Scott's Five Senses

They're rude so and so, these pop stars. Take Scott, Smash Hits asked him a handful of perfectly innocent questions about his senses and we're given some very saucy answers indeed...

Do you have a good sense of touch?
Yeah, I'd say so. [Laughs!] Let's just say that if I'm with a nice young lady, I know all the right places to touch!
What's your favorite thing to touch?
[Laughs] You couldn't print it! I like kissing a girl's stomach and her neck! I like having my stomach kissed too.
What don't you like to touch?
Mmm...a salad cream bottle. (eh?!) I hate salad cream. Even touching it make me sick.

Do you have good hearing?
Yeah, definitely. And I hear quite a lot of things I'm not supposed to!
What don't you like to hear?
I don't like Puffy (as in Puff Daddy) cos he does my head in! I used to think he was alright, well...he's still good but he's on everything now!

Do you have good taste?
Not with food. I don't eat enough but I've got good taste with women! Ha ha ha!
What's your favorite flavour?
I don't know. I like pizza with cheese, tomato and ham. I'm a very fussy eater.
What taste don't you like?
Anything, one, I hate most food and I don't eat any vegetables! Even the lads moan at me because they don't think I eat well enough!

Do you have a good sense of smell?
Yeah, I think so (sniffs the air) Why not?
What's your favorite smell?
I like a girl wearing perfume, but every girl has their own smell and that's more important. I really like smelling a girl's hair. Basically, I like a good smelling girl.
What smell don't you like?
Obviously BO does my head in but the smell of coconut make me want to heave! Once use this coconut shampoo by accident and I couldn't get rid of the smell for ages!

Do you have good eyesight?
No. I should wear glasses for reading actually.
What's your favorite sight?
Women! They're great. There's no one particular at the moment but I'm still looking. I like someone that is cute, pretty but not to glam.
What don't you like to see?
I don't think you should be able to see too much flesh. I wouldn't like to go out with a girl that wears very small dress - that should wait until we're alone. Then touch becomes my favorite sense because I'm quite physical really. I like to do all the kissing and cuddling stuff.