Interview by Pat Keane, Marketing Director, with Scott Robinson. (Formerly of Boy band 5)

PK : "Scott, first of all I would like to welcome you as one of the latest in a growing list of celebrities that have signed up to the exciting world of"
"What made you decide to join us?"

SR : "I have always been into poker. I got started at a very early age - I was about eleven. I really enjoy the thrill and the buzz. I saw an article in one of the papers about this new website, and decided to find out more."

PK : "As you know, we have a host of celebrities from the world the world of sport, T.V., pop and media - all celebs have one thing in common, a love of poker - what got you started?"

SR : "My uncle! He would come round, drink all my beer, and then try and take all my money! We then made an event of it, inviting friends and family round for poker evenings. I learned fast. Now I like to play online as well, especially when family and friends can't make it."

PK : "So what have you been doing since 5 broke up in September 2001?"

SR : "Well I actually got married in September 2001, literally the day after the break up of the band was announced. My wife, Kerry, and I have a son, Brennan, who will be 3 in July. I take great pride in the fact that I have not missed a day of my son's life. I am now really looking forward to the upcoming Celebpoker live events as well as playing online."

PK : "Do you keep in touch with any of the other band members?"

SR : "Yes. We speak on the telephone all the time. All the lads are very busy and we've managed to stay friends. None of them will play poker against me, you know what they say, - never trust an Essex boy with a set of cards in his hand!"

PK : "So on what days and what time of the day can Celebpoker players expect to see you on the site?"

SR : "Anytime of the day or night. I've got an alarm clock called Brennan - but especially at night when I've got itchy fingers and a deck of cards but family and friend have gone home and I've got no one to play against"

PK : "You're great mates with Chris Brooks of Capital Radio, (another Celebpoker celebrity), how did you two meet?"

SR : "We first met when Chris was working at Essex FM. He was doing the Hot 30 countdown, and I was a guest on his show. I don't think he really wanted me to come on the show because at the time, he thought I was going to take over his job! We actually got on like a house on fire. Chris really is a great DJ and we've been great mates ever since. I must tell you a funny story though, and I know Chris won't thank me for this but here goes anyway! Chris was playing a 5 record and on air he said that he could've been in 5, well let me tell you, Chris has got a great face for radio. Anyway, then he said on air, as Usher was playing, "I could've been in Usher!" "I then had to point out on air that Usher was a solo artist and that he probably hadn't meant to say that!"

PK : "You've already told me that you have poker evenings at home, how do you think playing online differs?"

SR : "When your friends and family are in the room you can read their body language and their playing style, online you can't. I guess it is easier to play online because I think that players are more prepared to bluff."

PK : "How would you describe your playing style?"

SR : "Aggressive, if I've got enough chips! But I can be cautious, I occasionally like to trap, but then you'll never know - that's the beauty of poker!"

PK : "Finally Scott, like me and the growing army of players that have already signed up to play Celebpoker, I bet you can't wait for the launch on April 2nd. What are you up to between now and then?"

SR : "I am actually filming Late Night Poker this week, on behalf of, I believe it will be going out in June. This is great because I've been watching it since it started. I will be going all out to win but whatever happens I am sure I will enjoy the experience. Especially by riling the other players on the table and getting under their skin. Just imagine how they will feel if they are beaten by a 24 year old ex-boy band member!"

Scott is 24, lives in Essex with his wife Kerry and their son Brennan who will be 3 in July. Scott also enjoys playing Sunday League football, even though, by his own admission, he has two left feet.

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