Ten years after their big day...
OK! Mag 2011

'I knew I'd never want to be with anyone else'

Former boy-bander Scott Robinson renews his wedding vows and reveals he's given up hope of getting his band back together.

When FIVE's Scott Robinson and his wife Kerry invited OK! to join them as they renewed their marriage vows ten years after their star-studded OK! wedding, a huge smile spread across our face. 'Nobody thought we would last when FIVE took off' gushes Scott 31, who has known Kerry, 28, since they were children. 'I remember our management and even the other boys telling me it was going to be really hard to keep a relationship going while in the band - but we're still here!' The couple - who now have two children Brennan, ten and Kavan, five - looked blissfully happy as they relived their big day, keeping as many details the same as possible. We had flashbacks as Scott and Kerry moved close together for their first dance to Can You Feel The Love Tonight and then came down with a sudden case of deja vu when Brennan took to the mic for a reading. 'That was because he was reading the same speech I gave to Kerry the first time' Scott explains. 'It was amazing to be reliving it all and have our children be part of it.' Here, Scott talks exclusively to OK! about why some of his fomer FIVE bandmates missed his big day, his regrets about how the band split and his view of Justin Biebers baby scandal...

Congratulations! It's not very often we see people in this industry celebrating a decade of marriage - whats your secret?
We've by no means been this dream couple for all that time, we've definitely had our ups and downs! But the underlying factor is we love each other so we've stayed together and always will.

Which of the guys from FIVE came to celebrate your big day?
Abz (Love, formerly Abs Breen) did. We gig together most weekends so if he hadn't come I would've killed him (Laughs) Ritch (Neville) lives in Australia and J (Brown) lives in Wales so it was a bit much to expect them to travel all the way to Essex. As for Sean (Conlon) we haven't spoken for a little while now, he's been busy writing songs. He's got his head down in the studio.

Looking back, do you have any regrets about FIVE?
We were all having mini nervous breakdowns so we had to call it a day. But yeah, we could have done things differently looking back now. Today, a lot of bands go on breaks for a year or so and then get back together but we didn't know that was an option.

Will FIVE ever reunite?
I would be up for it and so would Abz. When we're at gigs together we always get asked this and I've tried talking to the other boys about it but they've said no several times. I'm getting bored of asking now. If we leave it any longer, we'll all be in wheelchairs collecting our pensions. If it's going to happen it will need to do so in the next year or two.

You married Kerry at the height of your fame, the day after FIVE split. Not many guys in that position would have chosen to settle down...
It sounds like a cliche but if you've found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with why wait. I knew the second I found Kerry I would never want to be with anyone else.

You knew Kerry long before the days of FIVE. It must have been hard for her when you suddenly became a star..
It was hard for both of us but she trusted me and knew I would never do anything wrong. I hated being away from her so I would always pay for her to come on tour with us.

On tour? When girls would be throwing their knickers on stage at you?
(Laughs) I'm sure girls did that but I'm not your typical guy. After a performance I wouldn't go out to celebrity parties - it wasn't my scene.

According to the papers, Justin Biever may be a teenage dad after having sex with a fan backstage. How realistic is that?
Very! I've known guys from other bands who literally used to point out girls they liked from the audience and they would be hand delivered to them like towels.

Justin has denied meeting the woman in question, but do you think the baby is his?
It could be true but I would also say dont believe everything you hear in this industry.

Were any false rumours ever spread about you?
A tabloid once printed a picture supposedly of me kissing another girl when I hadn't. The paper apologised the next day which was nice. This is why I say innocent until proven guilty!

- Special thanks to Samantha for this article.