1999]

Time for my last rant of the millennium! First off, a big thank you for making Keep On Movin' our first No. 1 and for making our album, Invincible, such a big hit!

Here We Come A Carolling…
This Christmas all my relatives are coming round to our place. We're not a big family, but we're pretty close and my granddad's coming down from London for the day. I don't mind singing a couple of carols on Christmas Day - I used to go carolling all the time when I was younger. You know what I'd love to do for a laugh this year? Go from door to door singing Christmas songs giving all the mums a surprise when they open their doors and see me there. Imagine them trying to get their daughters to the door in time!

Geri And Abs?
One thing that got to me this month was all the hype about Geri and Chris Evans. If she wanted to go out with Chris it's no big deal, but it was a little bit stupid because it hit the papers just when the rivalry was out between her and Emma. Geri actually pinched Abs's bum the other day and said he was sexy when he says 'Wiggy wiggy'… maybe he'll be next.

The Name's Bond, Scott Bond
I've seen loads of movies this month - I saw Runaway Bride last night with Kerry, my friend Scott and his girlfriend, Leia, and I want to see East is East soon. But one film I won't be seeing is the new James Bond movie, The World Is Not Enough, cos I think Bond's a bit stupid. I went to see Goldeneye and I walked out cos it was the biggest pile of poo I'd ever seen and Tina Turner's theme song was awful.

Christmas No. 1
My tip for Christmas No. 1 would be S Club 7 or the South Park single, Mr Hankey The Christmas Poo. Everyone's got double A-sides out for Christmas but I think that's because sometimes artists are scared that one song on its own isn't going to be strong enough. We were going to release a double A-side of If Ya Getting' Down with When I Remember When, which was originally on the American version of the first album, but we changed our minds.

Well, have a lovely Christmas, I hope you all get what you want! See ya next century, Scott.