TOTP Lottery With Scott

[TOTP - March 1999 Interviewer - Michelle Garnett]

What's the worst item of clothing you were made to wear as a child?
My sister once dressed me up in a frock and a long-haired wig. She took me out to the shops and apparently this boy saw me and fancied me. I went home and cried. I can't remember what the dress looked like. I think I've blocked it from my memory.

Can you sew on a button?
Yes. My mum taught me. She makes teddy bears. She made a teddy for each member of the band, one with an eyebrow ring and a goatee beard, another one with spiky hair. I keep saying she should open her own shop and hopefully she could sell the bear I made when I was younger. It's pretty rubbish actually. It doesn't even sit up properly but, like I told my mum, my teddy slouches because it's cool!

Who's your oldest fan?
I went to a family party on Saturday and there was this lady, at least 90 years old, puckering up for a kiss on the lips. I kissed her on the cheek and she went all giggly! She has to be my oldest fan.

How quickly can you pull a girl?
(Asks his mate Lee who shouts back. 'You don't even try, Scott!') It's true. It's easy now so I don't bother. It would be better if I spotted a girl who didn't know Five. I'm quite upfront so I'd go up and just say, 'Hello, my name's Scott. I think you're really nice! (Goes off at a tangent.) See, I have this argument that girls should never accept a drink from a guy unless they're interested. There are too many guys out there who think it only means on thing. Tricky one.

Did you ever wet yourself at school?
Did I what? No! Scott doesn't do that! I was actually out of nappies quite quick. I was quite a lad. Bit of a hard nut. My mum says I used to parade round with nothing on, so nothing's changed there.

Have you ever got up to any ruderies while listening to one of your records?
Haha, no! That would right put me off. Ther'd be none of that (starts singing): 'Baby, when the lights go out…' That's one of my worst fears: being with a girl and having her whack a Five single on the CD player. I'd be like, 'Get out! Go home!' Urgh no. None of that!

What toothpaste do you use?
(Getting especially enthusiastic about this one) Right, well, my mum's always bought Colgate but I reckon the best is Aquafresh. My sister Nicola and her boyfriend Martin buy it and when I stay round theirs I always use it. I prefer the taste, the smell and the tub design - cos it's a tub not a tube.

Define sexy…and when do you most often get that feeling?
Sexy is all to do with effort. (To his mate Nick) What? Oh, and sexy is Nick, according to Nick. Actually when fans meet my mate Nick they always fancy him. You should print a photo of him in TOTP Magazine. I feel sexy if a girl who I know well tells me I look really good cos I know she's being genuine. If my friends saw me unwashed, with a full beard, they'd tell me I look awful.

Can you remember your first taste of alcohol?
Erm, well, when I was six I went to Ibiza and I had a bit too much to drink. My parents didn't feed me alcohol, I went round nicking it from the tables in the bar. Anyway, I remember walking along with a flower which I was planning to give to this girl. By the time I got to her, after staggering around all over the place, ther was only one petal left.

What do you think about when you're sat on the toilet?
Oh, that's disgusting! I refuse to answer that. I don't think girls do that sort of thing, urgh, and I don't even like the word 'toilet'. (Erm, how about when you're in the bath?) I just think about what's been going on during the day, read a magazine and sometimes fall asleep.

Have you insured your voice?
No. I've never thought of doing that. My dad has an insurance policy on my life though. Just before I joined the band he was asking me to chop my little finger off to make him lots of money! He was standing there with a knife saying, 'you don't use your little finger. Come on, chop it off!' I think he was joking…

Have you kept any souvenirs from past loves?
Only for a little while and just simple things like teddy bears, I've never had a load of knickers stashed under my bed or anything. None of that going on! If you don't feel anything for your ex-love any more you should throw away everything that's connected to her. Otherwise you could end up being horrible to the next girl you're with.

If you could record a duet with someone outside the music business who would you pick?
My mate Nick. He's a bit of a Tupac fan so he could do some J-style rapping. Vera Duckworth from Corrie would be a laugh too. I'd make her do Slam Dunk Da Funk.

Who was the last person to see you completely naked?
A girl. A girl that I very much like. She hasn't actually got a name. She's never going to have a name. She's called nothing. (And would that be recently?) Yeah, that would be very recently. That would be last night perhaps. People are getting quite worried about me cos I've been saying I haven't got a girlfriend but that doesn't mean I haven't got someone very special. Someone who's not called my girlfriend.

If you met Scott the nine-year-old would you like yourself?
I'd think, 'What an annoying, gobby, little brat!' cos when I was nine I'd always be really rude to older people. If nine-year-old Scott saw me now he'd run after me singing Slam Dunk Da Funk over and over again just to wind me up.

Has your taste in women changed in the past two years?
Yeah. I used to have a certain type - blonde hair and blue eyes - but I prefer girls with darker hair now and browny-greeny eyes. It's more down to personality though anyway. Even if your mates go, 'Urgh, your girlfriend's horrible,' you shouldn't dump her on the strength of what they say.

You've been pipped to the post for the No. 1 spot twice now. How bad do you feel about that?
It's really bugging us. Thing is, no one realises how many records we're selling. Got The Feelin' sold 132 000 in the first week whereas some bands go to No. 1 with just 70 000 sales. Our records have always had big releases to contend with but I think we'll get there in the end.