Five On 5 - Scott

[Smash Hits - AUS March 2000 Issue]

When Five want to talk, they really open up. We sat down with the lads for five very intimate interviews with five very different boys…

What's been going on with you, Scott?
We've been in America, we've been rehearsing for our tour, we've been learning new dance routines, and I've been to some house parties back home which were really cool!

Do you go to a lot of showbiz parties?
Nah! But I did go and see a new musical in London the other week called Boyband with Rich and Sean. We had a bit of a weird moment when we were watching it though, cos in the show they sing the same song I sang at my audition to join Five! When they started belting it out, we just looked at each other and I thought, 'No way!'

What do you do when you're not working?
I cook! At the moment, I'm making lasagne! I've got a helping hand though from my girlfriend, Kerry. We're cooking dinner because her parents are coming round. It's all very sweet!

Is it weird now you're admitting you've got a girlfriend?
Well, I never really denied it. But I don't think it really matters. You've got to have a work and you've got to have a social life! Fans understand!

How long have you been a couple?
More than a year. She's a local girl from home. I've known her for years! She's known my family ever since I was a little 'un!

So are you a good boyfriend?
Yeah! I'm pretty nice, I suppose. I'm very romantic. Kerry's just left the room cos she's so embarrassed!

How have Five fans reacted to Kerry?
I don't know what they say when she's not around, but when she's there they all say, 'Hello' and 'How are you?' They seem fine.
Is she worried about how your fans react to her?
No, she's not to tell you the truth. She's very cool about things like that.

You must have made some money now. What do you spend it on?
I've bought my mum and dad a house, I always said that when I was famous, I'd buy them a house and now I have. I went with them to look at a few and they said they really liked one, so I said, 'Well, you can have it then!'

What else will you buy?
A car, maybe. I can see me in an MG sports car! I'd love to buy a private jet!