The Naked Truth About Scott

What are you like when you go home?
When I go home, I find that people have been slagging me off. This one guy went, 'Scott thinks he's a right popstar. He hasn't spoken to us for ages.' No wonder! I hardly get time to go home, let alone see my old mates.

How do you react to this aggro?
I try and straighten them out. I went up to one guy and said, 'Look mate my hair might be a bit drastic but I'm still the same lad.' He was fine then.

Would you like to be a dad?
Yeah! (A huge Cheshire cat grin spreads across his face) I love kids! I wanna wait 'til I'm 22 but I've chosen their names already. I'll have a boy, Jordan, and two girls called Courtney and Remy. I'm baby sitting for my mates' kids on Saturday night, getting some fatherhood practice in.

Who are you most jealous of?
No one right now but I've been quite jealous with girlfriends in the past. I'd always be checking where they were going. One of my old girlfriends used to meet up with her ex and that used to drive me crazy.

If someone wanted to do a nude sculpture of you would you be well up for it?
Nah! It's not really what I'm about. I don't have to parade around with everything on show. I'd do a sculpture but not in the nude.

Do you sulk if you don't get your own way?
Yeah. I either sulk or I get moody and throw a tantrum. On the way here I got in a real strop cause my manager wouldn't give me some of my own money! (Flabbergasted) I mean, my money! We came to an agreement in the end.

Who has the worst table manners?
Abs. He throws everything around the table and if there's a little weeny piece of lettuce left on the place he'll chuck it in his drink and stir in some salt and pepper. Horrible.

Do you ever look in the mirror and think, 'Pwhoargh I'm gorgeous!'?
No. For the last month I've been looking at myself thinking, 'Oh my God! You ugly git!' We've been working so hard I've had bags under eyes and strange rashes.

You're not vain then?
No. I take good care of my hair 'cause I quite like the way it looks. I don't think I'm anything special though. I've got spikey hair and blue eyes. That's the only reason girls go, (in girly shriek) 'Ooooh!'

What's your least favourite hygiene procedure?
I can't say! It's something all guys have to do but it's too much effort if you ask me.

Have any of 5ive got girlfriends?
Abs still has a girlfriend and I had one when I joined the band but not anymore. All the fans are convinced I'm seeing someone [increasing the level of his voice by 50 decibels] but I haven't honest!

And finally...
(Interrupting) I like this interview! Don't let it end!

Er, ok. What do you get most tired of talking about?
My hair. I like my hair but I'm only going to say this once... It takes me about half an hour from scratch and when I sleep at night I don't brush it out, I just re-do it at the sides in the morning.

What were you like as a kid?
Pretty much the same as now - cheeky, mouthy. I hung around with the wrong people for a while and got into a big of police trouble. Nothing drastic, just copper's stopping us in the street. Being a big mouth I always answered them back.

If you were caught naked in a grocer's store what would you use to cover your bits?
A big carrot and two plum tomatoes!

And finally this interview has been...
Very chilled. I didn't get bored or any aggro at all. Sometimes the interviewers are dull and don't know anything about us. But this chat was great!