Heart to Heart with Scott

Were you a heart throb at school?
Not really but I suppose I was quite popular with the girls. There were other boys in the class who were bigger than heart throbs.

Did you have lots of girlfriends at school?
I didn't like dating people from my school because it's boring, isn't it? If you touch them in class you'd get sent out for being rude!

Who was your first girlfriend?
She was called Amy. I was really young and it was when I was in Spain on holiday with my mum and dad. There was a song called Oh Donna out at the time and I changed the words to Oh Amy, She used to get embarrassed by my cheesy lyrics.

Have you ever dated more than one girl at a time?
No - honestly! If I've been going out with a girl and liked another girl but if I like the new girl more, then I'll tell my girlfriend and finish with her before I snog anyone else.

So you've had your heart broken then?
Yeah. My ex-girlfriend couldn't handle it when I got into 5ive so she left me. I was really upset about that.

Would you snog a fan?
No, cos I've got a girlfriend, but it's only been a couple of months so ask me in five months!

Do you fall in love easily?
No, I'd never been in love until my last girlfriend and everyone said to me it's not real love, but believe me I know what it was.

How do you know when you're in love?
You can't stand to be away from that person for ten minutes and you're phoning them all the time. Even if my best mate is with her, I can't help thinking, "What are they up to?" But maybe that's just me. You can tell when you're in love and you certainly can tell when it's over, you feel it physically.

Are you a jealous person in love?
I wasn't, but I am now. Towards the end of my last relationship I was jealous and always asking her where she'd been. With my current girlfriend I'm not totally jealous, but I do ask her what she's up to.

Has your jealousy ever gotten you into trouble?
I once accused my best mate, Scott of going off with my girlfriend. I gave him a really hard time. But the next day I bumped into him and realized straight away I was wrong and that I'd been out of order.

Are you romantic?
I like to be, but it always goes wrong. Because I never know when I've got time off I'll say, "Let's go to the cinema", but we'll get there and there'll be nothing on.

Are you a flirt?
Yeah, but only in a friendly way although people sometimes take it another way.

Ever used a corny chat up line?
Yeah - on the girl I'm going out with at the moment! I asked her if she had a boyfriend and she said, "no," so I asked, "Are you looking for one?"

>If you had to snog Mel B, Louise or Isla Fisher, who would you choose?
Louise. She's pretty and a really nice girl. I always thought she was good looking, then I met her and I thought was really lovely.

What type of girl do you go for?
I like people like Alicia Silverstone and Louise. I like girls with mousey or blond hair and blue eyes.

How do you let someone know you fancy them?
I use the direct approach! I tell them I think they're nice and hope it works!

How do you finish with people?
I hate routines and I don't like being horrible. I've been a coward in the past and got my mate Nick to finish with someone for me. But I'd never do that now, I'd have to do it face to face.

Ever written a love letter?
Yeah. I like to let my girlfriends know how I feel - that's me all over. I let them know every second of the day. If you love them you should let them know.