The Real 5

[Smash Hits - March '99 AUS ISSUE]

Introduce yourself…Hello, my name's Scott from 5ive and I'm a genuinely nice lad.

Which of your emotions are you most in touch with?
I dunno. I'm quite an emotional person and I cry a lot, and occasionally I get depressed. I've always cried a lot, but I cry more now I'm in the group - like when I don't like my job and things are suddenly really hard.

What is more important to you, the love of your family or the love of a good woman?
You'll always have the love of your family. But the love of a woman can really sort your head out. If you're going out with someone, they love you and you love them back, it's brilliant. Nothing eats that feeling!

When do you plan to start a family?
Soon! Ideally I think about having kids when I'm about 23 or 24. I love them - they are just so adorable! Deep down I'd like two girls and a boy - Jordan for a boy, and Remi for a girl. I want to settle down in a relationship, but I don't know, (looking a bit sad) it's just one of those things. It might never happen.

Have you ever been mean to a laydee?
(Hesitant) I finished with a couple of girls over the phone when I was younger…or I got my mate Nick to do it for me. Also, this one girl told me she loved me, but I didn't lover her back, so I was like, "Oh, what time's your bus home?" I can't believe I did that. That was horrible, I know.

Would you cheat on a serious girlfriend if you were convinced she would never find out?
No! I promise on…so many people's lives! There's no chance. I really don't see the point. (Ranting) I think it's terrible. Even if I was really sorry. I don't think our relationship would be able to go on. It'd make me feel sick with guilt every time I kissed her again. (Seriously) Hey, when I manage to get a girlfriend, I'm going to let her read this so that she knows exactly how I feel.

If you were seeing someone, would you keep your relationship quiet?
Yeah, I think it would be for the best. I wouldn't lie about it though. I'd say "yeah, I've got someone, but I don't want to talk about it." There's no need to talk about it - it's not nice for fans. Unfortunately, if myself or one of the other guys started seeing someone now it would probably be really difficult. Whereas Abs' girlfriend Danielle has been there from the very beginning, so it's just different. That's the way it is.

Why is your best friend, your best friend?
Because they're there for me. I've got so many close friends back home who mean so much to me. (Sighs) Since I've joined the band. I've learnt that there are a lot of people who aren't there for you. But the ones who are…they're all I need.

Can you remember the first best bud you met at school?
I'd been at the Sylvia Young School for a while when this kid called Renato Clementa arrived. All the teachers told him to stay away from me, but he became my best friend instead! We had a real laugh, but soon we started getting into a lot of trouble. In the end, things got so bad that he ended up getting expelled - and he's only been there a week. I felt really responsible and guilty. (Thinks) I'm not sure why I wasn't expelled…

Were you always disruptive in class?
Nah…well there was this fan in my French exam once - not a girl fan, a whirly fan - and it was really annoying me. Instead of turning it off like a normal person, I whacked it and broke it. The teacher was furious and said, "Get out and don't make eye contact with anyone on your way." So, I made contact with everyone. (Grinning) I was a bit naughty at times.

What's your best quality?
I think I'm a good person to talk to - you can talk to me about anything. Also, I don't think I've fallen into that pop star thing. I haven't really changed.

How much of the real Scott haven't we seen yet?
Sometimes, people say Five are ignorant. They just don't know us. If I'm walking around in my sunglasses and I'm quiet, people think I'm being cool, but it's probably just cos I've got bags under my eyes and I've had an argument with my mum!

Does Sean and J's close bond ever come between you all?
(Shakes his head) No, we all get on as a group, but in every band you've got your best friends. Me, Abs and Rich are together quite a lot, but we all come together when we need to. Sean and J enjoy each other's company and they still live together, so they're bound to feel closer.

Are you embarrassed that you're more popular than the others in the group?
I wouldn't say I was more popular. (Thinks for a bit) I'm more popular with the younger girls, whereas J gets the mums and Abs gets the cute girls. I'm not big-headed, and it's weird cos all I do is get out of bed, and go to a photo shoot. But, hey, if girls like me, I'm really, really flattered!

When you're 50 and looking back on Five, what will you most remember?
My mum's made scrapbooks on Five, right from the first tiny thing in Smash Hits, so I'll look back on them. And how could I ever forget my hairstyle and the dance routine for Slam Dunk Da Funk? Hahaha! I'll be 50, going to my grandchildren, "I used to be in a pop band" and they'll be like "Shut up, granddad!" (Shakes his head) They won't realize the extent of what I've been through.

What one thing do you think would make your life better?
A flat! I'm getting a flat on my own soon. It's gonna be wicked - I'll just be able to chill and relax. It'll be near my parent's house, because they're a big part of my life.

If you could be any other member of the group for a day, who would you be and why?
I'd like to be each of them for different reasons. I'd really like to see what goes on inside J's head cos I can't work him out! I'd also like to be Sean cos I wouldn't have to do anything. I'd like to be Abs cos he's a bit of a nutcase and a laugh. And I'd like to be Rich, cos he's a bit of a hippy. Everything's a bit like (putting on a laidback hippy voice) "Woaahhh!" he's so loving and he'll do anything for you.