Scott's Shout!

[TOTP - February 2000 Issue 60]

Alright! Time for my regular rant once more and this month I'm not showing any mercy!…

I've had a touch of flu this month but all these people who keep moaning on about suffering from the extra specially bad Y Flu K bug are talking rubbish. It's just the same old bug as normal but because it's the millenium everyone's hyping it up. Mind you, the millenium's not all bad cos it's giving people a little push to do new things with their lives. Not me though… I'm just going with the flow.

Girls Knickers? Pants!
If David Beckham wants to play football in Victoria's knickers then fair enough, whatever tuns him on. It's not for me though. I'd do it just for a laugh but I wouldn't go to work in Kerry's underwear. It would be uncomfortable and very annoying. By the way my dad thinks that everything David and Victoria does is very overrated. Oi! You can't say that dad!

What A Load of Balls!
There have been a few stoiries in the papers about Sean leaving Five to play rugby league. Well, I saw Sean today and he's definitely not quitting! He played rugby a couple of times over Christmas just because he enjoys the game then somebody got hold of the story and twisted it to say he's leavign the band. Don't believe what you read in the tabloids.

Ooh La La!
Rich has been nagging me for ages not to eat any French products cos of the scandals over trade and that. He was saying, 'If you're drinking water Scott, don't have Evian cos it's French, you know'. But I have to admit I've totally forgotten his advice and haven't remembered to check any labels. So sorry Rich but if you're gonna nag me any more I'll have to head-butt ya!

Scott Five Bellies!
Thanks to all the food and drink I've put away over the festive season I've ended up with a right big fizzy pop belly. If I want to get in shape for the Five tour I'm gonna have get down the hum sharpish. I can't really be bothered but Rob our tour manager will no doubt persuade me. He doesn't need to use threats, mind. If he asks me to do something then I'll do it cos he's a nice bloke and I know he's not bugging me for no reason.

Ah well, better hit that running machine. Can't wait to see you all when the Five tour kicks off. Bye for now, Scott.