Scott's Shout!

[TOTP - August 2000 ISSUE 66]

Even though I have a stinking cold and will have to keep stopping to sneeze, naturally I still have time for a few moans...

I feel a bit of a mess at the mo. Not only do I have a cold, but the doc had a go at me cos I haven't had a tetanus jab since 1980! I've just had stitches out of me foot too. I was mucking around with my mates and ended up wth glass in my foot! I needed three stitches cos it was cut down to my tendon. It really hurt, but I'm a brave little soldier!

Hair- Raising!
I'm a bit of a dilemma at the moment cos I want to grow my hair. Once you've had a skinhead it goes through a horrible fluffy stage when it's growing. It looks like a mushroom so I keep on cutting it. I can't even cover it up with a hat cos at shoots they always ask you to take it off.

England not going through in the football really annoyed me! I was sat in my kit with my footie socks pulled right up, drinking and ready for it. Then they lost! And it really annoys me when people say it's only a game! I saw the Holland game too. How can a pro team miss five penalties?! One stupid guy kicked the ball into the crowd!

A Man's Best Friend
Oh yeah, I've got a dog now! Chandler's a black, white and brown Border collie and he's gorgeous. He sits, gives his paw and he even gets in his bed when we tell him. He's totally toilet trained - he even scratches at the door when he wants to go out, but I do have to shout at him to stay out of the bins!

One Hundred & Eeeighty!
I'm not bad at DIY and I need to do a bit in my new house. but I had a 'mare when I tried to put up my dartboard - I drilled through the whole board! I'll have to buy another one now. My mate's dad did a great job decorating our bedroom, though, so that made me feel better.

Bit of Posh
I've just heard Posh's single with Dane and the Truesteppers. I think it's a bit weird. There's Dane, who's an R'n'B single adn quite good, with Victoria, who hasn't really had a mian, main role in the Spice Girls. I'm not sure yet if it works. I'll let you know my verdict next month!

Well I need a Lemsip now so see you next month. Ta-ta, Scott.