Scott In Superteen

No matter where they go, one thing is clear - Scott, Rich, J, Sean and Abs - the five luscious lads in the super group 5 - are makin' things happen with their brand new album, Invincible. The CD is already a chart topping, record breaking hit in Europe, and it will be available here in the United States in just another month. To make the waiting a little easier, we've concocted our very cool Countdown to Invincible - every month, we bring you an up-close chat with one of the 5 dudes. If that doesn't make you want to "get down" with 5, we don't know what will! This month, Superteen kicked back with Scott, the wackiest, most energetic cutie-pie you'll ever meet!

Invincible is such an amazing album - it's very different from your first one.
We're two years older, and we have a new producer. You still hear something that sounds very 5ive, but then you'll hear something and say, "Is that 5ive?" We're experimenting.

What makes this album special to you?
What's special... we wanted something for everyone on the album. I think that's what makes our band successful. Say you're in your car, and you've got the radio on-no matter what age you are, we've got something on this album you're going to think is brilliant.

What do you hope to accomplish with this album?
Well, we went number one with the first album, straight to number one all around the world. We're hoping to do that again. And we wrote all the songs on the album - I think that shows talent, that we're not just a pretty face, or puppets that sing songs. I think we've written good pop songs - they're light-hearted, girls have a laugh!

What do you think is a great pop song?
I thought The Backstreet Boys "I Want It That Way" was absolutely brilliant. I'm not ashamed to admit I liked it, like a lot of boys would be. Or maybe people feel that a lad in another band is meant to be a rival - I really do feel that was a brilliant pop song.

So you're a fan of other pop groups?
I think everyone in their own right deserves some amount of success. Take Westlife - three number one songs on the charts - that's brilliant. I do slightly get bored with a ballad, which we wouldn't do, but each band for their own. Westlife has good voices and good songs.

If you could be someone else in 5ive, who would you want to be?
I'd like to be J, because... the violence that goes on in that man! That shouting I could do. I'd like to be Sean for one day, because I'd have an easy day wouldn't I? I wouldn't have to do much to be Rich - he's a totally weird character. And Abs - I could trip people up, I could pinch people. And he shuts himself off from the world sometimes, and I'd like to see why he does that.

You wear a lot of jewellery - is there any significance to what you wear?
Not really. I like my jewellery. I buy things for myself. I used to have a silver bracelet, which I lost in Abs' fire incident in Dublin, so I bought myself a new one.

What do you always take with you in your suitcase when you go on tour?
Clean boxer shorts and clean socks! Not often clean trousers, 'cause I found that if you have a pair of jeans, you can wear them about a week before anyone notices! But always clean socks!