Scott's Shout!

[TOTP - March 2000]

As you can see from our brilliant cover feature I've been busy at the gym this month preparing for the Five tour. In fact, it's quite a relief to take a breather for my regular rant. Here we go…

The Tooth
I went to a dentist and he sedated me with gas. I thought I was totally aware of what was going on but then Kerry told me afterwards that I'd accused the dentist of taking photos of my you know what! She and my dad had to carry me out of the place!

Beach Bum
The Beach looks OK so I'll probably try and catch it at the cinema. I personally don't like going to the beach though. I think I do but when I get there I realise I hate it. The sand gets everywhere! You try and eat your sarnie and you get a mouthful of sand.

Brass Monkeys
Hope you like the vid for Don't Wanna Let You Go. It was filmed ona really cold day in Luton. In fact, it was colder inside the house than it was outside and we had to sit around these huge heaters.

Dolls Update
According to the tabloids Alex from Blur is on a cabbage diet. Now I don't believe what I read in the papers but I'd like to point out that I am most definitely on a permanent pizza diet. Even my Five doll orders a pizza at the press of a button: 'Can I 'ave a cheese an' 'am pizza please?!' And apparently Britney Spears didn't like the look of her doll and ordered it to be changed. Well, I don't think I'll care what mine looks like.

Doggy Business!
I'm thinking about buying a dog. Not a small yappy dog, but a proper, big dog. I've decided to wait a while though cos I need to concentrate on the tour and I don't think it'd be fair on the dog to neglect it. I'm gonna have to made do with my long-haired hamster Rocky Bolbero for now. I love him, I really do… I actually love my hamster!

Bye for now, Scott.