The Nosy Page

Top band Five are ready to conquer the world this month with their new tune, When The Lights Go Out. But is SCOTT ROBINSON tough enough to survive a nosy going over?

Name: Scott Robinson
Date of Birth: 22/11/79
Occupation: Blantantly obvious don't you think?
Height: 5' 11"
Chest: 35 inch
Distinguishing marks: appendix scar

I couldn't go out with someone who didn't like: ...a bit of romance and a giggle
The best sarnie filler would have to be: mate marmite
At school people always teased me about my: for acting and singing
My absolute favourite word is:
When people meet me they're always surprised by my: and how much I talk about my hair
My most disgusting habit is: ...biting my toe nails
If I was a pair of underpants I'd belong to: ...Alicia Silverstone
My fave Spice Girl is: ...Mel B
Because: ...I had to put ONE down
I knew I was famous when: ...I had to fill this in
I value the following things the most highly: ...snogs, lads' nights out, fans
I would describe myself as a: ...true and loyal friend

What it all means...
Scott's thick writing indicates that he's a practical type. The fact that it's easy to read means he's also quite cautious, but his letters are often uneven which means he can be a touch uncontrollable. Finally, his square A's and O's show he's one calculating chappy, while the heavy pressure he uses when scribbling means he's energetic and can be well loud 'n' excitable!