Scott's Shout

[TOTP - March '99]

First off, I just want to clear something up. A certain magazine (not Top of The Pops of course) re-printed the comment I supposedly made, ages ago, about Nick BSB not being a good-looking lad. What I actually said was, I don't think he's a cute as he used to be, which is truem but that doesn't mean he's ugly or that girls shouldn't like him. I know I said all this the first time it was printed but I got so much hate mail about it I felt I had to make my point again. Blimey. On to lighter things now...

Mummy's Boy
It's Mother's Day this month. My mum knows I'd like to be at home with her but even if I can't she also knows I lover her lots. I think everyone should buy a card for their mums and thse that don't are really out of order.

All white!
So-called fashion experts are saying that white is the new colour this season. I can't handle that. I like a nice white top but I wouldn't wear a complete white outfit. Wrong, that's what it is. Wrong and horrible. I'm very clumsy and if I wear a white top I always get bits of cookies and cream down it. People should wear what they want. this season I'll be wearing normal smart jumpers and nice trousers.

In my local paper the other day there was a story about this woman who hit her husband over the head three times with a plastic washing up bowl. She's going to prison for 35 days. Now, I don't condone violence but I think 35 days is a bit stupid. I don't reckon a plastic bowl would have hurt him that much.*

Fly Guy
Whenever Five travel on planes we get loads of complaints about the noise we make. Thing is if we can't get to sleep we prefer to stay up and have a laugh. I think there should be two rooms on the plane. One for people who want to sleep and a room for those who want to stay up and party.

Finally I'd like to take this opportunity to raise awareness of Essex Kebabbs. They're the best takeaway ever and I think they should open up a chain of Essex Kebabs across the country. In fact the Essex kebab should be official National dish of England. Essex Kebabs rule.

That's all! See you all soon. Love Scott

* Hitting people over the head with plastic bowls is potentially dangerous and not recommended.