Scott Reveals The Truth

HI, its Scott from 5ive. The time's right for me to talk about my girlfriend. Since, I know you guys so well, I want to tell TV HITS about it!

Basically, I dont think it's fair that me and Kerry have to keep hiding out relationship. I think it's right to be truthful,to us and to you, our fans.

It's nothing to do with Rich and Billie being found out - I always wanted to tell everyone about Kerry 'cause she's my girlfriend and I love her loads. It's just never been the right time before and there's always been people telling me it wouldn't be good for me or the band. I don't think it should affect the fans - at the end of the day, I love my job and would never jeopardise it. But everyone needs someone in their life.

If it does upset any fans, I want them to know it doesn't affect the band at all. I'm in this group - I sing and appear in videos, but you've got to have a life of your own. I just hope everyone will be happy for me and not be horrible about it.

I've known Kerry for five years, she's from my home town. I met her at a social club. I always liked her, but never thought she liked me,which always held me back from asking her out. It was about Christmas '97, when we'd just released "Slam", that I finally plucked up the courage to ask her out. I've been seeing her since January, 1998.

I guess it's difficult because I'm away so much and we really miss each other, but we've been through so much more than most couples our age - if anything, it's made us stronger. It's almost like we've got a point to prove - nothing can come between us and no distance will keep us apart. We've got too much love for each other to throw it away.

The last year and a half have been hard for her - she looks in all the magazine's and there's me denying I've got a girlfriend or just saying, "There's someone..." But she's not just 'someone' - she's the person I love more than anything in the world, and I dont care what anybody says - I feel it's time I speak up about how I feel about her.

I suppose we should expect some backlash, but I hope people are reasonable about it. To be honest, when I'm at home there isn't one minute when we're apart - everyone sees us together all the time and I think it's beginning to look really stupid! She's the world to me and now, for the first time, I really know what love is. We've both been in relationships before, but this is the first person I've really, really loved, which is why I know it's going to work!

The rest of the band are fine about it. Rich is absolutely lovely towards to her and Abs is the same. She doesn't know J and Sean as well. She hasn't spent as much time with them.

We've not really been out with Rich and Billie yet, but I'm sure we will. I do work with 5ive, nothing gets in the way of that. But when I go home, all I want to do is see Kerry. The first thing I do is go and see her. I suppose I do keep Kerry quite separate from my work life, which is why we haven't met up with Rich and Billie yet. We'd been out a few times with Abs and Danielle, and Kerry and Dan have been to quite a few shows with us. I remember one in Southampton where we were playing to 7,000 people and they were both sitting at the back of the stage in clear view of everyone! I was looking at the fans thinking, "If only you knew" - and I did want then to know!

I'm so glad I've talked to you - I feel like a weight has been lifted. I've been wanting to do this for a long time now and I don't care about the consequences!