Scott's Shout!

[TOTP - November '99 ISSUE 57]

Hello! I'm back for my regular rant. Kerry and I went to Barbados for a much-needed holiday and then on to Spain with 30 of our family and friends.

Plane Rage
One thing that really wound me up…we'd just got on the plane for our eight-hour flight home when this couple sat next to us. Well, the woman starts whinging cos she can't find a pillow to rest her head on. So I said, 'Look I'm not being funny but if it's gonna cause a problem you can have my pillow. I think you're tired and I think you should go to sleep.' Then her husband chipped in: ''ere, don't you start!' So I said, 'What are you piping up for? You go to sleep an' all!' I was trying to be helpful and they were calling me ignorant and all sorts.

Album Goss
I'm really chuffed with our new album. My favourite tracks are You Make Me A Better Man, which Rich and I wrote in Norway, and Serious which has a good '80s feel to it. We named the album Invincible after Bob our manager [who passed away this year]. Even though he's gone he's still invincible.

Movie Tips
What's good and bad this month? I've been watching all the Rocky Films on video. You should have a night in when you watch all five in one go so you can see him grow in power. Also you have to go and see American Pie. It's hilarious! On the other hand I think the Millennium Wheel thing is *?&*! And I wouldn't go on it cause it's too hyped. The Haunting film annoyed me too. It's a 12 certificate but it should be an 18 cos a bloke gets his head cut off. I'm sure that would disturb a 12-year-old. It's wrong.

An Apology
I'd just like to say 'hello' and 'sorry' to the girl whose dad had an argument with me on holiday. You're the girl who was wearing a black vest top and your dad has a skinhead. He called me names cos I didn't want to sign an autograph. Any other time I would have but I was on holiday and wanted to forget about work. Sorry!

Hope you like the TOTP cover. I'm glad I had to get on Shane's back cos he was feeling the strain instead of me. Oh, and thanks for nominating us for the MTV Award. Make sure we win!