Scott Answers Fans Questions

From message board 18th July 2005

What can Scott cook?
"I can cook lots of things: cheese pizza, ham pizza, tomato and cheese pizza, sausages, steaks and burgers"

If you could replace a lead singer in a rock band who would it be?
"the lead singer in Green Day."

Summer or winter?
"Summer definitely. I'm a heat man like most us pasty rain-soaked Brits. Gimme a beach and hot sun. But not too hot. I think it was 42 in Greece a few weeks back and it was almost unbearable. But I got a nice tan for it."

Have you ever forgotten any of the words to a song and forgot the dance routines?
"Actually no. But I have been bumped into or turned about and lost my footing. I did have a bit of trouble with Let's Dance cos I wasn't there to rehearse it as much as the others since that was the summer Brennan came."

How do you deal with dyslexia?
"I was always first to be class clown. You get yourself chucked out of a lesson so's no one knows you cant do it. I found out I was badly dyslexic when I was 15. I haven't let it hold me back cos its an actual problem. I used to think I was thick but Im not. An easy way around the problem is to record things. I will learn a script quicker than anyone else cos I have a great memory now. Don't let it bother you.
A lot of famous and left-handed people are dyslexic. Im both! haha"

Being approached by fans?
"As long as you're not absolutely bonkers, I wouldnt mind if you came up to say HI anytime. I'd be happy to meet you unless I have one arm on a fidgety child and the other with a grocery sack or I'm trying to eat my supper somewhere."

Is there any TV series that you like?
"Footballers Wives, The Office, Friends, football and sports"

Did you enjoy Hungry while you were there in 1999 for Total Dance Festival?
"I remember it a bit. Mostly I remember J and I talking about all the gorgeous dark haired girls we saw. Oh yeh and everyone loved the food except me. It isnt your fault, I dont like anyone's food. haha"

Do you still see or talk to other members of Five?
"No I dont really hang out with them. But that said, you know we never did? We saw each other so much that when we were off we weren't hanging about with each other. They've all been by at least once since Five split."

Ever had a funny situation during a performance?
"Way too many. I think every one of us in Five had our trousers fall down on stage at least once and that is always hilarious especially the time J had on no pants!"

How many language do you speak?
"my dear I barely speak english! Kidding. I always learn a few words and sayings when Im in a country but I cant speak nothing but the queens english. I can sing a little in Chinese but I've been threatened with death if I do it anymore."

Did you enjoy America when you were here and if BN2 goes worldwide would you go to America?
"Oh yeh, Five were all over the US of A. I can't even remember all the states but a lot. Of course I love Florida best cos its hot and theres Disneyworld, which I've been to many times with and without Five.
I don't know if a show like BN would do well in America since you have different taste than us Brits. We like a bit of cheese and it doesnt go over as well there."

What rock bands do you like or have you been listening to?
"Yes I do especially Coldplay. You know I like the old ones too like Guns 'n Roses, Bon Jovi, Duran Duran etc. But recently I have been into Green Day. American Idiot is genius."

Is there a Five song you dedicate to Kerry?
"Kerry knows which song on Kingsize I did for her but it's a private secret"

Why did you sing so little at 5ive? Why J and Abs sing so much?
"I did sing a lot of bits solo, much more than Ritchie which was a problem at the time, you know. We were a group so singing solo songs wasn't really what we were about. Me and Ritchie were the balllad singers you'd probably say and Abs and J did the rapping and hard stuff. Sean filled in everywhere. I did have a really lovely song with Sean called You and I."

What do you think about Italy and the people?
"I think Italy is a very beautiful country and the fans were always very nice and loud at the shows. I remember one time we went to MTV and a fan stole one of my trainers. And we went on and I asked for my trainer back before I would sing and it got passed all the way from the back to the stage. The spotlight man was on it all the time. It was funny."

Who do u think brennan looks like yourself or kerry or other family members?
Brennan looks like a bit of everyone in the family. He's got my Kerry's lovely eyes and sorry for him, my pug nose. Hopefully the rest will turn out well as he grows.

Is thare any chance of 5ive geting back together on stage one last time?
"I wouldnt mind at all if Five got back together for one more show or even a tour but its up to the other lads. I'd do a world tour if we still could. One show, probably London and get it on TV for everyone to watch."

I was wondering if you and the other lads were planning to have some kind of get togheter and give one last gig?
"You never know what the furure holds. But then again, it was hard enough getting the five of us together when we were still in the band! But I myself wouldnt mind getting the guys together for a final tour. you never know".

Are you going to record a solo cd?
"I'm working on a solo cd. I don't know if I'll ever release it. Fingers crossed if I'll ever get the correct response from record companies. Working hard on my own sound. I'm sure you'll all be surprised. Keep them fingers crossed!"